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Dear Fred,

It's been six years since I've seen you. I miss you. George is doing ok I guess, he puts on a brave face for me and little Freddy, but he seems so distant. I think since your death he has only been half of a person, like he lost half his soul. He still has nightmares, he thrashes around moaning your name until I wake him up. Then he apologizes and goes into the bathroom. I know what he does in there, he stares at his face in the mirror and sees you looking back. I know he can't stand it, having to be reminded of you all the time.

He walks to visit you every morning, sometimes before I wake up, sometimes he takes Freddy with him. Freddy is about four now so when he comes home he tells me all the funny pranks Daddy and Uncle Fred used to do together. Once when Freddy was very little and we all went as a family, he asked George why we didn't just take you home so we could be together all the time. George asked me to take Freddy home, and he didn't come back all day. When he did finally come home his eyes were all red and he went straight to bed.  

Yesterday was the six year anniversary of your passing. We brought a picnic lunch and met the rest of the Weasley's there. We actually got little Freddy to pull a prank on Persey with his father. While George distracted Persey, Freddy dropped a dungbomb in Persey's pasta salad. He's just like you, he even made the same face you did when you got caught.

Well, that's all I really have to say, other than I miss you, George misses you, we all miss you. I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss them more because George rarely smiles or laughs with me. Only when he's with Freddy does he actually crack a joke or laugh out loud. He's getting better though, now that Freddy talks alot. I think he feels that Freddy fills most of the void left behind after you died.

I love you Fred.
... sorry guys... i had to...
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Fred & George: A Short Character Analysis

Right, so first off I'm a big fan of the twins: both twins, not just Fred. I've always appreciated both as separate characters and I've never really understood how so many people never picked up on their differences. So I decided to do what I do best - RANT (wayhey!). Keep in mind this is just my own opinion based on what I've read in books 1-7.

In the first place it's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them. Yes, both twins are bonkers, fun-loving, flirtatious, stubborn and lest we forget both in the possession of a razor sharp wit. The books may describe them as identical right down to the last freckle, but this doesn't mean that they are one hundred percent identical in personality - no twins are. In fact, if Fred and George were the same they wouldn't make such a good team. Fred and George are a perfect double act and in any double act you have to have an alpha and omega. Can you imagine the battle of egos there would be if George was an exact duplicate of Fred (dear gods, the humanity…)? But that certainly doesn't mean one is a "lesser person" than the other. On the contrary. Fred may be the ringleader, as JKR states, but I believe he relies heavily on George to have his back. These are two people who continually bounce off each other - it's the subtle differences in their personalities that allow them to work as such a good team. And that's what makes them fascinating characters for me.

Here's a very brief breakdown of the twins' personalities:

Fred: Confident, fun-loving, stubborn, the ring-leader, more daring, driven by instinct, has less of a regard for the rules than George, less sensitive, arrogant, reckless, but knows when to get serious if a situation calls for it.

Some moments of significance: the Potterwatch 'better safe than sorry' speech (DH), supporting Harry the "seriously evil wizard" (CoS), his argument with Sirius (OotP), forgiving Percy (DH)

George: Confident, fun-loving, protective, stubborn, more grasping/sensitive of people's feelings and needs, more cautious, thinks more logically in comparison to Fred, always has Fred's back covered.

Some moments of significance: arguing with Fred over blackmailing Bagman (GoF), "I'm holey, Fred, geddit?" (DH), punching Malfoy (OotP)

George Weasley mini Analysis

I've read a lot of stories where George is overly sensitive, even weepy, and I find this to be very out of character. George is more emotionally in tune than his twin - that is to say, he is more sensitive and perceptive of people's feelings, certainly not a cry-baby. Remember he can be a fierce protector of his family and is not above punching certain ferrety Slytherins in the schnozz if they insult him, his friends or his family. George is also aware of the possible consequences of his and Fred's actions, as evident in his argument with Fred over blackmailing Ludo Bagman in GoF, suggesting that he is a more logical thinker than the latter. In addition, I would argue that George is the more patient of the two, having earned one more O.W.L than Fred. Course, we have to keep this all in context. I'm not arguing that George is an especially emotional, patient or logical character, but rather that these are some of the qualities that make up his personality; qualities that Fred doesn't exactly share to the same degree.

I think some readers ignore George as an individual because the more subtle aspects of his personality are surpassed by Fred's louder, in-your-face character. I often wonder if we are to believe that this is also how the HP cast see the twins, with Fred being slightly bolder and George the more logical, or if they are so flawless a team that they are seen to be practically interchangeable. Personally I think it's a bit of both. I think the twins' closest friends/family can and do tell a difference, as seen in DH when Ron recognises Fred's voice on Potterwatch.

If JKR labels Fred as the ringleader of the pair (or perhaps the trio if we include Lee Jordan), then I'm sure George is aware of this. But as far as we can tell in the books, Fred's role as ringleader doesn't upset George in the slightest, because he's that bit more mature and completely confident in himself (and seriously, what's sexier than that? XD). It's difficult to imagine George as a jealous character - he's just too laid back for that. Fred may be ringleader, but George is definitely not a sidekick. He is every bit as quick witted and crafty a prankster.

I think my respect for George really escalated during Deathly Hallows. Despite being in shock due to the trauma of losing an ear and a lot of blood, he still manages to crack a joke for the benefit of his family and friends. Family, and the friends he considers family, come first to George and I think he'd do just about anything to make them smile. That shows real character strength. Selfless bastard.

Fred Weasley mini Analysis

Fred is a bit more wild, and could likely win any argument with his frequent witticisms and blinding flamboyancy. In an interview, JK described him as the funnier, crueller twin. Why crueller? He is definitely willing to risk more to get what he wants, as evident in the Ludo Bagman case. Thinking on it, a lot of similarities can be drawn between Fred and James Potter, except for one important point. Fred may be the crueller twin, but he is never shown to be a bully as James Potter was.

Fred is observant enough to know when someone is upset, but unlike George I think he tends to believe people just take care of the emotional stuff by themselves (e.g. St Mungos scene, OotP), but that's not to say Fred isn't supportive. Fred is severely protective of his friends, as demonstrated several times throughout the series, but he's more likely to offer support via a joke or hexing your enemies, rather than a big comforting hug.

