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(Rick’s GUIDE to everything I’ve learned in my first year)

Disclaimer: These are simply things I have learned, and what I personally do for each of my drawings. There are many ways to draw, such as line drawings, cross-hatching, non-blending, etc, but my chosen area is one that strives for Realism. I am 100% self-taught, meaning that I never went to Art school. I drew for maybe a total of maybe 5 hours since I was a teenager. Then in October of 2008, I decided I needed a hobby. I’m just as surprised as others at the results? I also wonder why I just NOW discovered I that can draw? Now, almost 1 year later, I have completed over 91 portraits, which is a total of between 400 and 600 hours of practice!!! Later, someone suggested I call a local college and offer to teach a course on portrait drawing. They actually created a course for me, which I get to design the class 100% start to finish. As PART of that class, I am making this TIP GUIDE to give the students. So far, there are 8 people who signed up. I’m excited to see if teaching artists get better, is my calling, or if I will even enjoy it? We shall see?? In the 10 hours together, I am going to take them start to finish through the same celebrity portrait, using the steps outlined below.

1) CLEAN HANDS: I always start by washing my hands of any oil or dirt that would damage the drawing surface area. NEVER touch the area you are drawing on and NEVER use your finger to blend. That’s what I’ve read AND experienced. I also use copy paper to lay over parts of a drawing I don’t want to lay my hand across. Some say to work from upper left to downward right, if you are right handed, but I don’t always WANT to work that way.

2) PHOTOS: I have gotten really good at finding good photos on the web! There are lots of sites, but I find plenty at Google by using “images of _________” in the search box. There is SO much I could type about photos, but the main things I do, BECAUSE I crop the photo to use only the head, is to only use a photo that has a file size large enough not to become blurry and pixilated after I print it to THE SAME SIZE I’m going to draw it. There are reasons for that, but mainly because I want my eyes to draw a 1:1 ratio of what I see. I use a photo program to crop the photo, to remove color (saturation), which makes it a Black and White photo, and to improve Contrast (making the lights lighter and the darks darker). If you are in to taking your own photos, use natural light, so that shadows define the facial features. I also crop the top of the head off, if you’ve noticed, for two reasons. ONE is that it gives the illusion that the subject is closer to you. Grab a newspaper and notice now how most all of the columnists crop the tops of their heads off. It’s for this reason! SECOND, I hate drawing hair, and this is the side benefit of cropping. Note: you do not have to draw every single detail in a photo. If there is an area that looks strange, it will look strange when you draw it? Create something else.

3) SIZE: Yes, size does matter in drawing! I read that if you make a drawing just 20% larger, will take up to 50% more time to draw. I have personally found that the IDEAL size for ME, is to keep the total face size between 5 to 6 INCHES from the hairline to the bottom of the chin. If it’s TOO big, there are too many details to ignore, and I find it affects the motion of my blending. If it is too small, obviously you cannot get enough details. For ME, it is about finding the balance between the level of details and how long it takes me to draw, because I get bored fast and want to move on. I have my total AVERAGE drawing time down to somewhere between 3 to 5 hours.

4) PAPER: Much can be said about types of drawing papers, and I have tried many. The main types I tried early on, were Strathmore and Canson MEDIUM tooth “Drawing” papers. I have SINCE moved on to using ONLY “Strathmore’s Bristol Smooth 300 series, for many reasons. It is THICK paper. Its “tooth” is not easily destroyed and you can get DARK darks from it. It is PERFECT for blending graphite; it forgives easily and has excellent eras-ability! If you notice now, my Chevy Chase was the FIRST time I used Bristol smooth, and all drawings since, and you should see a difference in contrast? It took some getting used to, because it draws darker, meaning the pencils you use show lighter than you may be used to, so I use a lot more B and 2B pencils now. View or buy it here: [link]

5) PENCILS: I have also tried many types, but will now ONLY use “Staedtler pencils, made in Germany. They are excellent, and have predictable and consistent” results. I find them at [link] along with everything else I need!!! Always make SURE your pencil is SHARP!!! There many ways, the obvious of which is an electric sharpener, which I use, but I sometimes fine-tune the point with fine sandpaper, or by rubbing the point sideways on a scrap piece of paper. I have also tried “Clutch Pencils” or called “Lead Holders”. I use BOTH but for different reasons and parts of the drawing. The advantages of using Clutch Pencils are that their weight and length remain consistent, unlike pencils that are constantly shrinking in size and weight. It’s also cheaper to buy just the graphite refills than whole pencils. Staedtler make both the holders and the refills. Go to [link] There are a wide range of darks and lights, but I use only the middle range. Rarely 2H and H, a lot of F, HB and 80% B and 2B. I have the following, just in case (light to dark) 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 9B

6) OUTLINE: I START with an outline. You want to get a feel for the layout and perspective. Once I draw an outline, I move on to the border.

7) BORDER: After I finish my outline, I take a ruler, and establish the framed sides of my drawing, so I know where it ends. I do NOT ever (maybe I should?) draw to any frame specific size that can fit a standard frame. I have not framed any of my drawings, but if and when I do, I will have it custom matted, which will then fit a standard sized frame. I store all of my drawings in “Display Books” which are clear plastic sleeves that protect them. I also seal each drawing with a spray “workable fixative” (more on that later)

8) EYES: I ALWAYS start with the eyes!!! They are the “windows to a soul” and if you don’t get them write, why waste time finishing the drawing. (That’s just how I feel). I usually just finish one eye, and move on to start the first layer on other areas. I never finish the first eye 100% at first. The important things to remember are the “key highlights” or spots of light in every photo, and person you see. One basic rule that I read and remember as to eyes and feature placement is this: Eyes are approximately in the center of the face, about half way between the top of the forehead and the bottom of the chin, and are approximately the same distance APART from each other as the width of a single eye (not always). The bottom of the NOSE is then about half way between the eyes and bottom of chin; the mouth is about half way between the bottom of the nose and bottom of the chin. These are obviously rough guidelines. Remember, eyes are NOT pure white! I use a light touch with a blending stump around the corners of the eyes, on MOST drawings. The same goes with teeth.

9) CONTRAST is always been just obvious to me, and I believe is one of the main things that take a drawing to the “next level”? I have learned to select a photo that has a wide range of contrast and as many variations in between! I discovered that I am FIRST inspired by a dramatic photo with lots of contrast, NOT so much the celebrity, but when you find BOTH, it’s magic!!! One way I have trained my eyes to see Contrast, besides printing the photo in Black and White, is to sometimes, TURN the DIRECT light you are using, AWAY from you. You will be amazed at what you see in darker lighting conditions! I use a drawing desk now, with a combo swing-arm light/magnifying glass. I USED to, and sometimes still do, use a Lap-Desk, which is portable. Another KEY thing I do, is to CONSTANTLY walk away from the drawing, and come back with “fresh eyes”. Things I could NOT see or notice before, become obvious to me. Especially, first thing in the morning. In the 4 to 5 hours I invest with each drawing, I may start and come back 10-20 times!!! This keeps giving me fresh perspective.

