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when I saw Abwettar's species, the Drageleon, I HAD to make one XD

This ones name is Steller~
his chameleon DNA is from a Carpet Chameleon and his dragon DNA is from some type of Asian Lung.

this is also the first time I'm using Painter 11~
and woah! layers? their awesome XD

or else I'll bite off your ears~ rawr

Steller/ design (c) Tsuki-13
Drageleon Species (c) Abwettar
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So I thought this species was ADORABLE so I made me and Roo into them. But they go by different names: Gil and Chase.(Brownie points to the person who gets the ref of the names right)

The black and red Bandit is Gil(Roo) and the mixed colored Bandit is Chase(H).

Oh and FWI: Gil and Chase are Male

Species: Hoofed Bandit who belongs to :iconabwettar:
Status: Accepted!
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Its Pronounced Deh-know.

I put the original adoptable up in the corner for better refrence.

Name: Deno
Gender: Male
Personality: Hyper-Active.
Age: 1. (7 In dog Years.)

Anyways, this is Deno, whom I adpoted from ~Abwettar, he is Dino's buddy, and he's a little Soot Powpy.

See the Adoptable Sheet here. >>

I love him, he's so Durn cute. >w<

/c/ Me and ~Abwettar.
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Well I hope this doesn't come to late, ~Abwettar. At first I wanted to draw them in poses (for e.g. Thriller lying on some stones, Droplet hanging from a branch, Sunshine sleeping on a daisy) but I failed at adoptables anatomy so I decided to sadly quit that idea and just repainted them in the end. :<

designed by the awesome :iconabwettar:
adopted and drawn by :iconaiseiri:

Name: Thriller
Gender: male
Species: Drangeleon
Size as big as a chameleon
Personality: He is really cold but kind-hearted what he doesn't show often and just to beings he likes. Thriller likes to frighten people using his ability to make himself invisible by changing his colors. His DNA is more like a chameleon but as it's a little like a dragon he can breath fire which mostly happens to be turqoise.

Name: Droplet
Gender: female
Size: about 20 cm tall
Personality: She is really impatient and curious but deep in her heart generous and kind. Moreover she falls for candies. Droplet is able to grab things or hang on something with her very strong tail. Her skin feels like a gecko but some parts have birdlike feathers. This adoptable has a large beak. It has bird like front feet and its back feet are two-toed hooves. It has a tuft of fur on the end of its tail. Some of its fur appears to be curly, on top of its head and neck, and on its chest.

Name: Sunshine
Gender: female
Size: as tiny as a thimble
Species: Flower Dragon
Personality: Her mother named her Sunshine because her body can glow in the dark. She is a very cheerful Flower Dragon who loves to take sunbathes in areas where many daisys are. (That's her favourite kind of flower.) Moreover she loves to fly and one day she wants to reach the sun. To new people she is always shy but once she feels comfortable arround them she is really outgoing.

Media: Copic Multiliner 0.05, Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, white gel pen and Deleter White 1
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This seems to be the proof that I shouldn't paint and upload when I am sick DX

This is Eve, the Skigrahl I painted for :iconabwettar: with her Template.

cleared Template: [link] (TELL HER BEFORE you are doing a Skigrahl!!)

Btw the green pattern should glow but I don't know how to make it glow I tried it but I failed >.>" Any tips?

Outlines by :iconabwettar:
Colo by :iconaiseiri:
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Wow... that picture is from the 01-05-2012 actually - it lied around WAY too long before I had finally time to scan, edit and upload it... Dx

The scribble to the picture was drawn in the early 2011 when I felt a lot like that although I knew nothing was there but well I guess I was psychologically too much damaged because of everything which happened back then luckily it's gonna be over in summer hopefully and I don't have to be afraid anymore for not just myself but also my brain knowing that... ^^" I also have it sometimes now when I am either really overstressed or totally uneasy but luckily not often. I somehow liked the emotion it has so I colored it in the end.

I didn't got before I started to draw that I should have drawn with MUCH MORE violet (more than none anyway if I want to create a night mood) so the original picture looks like daylight... =_=" --> EPIC FAIL!! Dx Therefore I put a violet transparent layer on it to make it a bit more nighty and it works pretty well with the light of the window on the bed. :heart: Phew I managed to save that picture thank you Photoshop!!