His ego and pride is a little more inflated than George's, too. A good example of Fred's more arrogant side takes place in GoF when he asks Angelina out. At first I thought it was a bit off that George wasn't shown to have a date. He may not be quite as smarmy and bold as Fred, but he's still pretty damn charming. So why not mention George asking some pretty little witch out, eh? Well thinking on it, it allows a better insight into the twins' personalities and differences. The "Fred asks Angelina out" scene emphasises his boldness and arrogance, especially as he simply assumes Angelina will say yes before he asks her. We get a similar scene in Deathly Hallows when Fred steals away the two French girls from George.

Fred as a leader? Yes, I do think he makes a good leader to an extent. He's good at rallying the troops, being confident, outspoken and well-liked. People react to that (e.g. Potterwatch and the final battle of Hogwarts, DH). But try imagining Fred without George. I said before that George is the more logical thinking twin. To parallel that, Fred is driven by instinct and perhaps even a little by greed and a desire for glory (e.g. GoF, Bagman and the Triwizard tournament), which is why he needs George who is that little bit more grounded and mature. Without George, he'd probably make quite a wreckless leader.

Fred prefers to think on his feet, enjoys taking chances and, I'm guessing, puts a little too much faith in his own luck, which is probably why JKR bumped him off.

"I always knew it was going to be Fred, and I couldn't honestly tell you why," - JK Rowling

Fred's specific character archetype more often than not dies in stories for two main reasons: 1). The age old folktales of cocky pranksters who cried wolf and thus met an untimely end have been used as cautionary tales for children for centuries, and are therefore deeply ingrained in our psyches, which probably explains why JKR knew 'instinctively' that Fred had to die. 2). Comedy is often used to emphasise tragedy. The death of the comic who so enjoyed life, and thus embodies it, really hits the reader with the sheer, harsh reality of war. That's why it is far from uncommon for characters like poor old Fred to be bumped off. Our muses often draw on such popular tropes, cliches and social norms. That's why muses are dangerous things. (And incidentally, these are some of the main reasons I hate Fred's 'DeFredding' - poor way to treat a character, turning them into an overused trope and emotional shock device).

Fred is one of the more passionate, instinctual characters in the series. What I truly love and admire about his character is that despite being a bit of a chancer, he's not so daft or arrogant that he doesn't know when to stop fooling around and be serious.

Being typical Weasleys, Fred and George tend to judge people on their personality, not their social status. Even when the entire school has turned on Harry in CoS, Fred and George stick to their own beliefs and support Harry. You couldn't dig up two more true Gryffindors if you tried.


I've always imagined that Fred's Patronus or Animagus would be a fox. I mean think of all the foxy connotations - crafty, tricksey, cunning, fast on their feet... ginger. I'm not so sure about George. I've used a cat in my stories before, cats renowned for being sly, intelligent and cunning customers - not quite leaping into action, but rather watching everything with careful eyes before acting. But truth be told, George's Patronus stumps me here. I've read great suggestions in the comments to this analysis, so keep them up! I will continue to expand on this piece, so keep an eye out.

Anyway, let the analysis continue in comments! Please add your two cents ^_^
Thought I'd do a brief character analysis on Fred and George Weasley (my favourite HP characters). Why? Because I'm a gigantic geek, deal with it :p

Feel free to add your two cents and carry on the character debate!
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You followed the crowd of Gryffindors to the Quidditch field, decked out in scarlet and gold. Gryffindor was playing Ravenclaw, and you were of course hoping Gryffindor would win, as that was your house. You waited outside the Gryffindor changing room once you arrived down at the Quidditch field, so you could wish your brother good luck. When he stepped out, his face downcast, you walked up to him and promptly smacked his head. He looked around wildly before his eyes landed on you.

“Oliver Robert Wood, what the hell are you doing?” You asked angrily, gesturing at the dark circles under his eyes and the messy way he had put his robes on. Oliver sighed before looking tiredly at you.

“Potter’s sick, and now we have no Seeker.” You blanched at this, and hurriedly threw your arms around your brother’s neck. You were only two years younger than him, but your head only reached to his chest and you had to stand on your tiptoes to reach his neck.

Oliver quickly pulled apart though, and held you at arm’s length while studying you carefully. You glared at him, wondering what the hell he was planning. His face suddenly brightened and you mentally groaned before Oliver tugged you into the changing room, where the rest of the team looked just as downcast as Oliver had only moments before. You glanced around at all of them, and received a few mumbled greetings (you sat in on practices quite often, and seeing as how you were in the same house, you knew all of them quite well.).

Oliver grinned at them, looking far too cheerful for the current situation. You saw that the team looked just as confused as you, before Oliver flung an arm around your shoulder and stood proudly with you in front of the team. The team looked at you in interest, and you looked downward as a certain red head glanced at you. You had had a crush on Fred Weasley for as long as you could remember, and you being you, were terribly awkward around guys, even if Fred was one of your best friends.

“_y/n_ is going to be our temporary Seeker!” Oliver announced gleefully. You looked at him in horror; he had tried to teach you how to fly many times, but you simply could not stay on a broom.

“Oliver, that is a terrible idea!” You said while attempting to scramble away from him. You did manage to escape from him, but ended up sandwiched between the Weasley twins. You blushed furiously and struggled to get away, but they kept a tight hold on you, and you eventually gave up. You stood between them and looked at Oliver, waiting for him to explain.

“Well you see _y/n_, you’re small, and pretty compact, exactly right for a Seeker!” Oliver said brightly with a cheeky grin at you. You scowled.

“That’s all fine and dandy, aside from the small fact that I can’t fly!” You huffed.

“Nonsense! You can fly perfectly well, you’re just in denial.” George said from beside you. You glared at him.

“And how would you know?”

“We’ve all seen you when you practice at one point or another, you really are spectacular.” Fred said cheerfully, making your cheeks turn a light shade of pink.

“I fall off the broom loads of times though!” You said indignantly.

“So?” Angelina Johnson chimed in.