10) TONE RANGE: I have also learned to establish the RANGE of tonal values early in a drawing. What I mean is, after drawing one eye; I look for the darkest areas of the photo, and start laying down some graphite in those areas. Another reason for starting some of the darkest areas first, is that I often get some of the graphite from those areas on my Blending Stump for use in other areas of the drawing. I don’t always start an area with a pencil, but sometimes with the graphite from an old Blending Stump, Tortillion, or Torchillon.

11) LAYERING: I find it takes many “layers” of graphite to build up certain areas. Shadows of course, lips, hair, etc. After I draw the eyes, and establish tone range, I may lightly color the lips? All lips are different, but I start with something light, like H, F, HB, or sometimes B. I look for key highlights and I’m careful to preserve those areas for later. Other areas that I layer are, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, eye pupils, lips and of course shading.

12) SHADING: The type of shadows that are in the photo, obviously determine how dark I start? I usually start around the eyes, just after I do the first layer of the eyebrows. I take my pencil of choice and hold it lightly and sideways, so that the side of the tip is rubbing the paper, NOT the point. This makes for a larger coverage area, and can also be used to create certain effects of the skin. “Hard Shadows” are the toughest I think? Like my Sean Connery portrait. I never start the shadow or darkest part, AS DARK as it will later become. It’s something I build into, in case I need to erase.

13) BLENDING: I am convinced now that it’s ALL IN THE BLENDING!!! I use Blending Stumps, Tortillions, Torchillons, Paper towels, and sometimes Q-tips and make-up sponges. Many of the techniques would require me showing you, rather than describing them, but I will try a few. For one, I am always mindful of how much graphite is already on the stump, which determines how much pressure I apply when blending? I have many different sizes for both tight spots and large areas. Again, layering is the key. When a Blending Stump gets too much graphite on it, it tends to get slick and shiny, and stops blending. To extend it’s life, I will scrape off the excess graphite by turning it while scraping it on sandpaper until the fibers are useful again. Whether I am Shading or Blending (Rendering) I most Always blend in the SAME direction that the skin is going, in order to build the illusion of dimension and shapes. I also turn the stump as I blend, if more graphite is needed, it is usually on the other side of the stump. If not, I lay down some more with pencils, or rub it on a dark area, to get some. Keep in mind that you will need to go back over the dark areas you borrowed graphite from. More on the key to dark darks later. I do NOT always blend EVERY area of the drawing. For some effects, a light touch with a pencil only may do? But I do blend about 95% of the entire drawing (NEVER BLACK AREAS though)

14) NEGATIVE SPACE: One great trick I learned, was to use a small nail, duct tapped to an old pencil, as a stylus for scratching out whiskers, white hairs, highlights, etc. IMPORTANT: PRACTICE this before you ruin a drawing. Get an old piece of drawing paper, and practice the procedure. What I do, BEFORE (key) I put any graphite on the area, is hold the paper sideways in the light, so I can see where I am scratching, and I make the needed lines, hairs or whiskers in the paper. THEN, I rub a pencil SIDEWAYS over the scratch mark, to Expose the white lines. I can then draw between them, or what ever, but the effect is amazing to me! It’s a PERFECT tool for creating white whiskers, white hair (against dark back ground), etc. You will find many uses for this! The MAIN concept of “Negative Drawing” is that you create what you are trying to draw, NOT by drawing it, but by drawing first what surrounds the object. Hair is a perfect example (hair type depending). Hair should NOT be many pencils lines, but the shadows BETWEEN the hairs, which by default, will create the ILLUSION of hair. The same with teeth. I draw the dark areas AROUND the teeth, which as a result, forms the shape of teeth.

15) HIGHLIGHTS: They can REALLY make a drawing come to life. From the “Key Highlights in the eyes, to the glimmer on the lips, and anywhere else that either the photo shows, or you THINK it would be realistic? Highlights are best saved for last, mainly because you may be blending over the same areas beforehand. I use 3 tools for highlights. The first is the Kneaded eraser. View or buy here: [link] It can be molded into many shapes you need. A point, for small areas, a knife-edge for lines next to wrinkles, or as a blunt dabbing tool. I also use a TUFF STUFF stick eraser by Papermate. View or buy it here: [link] It is firm and rigid, and looks like a pen. I use a razor to cut an angled point for fine line, where a soft kneaded eraser may flatten and remove graphite where I don’t want it removed? The third was recently discovered when I went to an Art Workshop in August, and is called BLU*TACK found at [link] It is stretchy like a kneaded eraser, but is very sticky. I do NOT use it to rub, like a kneaded eraser, but to blot up excess graphite. It is an adhesive used to hold posters on walls, etc but an artist showed me its artist uses. One of the best tips I’ve heard and use, is that IF you want to make something lighter, like a highlight, then make what surrounds it, DARKER!

a) One of the last things I do is add fine, stray hairs, if applicable, to the edges of the hairline. I also take a sharp F or HB pencil, and make very small and short hairs along the forehead, where the hair meets the forehead (sometimes).

b) Whenever I think I’m done, I sleep on it. Invariably I notice something I swore was not there before.

c) Most every artist signs their work, in some form or another, but my dad gave me the idea to DATE each one as well, so that I could remember the order that I drew them, in case you don’t use a Display book.

d) I also use a “workable spray Fixative” to seal the drawing when it’s complete. It prevents smudging, keeps them from yellowing and also takes down the shine from the darkest areas of graphite. Here is the one I use: [link]

e) To get REALLY dark black areas, I generally use a SHARP 2B and go back and forth in small areas, expanding outward. I keep TURNING the pencil in my fingers, SO THAT the point digs deep into the TOOTH of the paper. When that area is complete, I use a harder pencil, like F or H and go over it again. IF I had used that area to grab graphite from with my blending stuff, during the drawing, I go back over it with 2B again, then F. The spray fixative will tone down the shine.

f) When I use clutch pencils, I no longer use a hand sharpener, which I used to string around my neck. I use a “Lead Pointer Tube” sharpener, which also holds the shaved graphite. View or buy here: [link]

g) I use an old paintbrush to remove dust, etc from a drawing in progress. It keeps me from rubbing it off, or spitting on the drawing when I blow it off. I didn’t notice one time, and accidentally spit a minute amount on the surface, and when I rubbed over it with my blending stump, it smeared, and I could not remove it!!

h) 7 months after discovering my passion for drawing, I bought a Drawing Table. Actually, my folks got it for my birthday. It the sports car of drawing tables! To view the one I got, go here: [link]

i) Taking Photos of your work. After a drawing is complete, I use a digital camera to take a photo of it. I first used scanners, but they lighten the drawing, and you cannot see as much details. I take the photo in the daytime, in natural lighting, on the floor in front of a window, careful NOT to put it directly in the sun. After I take several shots, I upload them; pick the best one, which is usually the one where my name and date are IN FOCUS. Then I crop out the borders, and I also REMOVE the SATURATION, which removes any color that the camera picked up, turning it back to pure black and white. THEN I use a feature called Auto Enhance, which lightens it up and makes it look as close to the drawing as possible.

j) I NEVER show someone the photo next to my drawing, no matter how much it looks like the photo, because then it becomes a challenge for someone to see how many mistakes someone can find, and it takes away from the drawing.

k) The brain can be fooled to believing that what it THINKS it sees is real. One of the best illustrations of that is when I noticed that blurry, out of focus backgrounds, in some portraits, made it look like a photo.

