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Some Traditional Wizards #2 + Will Smith Philo

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2012, 4:28 PM
  • Reading: A Dance With Dragons
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Let me tell you a little bit about the House of Wisdom.
It was founded in the 8th century, eventually becoming based in Baghdad, and was a major intellectual centre during the Islamic Golden Age. Scholars there made it their business to collect as much information as they could, from all corners of the known world. They would collect books and texts and return them home for translation. It made the people of the Islamic world among the most culturally advanced on the planet.
They constructed astronomical observatories, they forwarded the science of medicine, mathematics, chemistry, zoology, geography and cartography. They drew upon the work of both those who had come before, and their contemporaries, and then advanced it. Many inventions from the Islamic Golden Age have had a legacy that lasts up until this very day:…

So, what happened? If the House of Wisdom was such a fountain of knowledge and invention, we should be flying around in starships by now, right?
Well, if the Golden Age had lasted, we might have been.
In the 9th century a new Caliph came to power, one who had no interest in science or rationalism, and who demanded a more literal interpretation of the Quran. The spread of Greek philosophy was seen as anti-Islamic and the House of Wisdom fell into decline.
What remained of it was destroyed in the 13th century when the Mongols rolled in from the East.

Religion ruins everything once again.

Aaaaand, they’re still at it:…

The killing and the murder that IS are currently engaged in is terrible, but the systematic destruction of past human achievements just seems to cut a lot deeper. Vandalism like this really makes me see red.
The general attitude of IS seems to be one of revenge. They blame the rest of the world for the sorry state in which they find themselves, and fingers can certainly be pointed on some issues.

But if you only ever read one book, if you preach anti-intellectualism, if you don’t study the triumphs and failures of the past: your country will always be a shit-hole.

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Best of May 2013

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 2:10 AM

Here are some of the best pictures I found in May, 2013. They do not appear in my Square-features, that's why I do a monthly feature for all those great artists on deviantART who submitted no-square pictures.


Hylobius abietis by Yeden
Man with the Hat _II by BasistkaHamburg 2 by MatthiasHaltenhof
Golfe de Porto by mibreit
Arcs of Awe by hikesterle moribond. by indiae
Flying eagle owl by AlesGola
Oks by eugene-kukulkacat puppy by Partridge-PetPics
Through Mirkwood by m-eralp
Sweetness by MyLifeThroughTheLensCurious Cheetah Cub by MorkelErasmus

Drevdagssjon by DaXXeUp by JaimeIbarra
Going home by PawelMatys
The Last Gentle Lights by LG77Alfie by Pixel-Spotlight
Foggy Sunset by MindShelves
TOGETHER by wiwionartReflections by BokehLight
Night Forest by Eredel
against the light by Partridge-PetPics
Perpetua by brandtcampbell
Miss Mary by EmmatyanUntitle-113 by LOREINOFA
Emilie by czoky
Twisted Sunset by Nate-ZemanErbalunga by julie-rc
Sunset from the Puy de la Tache by MaximeCourty
Colony by Dee-Toil by MartaSyrko
Freckle by PavelLepeshev
fly high 2.0 by TimorSaidArc by ArtOfFragility
Cezallier #1 by Al-Baum
*** by oprisco158.Ready to Go by Bulinko
Carolafelsen in Winter by TobiasRichter
Kolob Terrace by michael-dalbertiOlos at Dusk by MatiasSieppi
Love is blue by MartinAmm
Dandelion and snail by Arkus83Revolve by IMustBeDead
Evarcha falcata by JoniNiemela
Splash by BogdanBoevDernier Rempart by xavierrey
Little Life for Little Ant by felixheru
Wrzosy by Justine1985Delightful Dream by markborbely
Anemone nemorosa 2011 I by Aphantopus
Burning Passion by Kara-aEnter a New World by magic-spelldust
Scenic Scandinavia - Part 1 by Stridsberg
Ice by Nellekesatiated. by Senju-HiMe
moonblossoms II by CarolineZenker
In shoes. by nskayerz
Medvedi skala by TobiasRichter
Blue Stripes by EinsilbigStump by IvanAndreevich
broken dreams by BranislavFabijanic
Golden Light by cwaddella 280 cross by MichalTokarczuk

