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So as on the front page of our group there are some rules and most importantly How & where to submit (… )now with EXAMPLES ! <- please check it out :), a lot of people are submitting to the wrong folder, makes my job quite hard >.< (I am thinking of setting a submitting restriction, so that users submit 2-3 images\month)


CBGB by AlabamaBallard What? by rkooli Vintage from above... by KostasKappa
:thumb285342616: :thumb345267836: Violin by ksushiks
Toma 9250 by smoke-dymok Bohemian by Mihaela-V :thumb349110221:
Pure Narcotic by absentii Another day in paradise by photofenia casual fasion - feb 2013 [anna4] by riskbreaker


October by JuliannaRembrandt I still hear you in this old piano by Rockroehre Miss Morticia (2) by ShakilovNeel
Letting go by OlgaAthens Sister Of Charity by MariannaInsomnia Tower Hill by JuliannaRembrandt
Venezia Mirano,Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin by SomniaRomantica The Scent Of Elegance by CrowsReign Gramophone by rossalev-andrey
Winters Melody - Stock by MariaAmanda goodbye by nurtanrioven in red by maleica


Beautiful woman 2 by shiyen119 the glamourous diva by gestiefeltekatze Memories III by ksushiks
Beauty Portrait Anna by FlexDreams Aisii Portrait by Aisii Romantic portrait by gestiefeltekatze
Gift :D by YulchaNyan Heart flame by KseniaAltmann Beauty Eye and Lily - Retouch by TheOryGabyyh
Swing by Anette89 You Said We'll Be Together by xeneras Worth the wait... by RobertSleeper
Up Close by MissSinisterCosplay


Silvia Beach by Noleephotography :thumb329134286: Blue Bikini in Beach - Retouch by TheOryGabyyh
Dirty Bike by erikrulz megan renee 50 by ModelMeganRenee Jessica_IMG_6308ps_x1200_W by Wizardinc


Copacapana by a1photographe Jo. I by Hely29 Black Widows by Elisanth
Evening glow by mariannaphotography purple dream by gestiefeltekatze soft dreamy feather bed by gestiefeltekatze
:thumb352901673: Beautiful Yulia pt1 by AlexKPhoto morning dreams 2 by markdaughn
Perfect woman by lesyakikh Jess dyptic by grodpro danae by matmoon
Tender Thoughts 2 by platen Anastasia by SnezhanaMorozova


Wicked Lavender by Unique-Desire :thumb327273952: make up leo by ViivaVanity
Twiggy by NaturallyErratic Cold eye by beatqas


Different Nature by Zakahia wrapped by the red spell by caiusaugustus Sleeping Beauty Lip Art by Chuchy5


New costume! Nightraven Fiora - League of Legends by yayacosplay Nidalee Cosplay 6 by IssabelCosplay Borderlands Female Psycho Bandit 2 by SKSProps
Black Cat by la-esmeralda Xmas pinup by Giorgiacosplay LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW-Juliet by 0kasane0
Psylocke Cosplay by LadyAngelus Jasmine by KseniaAltmann Macross Frontier - Nyan Nyan Waitress Sheryl by Xeno-Photography
:thumb349496992: Alice by KseniaAltmann Chun li cosplay by carolinaangulo
Medieval Harlot by MarcoRibbe-de


Olga Alberti by cbyn 134 by talionn Too Hot by axxoindia
gold 2 by ThomasBraun Pl. II by Hely29 [Playing In The Void] by H0LL0W25
Jewellery by aimaco Dead Sea 16 by Flyy1 Nothing to wear by blooddee
Romantic Moment by Zurmuehle I like colors by Saju90 Winter Wheat... by RobertSleeper


_Miss Miranda II. by Bloddroppe Jade Vixen - Pink 04 by TheBigTog Confession by DeGustibuss
tylgryzl 866 by MichalTokarczuk  Water bondage by roperookie Black Leather by MagistusFoto
at your disposal by Photorotic Rope by NicoleNudes Miss J. Rabbit by LuxProfundi
Kitten vol.3 - 11 by PhotoEnki Gala by mrboing66


Cold winter by DigitalDreams-Art East State Football by schia025 Arachnophobia therapy by peroni68
Going Home by tamaraR The pirate life for me by tamaraR I will always be here by MirellaSantana
Urban Apocalypse by destroyinc Mermaid Lucie by sirenabonita All My Wishes Away by DigitalDreams-Art
DIGITAL infinite by rikochet33