*somehow proud that she painted a whole scenery although she mostly tries to avoid it but I guess the days of empty backgrounds are finally over or else I'll never improve!! :<*

I like how it turned out actually somehow. ^^

I guess that's the final picture before my holidays except I stumble over another one I haven't uploaded yet or which just needs a few strokes to be finished. :D

Media: Copic Multiliner 0.5, 0.1 + 0.05, Copic Marker, Stabilo Point 88, white gel pen
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... with a pink bunny! :D

My part of the arttrade with :iconb-keks: - it's finally done! I hope you like it! :heart: I don't know if you got it but as the topic was "Draw something cute with a pink bunny!" I drew you holding a pink bunny. XP The eyes should be a little more green I suppose but the hair somehow fits like that. :meow:

At first I wanted to draw a chibi but then it came to my mind that I should better practice drawing normal characters as I didn't do that for a long time.

(P.S.: If you want I can send you one in an e-mail without the watermark and in original size.)

Her part is [link] and I love it to death because it is soooooooooooooooo damned epic!! :iconeeeeeplz:

This picture reminds me a lot of easter and I did a few mistakes but as I promised :iconabwettar: to become lesser perfectionistic I am trying to finish pictures despite having some mistakes. Moreover it's my first attempt to draw a real background so well I have to practice that I suppose. Therefore it was the first time for me combining bright colors in a picture. How do you like that?

I guess I have to practice much more to reach :iconcherriuki:s greatness! :heart:

Media: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.1), Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, Faber Castell Polychromo, white gel pen
Original Size: A4
Time: 20 hours +
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I still don't know why our friendship broke apart... She stopped talking to me suddenly and was never answering me ever again not even when I asked why... after three weeks in a situation like that I wrote her if she wants our friendship to continue she should answer within two weeks, but she never did...

That girl was not only a friend of mine for me she was the sister I always wanted but never had.

One day I saw her again and she shortly talked to me about random stuff like everything would be alright. I don't know if that hurted me much more than it would if she would have ignored me...

That all is about three years ago but I still often think about her wondering if she is alright and what she's doing right now. So I hope you are as happy now as we were back then together.

Moreover I am really asking myself what I did wrong to get in a bad situation like that loosing someone THIS important.

I am gifting this picture to you because yesterday when I was thinking about you again I got the intention that I have to draw something for you.

I don't know for what the red ribbon is truly standing but I drew it standing for our friendship and think it fits in there.

The scanner ruined the colors of the picture... >.<" The gray went too much violet. =/

That was the first time I tried to draw without being too perfectionistic at all and I think it turned out very well for that. ^^

inspired by [link] from :iconb-keks:

Media: Copic Multiliner 0.05, Copic Multiliner 0.1, Copic Ciao, Copic Sketch, white gel pen and a red fineliner
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--I made a Hoofed Bandit!!--
--I hope everything is right with this, I tried to follow the outline as best as I could!! :love:--

Right here! ->[link]<-

Name - Bamtys
Alias - Bam
Sex - Male
Age - 4 Years
Orientation - Straight

Background & Personality:
Bam is such a little rebel. He does what he wants & doesn't let anyone get in his way. The little thing is almost always scheming up new ways to mess with anyone, & simply loves trickery in general. He hasn't had much trouble with predators, but obtaining food is almost always impossible. Bam eats whatever he can get his little paws on. He's a loner & loves it just the way it is. He doesn't need anybody & is perfectly content by himself. Adores making friends, but gets bored incredibly easy; it's difficult to hold his attention, his affection. Super-easily distracted, there's not one little thing that escapes his beady-eyes.

Sorry about that pointless background x_o

Artwork & Bamtys ~RavenSerpent
Hoofed Bandits ~Abwettar
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Well that's my laptop as chibi. I missed him so much since he broke down that I just had to draw him! ;_; Hopefully he'll be finally repaired on Wednesday.

Name: Platony
Size: 8 cm high
Gender: male (but not really sure at the moment as it somehow looks rather female)
System: loaded with Windows 7
Ability: My laptop can transform into that chibi if he wants so he can keep me company everywhere. (Oh I wished that would work it would be too cute and handy! xD) If he wants he can glow like that. :D

Media: Copic Multiliner 0.05, Copic Multiliner 0.1, Copic Ciao, FaberCastell Polychromo, pencil, white gel pen
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