“You just need to focus and you’ll be fine!” Chirped Katie Bell. You sighed, before extracting yourself from the twins and walking over to your (dreadfully annoying) brother.

“Fine.” You mumbled to him before Katie, Angelina, and Alicia Spinnet dragged you into a room to get you changed.


Gryffindor had won. You had caught the Snitch, in what you were sure was nothing short of a miracle, and you had won. You were standing on the Quidditch field, the Gryffindor team surrounding you, feeling complete and utter shock. How the hell had you done that?! They were all congratulating you and Oliver was beaming at you, but you still just stood there.

That is, until Fred walked straight over to you, and kissed you. Just pressed his lips straight against your own, before giving you a cheeky grin and walking away.

You gaped at him in confusion; what was that?

No matter what it was, you decided that you would gladly play Quidditch again if Fred rewarded you in that way every time.

End.  <3
I do not own the Harry Potter series, or any of its characters, and all rights go to their rightful owners. I also do not own the picture, again all rights go to their rightful owners. This was based off in the first book (I think) when it would've been Harry's, I want to say, third match. He had just defeated Quirrel and was in the infirmary, and was unable to play and they lost. So yeah. I dunno, but this happened. Sorry it's not very good, but I really need to go shower and do homework and blah. Love you guys! :heart: Oh, and the twins would be about thirteen in this story (hence the picture of them being so young) and reader-chan is in the same grade as them, so you'd be about thirteen as well. (Also hence why it was just a kiss. Because little Fred is a player like that.) So yeah, just thought I'd let you know that. Oh yeah, one more thing, I dunno Oliver's middle name, as I don't believe it was ever mentioned, so I just used that (on the wiki it said one of his relatives may be Robert Wood, so I went with that for his middle name.).
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Here I am, sitting on our bed at home. Yes, I still call it our bed. How are you, Fred? I'm doing well now, I guess. I took your advice. I've never felt happier this year.

    We planned our future the night before you left me. We were going to share a mansion and our kids would be best friends, remember? We were supposed to chase each other using wheelchairs when we became old and grew white hair. I'm sure you would still admit that you were better looking.

   They tell me I barely ate for weeks. The hunger is nothing compared to the pain of losing you. When I look in the mirror, sometimes I wonder if it's you I'm looking at. But it can't be. The pale-faced, thin, person with eyebags in the mirror never even smiled. Even on our gloomy days, you'd always stay positive and cheer me up with your smile, Fred.

   I feel so lonely walking on the streets with nobody by my side. If you were here, I bet we'd be waving like idiots to the strangers driving their cars, laughing at the expressions on their faces. But it can't be like that, can it? I lost my twin. My friend, brother, partner, companion.

   Do you remember our first day at Hogwarts? I was so scared that I wouldn't make it into Gryffindor with you. See, I was scared even at that thought. Gryffindors aren't supposed to be scared. It was a miracle I made it.

   I never wanted to visit Hogwarts again after I lost you. I was afraid it would hurt too much. But our family is having financial problems so I got a part-time job at Hogwarts, helping Hagrid with magical creatures. I started that job yesterday. It was just strange and awkward walking through the corridors, visiting the classes and dormitories without you.

   Lots of memories came flashing back. The time when we were supposed to turn books into owls, but your book turned into a pig instead. The time when we annoyed Snape so much until he made us lose 50 points, and everybody was mad at us. The time when we were punished to clean the corridors and had fun splashing water at each other. How I miss those times.

  I don't know how but I suddenly fainted yesterday at Hogwarts. They gave me a spare room to stay for the night. When I woke up, I saw you, smiling at me. "I was wondering when you'd come, George." you said. I was shocked, but at the same time, happy. "Fred? Is it really you?" I asked. You winked and said "Yes, it's me, Georgie."

"Fred! Life is horrible without you. No, life is meaningless without you!"

"Listen. You're not without me! I've been there all along, by your side. You just don't see it. I'm there when you're having dinner, driving your car, reading your books. You just need to believe I'm there. Believe I'm smiling there beside you. Because I never left you alone."

"It's not the same. It can never be the same."

"Of course it can. I'm trusting you to believe, George. I will be wherever you are."

   You hugged me tightly. I could breathe your scent. It was wonderful. Tears soon wet my cheeks. "I miss you, Fred." I said, finally. But then, I woke up. You were gone. No, wait, you weren't gone. You were there, beside me, never leaving my side. After all, you're trusting me to believe, so I am. I'm believing.

   I'm going to Diagon Alley after this. When I go to buy a drink, you'll be drinking on the seat beside me. When I shop for clothes, you'll be joking about how bad my taste of colour is. When I open the door to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for the first time in a year, you'll be there too, cracking jokes.

We will share a mansion and our kids will be best friends. We will chase each other using wheelchairs when we become old and grow white hair. You will still admit that you were better looking,  

   Now, when I look in the mirror, I see a happy, fit, smiling man staring back at me. When I look into his eyes, I see you, Fred. Because you never left.

A fanfic about George overcoming Fred's death.
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Rose flipped the pages of her book absentmindedly as she sat at a table in the far corner of the library. She was tucked between various shelves, hidden from the view of the hawk-eyed librarian, Madame Pince. Her stomach growled and she closed her book, sighing. She had attempted to smuggle a blueberry muffin from breakfast in to the library but Madame Pince had sniffed it out before she'd barely crossed the threshold.
Now, leaning back in her chair she let her hair fall out behind her. The bushy curls of her mother combined with the flaming red locks of her father always left quite an impression. But now, with no one around to see them, they merely hung there like hair often does. Rose sat forward on her chair and rest her head on her arms. She closed her eyes and waited a few more minutes before she felt arms snake around her from behind. She jumped slightly and turned around in her seat.
"What?" The boy who stood behind her now raised an eyebrow, "Were you expecting someone else?" He asked jokingly.
"No," Rose smiled and pushed her chair back, standing up. "Where were you? I've been waiting quite a while you know."
"Really? Well I suppose the longer you have to wait the more you want me? Right?" He cocked his head slightly.
"Scorpius..." Rose shook her head, trying not to smile.
"Come on Rose, I'm only joking." Scorpius moved closer to her.
Rose looked up at his pale blue eyes that were currently attempting a pleading puppy dog look. "Stop that!" She laughed. "You look ridiculous."
"Me?" He stepped back, adopting a fake-wounded look. "You think I'm ridiculous?"
Rose turned away, hiding her smile from him, he didn't need to be encouraged. She started stacking up her books and aligned them as neatly as she could. After she finished she turned around to see Scorpius watching her closely.
"What?" She blushed slightly, "What did I do?"
"Nothing." He shook his silvery blond bangs out of his eyes, he was really in need of a hair cut. "I was just thinking."
"About what?"
"Well... I don't know if I should really tell you."
"Tell me."
"We could get in trouble."
"For what?"
Scorpius moved closer to her until their bodies were touching, "For this." He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. When he pulled away Rose felt her cheeks flush, "Oh." She paused, "In that case we better be careful not to be seen." Rose reached for his hand and pulled him in to an alcove created by a series of bookcases. "Perfect." She said reaching up to put her arms around his neck. Scorpius leaned down and kissed her softly, "Perfect."
For some reason I picture Rose/Scorpius making out in the library hidden amongst the shelves. I drew a picture as well which I will scan later. It is a bit corny, but for some reason when I set out to write romance that's what comes out. Oh well.