Hope this helps my fellow artists!!!
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Father. I fear I have sinned.

My child, what have you done?

I couldn't help myself. It was so beautiful. I had to feel it break beneath my fingers; its blood slick my hands, my tongue, my throat. I had to have it in my mouth. I tore at it with my teeth, peeling the skin from the bone. Like jewels, its life dripped from my tears and my scratches. They welled and slithered and dropped. Incandescent beneath the harsh light of where I had caught it. Such a beautiful creature now withered in my hands…. and Father?

Yes, child?

You want to know the most delusional part of it?


At that moment my vision became clear. Light shown down upon me. Did I see an angel Father? Did I serve our lord by destroying such a beautiful thing?

No, my child.
Inspired by :iconsenju-hime:
and her image: [link]

For her contest, located here:[link]

I wont first place :3 AHHHHH
Check out the others!!!
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It was a Saturday night and Emily, was of course, sitting in front of the TV. Her favorite program was on, Saturday Night Live. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized it was another lonely night, without John. The lads had been on tour. She missed her silly mop topped man. She grabbed a pillow and held it to her chest. It seems as though the usually hilarious show wasn't working at all. Tears started to roll and she wondered how many more nights John was going to be away. The tour was supposed to be over two weeks ago. But you know, weather, fans, things just happen.
The next thing Emily knew was that it was 3:00 in the morning, and she had fallen asleep on the couch. She got up and turned off the TV and headed into her bedroom, crawling into bed. Despite her recent sleepiness, She just couldn't fall asleep. She thought about John calling her Em. He always called her Em. Then she thought of his laugh. She just couldn't sleep. Emily gave up. She crawled out of bed and went into the kitchen. She grabbed the soup can and pulled out the pot. "Soup." She said through the sniffs. "I want soup." She made the soup and sat down in the living room, in the dark, and ate it. It was nearing 4:00 and she was beginning to get droopy eyed. "John." She whispered. "When the bloody hell are you coming home?"
As if to answer her question, a couple minutes later, the doorknob turned and in walked John. "John!" Emily squealed and jumped up. John dropped his bags and ran to her with open arms. John held her close and took a deep breath.
"Oh Em." He sighed. "Oh my sweet Em." They both were crying. When they sat down, John grabbed her soup. He dipped the spoon and collected some noodles. Then he took the handle end and put if in his mouth. He put it towards Emily who laughed and gladly sipped it up.
"Weird way to eat soup..." She laughed.
"Great way to start making love!" John kissed her. "Besides! You think I'm weird for feeding you soup....Your eating soup at four in the morning!" John pulled Emily on his lap. She glared at him.
"I missed you." She whispered. John started unbuttoning his shirt.
"I missed you too, baby."
A little story for :iconkoffee12345:!!!! Just for being a really nice/cool person. lol I hope you like it girl!!!!!!
I don't own the photo or John....or the spoon!
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Give your burden the mane of a lion. Of yourself,
make a kraal. Split your heart
and fashion its two halves into a pair of goats.

Tether one to a stake. Then pull all the shades
for darkness, barricade the door,
listen for a nervous bleat, a skitter of hooves

in the mind's dirt. Feel nothing when the animal
screams. Believe: it's only a goat.
And here, the art - a bloody thorn, a twist

of hair will show you how the lion gets in, where
to dig the trap. When it is dead
burn the carcass. When the winds have drunk

the last of its ash, you'll still have one good goat.
. Published in The Centrifugal Eye April/May 2011
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The morning after was horrible. It was like everyone had a hangover. Well at least Murdoc had a real hang over. He always drank so much. The others wondered if he's organs had started to rot by this time. Russel had spent the whole last day on his room talking to Del. His best friend could always help him with problems and cheer him up. Russel missed the time when his friend still lived. Noodle had sleep so bad that she almost couldn't keep her eyes open. 2D had lots of problem with keeping himself calm. He had spent the half night to clean up the blood after Murdoc's and Therese's fight. (Little too dramatic eh?). None of them said anything at the breakfast table. They didn't even say good morning to each other. The band had their last concert tonight on this place before they would keep going. The four band members sat all quiet and ate their breakfast slowly. Suddenly the silence broke when Noodle noticed a scratch on Murdoc's cheek. It was from where Therese had hit him. She asked him what had happen but Murdoc glared back at her without saying a word. Noodle slowly ate from her bowl with blueberry yoghurt and shrugged. She didn't wanted to go too far so she stayed quiet. 2D almost didn't eat anything at all. He just sat on his spot and sighed. Russel glared at them both. He hoped that the singer and the bassist hadn't fought again. But he felt just like Noodle to stay quiet and ignore it. Murdoc growled at 2D and the singer flinched. 2D then rose from his seat and walked away. Murdoc suddenly rose up with a quick move and glared at the singer.

Murdoc: Now where the hell are you going!?

2D: Why do you care?

Murdoc: *growls at him*

Russel: Goddamn it! Don't pick up another fight!

Noodle: You don't do anything else!


Russel: You're on crack man.

Murdoc: Like hell I am!

Noodle: 2D-kun?

2D: Sorry! But I can't stay here!

Murdoc: Oh yeah! Just go and fuck that little slut again!

2D: What!?

Murdoc: DO IT! I bet she misses you!

Russel: What the hell are ya two talking about!?

Noodle: Is it about Jill-Chan?

Russel: Jill? Who's that?

Murdoc: Just a slut 2D know!

2D: Jill is not a slut!

Murdoc: Oh yeah!? And what about that bitch Therese!?


Murdoc & 2D: What!?

Russel: Have you two been fighting all this time over some girls!?

Noodle: Maybe Murdoc-san likes Jill too.

Murdoc: *turns and glares at her* LIKE HELL I DO!


2D: I'm out of here!

Murdoc: YOU STAY!



Russel: Oh man!

2D just ignored the bassist and walked towards the door again. Murdoc then ran up behind the singer and grabbed him around the waist. 2D yelled out in anger and tried to get out from his grip. Murdoc didn't let go of him and threw him on the floor. Noodle and Russel quickly walked up to them to be sure that they wouldn't pick up a fight. 2D glared at the bassist with angry eyes. 2D now soon had enough of how Murdoc acted. He didn't own him at all. 2D was about to rose up again when suddenly Murdoc kicked him back down with his foot. 2D hit the floor again and groaned on pain. Russel walked up to Murdoc and hit him in the head. Murdoc backed up and rubbed his head as he groaned at the same time. Noodle ran up to 2D and helped him up on his feet. Murdoc glared at his band with an angry expression. His sharp teeth were showing and he looked like he should kill them in any second. Murdoc then suddenly yelled so high that the others had to cover their ears.


