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Made this on the Keep Calm and Carry on app for the iPhone/iPod touch

Thought this would be a good way to get the message out about ending the bullying.
NO I DID NOT STEAL IT!!! I swear I didn't whoever had the idea first you are a pure genius. COPYRIGHT goes to the creators
of the Keep calm poster app and there IS a such thing as having the same idea as someone having the same idea as a person doesn't actually make it stealing. In this case I had the same idea as a person I didn't see it online or anything it came to thought.
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My piece for the deviantArt Valentine Exchange! As usual, I'm late with my submission anyway...I wish you all a great Valentine's Day, full of love!

Ink and watercolor on paper.

WIP photos on:…
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Happy Year of the Dragon everyone!

Since I'm born in the year of the dragon, I wanted to draw something special. ^_^

And at last they finally made Chinese New Year a special non-working holiday =A=
I got to do this because of that :XD:

I put aside my other projects just to do this hahaha
I love my sign too much :XD:

I really enjoyed doing this. It did took me a while to finish it though @@

Approx. 21 hours in four days :rofl:
That doesn't even include conceptualizing and sketching. :lol:

But thanks to this I'm close to establishing my ideal drawing process. ^_^

Hope you guys like it :D
Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Tumblr [link]

[EDIT] My 3rd DD!!! O_O I'm overwhelmed!!! ;;_____;;
Many many thanks for the favs and comment and soon to be fav's and comment!!! ;u;
Special thanks to :iconunfinishedtears: for suggesting and :iconalicexz: for featuring ;A;
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Steve Jobs' death came as a surprise. Even thought I knew he was ill, I guess mentally I was not prepared for the idea that I would be living in a Steve Jobs-less world.

Some complain about all the praise Jobs has been receiving since his death, but quite frankly I think the anger and frustration regarding him is undeserved. Unlike any other singular name in my life thus far, Steve Jobs had a wide-reaching impact that goes unmatched. His unwavering attention to detail, his incredible ability to build products that excited me and many others, and the air of mystery surrounding his personality...I guess they all transpired to create an incredible figure.

Think about it. Jobs has affected your life in a remarkable way and you may not even realize it. His company popularized the mouse (your clicky mouse), turned the music and video industries on their heads and transformed how we entertain ourselves, made touchscreens make sense, revolutionized the phone and communication industries. The list goes on. He also co-founded Pixar, who has produced many of the most popular movies of the past decade. The machine you're using right now is the way it is because of Steve Jobs. $spyed put it very succinctly earlier today: "If Steve Jobs hadn't done it, somebody else would've done it, but he's the one who did it" and dammit he did it well.

Regarding the wallpapers
I wanted to produce a small thing to, I dunno, commemorate (?) this monumental occasion which I'm sure I and many others will remember for the rest of our lives. Jobs acted as an inspiration to me and made my job possible, and in true form I've made this wallpaper in sizes appropriate for most of his machines:

  • 2 desktop wallpapers (at differing proportions)

  • 1 iPad version

  • 1 iPhone version (built for the HD screens but will scale down gracefully)

I tried to create a very simple representation of Jobs, and wanted to contrast his figure with the emptiness we feel with his absence.

Please enjoy.
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Just something I came up with in tribute to today's day of silence.

BIG FILE!!!!!!!

Added: OMG thanks for all the love, guys! Another thingie to look at! Thanks to :iconamazonsageblossom: made a great Youtube video! Go check it out!: [link]
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This View out my window is the "Memorial to a pristine piece of Magic Forest."
Unfortunately even in Park City Urban Sprawl will swallow it up this spring.
Obviously I am in support of "Open Space Preservation"! So, yes, this personal view out the window does become political.

Everyone wants to be there because of the spectacular mountain scenery, but they forget that everything will be destroyed on the ground level in that pursuit.

For that reason I chose the more mundane ground level view.

...Then of course there is the issue of what global warming will do to the snow on which this area depends for a living.
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