Character belong to J.K. Rowling.
Story by me.
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An IM between characters in Harry Potter…
MUDDBLUDD12: Hey how are you guys doing tonight?
GINGERBOI: bored to death, I can't believe the whole house is on room restriction.
GINGERBOI: who do you think did it?
SCARFACE23: Don't look at me I was with you the whole time.
MUDDBLUDD12: Whoever they are they were smart…not…
THING1: How is the restriction treating you guys?
THING2: Can't be fun…
SCARFACE23: I should have known one of you two was behind the whole silliness in the dining hall.
SCARFACE23: Good show.
MUDDBLUDD12: It was immature and childish. You guys know pulling things like tha can get you kicked out right?!
THING1: What are a few mere stink bombs among friends???
MUDDBLUDD12: A problem only arose when one of the stink bombs detonated all over the whole Slytherin House.
THING2: I completely forgot about that part…lol.
SCARFACE23: So who is gonna tell McGonagall the truth that it wasn't a wand misfire?
THING2: Tell and find out what happens…
THING1: Snitches get stitches.
MUDDBLUDD12: Are all of you idiots? You know they moderate these chats right?
MOD: Indeed we do moderate. Guess how many points shall be taken away from Gryffindor?
MOD: Highly unlikely…
*THING1 thinks MODS are gay*
*THING2 seconds the thought*
*THING2 dances around the room like a little girl*
THING1: ^ just like the MOD is right now…lol.
MOD: Stop it you two!
MOD: Don't make me come down there!
THING1: Bring it!
THING2: You mad bro?
YES            NO
This is based off of the character's used in the Harry Potter Series. I do not own any of these characters or place names.

This is merely part one.

I know its not the best, so please don't be a jerk.

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Chapter I

Spinner´s End, Cokeworth, Northern England.

October, 1998.

Severus put down the book and puffed heavily. It was the sixth time the bloody doorbell had rung.

Probably the teenage delinquents who were in the inconvenient habit of roaming Spinner´s End on occasion. During the past few years, they had been coming over to that abandoned part of town whenever they felt bored or were being chased by the police. As a matter of fact, with the street´s alarming state of decay, most of its houses deserted, it was rather surprising that the juvenile gangster-hopefuls didn´t come around to "visit" more often.

Spinner´s End was after all a perfect hiding place...Nobody better than Severus knew that...

But the fact was that Spinner´s End was ruined to such a degree that not even those little punks took a more than passing interest in it. Sometimes they entered an abandoned house to smoke, played some loud music (that is, if that godawful cacophony could be called "music" at all), or just wandered around cursing, fighting and generally raising hell, before getting bored and moving on to more interesting acts of vandalism.

After Severus had moved back, the little dunderheads had decided to stick around for longer, thrilled to have a potential new victim to play with. But a couple of simple charms managed to convince the youngsters that Spinner´s End was haunted, much to Severus´ amusement...Soon they had disappeared...And yet, after months of complete peace, there they were at it again.

They would learn their lesson this time....

He yanked the door open, his other hand reaching for the magically locked wooden cabinet where he kept his wand, but instead of a rowdy bunch of brats, all Severus saw was a woman standing at his door.

"Good afternoon..." she let out in a husky voice, a courteous smile on her lips.

"Good afternoon" he answered grudgingly "And before you waste your breath: whatever it is you´re advertising, I´m not interested."

With a flick of his wrist the door moved. But her hand stopped it before it could slam in her face. Taken aback, Severus opened the door again. Her gall had managed to catch his interest. He inspected the woman before him from head to toe, his eyes both focused and disdainful.

Certainly a muggle... about 30-years old, quite tall, probably around 5'8 or 5'9 (she had heeled boots on, though, so he could be wrong), with a sturdy yet willowy build. Her dark brown hair was held back in a tight ponytail that showed off a rather particular face: strong eyebrows, alert golden brown eyes, a Greek nose and a somewhat wide mouth. Her olive complexion showed rosy undertones in the chilly Autumn wind. She wore a brick red blouse, brown scarf and brown skirt, with a beige overcoat that, although elegant, looked a bit too light for the temperature outside. She was good-looking, Severus conceded...But that only made her presence at his doorstep all the more odd... Good-looking, well-dressed people were not an usual occurrence at Spinner´s End...

"I´m sorry to bother you... My name is Evelyn, Evelyn Black." She stretched out her hand, but Severus merely looked at her, motionless and uninterested. She cracked a very uneasy smile. It was obvious she was forcing herself to be polite in spite of his bluntness. Only now Severus noticed his visitor had a slight accent...he couldn´t quite pinpoint where from...Irish, maybe? Definitely not Scottish...Well, it didn´t matter.

"Uh...-she continued-I just moved here and..."

"You just...moved" Severus raised an eyebrow "Here?"

"Well, yes. Just this morning..."

"Why would you do that?" Why would anybody do that?, he thought to himself, but said nothing.

"It´s a long story, actually...."

