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Oct. 15, 2009: Here's the deal... I'm a busy busy man! I don't have a huge amount of time to devote to making stock and tutorials, but I thought it would be nice to give you all a little present to make up for my obscenely long absences.

SO here it is, some photoshop actions designed to produce some crazy vintage-esque colors. Seven to be exact. He's the scary part though. I'm only looking for people to test these right now. They're not completely finished, or as finished as I'd like them to be.

If you'd like to be a tester you can note me on here, or send me an e-mail at: make the subject read: Vintage Actions. It'll help me stay organized. (: If you note me on here be sure to leave a message as to where you'd like them sent, i.e. your e-mail... preferably. The first 10 people to email/note me will be testers!

You get actions for free, and provide me with a bit of feedback... sound like a good deal?


Apr. 3, 2010: They're HERE!, And Ready for you to use! I'm still really busy, But I think I've tweaked these to a point that I'm happy with! So feel free to use them, enjoy them, and let me know if you make something cool with them.

THANK YOU. :star:

Additional Details:
-Actions should work in Photoshop 7 and Up.
-Actions will come in a zipped folder, ready to be loaded into PS.

1. Plagal Decadence
2. Hazy Days
3. Vienna Tang
4. Early Winter
5. Patriarch
6. Rustic I - Omni
7. Rustic II - Golden

That's all. Thanks for all the support and positive comments! Although I'm not on here a lot, I really do appreciate them~

ALSO! Thank you to, ~FructisIndia-Stock, who provided the excellent photo for this little preview.
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Finally after a long break. Its time to upload something new.

Its a set of brushes I did from some stock images I had. Hope you like them n find them useful :D
If you use them somewhere, please do let me know, I'd love to see what you can make with 'em.
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model Federico Pezzuolo "almehikilje"
picture by [link]

Note me if you use it
Don't use this picture without permission for your website or for others website out of DeviantArt
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The small version of the badge is there (free of use !)


Please do not buy the new Leeke doll "Mikhaila"
This is a COPY of a french doll named Püns, created by Dust of Doll.

Original doll :
The copy by Leeke :

Leekeworld came at the LDoll festival in France (September 2010). They saw irl the "Püns" doll, they really loved it, took several pictures. And now we all understand why.
There are several differences between copyright in France and in Korea, it is not easy to protect your work out there. So, to support the french artists of Dust of Doll, for the moment, you can only ASK FOR A MASSIVE BOYCOTT OF LEEKEWORLD.

Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from them until they remove the doll from their catalogue.
This is maybe the only way to convince them to do something about that.

The head is also very inspired by Enaibi's Kyrielle.
Enaibi is a french artist which was also at the LDoll Festival with her dolls.
So we can say that there is no fate, no coincidence...

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for reading this !
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Lit from below and wet hair and no makeup! Eeeew! Spooky Face!

Feel free to use as stock so long as you:
-link me to the deviation
-note me that you have used it
-DO NOT use my stock for commercial or published purposes (other than dA prints) without first requesting and receiving a signed written document with my permission.
-Permission is already given for use in dA prints, so long as the image is reasonably different from the original.
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Would you like to become a freelancer and don't know where to start? Check out my long interview on Gigaverse with lots of details and tips! I definitively recommend it as the best summary of how I handle my business.
Follow the link (it's free)…
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Want to find you how this was made and create a levitation photo-manipulation? I invite you to join my Surreal Photography Course on Skillshare where I'll be revealing some of my own photography and manipulation techniques. CLICK HERE:
Snowflakes & Bokeh textures + 4 home-made Photoshop curves included.


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Unrestricted and commercial friendly stock..

My own resources..
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'kay ... these friggin' categories. maybe it's just me.

we need another one ... picture stories.

that's what this is.

but ... this will be a tutorial ... i guess.

after reading it a few times and proofreading as much as time would allow ... it kinda reminded me of "Naked Pictures of My Ex-Girlfriends."

we need a photo story category. i think.

this was written ... at my place ... at the office ... at the studio ... on a plane ... even in a restaurant.

editing the photos for inclusion was very cathartic.



i went through a few years of photos. more than a few. it brought back memories.


not really bad.

some poignant.

some what-the-fuck-ever.

i think the muse is my favourite subject.

they rock.

and, yes, this is 128 pages long. i know ... i'm a fucking freak.

but ... whatever.

it's kinda like my christmas -- or the ever-politically-correct term "holiday gift" -- to the dA community.

10.4 mb.


well ... anyway ... after you've had a week or so to read it and look at the pretty pictures ... let me know what you guys think.

i'd love to hear.


except for language i don't think it requires the mature content designation.

cheers all!
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