2D, Noodle and Russel stared at Murdoc with wide eyes. Murdoc was panting heavily and his eyes were glowing from evil. Russel and Noodle really thought he was sick, or at least went on some kind of drug. Murdoc rubbed his head and calmed down a bit. 2D blinked slowly and rubbed his blue hair.

2D: So you want us to practice this whole day then?


After the fight at the breakfast had Murdoc made sure that everyone had stayed at the top floor for the whole day. None of them had said a thing or even touch their instruments. It was quite wired they thought. Why was Murdoc so mad all of a sudden? 2D, Noodle and Russel were now sitting in the couch in the living room watching TV. Murdoc was on the balcony smoking and drinking a bottle of Vodka. Where did he get all the alcohol any way? Russel tapped his fingers on his knee and tried to hide his irritation. Noodle played a little with her Tamagotchi. She had forgotten to feed it and it needed attention and food fast. 2D sighed tapped his feet into the floor. He really wanted to be somewhere else right now. He was a little mad at Murdoc too. About the horror that happened yesterday night had made him mad too. Therese had deserved that from Murdoc but still 2D was mad that Murdoc had got mad at him. 2D hadn't done anything at all. He didn't like Therese at all. 2D suddenly woke up from his thoughts when Russel tapped him on the shoulder. 2D quickly turned his face and looked at the drummer.

Russel: D, I'm getting tired of all this crap! What the hell is going on! I want you to tell us now!

Noodle: *put's her Tamagotchi back into her pocket* I want to know too!

2D: Umm…

Russel: Tell us man!

2D: Muds just fought with a girl yesterday night…

Russel: Fought with a chick?

Noodle: Jill!?

Russel: Who is Jill!?

Noodle: A nice girl 2D-kun met before. She has nice friends.

Russel: *sighs* So it is a girl problem?

2D: No it's not!

Russel: Then what the hell is it!?

2D: *sighs* It's-

Murdoc: Alright Jerks! Get ready!

Russel: *sighs and face palm*

Noodle: For what?

Murdoc The show you twerps!

The band now realized that it was already time for the concert. The time really flew by fast. Murdoc growled at them all and waited for them to rose up from the couch and get moving. Russel got up from the couch and glared at the Bassist with his with eyes. Murdoc ignored it and glared at the others. 2D quickly got off the couch to and tried not to face the bassist. The three band members now looked at the little Asian girl that gave her Tamagotchi one last check before she quickly jumped off the couch and smiled at them all. The bassist shook his head and walked out of the room with the others after him. They all had already changed clothes and fixed their selves a little. This was the last concert on this stage and Murdoc wanted them all to do their best or he would kill them. The others rolled their eyes and listened to the bassists yelling. They all stayed quiet when they went down with the elevator. Murdoc for some strange reason glared at all his band members. It went worse with that when the stood behind stage. Murdoc inspected his band to make sure that they all looked fine. When he came around 2D he quickly grabbed his arm and glared at his finger nails. 2D pulled his arm back and glared at the bassist in anger. 2D had washed off the nail polish so the Bassist wouldn't complain again. Murdoc then walked off and grabbed El Diablo. He played a little on the strings to get closer to the bass. Russel rubbed his neck and took a deep breath. He had been a little tired lately. Noodle jumped off and grabbed her guitar as usual. She sat down and tweedled a little on the strings. She never really needed to practice at all but it always felt good to warm up a little. Russel sat down behind the drums and grabbed the drumsticks. Then he started spin them around with his fingers. He used to do that before they went out on stage. 2D grabbed the mic and sighed. He wasn't in the singing mood at all. But he knew that if he didn't sing he would ruin everything for everyone. He carefully looked at Murdoc who stood beside him. Murdoc just ignored him and took a better grip around El Diablo. 2D sighed and grabbed the mic harder. Noodle jumped up from her seat and ran up beside 2D. She was ready for a new big show. It was now time for the band to get on stage. The crowd yelled out high and applauded. The band looked out over the big wave of fans. It somehow felt that it was more people than usual. Russel tapped his drumsticks together four times before he started with the drums. After came Noodle and Murdoc with the guitar and bass. 2D then took a deep breath and started sing. When the fans heard his voice they screamed higher and clapped their hands together. Noodle jumped around on the stage with her guitar and Murdoc stood all still on the spot. He looked quite serious when he played at first. Russel was great behind the drums and really got some amazing feeling in it too. 2D sang his best this evening. It was just as Murdoc wanted it. He wanted them to show the world that they really were the biggest band in the world! And so it turned out. The band made an amazing show for everyone. Gorillaz WAS the best band in the world!

After a long concert with singing, playing and screaming fans the band was finally done. The band had thanked the whole crowed for coming to the concerts and listening to their music. Soon the band left the stage and the crowd yelled out the band's name and applauded. 2D panted heavily after all the singing. He was used to be tired after shows. Murdoc walked behind him with El Diablo in his right hand. His neck was hurting him a little. Noodle and Russel walked after slowly. Noodle yawned but wasn't that tired today. She had the energy to meet some fans this time. Russel was awake as usual. He was glad that he hadn't fallen asleep behind the drums as he had done some times on some other shows. The band had the time for the screaming fans and was ready to take some photos and autographs. Many of their fans "mostly teenage girls" ran up to the band and asked for autographs. They were waving with their pink and black blocks in front of the band members faces and yelled out so loud that none of the band members could hear what they were saying. Soon the band had written many autographs to their fans and took some pictures. They finally got the chance to get back to the hotel. The band went through the lobby towards the elevator. They pressed the button and stepped inside. They were all tired and wanted to get some rest. 2D rubbed his blue spiky hair and groaned a bit. Murdoc had El Diablo on his back and wanted to be sure that none of the other's got near it. Noodle yawned and felt her head get heavy. She almost felled asleep standing up. Russel sighed and rested himself against the elevator wall. They all thought it would be great with some sleep. When they arrived at the top floor Noodle and Russel went to the left to get back to their rooms. Murdoc and 2D's rooms were on the right side. When they came around their rooms a girl waited outside 2D's door. It was Jill. When she saw 2D she smiled and walked up to him. Murdoc stopped and stared at them. They didn't seem to matter him at all. 2D smiled at Jill and she grabbed his hand. Murdoc felt anger grew inside him. How dare that bitch even touch him he thought? 2D could see that Jill looked a bit sad for the moment.

2D: What's wrong Jill?

Jill: I came here to say…

2D: What?

Jill:  My friends and I will leave tomorrow.

2D: Oh…yeah… We will leave too. This was our last concert here.

Jill: I would really like to stay here and be with you a bit more. I had such a great time with you here. And I can't believe that we had so much nice time together. I never knew that you could ever like me.

2D: Jill. I had a wonderful time with you too.

Jill: I guess that you are kind of used to it. I mean, you must hang out with lot of girls since you are so famous.

2D: Actually no.

Jill: Huh?

2D: I haven't been with so many girls at all. And I don't usually bring girls with me at all. But you are special.

Jill: Y-You really mean that?

2D: Jill-

Jill: No… Don't say anything more.

2D: *looks at her with a confused look*

Jill looked up at 2D and put her hands on his shoulders. Then she made her way up to his face and kissed him on the lips. Murdoc growled and walked up them. How they hell could 2D let her do that to him.