"It was a rhetorical question..." Severus interrupted her, using a purposely condescending tone, a wry smile dancing on his thin lips. She was visibly annoyed now. Good. Only a matter of moments before she decided to leave him alone.

"Actually...I don´t plan on wasting too much of your time, let alone annoying you with unwelcome stories" She answered in a mellow tone filled with subtle contempt.

Severus rolled his eyes. He had obviously underestimated her.

"I´m just looking for someone..." She took out an old and rugged little notebook from her purse "Eileen Prince. Does she live here?"

Severus blinked and just stared at her for a long moment, completely disarmed.

"Snape..." He let out quietly

"I beg your pardon?"

"Eileen Snape...Prince was her maiden name..."

"Oh, so she does live here."

"Not anymore."

"I see..." Evelyn shifted on her feet "She moved then..."

"She´s dead.... Has been for twenty years actually."

Evelyn bit her lower lip, obviously embarrassed

"I´m sorry to hear that...In that case, I guess I should get going then..."

"Wait a minute, Miss...I´sorry, you said your name was..?"

"Black. Evelyn Black." As she relaxed and her accent came through more clearly... Irish...she was definitely Irish, Severus thought to himself "Mr... Snape, I assume?"

"Severus Snape..." He opened the door all the way and cocked his head back gesturing for her to come in.
EDIT: Many thanks to :iconpreseli: for the corrections!

Iīm a liar, I know! I keep saying Iīm not going to use Evelyn in a fic and here it is...Evelyn in a fic :blush:

I just had this idea floating on my mind for days now, and I had to write...

So there it is, Severus and Evelynīs first meeting.

And no, donīt expect love at first sight or sugary romance...Thatīs not how Snape rolls (neither does Evelyn btw)

Still not sure if I continue or not... opinions, please? (My first ever Harry Potter fic, be gentle, ok? =P)

Severus Snape and Harry Potter Đ J.K.Rowling

Evelyn is all mine. ;P

EDIT: Decided to continue!!!! :dummy: Chapter II is here: [link]
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October, 31, 2005

Severus didn´t want a child.

And it was...

Severus approached the cradle with feather light footsteps. It was a simple but elegant piece of furniture, made out of heavy and dark oak heirloom of Evelyn´s family, that her mother had insisted on giving them. A wealth of delicate white and blue covers and a veil of rich Irish lace protected it´s tiny occupant from the late October chill.

His long fingers drew back the covers to reveal the child to his sleep deprived eyes. A child who was no more than an hour old. A child that wasn´t expected. A mistake that shouldn´t have happened, as far as his father had been concerned.

He didn´t want a child...

Most people take parental instinct for granted...They imagine it´s only natural for parents to love their children. It just happened...But Severus knew better...In fact he knew from experience that it just wasn´t that simple...Nowhere near that simple...

And that was precisely the reason he had never considered fatherhood, even after his marriage to Evelyn. It just wasn´t in te realm of possibilities. After all, what kind of father would he be? He couldn´t see himself changing soiled diapers, reading bedtime stories, blowing up coloured balloons for birthday party decorations...Making sacrifices, facing the ridiculous, abdicating from everything...just because of a genetic connection to a child who, most likely, would never really appreciate it... On top of it, he was getting old. He was 45 years old. That was no age to be starting a family. And he had imagined Evelyn felt the same. They had never discussed it, but she knew him well enough to be aware of his position, and she decided to marry him anyway. It was safe to assume children were not among her priorities either.

When she told him of the news, she had done so in an grave almost mournful way...He had just sat there, for a  quarter of an hour trying to digest it. She let him be. Evelyn knew him, she knew there would be no fireworks, no smiles, no tears of joy. But maybe she had expected him to be a bit more mature about it.

He wasn´t.

"How could this happen?...It´s a mistake...You shouldn´t have...We shouldn´t have...We just can´t do this..."

He didn´t even remember  what had come out of his mouth...It was a torrent of nonsense and nothing more... She never answered. Evelyn just let him babble for what felt like hours.  She stood there and listened to it all, never uttering a word. When he was finally done, she still stood there, silent. Her eyes were watering, and she bit her lower lip, fighting back the tears.

"Are you done, Severus?"

"This is obviously...I mean, we can´t...I can´t...You knew it when you married me..."

"I didn´t plan this, if that´s what you´re getting at...."

"I know!" He almost screamed. Taking a deep breath he lowered his voice "It´s just...there´s no place for this..."

"This? What do you mean by 'this', Severus?"

How could he get her to understand? It had taken him decades to open a space in his life, a space for someone who wasn´t Lily... It took him decades and effort, so much effort...And he had done it, he had made room for her in life. More than that, he had made his life revolve around her, he had given her that place in his life that had once belonged to Lily...

A second person didn´t fit that space... There was no room...

He couldn´t expect her to understand that. It would be asking to much of her...of any woman probably...But Evelyn had made it quite clear.He was free to turn his back on the baby, but if he did, it was over between them. In fact, he had expected her to do exactly that...Quite frankly, he would have been disappointed if she had done otherwise. She put her child first, before him, and he knew that kind of attitude was exactly the reason he respected and loved her. Still, she left him little choice...

It´s common for men to stay with a woman they don´t love for the sake of a child they do love. Trust Severus Snape to go against all normal expectations...He, had stayed to welcome a child he didn´t want for the sake of a woman he loved more than anything.  

He didn´t want a child.

And it was...

No, not "it"... "He". He was a boy. He had hoped for a girl. Maybe a girl would be easier to love... A girl who took after her mother... Yes, it would definitely be easier... For the long months before the delivery, Severus had held very few hopes about the child other than hoping it was a girl.

In fact for the first few months he hadn´t even followed Evelyn´s pregnancy... After that first exchange, the tension in their house had become unbearable for both. They argued frequently. One morning Evelyn packed up and left. Back to Ireland. To her mother´s house.

For the second time in his life Severus had to put his tail between his legs, and go after a woman to apologize. To ask for forgiveness, to beg for forgiveness. For the second time in his life he had stood for hours on end in front of a closed door, hoping, praying, imploring. For the second time in his life he had stood in plain view of anyone, not minding the shame, waiting like a stray dog waits outside a house hoping for a bone to be tossed out.