Digital Drawing

CM : Hang out Girl !! by kachima Pure Wish by Razor-Sensei Liliths Holidays by CainAndrew
Thinking of you by Amro0 Lumin Alexander - OC portrait by me-illuminated LOC - Fantasy Usher White Rabbit EX by kidkidkidkid
Anita Resurrect Colors by thezork In The Garden 2 by Amro0 Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive for Zenescope by jamietyndall
Zenescope Wonderland #10, M. Krome by sinhalite Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders Relaunch by SquirrelShaver Red riding hood Black Diamond by ToolKitten


colors by Telemaniakk One life to live by XRlS Minke by ranonus
Oblivion B/W by XRlS Scarlett Johansson by Tsalagi515 Tus causas by Redsun25
Holiday Fathom by SquirrelShaver fairy by 6vladimira6 Leanne Crow. Glamour Model. by 80sdisco

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I post stuff here, on fetlife, and on tumblr. Well, I used to - now I hardly do at all.

Not because of copyright. I understand that when you post something on the internet, you're posting it for everyone to look at, and it's going to get shared around. But the comped-up piece of shit you see above (minus my commentary) is all over the internet - it's far more widely distributed than my original version. Back when I used to read my messages here and on Fetlife, I had 12-20 messages per day about stuff like this. Mostly it was people trying to be helpful and telling me "HEY! Look over here, there's another person who smeared shit all over your art!"  And it used to take me an hour every morning to cut and paste URLs into DMCA requests to get this kind of crap taken down.

Welcome to the Internet - 1 by mjranum

But that's really only the tip of the emotional iceberg for me. About 1 in 10 times that I post a DMCA I'd get a message from the person who had posted it. So not only would my inbox be filled with woe from all the copyright violations, I'd get a breakdown approximately as follows:
10% You #*!@&^!ing @#*&!@! I hope your !&*!&^# falls off and you die of cancer!!!
30% By posting an image on the internet it's in the public domain (followed by 3 pages of complete wrongness about copyright)
30% You can't make me stop! Nyaa nyaa nyaa fuck you nyaa nyaa!
20% A lecture about how mean and rude I am
5% A genuine apology
5% Well, I like it anyway, so in spite of your having complained to me and explained why you don't like it, is it OK if I keep it up? (completely clueless in other words)

Understand, as I do, that that's a small percentage of a small percentage of all the people who share my images around. But with the size of the population on the internet, it's a large number in total. On a site like Fetlife, that equates to about 100 threatening or angry emails a year. Yeah, it really makes me feel appreciated.

I set that against the times when someone comes up to me at a conference and says "dude, I love your photography!" or I get an email from someone asking please please please for a high resolution version of the file because they want to make a big print of it and frame it for their sweetie. Or, the occasional emails where someone thanks me for my stock photography helping them get a cover gig for their first book cover. Those are great. I love those moments. But they sure as hell aren't as often as the angry, petulant, bratty, or downright snotty lectures I get from ignoramuses who want to hide behind their personal interpretation of copyright law (which, by the way, is universally wrong) or who are incapable of saying "I'm sorry."

Welcome to the Internet - 2 by mjranum

Let me tell you a true story: one of the better online friends I made on Deviantart is someone I got to know because they ripped off one of my artworks and photoshopped on it (brilliantly) to turn it into a photocomposite. I told them they couldn't do that, and they said they loved my stuff, and I suggested they use a different image - here - ... and we were off to the races. We've been swapping ideas and I've been shooting custom stock for them ever since; It's a positive and nurturing creative collaboration.

You see, I'm not some ogre. I want to get my art on just like you. But I am increasingly feeling backed into a corner. I got into doing the wet plates because a) it's cool  b) I get to work with nasty dangerous stuff  c) it looks awesome   d) you cannot duplicate a plate; it's a unique artwork. I started doing wet plates in order to protect myself emotionally and to protect my art. Oh, want to know how that turned out? Some cheese-brain was taking the scans I post of my wet plates and removing my art from them, so he could use the edges in his images because, yeah, they look cool!! He. Threw. My. Art. Away. Because. The. Only. Part. That. Was. Useable. Was. The. Edges. I almost offered him a wet plate so I could get his address and go talk to him about it face to face.