Murdoc: And what the hell are you two doing!?

2D & Jill: *Jumps in shock*

Murdoc: *glares at them* Well?

2D: Muds! Don't scare us like that!

Murdoc: Like I would care!

Jill: Murdoc? You're the bassist! Hi nice to meet you! I'm Jill! *reaches out her hand*

Murdoc: *Glares at her*

Jill: *takes her hand back* Oh…

2D: Don't mind him Jill.

Jill: Oh 2D. Here! It's my number. Please call me when you have time.

Jill gave the singer a little note with her number. He took it and thanked her. He promised that he would call her later after the tour. She nodded and passed by Murdoc. He growled at her as she walked by. In the middle of the corridor she turned around and blew an air-kiss at the singer. 2D smiled and "caught" the kiss in his hand and then put it in his pocket. Jill giggled at 2D's little act, She then walked away and left the two band member's alone in the corridor. 2D smiled a little. He was going to miss her. She was a great girl and he saw her as his friend. 2D felt the bassist's glare and turned to him. Murdoc glared at 2D with angry eyes.

2D: What?

Murdoc: You better not call that bitch!

2D: Jill is not a bitch! She's my friend!

Murdoc: Oh really!?

2D: Yeah!

Murdoc: Is that why you let her kiss you!?

2D: Why do you even care!?

Murdoc: I don't!

2D: Yes you do!

Murdoc: SHUT UP!

2D: Like hell I would!

Murdoc: You better shut up or I kill you!



Murdoc ran up to the singer and tackled him to the floor. 2D yelled out in fear and tried to push the bassist of him. Murdoc now almost hit 2D in the face but got stopped by a familiar drummer. Russel dragged them both up from the floor and glared at them.

Russel: THAT'S IT! Do you guys know how damn hard it is to sleep when you two have to fight the whole mother fucking time!?

Murdoc: Let go you Fat ass!

Russel: SHUT UP YOU JERK! Now you two forget about this crap and get some sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow and get ready for the next place we will go to!

Murdoc: OI! I'm the one who's supposed to yell that into your faces!

Russel: LIKE I CARE MAN! Now shut up both of you and get some sleep! Man I feel like a mother!

Murdoc: Yeah. Everything that misses is a dress and a rolling pin!

Russel: SHUT IT! What's wrong with you two!? I'm getting tired of asking the same mother fucking question all over!

2D: There's nofing wrong at all!

Russel: Like hell I would believe that man! Fine I don't care what the hell you two will do anymore! Kill each other if you need to! NIGHT!

With that the drummer walked away all pissed and tired of the bassist and the singer. He had enough of it all and couldn't stand it anymore. He was sure that Noodle was sick of it too. Russel walked back to his room and slammed the door shut. The large slam made Noodle woke up from her deep slumber. She sat up in her bed and listened carefully. Then she realized that the boys had fought again. She yawned and went back to her sweet dreams. Back in the corridor stood 2D and Murdoc. They looked at each other without saying a word. Soon Murdoc growled and walked into his room. He slammed the door shut to and 2D glared after him. He now felt anger race inside him. Murdoc was a real jerk. But still 2D couldn't kill the feeling that he wanted to get closer to the bassist. All he wanted was the bassist to like him better and at least talk to him without insult him or hit him. 2D walked back into his room and undressed himself. He then walked up to the big and soft bed and crawled up under the blanket. He just wanted to get some sleep now. This had been a weird and crazy tour start he thought. 2D sighed and snuggled himself into the soft pillow. Tomorrow they would keep going on their tour and go to some other place he had already forgotten. As 2D snuggled his face into the pillow he thought about snuggle himself into Murdoc's chest.

Now chapter 15^^

As you see... Fights and stuff... Sorry if it's getting boring but it will be better later I promise you that! Anyway. Enjoy the chapter as much as you can. If you don't like 2DXMuds, Don't read... Enjoy



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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The night slowly turned into morning. The sun rose over the hotel and the first one who woke up was the bassist. Murdoc hadn't got much sleep at all. He hadn't got any damn sleep at all since he came here! Murdoc groaned and rubbed his black messy hair. He rose from the bed and stretched a little. He could hear some small creaking sounds from his neck and he groaned deeply. Today it was only packing and driving on the bands list. Murdoc didn't bother to get dress or brush his teeth. He walked around in the room and started to collect his things that lay all over the floor. The room looked like a bomb had exploded in there. The bassist chuckled when he imaged the cleaner's expression when he or she saw the mess the bassist had left after him. Murdoc didn't have to bother so much about his clothes since he didn't changed clothes that often. And he now realized that he had felled asleep in his black jeans. He didn't care if he had worn them for almost three days in row now. It was how he wanted it to be. Murdoc looked around the room after collecting his clothes and other important things on the floor. He wanted to be sure that he hadn't forgotten anything. Just for being sure he looked under the bed too. The bassist kneeled down on the floor and lifted the blanket. He took a quick look under the bed and noticed anything special. But then his eyes stopped and stared at something that lay in the corner. It looked like a piece of clothing or something like that. The bassist stuck out his arm under the bed and tried to reach the cloth piece. He grabbed it and pulled it out. The bassist's face got a warm red color when he saw what it was. It was a pair of underwear, but not just anyone's underwear. It was 2D's underwear! It was the pair he had been wearing on that first night they got here. The first night they did it! The bassist dropped the light blue underwear to the floor with a quick move. He then shook his head and picked them up again. Murdoc then rose up from the floor and walked out of his hotel room. He then went to the singer's room next door. He didn't bother to knock at all. The singer's door seemed to be opened. Murdoc opened the door and walked in. He found the blue haired singer lay peacefully in his bed snoring quietly. This reminded the bassist of how he had woke up the singer before they went on this tour. Murdoc walked up to the bed and got closer to the singer. Murdoc gently pulled the blanket from the singer's head to see his face better. 2D always looked so innocent when he slept. Murdoc couldn't help but got a red color on his cheeks again. Then he quickly shook his head and growled. He got closer to the singer's face and yelled as high as he could.



Murdoc: Wake up! We have to get ready!

2D: *groans and rubs his head* W-What time is it?

Murdoc: Forget about that! Just get out of the bloody bed and start pack your bags!

The singer sat up confused in the bed and looked at the bassist. Murdoc only glared back at him before he turned and walked towards the door. But before he went out of the room he turned to the singer.

Murdoc: Umm… I believe that these belong to you.

The bassist threw the light blue underwear right into the singer's face. 2D flinched and grabbed them. He blinked a little and blushed. He remembered that he had been looking for them.

2D: F-Fanks…

Murdoc: Whatever… Hurry up and get ready Face ache!

Murdoc left the singer alone in his room. 2D got out from the bed and sighed. He looked at the underwear in his hand for a while before he threw them into a plastic bag were he put his dirty clothes and put in into his suit case. After that he went to the bathroom and washed off his face with some cold water. That was enough to wake him up better. 2D stared at his reflection for a long while before he let out a deep sigh and went to get dressed. Murdoc walked through the corridor to Russel's and Noodle's hotel room. He thought it was best that he woke up the whole band.  The bassist kicked the drummer's door wide open and stepped inside. Russel growled under the blanket and opened his white eyes. He wasn't happy at all. Murdoc glared at the drummer and yelled.