But this time around, he was given a second chance.

He had his mother-in-law to thank for this. Sophia had almost forced her daughter to talk to him, because, according to her "that was no way to treat a husband". Mind you the woman didn´t even like him all that much, but to her marriage was so sacred she would even support his cause. Bless her antiquate, conservative, catholic ways...

Severus Snape was not a man to profess undying love through words and discourses. He was never one to show affection in public. But that day he did it. He would have done anything. In front of his muggle mother-in-law, and his muggle sister-in-law Severus Snape, one of the most powerful wizards in existence, had asked for a second chance,  had promised his wife to be by her side, promised to try his best not to fail her, promised to try to(at least) be  a decent father. He had begged, like any ordinary man, like any man in love.

She returned to him, and they moved on. For months he watched as the child grew inside her womb. He would be lying if he said he felt nothing. It wasn´t joy per se, nor was it anticipation... But rather.. something akin to tenderness. Evelyn was happy...more than that she was anxious. Severus couldn´t say that didn´t affect him...That her constant smile, her joy at the slightest movement of the child, her glowing cheeks and softer forms didn´t affect him. He was sure there was something purely instinctive about the way he felt about her during those months.

For months he had been the most attentive father-to-be the world had ever seen. Maybe it was guilt or maybe just concern. Evelyn was 42. Any pregnancy at that age was delicate, but hers was particularly difficult. She was constantly tired, frequently nauseous, sometimes dizzy or sleepy. And then came the mood swings... Instead of loosing his temper, Severus just obliged her. For months he took all the abuse she dished out on him whenever her hormones were making her erratic, he gave her whatever she wanted, he did whatever she asked.

But it was easy to be the perfect father when the baby was nothing but a concept. Sometimes he would simply forget that at the end of the road there was a child. In fact caring obsessively for his wife was an excellent way to distract himself from the thought. But when he remembered it, he remembered that he didn´t want to be a father, he remembered he would be bound for life to something he hadn´t planned, something he hadn´t chosen, something he hadn´t wanted. He remembered that  everything would change, that Evelyn wouldn´t be only his any longer, that the delicate balance they had arduously achieved in their relationship would be shattered...At those moments he hated that baby...Then he hated himself for hating a person who wasn´t even born yet.

Evelyn had gone into labor on the 30th of October, in the middle of the night. A cold and stormy night. For whatever reason she had decided to have the child at home, and not in a hospital. When the day arrived he cursed the moment he had agreed to it. The healer had asked him if he wished to be with his wife for the delivery. He said no. He couldn´t. Simply couldn´t. He felt like a coward for leaving her alone, but he couldn´t. What good would he do if he was there, anyway?

Waiting on the hallway as the heavy rain poured outside, Severus agonized for hours... Hours and hours...Hours that passed slowly and inexorably one after the other making their way into a dark and never-ending night... As the clock stroke midnight, Severus felt a shiver down his spine.

October 31st.

Of all days of the year he dreaded October 31st the most. The day Lily had been killed. The day that had changed his life and almost destroyed it.  The hours passed and he found himself, for the first time, wishing that baby was born. For the first time he found himself anticipating the moment it would cry for the first time. But the hours passed and he heard nothing but Evelyn´s grunts and moans inside the bedroom. No crying. It wasn´t over...

The rain stopped and the sun came out...a cold Autumn morning filled the hallway with its greyish-white glow...He felt his heart sink into his chest.

October 31st...

Halloween Day...

The day the dead walk the earth...

The day Lily had died...

Once again, Severus Snape could feel everything he cared for slipping through his fingers, as he stood powerless, unable to hold on... Inside the bedroom, Evelyn´s moans grew fainter and faiter... She was exhausted, in pain...She might not make it... All because of that child he didn´t want...

Then there was silence.  The sense of dread that filled him was like nothing he had ever felt before. But it lasted only a few seconds. Then the child cried.


And there he was. Soren... Soren Prince Snape. Evelyn had chosen his first name. Apparently "Soren" was a synonym for "Severus", in Danish...or something to that effect, he wasn´t sure... Prince was his choice for a middle name. An homage to his mother. Had it been a girl they would have named her Eileen...

Soren Prince Snape... A bit too pompous for such a small child, wasn´t it?

Severus looked at the boy, taking in every little detail. It was so small... For a moment he wondered if he wasn´t too small...But what did he know about babies? Severus´s stretched out his hand, ever so carefully, and lightly touched the baby´s head. Soren was born with a full head of very fine black hair, that stood up a bit on the top. He felt the soft scalp under his fingertips, but retracted his hand as it touched the soft spot. Yes, he had forgotten about those tricky details of a baby´s anatomy...Details that made them so delicate to handle...Too delicate to handle.

He wondered how long it would take him to muster the courage to pick it up for the first time...It was just too small, too fragile...The baby blue clothes he was dressed in looked like they could fit a child twice his size... The over-long sleeves almost covered his hands...Severus took one of the tiny hands into his. Soren moved, and grabbed one of his father´s fingers...Severus just let him be for a while, and he calmed down. Then he  pried the minuscule fingers from his own and opened the little hand. The fingers were long like those of Severus himself...His grip was strong...

It was a hand that, one day, would hold a wand with ease and confidence. A small smile formed itself on Severus´face at the realization...Yes, one day... That child had the blood of the Prince family and the Black family...He was the firstborn son of Severus Snape...One day he would be a great wizard, it was only obvious...A great Slytherin wizard...Maybe a Ravenclaw, if he took after his mother...Yes, he could settle for a Ravenclaw son...In any case, he would be a great wizard. Severus was sure of that.

Lost in his momentary reverie, Severus barely noticed Soren had woken up... The boy let out some moans, and for a minute looked as if he would start crying. A small rush of panic ran through Severus. Evelyn was sound asleep on the bed and after hours of labour would be in no shape to help him soothe the baby if he started crying.  But fortunately he didn´t. Soren just looked up at him, his big dark eyes oddly focused. Did he recognise the man looking down on him? No, that was a stupid idea... Newborn children can´t recognize anybody...But as  Soren looked up and frowned ever so slightly, Severus could´t help but think that this seemingly grave expression might be an early indication of a thoughtful, maybe even inquisitive nature. He this age a "thoughtful expresssion" usually meant no more than a bowel movement... Still he held his child´s gaze, trying to find a hint of colour in his eyes. Would they be golden brown like his mother´s or black like his own? Impossible to know...

