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this is a still from my grad film. i'm finishing up my fourth year of university and i've been working on this film since ... a while.

if you're interested in it, come check out ma blaaaaggggg


i'll update it more regularly with stuff and stuff.
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May, 2008
For `dammitMEL

A few months ago I was asked to share my fantastic apple pie recipe. Well, this being a rather complicated feat, and in order to explain things as clearly as possible for the novice to baking, I then decided to make a short series of videos, demonstrating how I make apple pie, which were subsequently shared in this journal.

What makes this pie (or rather any of my pies) amazing, is the crust. I use both butter and lard, which you may choose to deviate from, thus resulting in mediocre pie crust.

Anyway, long story short, here be the first video, documenting the making of pie crust. Yes, you are allowed to be amused by my husband's very occasional diverging attention, as well as the entertaining antics provided by our cats Chiko and Perry. Stay tuned for parts two and three.

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I made a little animation of my character Frida Yeti using a sound clip from the 11 Second Club. It took the better part of a month. I’m not all that happy with how it turned out but it was good practice, and I’m pleased that I managed to finish it!
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One year later,
it is very important to remember
what happened in Gaza.
But it is more important
to realize the aspirations
of the Palestinian people in Gaza.
They deserve our solidarity,
respect and reverence.
They deserve justice.
It is the duty of every person
to contribute to break
the unprecedented siege
and bringing the criminals
behind this atrocity to justice.

On 27 December 2009,
after a year and a half of total siege,
the brutal war on Gaza was launched.
It was carnage,
a disgrace to humanity and civilization,
and indictment of the free world.
One year later, the siege continues,
the disgrace has not been lifted,
and the Palestinian people still endure,
resist and live.
The Zionists either dont understand that,
or dont want to.
Delusion is a characteristic
of mass murders and racist criminals.

from: "Never Before Campaign for Palestine"

Original on YouTube: [link]

Never Before Campaign for Palestine gave us permission to publish and support their work on deviantART
We open two gallery to support the Campaign

:pointr: Featured Gallery :pointl: - :pointr: Favourite Gallery :pointl:


Youtube - Twitter - Facebook - Flickr

:peace: We Support :peace:

:iconsupport-gaza-aqsa: :iconfreedomfighters-da: :iconliberation-fronts: :icondeviantitalia: :iconno-more-ignorance: :iconmedia-resistance: :iconanonymouswearelegion:

Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported(CC BY-NC3.0)
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Go ahead, watch it!

I've been composing music under the pseudonym Professor Soap for a little while now, and I always intended for it to be a visual experience as well. Here's a cute little music vid set to track one, Spirit Quest Journey. Enjoy and relax :]

For even more Professor Soap, head over to
Also available in HD on YouTube and Vimeo
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Finally, I finish my MV but This one is not complete yet.
I just submit this to my teacher project and I will make it perfect latter.
I drew all stuffs for this video and animate them with all my knowledge of AE. The concept is not thing spacial, it just moving images follow the feeling of the music. Images from my mind while I listen the music.

Time spend: 2 months and a half
Drew by Photoshop CS5
Animated by Adobe After Effect CS5

Music by 4 Times Insane :icon4ti:
Animated by nutJT

4 Times Insane-[link]

Full version + high def [link]
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Video on Youtube: [link]

scenes from "Waltz with Bashir"

editing by Felice Sellitri

music by CCCP


Galilea Samarìa
Nazareth Cafarnao Genesaret
Jerusalem Giudea
Hebron Betlem Emmaus Qumram
Qumram Gerico

Scaraventata a terra
maestà di Israele
piange nella notte
lacrime d'amaro
non un consolatore tra i suoi amanti
lunghe lamentazioni
e langue il cuore

Magnificat Anima Dominum

le nostre case ad altri
le donne vedove
pietre disperse all'imbocco della strada
guidano i passi dell'Intifada
agli insolenti l'ira
la grazia ai giusti

Magnificat Anima Dominum

©copyrights of the respective authors
- thanks for permission -
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This is my first short film with the Icelandic film school. It was made after a 3 week Documentary cors, and about 2 weeks of work.

The long name of the film is Reykjavík: : Die Symphonie der Großstadt (ore Reykjavík: Symphony of a Great City)

The Film is made after big influens in the Walther Ruttmann Film Berlin : Die Symphonie der Großstadt from 1929, witch can be found on <strike>Google Video</strike> this arcive pages on this link ore maybe by googling the name.

This was a group project, as you can se on the credit lists.
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My own instrumental arrangement of the Leonard Cohen song 'Hey, that's no way to say goodbye'.
Performed on a 15 string lap harp/plucked psaltery
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This is a TV commercial for an event we have every semester at college... There, the students show the works they did along the semester to everyone. Everyone taking Publicity and Advertising course attends to it.
Last year our class was supposed to organize this event... There was a vote to decide which theme we would follow. The majority of my classmates chose the current theme, but hardly any of them helped to organize... ~douglasmenegazzi, Andressa, Flávio and I organized that event... it ended up really great and funny...

Event Theme: Cowboys...

~douglasmenegazzi, Andressa, Flávio and ~hiharry

Flávio Cruz


• this is the mute version... if you'd like to see it with sound click here: [link]

• If you'd like to see other videos, please access my Channel at youTube clicking here: [link]
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