Russel: *Drags the blanket over his head again" Hnnggh… Go to hell man!


Russel groaned and rose up from the bed slowly. He glared at the bassist who already walked towards the door. Russel rubbed his neck and blinked slowly.

Russel: You woke up D yet?

Murdoc: Huh? Yeah, He's awake.

Russel: You apologized to him?

Murdoc: *glares at him* For what!?

Russel: For you being an ass to him all the time!

Murdoc: Like hell I would! Now pack your bags!

The bassist growled and walked out of the room. Russel sighed and shook his head. He then picked up his bags and laid them on the bed. He had already started packing a little yesterday so it wouldn't be so much strain in the morning. And it was good that the drummer had thought about that since it seemed to get worse soon. He knew that Murdoc were going to wake up Noodle next. Maybe it should be safer if he closed the door. The drummer listened to his mind and walked up to the door. He gentle closed it and almost waited for the whole madness to start. Murdoc walked into the sleeping Asian girl's room and started yelling like crazy. Noodle jumped in shock and sat up in her bed. Then the same thing happened like for a couple of days ago when Murdoc had woke her up when they were going on the tour. Noodle jumped out of the bed and barked like a dog and chased the bassist out of her room. Murdoc quickly got out and closed the door after him. He really hoped that Noodle would get rid of these bad morning moods soon. He heard Noodle yelling high inside her room in anger. Murdoc rolled his eyes and walked back to his room. Noodle stuck out her head from her room and looked around. Her hair was messy and she had her pajamas on. She looked like she hadn't slept for over a month. Russel came out from his room to check if the coast was clear. When he saw Noodle he flinched a little.

Russel: God Baby girl!

Noodle: What…?

Russel: Looks like you didn't get any sleep last night.

Noodle: I didn't…

Russel: You can sleep in the car on the way.

Noodle: …

Noodle groaned and walked back into her room. Russel sighed and went to the living room. He sat down and turned on the TV. Since he already were done with his packing he could just chill for a while until the others were done. Noodle had some problem with packing all of her clothes back into the suitcase again. She just threw them all down all messy into the suitcase and jumped on it to make it close itself. She growled with every jumped she took. She was too tired to even care about what she did right now. When the suitcase was closed she slowly walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and stuck it into her mouth. She started brushing her teeth quickly and then spit it out in the sink. She gave her reflection a wide smiled before she walked back into her room again. She grabbed her heavy suitcase and walked out of the room. She left the suitcase outside her door and walked into the living room were Russel watched TV. She sat down on the couch beside him and started to swing her legs back and forth. Russel turned his head and looked at her.

Russel: How you doing now baby girl?

Noodle: Better…

Russel: Okay.

Noodle: You think that Murdoc-san will calm down soon?

Russel: I don't care anymore.

Noodle: You don't?

Russel: Nope. If they wanna kill each other so badly they got it.

Noodle: *blinks at him* I don't want them to kill each other!

Russel: Calm down baby girl! I don't think they will "kill" each other. They'll maybe just fight like crazy forever.

Noodle: Sometimes they're pathetic.

Russel: I know…

Russel and Noodle went all quiet when 2D entered the room. They looked at the TV-screen and pretended like they didn't saw him at first. 2D looked at them without a word and walked over to the other couch and sat down.  He broke the silence after a while.

2D: What's wrong?

Russel: *looks at him* Nothing D.

Noodle: We just talked about the other shows.

2D: Okay.

Murdoc: Alright! Grab your bags!

The others groaned and rose up from their seats. Murdoc tapped his foot into the floor in irritation as he waited for them to hurry up. Russel grabbed his bags and waited for Noodle who dragged her bag after her. 2D was already behind Murdoc. They hurried up to the elevator and went down to the lobby. 2D, Noodle and Russel waited when Murdoc checked out. 2D sighed deeply, Russel yawned and Noodle played with her Tamagotchi. It didn't take long before Murdoc was done and the band thanked the hotel personal and went out to the car. They all put their bags into the boot cover. Murdoc was sure that El Diablo got lot of space from the others bags. Soon they all stepped into the car and were ready to go. Noodle rested her head against the car window and soon fell asleep. The others actually wondered where all of her energy had gone. Russel listened to music and pulled his cap over his eyes. Murdoc and 2D sat all silent in the front seat. Now they were on their way to the next spot. 2D didn't felt like doing it at all. He wanted to go back home. This tour hadn't start well at all and it felt like it would end in the same way but much worse. 2D looked at the bassist who didn't seem to care at all.

2D: Muds?

Murdoc: What…

2D: What time is it?

Murdoc: 05:47 am Face ache.

2D: *sighs*

Murdoc: What's wrong with you?

2D: Nofing…

Murdoc: Then shut up!

2D sighed and looked out through the car window. He wanted to go back home. The singer turned to the bassist again. Maybe he should talk to Murdoc about the whole thing between them. Russel and Noodle were busy with their own stuff so they maybe wouldn't hear anything. 2D inhaled a deep breath.

2D: M-Muds?

Murdoc: WHAT!?

2D: Nofink…

Chapter 16.

I must say this story went very long... It will be much more chapters believe me XD
Lucky that I love to write. Soon the others will know the secret between Murdoc and 2D. Enjoy.



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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Noodle: HURRY UP 2D-KUN!

Noodle yelled out the words high as she dragged 2D after her. 2D and Noodle had been out for shopping during the afternoon. 2D had been looking for a new zombie movie but he almost already had everyone and he thought that the new one's sucked. Noodle had been looking for clothes that would fit her taste but she hadn't found anything either. After awhile they still hadn't found anything at all. 2D suggested that they should go back to the jeep and go back home. Noodle agreed and followed him. When they were halfway back to the car they passed an Asian shop.  Noodle's eyes widen and she quickly grabbed 2D's hand and dragged him towards the store. She told him to hurry up so they could get in faster. 2D flinched in shock as Noodle dragged him into the shop and ran through the shelves in high speed. He didn't even have the chance to ask her what she would buy before she let go of his hand. He yelped as he accidently flew into a shelf nearby. He shook his head and took a few deep breaths. At least nothing fell off it as he had hit it. He turned to Noodle and looked at her confused. Noodle was searching through a big shelf full of different groceries. 2D tilted his head and walked up to the little Japanese girl. She mumbled and searched through the shelf faster.

Noodle: Where is it… where is it… Ohh! Aww there you are!

Noodle's eyes glittered as she found what she was looking for. She quickly rose up on her toes and tried to reach a small carton that was placed high up on the shelf. Noodle jumped up and down and growled a little when she couldn't reach the carton. 2D blinked slowly and reached out his long arm and grabbed the packet. It was a pink little carton with the strange name "Pocky" on it. 2D had never heard of that before. He gave the carton to Noodle who made a cute noise as she hugged the carton close to her chest. She smiled and looked up at the singer.