These are the emotional trade-offs I'm up against. I've finally had to confront the fact that if I want to keep posting stuff on the internet, I'm going to have to utterly concede to the faceless horde out there. I will have to either stop altogether or give it all away. Not just give it away technically, give it away emotionally. And that's the problem: if I don't care, it's not going to be any good.

Submission - 1 by mjranum

If I didn't give a shit how my photography looked, I wouldn't give a shit about someone photoshopping their bad high school poetry over top of it. I wouldn't argue with them. I'd just have to lie there and take it, and I know that eventually it's going to mean creative death for me. Perhaps where I am headed is toward making photos just for myself, and not sharing them with anyone. That's sort of where I am, already. I have boxes and boxes of wet plates on a shelf over at my studio. There, they sit. I have tens of thousands of digital images on my hard drive(s). There, they sit. I am frozen at the perfect apex between anger, disgust, and the desire to quit.
  • Mood: Torment
  • Listening to: My computer fan
  • Watching: my laptop
  • Playing: at being human
  • Eating: as little as possible
  • Drinking: tea
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Some Traditional Wizards #3 + Stroke of Insight

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 1:45 PM
  • Listening to: Two Door Cinema Club
  • Reading: The Alchemist
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Fairies Do Exist

Thu Jul 18, 2013, 1:34 PM
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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 5:33 AM
A "new" year - a new exhibition - I hope you enjoy it!

Malagoli  Elemantica Campaign 2014 by Aisii Balou II by hoschie The Art Of Light (Version II) by stefangrosjean

Untitled by NickSachos Beauty Kristina 3923 by FlexDreams imaginary by youarelightinthedark

Alina II by charleshildreth Hedgehog and a girl by thefirebomb Path through the trees by Pajunen


Prelude by catch---22 Ephemerality by OlgaAthens Pretty Paranoia II by Kendra-Paige

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by Pleasure-or-Madness THAT TIME OF THE YEAR by ARTBYTERESA Timeless by t1na

Paula by qczman Rail Symmetry by johntisbury Speck by qczman


in the car by athrawn A new day by Tristan559 Spring landscape by IgnisFatuusII

Sermon to the people by Foba Wandering by Nellena Test Headshot by MoofyModel

Empathy by Carlos-Quevedo Beauty by CindysArt The Vigil by Notvitruvian


Unholy by Ophelia-Overdose Some shiny days by RezzanATAKOL PA230165-web by warhammerphoto

Microcosm by solefield The Clockmaker by alkab-art Break The Night With Color by MarcoHeisler

Diana 03 by idaniphotography Winter Fairy Tale by gestiefeltekatze The Countess by JocelyneR


Irish Workout by AnjaMillen Fall Morning by jjpeabody Car by nikosalpha

Vulcan by Annabelle-Chabert Loft by Elisanth Daenerys Targaryen. Reygal by mashamaklaut

Autumn Wood by Weissglut The Emptiness by k-i-mm-i-e Enchanted twilight by RazielMB


*** by Tarasov miss short hair by bwaworga Cute Fox Cub by thrumyeye

CAESARS BATHHOUSE by Gesell neauvo by SuzyTheButcher orange by IgorVoloshin

Mandy 8 by BareLight Haunted by escume Well ? by Briscott


Imperfect Pleasures 350 by MichalTokarczuk Seven Lakes - 1 by Canankk november, my window II by bebefromtheblock

Lollypop by kazarinakristina Maggie by ElenaSai Ghost 109E by IntermissionNexus

Wild Children by RaphaelleM I see I have your attention... by robbobert Luise by megan7


For Sentimental Reasons by SallySlips Scarlet revamp by kuzminphoto - Sexy Eyes - by AppyNinja

Irene by zemotion My Secret Garden by artofdan70 Decadent by DenisGoncharov

.: Winter's Tale :. by Pure-Poison89 Sonnet for a rainy day by arefin03 Equestrienne by elvirazakharova


Vivien catharina by LichtReize On Garda lake by Anna-model Extract from a marriage by M0THart

beachside hangs by vampire-zombie ring of fire by creativephotoworks Dasha Mikhailova by DmitryElizarov

... burning inside of me by Anireta-K-Athan Emmanouela by xeneras Sophie Dee by dajs3010


[stock] Mystic woods by DominikaAniola shack by Nopel-Opzan As easy as breathing by birthday29