He did hope Soren wouldn´t have his nose, though...A vain hope, he knew...All the men in the Snape family had it...I was a sort of family curse, so to speak. Soren was a Snape, hence he would have his nose, simple as that...There would be some school-yard bullying in store for him... Hopefully he might have some of his mother´s good-looks...well, it was quite obvious he, at least,  had her eyebrows and chin...

Soren´s eyelids were heavy now...Once again Severus let his fingertips touch the top of his head, hoping that awkward caress would soothe him into sleeping. It seemed to work. The little body relaxed, the tiny hands closed into fists, his belly moving up and down with the regular rhythm of his breathing.

Severus was tired as well, his eyes burned, and his back hurt...Well, he was getting old...He fixed the veils back in place, covering the cradle so the morning light wouldn´t disturb Soren´s sleep. Then he kicked off his shoes and laid down besides Evelyn, too tired to even take his clothes off...

Severus didn´t want a child.

And he was...His son...

His son, Soren Prince Snape...
So, October 31st was Sorenīs birthday, and since Iīm a madwoman who celebrates her ocsībirthdays I wanted to do something special...(if you donīt know who Soren is click here [link])

I even asked for suggestions [link] and in the end I wound up doing something completely different from what was suggested :XD:

I just had this idea and had to run with it.

So, hereīs you have an introspective fic, from Severus pov, about Sorenīs birth...

Beware of fluff (but not too much...thatīs Snape weīre talking about :XD:)

Also it might have a lot of mistakes...itīs not beta-ed :blush: And itīs proably a little half-assed, but I just had to publish it anyway :XD:
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WARNING: Sexual themes

You hummed as you shampooed your hair, enjoying the way the warm water soothed your muscles. You were on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and you had had a particularly tiresome practice earlier that day. You heard some faint noises from outside the curtain, but paid no mind to it, as you assumed it was Katie or Angelina taking their own showers.

You felt a rush of cold air, and turned to find yourself looking into a pair of green (mixed with blue) eyes. You yelped quietly and hurriedly attempted to cover yourself up with your hands. George grinned cheekily at you, but his cheeks were slightly red and he hurriedly closed the curtain.

You let out a sigh before shutting off the water. You stuck your hand outside of the curtain and after a moment, George seemed to get the idea and handed you your towel.  You wrapped the towel around your body and hesitantly stepped out. You winced slightly as the cold air nipped at your skin, and glared at George for ruining your nice shower.

George’s eyes however, were not looking at your face. His eyes were looking at your body; the way the towel hugged your curves, the way the water dripped from your hair and slid down your neck, your lovely legs, all the way down to your foot which was tapping in annoyance. George flicked his eyes back up to your face and gave you a sheepish smile.

Your face was flushed red at the way he was looking at you and you looked down in an attempt to fight the urge to kiss him. You refrained from actually kissing him however, and instead looked back up at him, only to find that he was a lot closer to you than he had been. George smirked at you, his eyes glinting mischievously, and you gulped nervously.

George somehow maneuvered you so that he was pinning you to the wall, and his breath was warm on your face, sending chills throughout your body. He looked at you for confirmation, and smirked when he found it. Your eyes were flicking from his lips to his eyes and back again, and your bottom lip was stuck out in a slight pout as he brought his lips closer to yours.

You growled as he teased you, his lips were hovering over your own but not actually touching and you were sure George was smirking before he finally pressed his lips to yours.

You felt bliss.

Complete and utter bliss.

His lips meshed with yours in the most perfect way, and you never wanted the moment to end. Your hands crawled up from your sides and wound around his neck while his went down to your hips. He nipped lightly at your lips and you squeaked in surprise, effectively allowing his tongue access to your mouth. You groaned softly as his tongue danced around your mouth, and you felt him groan in response as your tongue came in contact with his.

When the need for air made itself known, you broke apart. Your face was flushed and you were panting, but you couldn’t have been happier. Your longtime crush had just kissed you! You were practically bouncing with glee, but George’s face caused your mood to plummet. He was looking at you, a very odd expression on his handsome face. You glanced down at yourself, and noticed that your towel had fallen off.

Leaving you naked.

In front of George.

You blushed from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head and hurriedly snatched your towel up off the ground, but before you could wrap it around your body, George stopped you. His hand tugged on your wrist and pulled you into the shower you had been in a few minutes earlier. He started taking off his clothes as you watched him from the shower, your expression one of utter confusion. George just smirked at you, and eventually shed the last of his clothing before stepping in the shower with you.

You looked at him in confusion, and slight want as well. The sight of his toned chest and rather muscular arms made you blush, and you attempted to cover yourself with your hands. George grabbed your wrist and pulled you even closer to him in the tiny shower.

"You didn’t get to finish your shower did you?” George purred in your ear. You shook your head warily.

“Good. I can help you finish then.”