Watching You Watching Me by alexgphotoReminiscence by Aphantopus
Interdiction de plonger... by ChristineAmat
Desert Wonderland by VerticalDubaiThe Elusive One by MorkelErasmus
Just Married by PhotoYoung
Springscape by Oer-WoutWhere the sun sleeps by berg77
A new day above by Arafinwearcamenel
Reine Panorama by cwaddellHylobius abietis - the large pine weevi by Yeden
D235 by miobi
Kristy by cbynPraia da Ursa by TobiasRichter
Midnight Sonata by RezzanATAKOL
Weight of life by VJagevSasha - Space Native I by TashKouri
Cold Infinity by PavelLepeshev
Striving Sun by SvenMuellerSmile by luciekout
Gecko by melvynyeo
The Gift by michaelanderson
Moni by byebyeanna
If I Could Be Where You Are by NellekeWhere Do You Go To Disappear? by tvurk
Giants gathering by Bojkovski
-Leaving the jail at dawn- by Janek-SedlarCoyoteLand by ColinHSillerud
Focal Point by erezmarom
Jule Domingos by Hart-Worxspirit by Hart-Worx
Image From A Stolen Time by Ardak
Emergence by davidrichterphotorelease the demons lost inside of us by TheSameLie
White Rose by HappyKootieFemme Noir 2 by KieraCampbell
Green vs Purple by WTek79Flynns Rocks by simonebyrneSpikes And Drops by JoniNiemela
Misty Forest by Stridsberg1350 - Neverend by boxx2genetica
dizziness by PatiMakowska
Ocean Veil by michael-dalberti
:thumb370083861:Autumn Dreams by RobinHalioua
Ulyana and sunset by RavenaJulyFrozen in Time by Mashuto
:bigthumb370275881:.:Coccinella septempunctata:. by efeline
Jumper by regayip
magnetism by ezorenier
Celestial Patterns by DrewHopperHawai'i by jaelise
SNOW FLAKE by simsalabima
Spring Evening by TobiasRichterRomantic Mallard by thrumyeye
Through shadows and mist by m-eralp
Please, please, pleeeeeeease by Rozowynos
Instant of Light by MaximeCourtygruccione by FrancoBorsiWildLife
Evening Walk by hateomDay And Night by WojciechDziadosz
Lights Out by jaelisedefying gravity by Serend1pity
over there.. by arbebukfog by Day--Dream
:thumb368793167:New York - Manhattan B. by DarkSaiF
Mining Bee by snomandaAbove the pink clouds by RezzanATAKOL
Snowy Red II by WNPhotographySina by unfrozenduck
Spring breeze by DarkVenusPersephonae:thumb369689912:
Landungsbruecken by mar1anm
Lilac May by CloverSpyFCurious by astra888
Transalpina - Torocko - ROMANIA by kissadam-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar
Blaaaaargh!!!! by NIENTEeNESSUNO:thumb369388529:
Invisible Future by markborbelyKokubo Sosho Battle by werol
Paradise Awaits by DrewHopper
Shanghai - Huangpu River by xMEGALOPOLISx*** by oprisco
Inside out by Weissglut
Graceful Curves by tvurk

Thank you for these beautiful artworks.

Do you have any suggestions for pictures which should be featured next time? Send me a link or a thumb in a note. :aww:

:iconbreathtaking-photos: :iconfragility-in-nature: :iconcompelling-photos: :iconthemagictouch: :iconode-to-simplicity: :iconsoftness-art:

Big photography feature
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I remember when I was a kid, I'd record Saturday morning cartoons, play them back, pause the image, put a piece of paper over the screen and trace my favourite characters.
Now this was really hard in the VHS era, because a paused image on a VHS is usually either broken up or shakes so much that you’ll have some kind of fit if you look at it too long, it depended on how cheap and sh*tty your machine was.
But I worked really hard at it, man. I spent ages getting the linework just right, I was so careful, and when I peeled the page from the static cling of the bulbous, cathode ray tube screen, the character looked exactly right on the page. And you wanna know what I took away from that endeavour? What all that effort taught me?

Jack f**king sh*t.

You don’t pick up or develop any skills by tracing. You don’t devise and perfect your own methods by tracing. You do not progress as an artist by tracing. All you get is a loss of credibility, especially in this day and age, because even if you rip off the work of a lesser-known, hack-cartoonist like me, someone’s gonna spot it and call you out.