The Afterparty by idaniphotography a safe place for you my friend by Nilanja 1847 by linientreu

Ks II by taphosarts e.pitaph by silent-order Gravity Ryan Stone by ZeroNis


Under the Cauldron by OlivierAccart Vanessa's Back by VanessaLake Closer by bliXX-a

Anna by Sidusdirum ...make days last forever by foureyes Ivory Tower by TheLoveTrain

Road to morning by hlopusha Misty path by miirex Ekaterina by art0fCK


bewitched by photography-by-vara Landscape 2 by Yakovlev-vad ... by absentii

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There's a lot of deviations on the front page that I check out just so I can read the comments.
A lot of users seem to think they can define what is art and what isn't, and this never fails to infuriate me.

Have these people ever been to any art galleries? A lot of popular modern art looks like it's been drawn by 5 year olds in 5 minutes, while classical art all looks exactly the same. Maybe they should go visit some museums and start shouting "not art, herp derp" until they get thrown out.

If stuff you don't like makes the front page, it means there's an audience for that sort of stuff, in which case you should be blaming DeviantArt's user base rather than insulting the artists. Funnily enough, unoriginal Pokemon and Pony crap doesn't get as much hate as a lot of nude stuff. I wonder why. (*coughpersonalinsecuritiescough*)

Wikipedia's definition of art is: "Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. "

By that definition crap art is possibly the best art of all, because it makes people really mad!

But this meaning is too vague for my liking, and it's horribly subjective, since everyone can feel differently about a given work of art.
Keeping in mind that a lot of people believe in a God of some kind, pretty much /everything/ could be considered art since it was deliberately created by Her.

On the other hand, DeviantArt's definition of art is: "Everything that's on this site and doesn't break the rules."
I like this one since it's simple.

Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, I don't think anyone on here has any right to complain about what is art and what isn't.
Anyone who does is just looking for an excuse to be an asshole.

tl;dr: Stop being jelly that you're not on front page.
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Favourite Showcase Feature V

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 22, 2012, 8:33 PM

 Hi All! :icontardglompplz: 

Please :+fav: this article so more people can see it. :huggle: 

Check out some amazing art from the members of :iconthefavouriteshowcase: 

Serena by Briscott Deni. by dreamarian April by LouSasa :thumb267577063: 
SUNFLOWERS III by ARTBYTERESA :thumb278351051: Force One by dalifan-teresa Full moon flowers by Monaco29 

Dreamer with Doubts by abcartattack Alicia Keys by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O  Avatar by ayshafaseeh 
Sweet and Sour by VahnKira Donar's Whisper by VikingWidunder Wolf 2012 by ZhaoT 
Owl 2 by 7-Year-Bytch CHeeeeetah by narufag Venezia by CamillaMalcus 

Kids on Piano by sDoost 'Party Animal' - Tea Party 2 by GreyRadian Siesta In Rostock's Eastern Historic District by BarbaraPommerenke Autumn's Glow by eajna
only silence by bohomaz13 Tears and Lace ... SOLD by graemeb Red Wolf Moon by BaiLang 
Syrup and kiwi by dh6art Transient by PutItOnPaper Autumn dance by jogijs 
The Messenger Goddess in Oil by daveinaz Jade by SalmaAshraf Vivid Dreams and Fragile Machines by Bihni Hummingbirds - Marquetry by amazoncanvas  

A big giant thank you to the amazing deviants and groups who art sponsoring this article! :iconsquishhugplz: 

:iconangelinabenedetti: :iconathenatt:  :icondreamarian: :iconkelch12: :iconkoala145179: :iconlilaeabluecoat: :iconpbird12: :iconrockinfroggi:  :iconyoungmoons: :iconzakkiya29: 
:icondraw-along: :iconthe-da-university: :icontraditional-artists:

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The Labyrinth

I will never be.. by ideodatristesse by NuSunton light - IV by DpressedSoulFloor III by iDie

thanks to:

Completely mad

HARD WAY by BloodyKissesLadyObsession. Enter the Void by LevAni11magic by estellamestellaLiar by ElenaHelfrecht

thanks to:

Horror and Macabre

Violence Is Funky by bliXX-aThe Kiss by ElenaHelfrechtWeek 35 - Amychophobia by manuelestheimWrapped in Plastic by CyberII

thanks to:

Emotive and Expressive

Semidarkness by NataliaDrepinasaved memories. by AlmAArietis2 by przypadek...i lead by oprisco

thanks to:

People and Faces

abyss by ezorenierStripes by psychiatriqueMarion by yup12untitled by sandae

thanks to:

Abstract and Surreal

Break Fast by Sei-Zakoygc by ajenshusBlack Road by MenoevilBus Stop by franlaurel

thanks to:


Textures by SpiegellichtLife Secret by Pierre-LagardeClementine Shadow Character by RGDart*** by oprisco

thanks to:

Photomanipulation - Digital art

green is the color of hope by AnjaMillen:bigthumb369446343:- hang down - by G-MoelAutumn by Fredrik-Rattzen

thanks to:


You left me in the dark by manuelestheimThe zoo by astridleEquilibrium by iNeedChemicalXusd4 by BenoitPaille

thanks to:


untitled by Mar-jusUntitled by deadendsoulThe Walk by Klevistop by ChristianRudat

thanks to:


Retro by Einsilbightd 6 by NSolankiFire and ice by PhoenixstamatisAstroid by DismayedSense

thanks to:


Suspended by limnidesmeddle scanning ::: by katworksLittle Star by LinlithApocrypha by intao

thanks to:

Animals - plants- nature

Walking in your landscape. by Sandrita-879. Dezember 2012 by FilterkaffeeTwisted by txay...are you missing something? by Moth-called-Marigold

thanks to:


Zone 11K12 by ABXeyeTriples - Neighbourhood I by MohainRush Hour by PoLazarus2LomoNYC02 by sussfellnap

thanks to:


the volume with clouds by ankazhuravlevasiren by Sophia-MTake the soul of me by MezameroEchoes from the past by AlMaNeGrA

thanks to:

Fractal Art

Can You Hear Me by VicEberlyNearing Sundown by VicEberlyInstasKope by insolitus85The Fractal Wasp Troll by MANDELWERK

thanks to:

Staff fav

Inception. by DuncanRitchieOrdinary Faces by AnjaMillena restless night by andreapunComing out by fb101Defaillance by Cristel-mwhite spiders 06 by MichalTokarczukMind Pattern by DpressedSoulmadness. by AlmAArietis

thanks to:

:bulletblack:Thank you, everyone.:bulletblack:

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I don't mind people voicing that they don't like my work or the content of my silly little cartoons. Most of the time I find it funny! But what really grates is when the individual doesn't have the spine to do so via their day-to-day DA profile.
They set up a new one. One which they use to rattle off whatever flatulance they believe passes as worthwhile commentary in the real world, most likely in the wake of mummy and daddy slapping them on the wrist over something  - angsty, juvenile pricks that they are.
And juvenile they must be, as anyone with a mite more experience would realise that any weight you hope your words might have is completely lost when someone visits your "slander" profile and reads the numbers "0 Deviations", "0 Favourites", "0 Watchers", "No Journal entries", etc.
It renders your words as vacuous as your gallery.
So if you're going to type stuff like "I feel like some of the smut you draw takes away from the credibility of your art as a whole." or "So much smutty trash it's hard to notice the decent works you have." (2 comments on 2 different DA galleries, both lines from the same cretin), you'd better be able to back up your "Holier-than-thou" attitude, otherwise you're just monumental twat.
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Masters of Light #10 + Starry Night and Gravity