Noodle: Domo arigato!

2D: You're welcome Noodle.

Noodle: Umm… Can you help me to get some more?

2D: Um sure.

Noodle smiled and pointed at the at least 20 different other cartons on the shelf. 2D had to stretch himself out and up a long time before Noodle was done and happy. 2D's arms were now filled with at least 70 colorful packets of Pocky. He almost couldn't see Noodle through the bundle in his arms.

2D: Umm…Noodle?

Noodle: Hai?

2D: Are you done now? I don't think I can carry anything more…

Noodle: Don't worry 2D-kun. I'm done.

2D sighed out in relief and Noodle carefully leaded him to the counter. He bit his lower lip and took small and slowly steps forwards. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn't drop any of the packets. Suddenly Noodle stopped right in front of 2D and he bumped right into her. Luckily he could keep his balance and stayed on his feet. He carefully turned so he could see her.

2D: What's wrong?

Noodle: I forgot the pumpkin flavor ones!

2D: Dear lord…

Noodle pushed 2D back to the candy shelf and pointed at some orange colored cartons that were on the very top of the shelf. 2D gulped and tried to reach the carton without dropping the others in his arms. 2D now stood on his toes and carefully tried to push the carton out of its place with his index finger. Then without warning he tripped and fell forwards with all the candy cartons over him. The large thump that came when 2D hit the floor made the large shelf to shake. The Pocky packet fell out of its place and Noodle caught it in her hand. 2D slowly sat up on the floor and rubbed his head. He sighed and looked at the mess he did. Noodle giggled and helped him up on his feet. After 2D had picked up every carton on the floor they went to the counter. The girl behind the counter thought it was funny that Noodle bought so many packets. Noodle paid and the girl put down all the Pocky packets in bags and handed them to Noodle and 2D. Soon Noodle and 2D walked out of the store with 15 bags of Pocky. They walked back to the jeep and stepped inside. Noodle smiled and fished up on pack from the bag and opened it. She took out a little stick that was covered in a pink color. She stuck it between her lips and took a bit. A small crunch sound was heard and her eyes glittered in joy. She squeaked and dangled her legs back and forth.

Noodle: Mmmm! This is so good!

The singer blinked confused and looked at her. The little Asian girl kept eating and squeaking in joy. 2D tilted his head and looked at the carton in Noodle's hand.

2D: Noodle?

Noodle: Yes 2D-kun?

2D: What exactly is that you're eating?

Noodle: Ohh this is Pocky! It's very tasty sweets.

2D: Oh okay.

Noodle: You want a taste?

2D: Okay.

Noodle offered the singer one of the biscuit sticks. He smiled and took one. He bit off a piece and chewed slowly. A wide smile was formed on his lips. Noodle was right, it was really good. They drove back to Kong studios and parked the jeep on the parkway. Noodle jumped out with all her bags and smiled at the singer. 2D stepped out of the car and stretched a little. He always felt a little tense after driving or even sitting in a car. Noodle ran up to him and smiled widely. 2D returned the smile and showed her a warm toothless smile. Noodle giggled. She always loved to see 2D's gap.

Noodle: Domo arigato 2D-kun. Thank you for helping me.

2D: You're welcome Noodle-luv.

Noodle: As thank you for helping me you will get your own carton of Pocky!

2D: Oh thanks.

Noodle fished up a pack of strawberry flavored pockys. She handed it to the singer who thanked her again.

Noodle: Strawberry is one of my favorites!

2D: Yeah they were really good.

Noodle: Enjoy your snack! See you later 2D-kun.

2D: Thanks Noodle!

Noodle ran off to her room with all her bags hanging down from her wrists. 2D opened the cartoon and took out a biscuit stick. He took a bit and chewed slowly to make the taste last a little longer. This candy was really tasty. The singer took another stick and enjoyed the sweet taste. He walked into the living room were the bassist watched television. He grunted and zapped through the channels without finding anything interesting on. He growled and threw the control into the floor. He rested his feet on the table and sighed deeply. The bassist turned his head when he heard footsteps coming into the room. 2D walked up behind him chewing on a pocky stick. Murdoc blinked slowly at the singer and then glared at the stick in his mouth.

Murdoc: What the heck are you eating on?

2D: Pocky.

Murdoc: What the hell is pocky!?

2D: Asian candy.

Murdoc: Whatever…

2D: It's very tasty.

Murdoc: Like I care.

2D: You wanna try?

Murdoc: *glares at him* If a taste one will you shut up?

2D: *shrugs* Fine.

Murdoc reached out his hand and snapped one of the sticks from the packet as if it was cigarettes. He then bit of a piece of the thin biscuit stick and chewed slowly. He blinked and looked at the singer. 2D smiled and took another Pocky in his mouth.

2D: Taste good?

Murdoc: Y-Yeahh… I must say it did.

2D: Just like I thought. Want to have another one?

Murdoc: Sure.

2D and Murdoc enjoyed the tasty candy sticks one by one. Soon they had almost eaten up all of them. It was only one Pocky left in the carton now and both 2D and Murdoc wanted it. They glared at each other. 2D grabbed the carton and was just about to take the stick before Murdoc stopped him. They growled at each other and fought about the Pocky stick. They wanted to make sure that the stick didn't brake so they tried to avoid breaking it. 2D tried to reach the Pocky stick that lay in its carton on the table. Murdoc grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back. 2D struggled and tried to push the bassist off him. Murdoc growled and bit 2D's arm. 2D screamed and smacked Murdoc across the face. Murdoc growled and got on top of the singer. He then raised his fist to punch him right in the face. They froze in shock when they saw Noodle walking into the room. She stared at them all confused.

Noodle: What is going on?

2D: He's trying to steal my Pocky!

Murdoc: You ate more than me you little punk!

2D: So what!? They are mine! I just let you taste them!

Murdoc: Oh shut it twerp! Don't be so bloody greedy!

2D: Look who's talking!  

Noodle started laugh when she heard that they were fighting about candy. She couldn't believe how childish they could be. A wide smirk then formed on her face and she slowly walked up to them. She had a great but evil little idea in her head.

Noodle: I know how you can make this up.

Murdoc & 2D: HOW?

Noodle: Play the Pocky game!

Murdoc & 2D: The what?

Noodle smirked when she heard that none of them knew what it was. She grabbed the Pocky carton on the table and pulled out the last stick. She then walked up to the both guys and handed them the Pocky stick.

Noodle: The Pocky game is a great way to show who get the most Pocky. You two place the Pocky stick between your lips and start chewing on each side. Then you both can fight in a better way.

2D and Murdoc blinked and then glared at each other. Then game sounded something like "Lady and The Tramp" with that bloody spaghetti scene. But somehow Noodle's words made it sound like a totally normal thing to end up a fight with, and the both of the wanted the Pocky. Murdoc grabbed the stick and placed it between 2D's lips. 2D blushed a little as Murdoc bit the other side of the Pocky and glared at the singer with a challenge expression. Then he frowned and "accepted" the bassists "challenge". Noodle smirked and walked up between them. She placed her hand near theirs head and then moved it up and down three times as she counted slowly and high.