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Fairytale collection 13

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 22, 2012, 11:11 PM
Samoyeds by AnitaAnti Lady of the Flowers by MariannaInsomnia Secret place by Snowfall-lullaby

fashion2 by AncaCernoschi :thumb314291970: estrangement. by Koksa

*** by ankazhuravleva the awakening by inessa-emilia 436785 by aleksandra88

Mature Content

Dryad by NataliaDrepina
The coldness of dreams by olivier-ramonteu here comes the sun by hungryheart83

sea wind by vvola The WaterNymph by Vanilladisaster Longing by Meravigiliosa

Watch me fall apart by Meravigiliosa wish u were here ... by Sssssergiu shout by Sssssergiu

druid by Knupph Ukrainian by Emmatyan stay by missKitiketka

Gaia Project III by dorukseymen sun sun sun by BirdSophieBlack swamp witch IV by BirdSophieBlack

sun kissed. by HelenaRey Lawenda by madziix my own paradise. by HelenaRey

wind by IlonaShevchishina Down by the Riverside by iNeedChemicalX ophelia by robinpika

Phoebe IX ( in Flowerland ) by justJAZZ In the heart of forest by Lazettchan wild green by CristianTudose

happiness by milkshakePowerrr burning sun and the moon 15 by cangurgel somewhere over the rainbow by i-m-light

Medusa II by paintedpoppy winter forest by saniakhanphotography 2011-081 by rainris

Forest birds cloak. by Fairysiren Eugene . . by iliushka Paris Blue by haania

D057 by miobi The moon above you and the streets below by Vanilladisaster

Mature Content

original sin by ezorenier

Portfolio by aufzehengehen the world is cold now by stephaniethy Jungle by silverwing-sparrow

fr II by Knupph _Gold. by Bloddroppe #1 by thon94rt little freedom by sirbion

City Wild by EmilySoto Summer paradise by mniami autumn beauty by Firiless tara------- by matmoon

ashes. by smallvillian :thumb313324492: See What I See by Jay-Jusuf Painting Her Portrait by Amanda-Diaz

the day you went away by bwaworga Lilac girl II by Snowfall-lullaby Ukrainian by Emmatyan Elly by PolinaChernova

Gaia Project XIV by dorukseymen Lupins by Vanilladisaster The best things in life aren't real by Vanilladisaster 1106124 by Vanilladisaster

Mature Content

The dotted line IV by Nodvikoff
Mary, part II by StanislavMironov Feel the Forest by silverwing-sparrow Di 4 by silverwing-sparrow

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Since the concept of the Leap Year was first implemented back in 45BC, there have been about 514 of them.
Without the extra day every 4 years, we would be in 2013.

As the Mayan Calendar doesn't take leap years into account; 2012 has been and gone.

(Edit - no: I'm not smart enough to work that out myself. I read it!)
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(Thanks to Clairvoire for this fantastic birthday image. xD)

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the notes, comments, confection icons, incredibly awesome art , and general well-wishery. :]   

Especially considering I, as usual, have been all but completely dead around these parts. Haha, it kills me every time I swing around with a few buckets of art to toss up here on dA, and every time I get a slew of comments of people that seem so happy to see that I am back, and actively submitting work. And I don't mean 'kills me' in the hilarious sense, I mean more, well, I honestly feel bad that I can't BE more active around here. As active as I used to be, anyway. When free time was much more in abundance.

I always gave off the impression I was really busy with day-to-day things, but I think it helps to know what's ACTUALLY up. SO! I think it's time to spill a bit about life! HUNKER DOWN. If any of you have been here since the beginning you may remember my tendency towards long, rambling journals! And hell, I miss making those too!

I think I got into it briefly in a previous journal, but I'm still working as a creative director for an awesome game company in Barcelona. It's a fantastic fit, I have to tell you it's great when a company just.. enjoys the sort of work you create without supervision. In that sense, I mean, I've worked for a few studios in the past, and you have to get used to molding your creative style to what they are looking for in whatever project you get assigned at the time. This means that you don't have as much creative liberty as you'd like. The way you prefer to draw noses or elbows just won't fly, or your personal taste in armor and weapon aesthetic isn't matching what they want. This is just part of the job, and it's something any artist worth their salt needs to be ready for if they want a job in the games industry. You are, after all, there to bring whatever concept is thrown at you to life, and make it look good.

