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Hello everyone !!

Here my new Papercraft in my Fairy Tail Series : Erza Scarlet !!

The only difficult part of this model is the hands, so be careful and everything should be alright ^-^

By the way, am I the only one who has the impression that the Fairy Tail guild's logo looks like a skiing Chocobo ?

Difficulty : Easy/Medium

H: ~33cm
W: ~15,5cm
D: ~13,5cm

Download link : hellswordpapercraft.blogspot.f…
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Feel free to use only for personal use. (meaning you do not make profit off it ) I don’t appreciate my tutorials being used by idiots.

Quick Cosplay:
Follow this tutorial, get a black and white striped shirt, black gloves, black shoes, blue jeans, and a blue vest and your set!
You look like a Team Aqua Grunt!
Carry around your favorite water type pokemon plushie as a prop X3

Pokemon (c) Nintendo

Team Magma :
Kagome from Inuyasha
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GLaDOS, the antagonist from the game Portal 2, is an artificial intelligence who, half-way through the game, is ripped out of her body and put into a small computer powered by a potato battery (potato + GLaDOS = PotatOS, in case you didn't get it).

I've been sitting on this model for some time now, over a year actually, and I've come to the conclusion that I just can't seem to muster the drive to finishing it. On the other hand though, I have already done most of the design work, and it'd be a shame to let it go to waste, so I've decided to post what's finished with a disclaimer:


From what I remember, I had already given it a first pass, but there will probably still be a few kinks, and any prospective builders will have to deal with them on the fly. If you do give it a try, feel free to share your experiences or others to learn from!

I had to do a lot of work on the textures and mapping, it seems like it was designed to only look good from a first-person perspective, as the back was a mess. I did my best to touch up the seams, but there are still some rough spots. If anyone is interested in trying their hand at it, I'll post the texture file.

The scale was a bit harder to figure out; the model relative to Chell is actually huge, at least half the length of her arm, and probably would have weighed a good 15lbs (~7Kg), where as a real potato is closer to 4" long and less than half a pound (~200g). I settled on something in between, largely for practicality's sake: 6.5" (16cm) wide X 8.5" (22cm) high X 4.5" (12cm) deep.

PDF of Pieces

PePaKuRa (PDO) Files

On a side note, where the hell are you supposed to post .PDO files? They have several categories for papercrafts, but none accept anything other than plain images... I've been having to throw them in one of the miscellaneous/tutorial categories...
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Kasumi Halloween 2014 costume (DLC)
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

For XNALara/XPS (Version 10.9.4 or above is required)

Property of Tecmo/Team Ninja

I don't own anything, I only extracted the model. All credits go to the original creator and owner of the model: Tecmo/Team Ninja
Only for fanart, no other purposes.

Important notes:
- Use "Always force culling" and "Back-face culling".
- Includes all 3 hair styles.
- Glasses were added, they have a bone. You can remove them if you wish by making these items optional:
- For hair style 2 (pony tail) only: Textures for both the yellow (default) and blue hair ribbons were added. To use any of them, copy the files from the related folder and overwrite the original files.
- Wet textures were added as optional files. To use them, copy the contents of the related model folder under "Wet textures" folder to the model folder and overwrite the original files.
- A preview image was added for XNALara's "add model" window.

Pose by :iconsnowthewinterkitsune:

Download from the "Download" button or from one of the links below:
Mirror 1:…
Mirror 2:…


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Please get the final version from here:
DOA5U Helena Costume 6 (police)
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Hello everyone !!

Let's continue the Mini Poké collection, this time with Koffing and I have to admit that he is surprisingly adorable !!

This model is not as easy as the others but it's still perfect for beginners.

Difficulty: Easy

H: ~5.8cm
W: ~7.5cm
D: ~5cm

Download Link : hellswordpapercraft.blogspot.f…

I really hope you like it ^w^
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Doesn't show the scale, but you can see that the template works. It is 51 inches long or something like that, scaled relatively to Squall's official height. Which means this papercraft is the Gunblade's official real life size. ;)

I tried to film myself building this for a time-lapse video how-to, but my camera died immediately and I didn't realize it until 20 minutes had gone by. :saddummy:

I used regular printer paper instead of cardstock because I was lazy (and reserving my cardstock for my upcoming Eraqus armor) and the "ink-efficiant" texture edit because I intended to apply paper-mache over it. As seen half-finished here.
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Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja (from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) Head ripped and designed by me.

Height: 300 mm
Width: 190 mm
Depth: 233 mm

No Download

Snake Mask = letourbillonenchant.deviantart…

Ocelot Mask = letourbillonenchant.deviantart…
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1. Link back. I do really like seeing everyone's work, and I do add all deviations to my Fav's.
-if you cannot link back because of a certain site like Horseland that's fine.
2. Please, if you want to use any of my stock images in prints get my permission first!! or at least before you start to sell your artwork.
-I would highly recommend PMing my other account xxsimplicity and not this one for permissions. You will get a way faster response.
3. I do not care where or how you use my stock pictures, just don't claim them as your own.
4. If your image is being uploaded on DA, give me credit in the description. You don't have to put credits on the image.
WALLA! thats it

Again, if you need to contact me quickly, please email my xxsimplicity account, not this one.
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