End. <3
I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters, all rights go to their rightful owners. I do not own the picture either, again all rights go to their rightful owners. ....That was terrible. I'm sorry. But I'm really tired so I'm gonna upload it anyway. I'll try to get a few more written tomorrow. Love you guys, thanks for reading! :) Also, I apologize if George is super out of character. Anyways, g'night!
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I fidgeted nervously- waiting just outside the Hogwarts grounds- for Scorpius. I was November, and a thin layer of snow covered the ground. Perfect weather for a trip to Hogsmead, I also thought it was wonderful weather for a first date, but that didn't calm my nerves.
Scorpius and I had been going out for almost three weeks now, but I still hadn't gotten used to my amazing good fortune of having Scorpius as a boyfriend.
I was drawn out of my thoughts when I spotted Scorpius, amongst those still exiting the gates, eager to escape school for a day. Scorpius saw me a moment later and rushed over, sweeping me off my feet and kissing me passionately.
'Hey babe, hope you weren't waiting long?' He asked putting me down. I blushed when I noticed some nearby students pointing and giggling.
'No, not long,'
'Good. Well let's head off!' And he started walking.
I hurried to catch up. Drawing up to Scorpius, I looked at his hand, wanting to hold it, but unsure if Scorpius- one of the coolest guys in school- would mind. Suddenly Scorpius's hand grasped mine, intertwining our fingers. I looked up startled, to find Scorpius looking at me.
'You know you don't have to be so timid. I won't get mad if you're the first one to do something. Where's my confident Rose who always knows everything?' He grinned but I knew he was being serious.
'I guess I don't have all the answers on this one. I'm not sure how to act. I haven't had many boyfriends and none of them felt like this,' I said looking at our hands. It was true I had only had two boyfriends, and neither had really felt like something I wanted to keep. I was also painfully aware that Scorpius had a much broader range of experience with girls. Also while I was reasonably popular and well liked, but Scorpius was the classic cool kid, even with his extremely good grades.
'Babe, just be you. I feel the same. I don't have the answers either. So do what you want. I promise I won't mind.'
I smiled up at him. 'Ok'
'Now where do you want to go?'
'Uh, how about Honey Dukes, then the Three Broomsticks?'
'Cool, you don't want to go to Madam Puddifoot's?'
I looked at Scorpius in surprise. 'Do you?'
'Uh, well not really. But a lot of girls seem to like going there, well at least a lot of my girlfriends did. I don't particularly like the place but…' he trailed off.
I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes and whispered in his ear. 'Let's make a promise, let's never become a couple that goes to Madam Puddifoot's.'
Scorpius chuckled, hugging him like I was I felt the vibrations run through me. 'Easy done sweetheart. I promise! Seal it with a kiss?' I could hear the grin in his voice.
We kissed, I meant for it to just be a quick peck on the lips, but we ended up standing there for quite some time.
'Good,' I said when we surfaced for air. 'Now that's settled, let's get off to Honeydukes! It's a little chilly.'
'Race you there!' Scorpius said. But as he ran off he didn't let go of my hand, so we ran laughing through the snow together.
We stocked up on all sorts of treats at Honeydukes, sugared quills, crystal pineapples, chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, Birty Botts every flavoured beans and more. Usually neither of us would buy so much but we were stocking up for Christmas, my mum had even sent me a list of sweets she wanted for her New Year's party. Laden with our goodies we made our way over to the Three Broomsticks, where we met up with Albus and his girlfriend Bliss Longbottom, who was the daughter of Luna and Neville, she was a year older than me, but we were good friends.
Scorpius and Al were in the same house and were surprisingly close, even though they were always competing to find out who was the better chaser on the Slytherin team.  I thought Bliss was the best chaser out of the three of them, but when I said this Al asked grumpily what a seeker would know. We continued to talk about Quidditch, and were discussing bludger avoidance tactics when James and Regis joined us. Regis being a seeker had some good tips on this matter, and James who was now captain of the Gryffindor team ordered both Regis and I to stop helping the enemy. We all knew he was joking, he had told Albus all his best Quidditch tricks.
A little later Chai and Ember, two of my closest friends came over and asked if they could join us. Making room for them Albus pulled Bliss onto his lap and I squeezed tight against Scorpius, who draped his arm over my shoulders. We quickly fell back into Quidditch talk, only to be interrupted a few minutes later by Colin Creavy-named after his father's late brother- asking if he could take a photo for the school yearbook.
'Sure! But I want a copy!' Bliss smiled. She had her mother's whimsical smile, but fortunately her fathers' sensibilities.
'Yeah I want one too!' Rose said.
'I can make copies for everyone if you want,' Colin grinned gleefully, like the uncle he had never met he too loved photography.
'Sounds good mate,' James replied for us all.
When I was given my copy of the photo a week later I was amazed to see I seemed to fit in with the group of the coolest people in Hogwarts. Scorpius had an arm around me and was wearing his 'I'm in control' smirk, James was grinning mischief in his eyes, Regis was slouched and waved lazily, Bliss was smiling whimsically, Albus looked amused and ready to cause trouble, Chai was smiling lazily and Ember was laughing. And in the midst of them all was me, grinning as if to as 'you up for it?'
Several butter beers later, when conversation had lapsed into a comfortable silence, I looked at Scorpius and inclined my head towards the door. Time to go?
He smiled and shrugged Okay if you want
'Well we might be getting going, see you guys back at the castle!' I said getting up.
'You heading back to the castle now? We might come with you,' Albus said looking at Bliss.
'Ah no… I was thinking of walking around a bit more… I haven't seen the Shrieking Shack for ages,' I said hurriedly.
Al raised an eyebrow, but then shrugged and said ''Kay see you later.' I got the feeling he'd be asking Scorpius what we actually did tonight, but I didn't care.
Once we were out of the Three Broomsticks, walking quickly towards the outskirts of town, Scorpius lent down so his soft mouth was tickling my ear and asked, 'So why the sudden desire to see the Shrieking Shack?'
'Actually I was just saying that to ditch the others,' I admitted slightly sheepish. By now we were almost at the fence surrounding the shack, and snow had started falling softly, blocking all but the closest houses of Hogsmead from view.
'Why did you want to do that?' Scorpius asked confused.
'So I could do this!' I said, suddenly wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling his face towards mine. Still I had to stand on tiptoes to reach my lovely boyfriend's lips. For a moment Scorpius was frozen with surprise. Then he kissed me back, I could feel the smile on his lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and lifted me up onto the fence protecting the Shack so we would both be more comfortable. We kissed there in the snow until it started getting dark.
Breaking apart Scorpius said huskily, 'Rose…'
'I love you. Don't ever leave me ok?'
I grinned in surprise, 'Okay, I love you too. So don't leave me either.'
Then Hand in hand we made our way back to the castle, arriving just in time for dinner. Not even a butter beer could make me feel warmer that night; it was finally starting to sink in. Scorpius loved me, he was mine. You couldn't have spoiled my mood if you tried.
This story is for :icontasha95: and :iconobsessiveness:
who both requested I wrote more Rose and Scorpius fanfics :D I hope you both like it!!!
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