But what I'm getting at here is that these guys.. they basically just cut me loose and let me do whatever. And generally, when I show them what I came up with, they're very pleased with it, and we just roll from there. It's a tremendous thing. It makes you happy to wake up and get to work in the morning. And I'm pretty durn happy where I am right now as a result. It'll be nice when I can actually TALK about the game we've been working on, haha. Toughest part about game industry art is that you can't show a lick of it for like, years at a time. It's rough!

  I'm looking to move yet again. Probably not out of Texas.. I've grown to like this funny 'ol state quite a bit. Sure, it's no Jersey.. but it's all give and take. For every quirky, awesome little thing I miss about Jersey, there's an endearing quality about Texas to make up for it. (That and the living costs here make it a steal to stay.. aha.) But yeah, looking to move into a bigger place. Been feeling a might bit too cramped where I am right now, between me and the two mangy beasts I live with. I mean I have a third mangy beast I'm hoping to move over from Germany in the next year, by then it'll just be necessary! That and I'd really like a work room/study.. place to squeeze in all these art supplies, books, desks.. sure would make things easier.

I'm still working on that poster! For those of you that weren't involved, it is a poster full of characters from people here on dA who helped Zombiesmile and I win a comic contest a while back. I haven't forgotten about it. It's up to..  let me check.. seven full pages of nothing but your characters crammed in and mooshed up with one another, that I'm going to stack on top of one another until I have a full poster. I absolutely refuse to chop this thing up.. unless of course dA's page size limits turn it down. But we'll see! It's been killing me to not show previews.. because this is easily, far and away the most characters I've ever drawn in a single 'setting' in my entire life.  What is that tally.. oh yes, it's a little under 600 individual characters. And actually, that brings me to something else I wanted to say..

While I was drawing that poster, I saw a loooot of reference sheets. Of so many wild, incredibly varied characters. Just one after the other. I was marveling at this site on a whole, as an amazing.. AMAZING outlet of creative energy. Honest to god, I was moved. It was just something else. Seeing all these different faces, produced by people from all walks of life.. little bits of themselves put into every last one of them. Every character had a story different than the one before it, and it got me thinking, I mean.. just how much creativity there IS out there. It was a great reminder as to why I do this, why we ALL do this, what we love about it, how great it is that we choose to share it with one another.. and a whole bunch of other mooshy things that I can't put into words at the moment 'cause I only recently woke up. But yeah, eh. It was something. Really something. And I can't wait to slap up that poster.

Now, as for the aforementioned 'books' in the title.. I'm going to be releasing a sketchbook as soon as I'm able. Still doing some fiddling with the printing presses, but on the whole it's pretty much ready to go. Well, for anyone who cared to have a gander. :] It's a compilation of sketches and pencil illustration work for the past.. hell, uh, four years or so, about 90% of which I never put up on dA.  The other 10% are the lined versions of some of the colored images you may have seen. I know that, since I've been putting work up here, I've had a number of people ask me about working with pencils, lining and rough work, even going so far in some cases to say that they enjoy looking at sketchy linework over polished, finished material. I actually tend to agree with that sentiment, as I absolutely love when my favorite artists show their sketches and process. It just has that.. organic, fresh on the paper feel, haha.

But yeah! It's roughly 100 pages or so, featuring characters, concept processes and scrapped ideas from Everafter, Ree, Living in Sin, along with a handful of other 'stories' that never got as much airtime here on the site. Once we get some test copies printed out and make sure it's tweaked to satisfaction, I'll get some example pictures and haul it over here in case anyone is interested. :]

All right, time for me to get going. I think I'm going to make good on an earlier promise to myself to post more 'unfinished' work up here on dA, and start in on that backlog of stuff..

See you guys soon. Still one more bit of news that's not quite ready to come to light yet, but..  getting closer. CLOSER STILL I SAY. Mwahahah.

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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2011, 6:36 PM

Edgar Rice Burroughs is TOTALLY spinning in his grave.



