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A fan made wallpaper of Shannon Stewart cowgirl lovin' glow by night vs by day. :heart:

A nice challenge is to find the differences or not, but one thing is clear, she seems to shine everytime, isn't it? :D

Resolution: 1280x960

- Fantasymoments- Kit Misterious Mauve
- Mouths PNGs - RedLIpsWhisper~KMD
- Sparks & Lights PSD
- Shannon Stewart wallpapers

I made different layouts around this wallpaper. See all versions in the full pack here:
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Elisha Cuthbert jeans with pencil effect.

Credit: Elisha picture
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This is my favorite glamorous model known as Misty-Dawn, whose photo was transformed as a cartoon in a milk chocolate effect. Taste it good because, as you might know, what is really so sweet does not last forever.

I asked permission first to the model and just hope she likes this delicious version of her!

Credit of original photo: and her portfolio on the photographer's site: [link]
I got the photo and made some digital edition.

Misty-Dawn is also here on dA!! :thanks:

Misty-Dawn's dA homepage: Misty-Dawn on dA

:icongivechocolatesplz::iconchocolatesplz: :D
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Shannon Stewart looks always outstanding when she rides as a thoughtful cowgirl. Don't you agree?

My wallpaper is based on two usual old wallpapers of this hottie. I hope you like the idea of this version ;-)

Photo Credit: pictures and wallpapers of Shannon Stewart

See also the simple version of this wallpaper:
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I wanted badly to try something different, surely related to a commercial or a different kind of promotion that is somehow far behind than sexy.

The idea turned into what you are viewing now. I found it quite interesting because it's amazingly funny giving a good job and/or a new life to someone that actually has nothing to do with it neither shows anything similar or related to this new status.

While I was thinking on such things, suddenly I just came across the perfect wallpaper of Shannon that made me instantly knew what another good skill I would love seeing on her.

So, I gave to this very special hot lady an original and extended work that goes along with her shoots as a cowgirl. Afterall, she can do much more than just being another hottie performing as a regular cowgirl. Although we all know how that costumes on girls can be always pretty. ;-)

Given the result, I think Shannon does perfectly well her new sexy advertisement about her extraordinary business on wood artworks in such extremely hot outfit! I just wonder if she would mind to wear such thing most of the time? :lol:

Definitively, she shows good taste for glamorous clothes that even follow her quality wood works!

What do you have to say about this?
By me, I'll only say -Oh Yeah! I want to request her professional services, but for improving my crumbling mansion! :D

And about you? Share your ideas... ;)

Sources: Shannon Stewart pictures and wallpapers


I just realized now and After so long time here...  WTF!? - Fine Wood Wors!!! - What the L was I thinking??? LOL I must update this wallpaper... someday! Now I have to go to find the source file again!! But the biggest, unbelievable crazy thing is how people even dare to download it! OMFG! Whoa!!! :laughing:
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Shannon Stewart cowgirl wallpaper. The simple version.

I hope you like this simple version which is much more friendly for everyone. :-)

Photos source: pictures and wallpapers of Shannon Stewart

= Featured artwork =

Take a look also at the extended version of this wallpaper:
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To the person who keeps suggesting this to groups: please stop. I understand you might want to "spread the word" of this pic to a couple other people, but I'm sure other people are already a part of a group (or several) that this pic is already a part of. Thus, I will now DECLINE any group correspondence messages so the 2 below events don't occur again. However, thanks for being somewhat interested in the pic... for whatever reason that may be.

Commissioned for: :iconi-tryed:

Fan art (Bleach)
Charas: Yoruichi x Hanatarou (with cameos from several other charas)

Please full view the image so you can enjoy, read, and see the pics.

As mentioned in the first frame/panel please check out and listen to Alpha and Omega by Boards of Canada while reading this. Here’s a link to it to save you some time:…

Sorry for the lost detail in the panels, but since the maximum one-side size for submissions is 18,000px there’s nothing I can do to make it easier for you all to read >.>. If it was 28,000px then you’d be able to make out more of the panels. The original panels are 3x the posted size btw.

If you have any questions or comments about the commission that does not have anything to do with me (story, concept, idea, etc.) please ask I-tryed instead since he’s the commissioner. Anyway, I hope you like it!

Thanks and have a “dawww” day,

~ Sokloeum

Bleach © Kubo Tite
Art by me

P.S. I've disabled the Download since this pic has way too many Downloads over :+fav:'s.

Commission Info:
Commission Info by Sokloeum
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The beautiful Ellen Rocche shot in any paradise beach with a smooth old gold effect. :D

I was not the photographer, but I wouldn't mind have been the lucky one ... Fortunately the real author enjoyed what I did with his so inspired capture! :aww:

It was hard to handle the picture in order to be not too colorful and so burning hot. :firelite-photo:
It turns out that Ellen is on a sunny beach, where everything literally shines around her, but especially over her!! Just take a look at the massive orange tones in the original photo. :sun:…

But what do you expect with this kind of dream body? :wow:
That is just not possible and there is no way to cool her down, if you know what i mean. ;)

So I gave a special golden touch to it, almost sepia, which fits perfectly in amazing photos like this one.

What do you think? Should it be darker or we must let see some more of that bright light? :faq:


Photo credits: Marlos Bakker (with permission) in a photo session for VIP magazine

Marlos Bakker - Site Oficial (

Photo source page:…

= Featured artwork =


IMPORTANT NOTE: On 1k downloads milestone this picture won't be released in this format anymore. The present file and the best HD resolution will be provided only under restrict conditions, which is the same as saying that you'll get the best resolution now by purchase (but only by DA points). So Grab the artwork for free as it is while you can. ;)
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Ame-no-Uzume (Japanese Myths) [link]
Thanks to the group Otaku-Shin > [link] for selected me, and specially to Divera > [link] for trust in me.
Exposed in the Salon del Manga de Jerez, Spain > [link]
Ame-no-Uzume (Mito Japones) [link]
Gracias al grupo Otaku-Shin > [link] por seleccionarme, y especialmente a Divera > [link] por creer en mi.
Expuesto en el Salon del Manga de Jerez > [link]
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