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My first phone concept. HTC HD3 (codename Eerie).
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The phone, which will meet expectations. It was designed to use one device instead of two - computer and mobile phone. Thanks to the fast processor and large amount of RAM, HTC Eerie can runs on special version of Windows 7. The phone will recognize two modes. First: normal - the phone mode. The operating system will disable any unnecessary features and switches on interface HTC Sense. In this mode, the CPU clock speed will be reduced to 1 GHz and RAM to 512 MB. On the rest of the memory will be saved and sustained image of a complete system, ready to wake up at any time. There are of course option to disable this feature and run only phone mode or only pc mode at one time. However, this requires rebooting the phone every time. In mobile mode, it will be possible to run applications designed for Windows Phone 6.5 and 7 Series. These programs will exchange information with their desktop equivalents. Touch panel under the screen will display useful for the current activity buttons. Thus there always find the options that we are interested at the moment. With a shared database mobile applications and desktop programs after turning off the PC mode, we can continue working in the mobile version (internet browsing, document writing, listening to music, etc.). However, if you connect the phone to the docking station you will get the possibility of attaching a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other USB devices to your phone. The processor starts at the highest clock speed, and the RAM image of the system will be unlocked. All unnecessary features will be disabled (except for communications modules and front camera, which will serve as a video camera).

If the phone system would operate under the control of Android and Windows 7 Phone Series does not require a second version of the system. Only increase the capabilities and image resolution. It is also recommended monitor with multitouch technology.



- Height: 120 mm
- Width: 66 mm
- Thickness: 11 mm
- Weight: 165 grams with battery


- Type: Capacitive touch screen
- Resolution: 600 X 1000 WSVGA

Operating System

a) Microsoft Windows 7 Mobile Edition with HTC Sense
b) Android 2.5 with HTC Sense
c) Windows Phone® 7 Series


- OLED Touch Panel


- ROM: 64 GB
- RAM: 2 GB
- Expansion slot: microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)

CPU Processing Speed:

- 2GHz Snapdragon™ processor with low power option

Power & Battery:

- Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
- Capacity: 1500 mAh
- Talk time:
* WCDMA: Up to 350 mins
* GSM: Up to 400 mins
- Standby time:
* WCDMA: Up to 500 hours
* GSM: Up to 600 hours
- Video playback Up to 8 hours
- Audio playback: Up to 15 hours
- PC Mode on battery: Up to 300 mins


- 4G
- 3G
- Wi-Fi®: IEEE 802.11 b/g


- Internet Sharing through USB or Bluetooth
- Wi-Fi Router


- Bluetooth® 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
- Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, BIP, BPP, DUN, FTP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HID, HSP, OPP, PAN, PBAP, SAP,



- 12 megapixel color camera
- Auto focus
- 4 LED flashlight
- 9 mm zoom lens
- Video capture in HD 1080p resolution
- Second camera: 1 megapixel color camera


- 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
- Standard Micro-USB
(5-pin micro-USB 3.0)
- Mini-HDMI


- Internal GPS antenna
- HTC Footprints™
- Digital Compass

- G-Sensor
- Proximity sensor
- Ambient light sensor
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I made something to go in my portfolio.
This is my pride and joy.
17 hours of work yielded this concept phone.
Please, rate, comment, and spread the word if you like this.

The anodized/brushed aluminum stripe is touch sensitive, for swiping right and left.
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Here's something that I did for fun way before Windows 8 was demonstrated, actually wanted to release this sooner, but forgot.

Based off a free tablet PSD which I found here and a stock Omnimo screenshot. Color and layout inspired by the WP7 website sort of.

Not really my favorite choice of color, but it looked more interesting that way :)

Comments are welcome!
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I added to mikro usb ports, one mini hdmi and one sd slot.
Which color do you prefer? Or do you like a completely different color style?
The Movie-'Fake'-Commercial will coming soon. :)
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My second Rainmeter skin, having:

- A sleek look and design.
- My Computer, Start Menu/Screen, Chrome, WMP, Docs
- Nowplaying.dll for Windows Media Player
- An Information Panel, showing basic quick information about your computer
- 5 Different colors
- Clock, Date
- Weather ( Self Detecting Weather by kop4 )

Before installing the skin, you must have a special plugin required for this skin named OpenStartMenu.exe, you can get here: (THIRD ONE), and paste it in ["C:>Program Files>Rainmeter>Plugins"]


Other Resources and Credits

Weather Skin:…
Weather Icon set: Plain Weather Icons by MerlinTheRed
Led Psd: Led Cinema Display by Nemed
Right Icons: Metro UI Icon Set by dAKirby309
CAD psd[under info panel]: UI Goodies by jonarific

Plzz put a fav if you download :) thanks it costs you nothing .... !


Another fellow Deviant jimking ported this to XWidget namedSleek Widget (MULTICOLOR) for xwidget.
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Slim design, powerful processor, bright display. Windows Pad with Windows 8.

More coming soon...
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rainmeter, nothing more...

omnimo rainmeter skin
dark theme for zune software WMP12 skin
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Windows Phone 8 Concept:

Pivot menu

App Info

Easy Multitasking

Dinamic Avatar
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Check Out my new FB-Site 'Phone Designer': [link]

This is the final concept of the 'Surface Phone'. The whole concept is inspired by the Surface Tablet >> [link]
I hope Microsoft is planning a Surface Phone. Later this year I will definetely buy the Surface-Pro! :D

Well about the specs: I don't really care about the specs. Maybe there is working a Quadcore in it - 2GB of Ram - 32-64Gb Storage - Display 1280x768 - 16MPx, FullHD Camera and so on...


Follow Us on Facebook: [link]
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Windows TO GO.

External HDD USB 3.0 68 GB STORAGE
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