Mature Content

Jhon Carter OF MARS doodle by Mancomb-Seepwood



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i know what some of you may think here, "well, my skill level isn't going to win me anything here"

my friend, that is not the case in this event. ALL entries will be have the same amount of chance, the final winner is not based on how well the drawing or writing is done. the winner will be RANDOM. you are asked to do your best because you owe it to yourself for a good piece of work. The final piece will remain your own property, im just trying to get some activities going here. XD

you need to do one of the following to quality as an entry.

1. a drawing of a lamia in any media (traditional, digital, photo-manip, also welcome)

2. a short story involving a lamia. preferably no longer than 1 page.

there are a few versions of the lamia monster, what i am looking for is the one that is top half human, and lower half snake. now most of these are portrayed as female, but if you are up to it, feel free to make a male one.

also regarding the hair, you are free to make it snake hair or normal hair.

if you are a cosplayer or have other talents not included in drawing or writing, i will accept other ways of making as entry as well. comment with your idea on how you want to make your entry.

you have until October 1st for last entry. one or two day late is fine. but no later than 3 days.

submit your entry here as a comment once you are done. one entry per person.

ask if you have more questions

there shall be 3 winners.

first place = 1 year of membership

2nd and 3rd, 3 months of membership

good luck to you all!
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Journal Entry: Sat May 5, 2012, 6:37 AM
sexy cat woman by YLULY-INKStrawberry Tea Time by HMissXXGentle Black Cat by Gomasio
(Can't) Turn Away From Dying by Impaled-CorpseSmiles by Meatardfemme fatale by linnsetane
:thumb212992016:Leda And The Swan by simonacandinimy juicy heart by pixiefangs
tempest - mother nature by anjourekloosMother Earth Is Hiding by dalifan-teresa

Mature Content

Matricide by Azurenex

Evil Sister by haukwan6mary-christ mess by shochinFEBRIS by mistertrece
time by eamaneeHandy by meregoddessHand of Hands by acrossland
Dining On Happiness by ArtByCherTemptation 1 by ArianeJurquetProblematic Lust by live-by-evil
Bipolar Interface vers. 2 by Karolusdiversion:thumb289306217:

Mature Content

Exposed by asunder

Watercolor Self Portrait by KittyDarklore

Mature Content

Girl with possum by LaudanumMaryluxe
Sorrow by MonaParvin
CAVALCADE by amartinsdebarrosLife.. and death by Redjuice:thumb213060336:
:thumb258481258:Convulsion by WorlockMolly+ROSE DESTINY+ by cheeseyshay
Sign by anitadunklautumnal by essencestudiosefflorescence by flowwwer
Abyss by luka-basyrov-artThe Morrigan by ElenaFortunaMeolaa by acIrmo
Fire by hayleybaileysFall by EvilineMoonfleshGray Thoughts by Yoni-Danziger
Family Tree by AMGuzzoSentinels of Greensgate by N-o-BRiding the Storm by FindingMyFantasy
Caught Up by Sinfuledge:thumb295815526:Integrated by DanieleMarton
:thumb291576002:Cuddlefish by Rode-EgelEracna by Arcanvm
THE EMPRESS by madbaumer37Religion is everything by BlackneckBlutfest 2 by DerTraeumer

Mature Content

Lilith And Her Serpent Painting Style by kiss-lamia-lilith
Fallen Too by analillithbar

Mature Content

Lilith by marzenaabl

:thumb83664739:Wanna get Stoned? by Jerry Farber by JerryFarberCandy- The Devil is a Dentist by The-Nanette-O

Mature Content

..birdface moleskine... by grind-the-rust
Spy-der by GorgoneAWA 6 by unerde
we are half lizard by kajib:thumb292231521:

Mature Content

Spring Needed by Atlantisvampir

Naturaleza muerta... by HectorPineda:thumb65876876::thumb297094774:
:thumb298648336:!!!!!!! Psycho !!!!!!! by Kyrankfeed the damn  beast by OluDeniz
unrealistic passions by StefymoondustEerie by MeFlyingFree

Mature Content

mother cell by siudajSTEJ


Mature Content

THE FUNAMBULIST by amartinsdebarros
The Insomniac by CarrieAnnBaade

Mature Content

The Holy Grail by BellicoseButterfly
:thumb286883164:The release of the butterflies by Etheroxyde
Cosmic Whore by psychoren

Mature Content

Astarte by vmworks

Mature Content

getHARDsketch by derLarm

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