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 10:46 AM

Take a look at some magnificent works of people who are able to align eye, head and feelings, observing the world rather than only seeing it. Enjoy and support them!
realm of king winter by FelixIndenBlack Water by TrashinsLast One Standing by AquilapseKilt rock falls in sunset by MirachRavaia
In touch with my inner self by LordLJCornellPhotosPalisade by DMMDesignA night of magic II by m-eralp
fall into pieces by arbebukWinter Juniper by NitrokPori 08.14 by m-eralp
Gradient Sky by DMMDesignSpray Park Lake by SvenMuellerComposite Of Lightning shots 7-27-2014 by RayM0506
le penseur sur la mer by VaggelisFragiadakisMorning Light by SharingMyDreamsRippling by peterpateman
Radiance by LG77Ignite by DMMDesignScarab by Dee-T
Sunset valley by roman-gplonely by woriso
Edge Of The Galaxy by aFeinPhoto-comThe milky way from lake to lake by NorbertKocsisThe Rift by CapturingTheNight
Eternal Gold by TrashinsAnother Possibility by Thomas-KoidhisTimeless by Trashins
Taymyr... _2_ by my-shotsIf These Trees Could Talk pt.IV. by realityDreamLord of the Alps by matthieu-parmentier
Light and Magic by TrashinsFrozen Tears by borda*** by Fatalv
Aurora over jokulsarlon by BSGuyIncognitoLavender Poulnabrone Sunset - exclusive premade by somadjinn0654 by foto-duet
0624 by foto-duetTidal Sunset by Miguel-SantosThe Everlasting King by Unkopierbar
 Alley by BSGuyIncognito Foret14 by hubert61Enchanted Forest 9 by AkaSling
Radiate by LAlight -Place for dreaming- by Janek-Sedlarnova by NWunseen
Aurora over Jokulsarlon by BSGuyIncognitoout of the gnome by NWunseenReflecting Infinity by bordabreaking through by acoresjo88
Layers and variety by gigi50Everlasting by Miguel-Santos Slieve League View by JohnyG
Northern Lights Of Christmas by NitrokBlue and grey by matthieu-parmentierIridium by Questavia
Kaleidoscope by dsniderWaiting Lonely .. by microbiologistForge by FeralWhippet
Emerging by porbitalJohannisberg Glacier by Dave-Derbisit will come over me as the sun goes down by DaSchuDiamond Street Beach | Laguna Beach, CA by LukeMunnell
Before by MarshallLippThe Brilliance Of Beckwith by kkartCanyonlands, Mesa Arch by alierturk
The Peak by Michaelthien.:The Narrows 1:. by RHChengOld Time by porbital
The Storm Catcher-2 by kkartEarly Winter Sunset by LAlightThe world turns on the Passo Giau by JamesRushforth
Photosynthesis by Northstar76Burning Brush by Dee-TNeon by porbitalIn the open by Trashins
Oxararfoss by porbitalAntelope Canyon,magical and unseen night by alierturkPrivacy by Annabelle-Chabert
Emerald Lakes by Dee-TThe Smoke by MichaelthienSunset Valley by RobinHalioua
early winter by NWunseenSummer Tranquillity by matthieu-parmentierLost in the Northern Lights by Trichardsen
Where the Glow Goes by PeterJCoskunRed Altiplano by AndyMumfordPeyre by Annabelle-Chabert
Windy Lady by porbitalThe Long Haul by Jacob-RoutzahnThousand Mornings by Thomas-KoidhisThe night time pilgrimage by JamesRushforth
Do not miss your Mojo by sukiluckMountain Mirror by Dee-TThe Awoken by Draken413o
Guichard Lake II : Spectacular Dawn by MaximeCourtySkogafoss by TomazKlemensakGentle Touch by ExplicitStudios
Iguazu Falls by porbitalThe day after by matthieu-parmentierFlow of Yukon by porbitalCorona with ice by Trichardsen
Val Viola Sunset by RobinHaliouaAutumn Prelude by matthieu-parmentierEntrance by IvanAndreevich
A Fall Snow At Sunrise by kkartElgol Rain by SebastianKrausTombstone River by porbitalResistance by Inebriantia
-Ephemeral symphony- by Janek-SedlarA walk on the beach by RazielMBForbidden-footsteps by werol
Picturesque Romania by AlecsPSTunupa by AndyMumfordDesert Storm II by MaximeDaviron
 All Colors Of Sunrise by TrashinsEtive Mor Sunset by MindShelvesDesert Storm by MaximeDaviron
Bristlecone by porbitalNorthern Lights by MatiasSieppiClean air and clear sounds by LordLJCornellPhotosBeauty of the Night by PeterJCoskun
The Brilliance Of An Autumn Dawn by kkartAutumn Dawn Over Kebler Pass by kkartguiding lines by DaSchuMountain Treasure by Jacob-Routzahn
Snow Painting... by my-shotsHopetoun Falls by jkrabMountain Spring Sunset by AlecsPS
Daybreak at Wegelnburg by EmmmBeeeA place to pause and take stock by LordLJCornellPhotosThe splendour spreads before you by LordLJCornellPhotos
Also, take a look at the following videos:

Finally, Timelapses:
Hummingbird by AmBr0Hummingbirds by AmBr0Hummingbird Flower by AmBr0

Denzel Washington:
Denzel Washington by AmBr0

More Videos:

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