Noodle: Ready? One…Two…THREE!

Murdoc and 2D didn't quite understand what they were doing. They started chewing on each side of the Pocky stick with high speed. It was like a little fight between them as they worked hard to get the most of the Pocky. Suddenly it was like the whole time stopped. Murdoc and 2D flinched as they realized what they did. The two band members stared each other in the eyes in shock as they felt their lips touching. They were so shocked that they didn't pull away. Noodle started laughing high and clapped her hands together. 2D and Murdoc jerked back and stared at each other. Then they quickly spat in the ground. Murdoc growled and 2D wiped his mouth. Noodle almost fell backwards in laugher. Murdoc and 2D stared at her. Noodle wiped some tears from her eyes and calmed down.

Noodle: You two totally felled for it!

Murdoc: What the-

2D: *blushes*

Noodle: If you two wanted more Pocky you could just have asked me. But it was very funny to see how far you two could go for some candy!

2D: Y-You-

Noodle: You two KISSED each other! *Laughs*

Noodle threw a pack of Pocky on the table in front of them. Murdoc and 2D stared at pack for a while as Noodle laughed like crazy. Suddenly Murdoc rose up from the couch and rushed after Noodle in anger. Noodle still laughed as she stuck out her tongue at the bassist.


Noodle: You're too slow Old Man!


Murdoc chased Noodle out of the living room still yelling after her like crazy. 2D sat all still on the couch still blushing. He couldn't believe what just happened. His eyes fell on the pack of Pocky on the table. He looked around a little before he snapped the pack and opened it with a fast move. He took out a biscuit stick and slowly chewed on it. Noodle was right. You could do almost ANYTHING for this candy.

The end <3
Alright I know it sucks. But I was bored and just wanted some funny Gorillaz story. I really love Pocky! XD Evil little Nudoru! She tricked 2D and Murdoc XD LOL! They were both too stupid to fell for the "Pocky game". Anyway. Enjoy.
Umm well... I love 2DXMurdoc <3 XD
Trust me! I would have done the same thing as Noodle!

gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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Back at the car park at Kong studios Russel had just helped Murdoc to get up on his legs and dragged him to the car. They needed to get to the airport and get Noodle back. Russel had even tried to make Murdoc drop the damn frying pan he had swing around with after poor Cortez. Russel was so damn tired of this all. He gave the bassist a slap across the face to make him stop acting like a moron. Murdoc had just shook his head a little before he started chuckle and talk a lot of crap again. Russel sighed and grabbed the car keys from Murdoc's Winnebago and unlocked the bassist's new car. Russel blinked at the bassist who only chuckled.

Russel: Who will drive?

Murdoc: …*hick*

Russel: Stupid question… Get in!

Murdoc: Just make sure to kill us on the way Russ.

Russel: Shut up! Just get into the damn car!

Murdoc and Russel got into the car and put on the safety belt. Murdoc had brought a can of beer with him and opened it while Russel drove away from Kong studios. Russel glared at Murdoc in anger as Murdoc sipped in the beer.

Russel: Crap man! Haven't you had enough already!? Are you going to kill yourself!?

Murdoc: You r-read my *hick* mind…

Russel: God I hope we get there in time…

Russel drove like crazy to the air port hoping that they would get there in time while Murdoc played with the empty beer bottle as if it was a space ship. Russel glared at him and shook his head. How could this happen!? Murdoc kept playing and laughing as Russel felt the stress flew around his body with high speed. After what felt like a lifetime but sure wasn't longer than an hour the two band members finally reached the air port. Russel had got out in high speed and dragged the bassist after him after he had locked the car. Murdoc didn't care if he was dragged around, he was too drunk to even care. Russel rushed up to the desk and gasped for air as he held his finger up in the air. The girl behind the desk flinched and looked at the two band members in front of her with worried eyes. Russel tried to calm down and looked up at her.

Woman: C-can I help you sir?

Russel: Excuse me miss. But when is the last flight to Paris!?

Woman: I'm sorry sir. But that flight went for over 2 hours ago.

Russel: WHAT!?

Woman: The next won't be until in the morning. I think it's around 07:30.

Russel: Damn! We have to get there by now!

Russel walked back and forth rubbing his head at the same time. Murdoc just stood there and glared at him with half open eyes. Russel glared at him in anger and grabbed his shoulders.

Russel: How the hell can you be so calm man!?

Murdoc: H-Hey Russ… You can calm down.

Russel: CALM DOWN!? How the hell can I calm down now!?

Murdoc: You don't have to *hick* worry… I have e-everything under control…

Russel: How the hell is that!?

Murdoc smirked and walked up to the desk. He handed the woman some kind of paper and she read it carefully. She then nodded and called for some other personal. A man walked up to them and then showed them out to the airstrip. Russel didn't understand at all of what Murdoc had planned but when the man showed them a private plane he gasped. Murdoc smirked at the drummer and hiccupped again. Russel pointed at the plane and then at the bassist. He couldn't get out a word.

Russel: What did you… How did you!?

Murdoc: Russ! This is our private jet plane hehe…

Russel: Wh-What!? Since when did we get our own plane!

Murdoc: I bought it before.

Russel: How the fucking hell did you-

Murdoc: I-I don't remember… I must have been drunk or something when I bought it.

Russel: It wouldn't surprise me at all man…

Murdoc: A-anyway… Now we can *hick* g-go to France and get Noodle…

Russel: Umm Muds…

Murdoc: Yeah?

Russel: Ya know how to fly this thing?

Murdoc: Oh… ehh… No…

Noodle arrived early in the morning at an airport in Paris. She grabbed her things and went off the flight. She looked around the airport as she came around it. She didn't know what to do at first. She didn't have a map or anything else. She wondered if she should find somewhere to get a map or something. Noodle couldn't find any place to get a map so she decided to keep going by herself. She grabbed her backpack and fished up the magazine. She looked at the pages and tried to figure out where she could find the model studio. Noodle took a better grip of her backpack and walked out of the airport and went into the town. She hoped that she would find 2D today so she wouldn't walk around the street like an idiot. Noodle walked pass the streets in hope that she could find anything soon. After a few hours she had walked around through the streets crazy without any good result. Noodle was just about to give up she heard her stomach start to growl. She remembered that she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. She sighed and rested her back against a wall. People walked pass her without paying her attention. Noodle still had her ski cap over her head so people wouldn't recognize her. She wasn't sure if anyone in France did recognize her at all but that didn't matter. Noodle sighed and looked around the big street she was on. It was many buildings and houses all around the place and Noodle felt completely lost but she wasn't scared at all. She just grew irritated and disappointed. She couldn't ask for help either. She couldn't speak French and she wasn't sure if people would like to speak English here. Some people who walked by looked at her but she didn't care. Noodle was just about to keep going when her eyes fell on a large clothes store nearby. Noodle couldn't believe her eyes as she saw a large poster on the glass window and on the poster was 2D and the other girls. Noodle quickly ran into the store and saw some more posters. Noodle looked at the poster for a long time, she wasn't interested at the clothes. Noodle jumped as she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She spanned around and saw a sweet looking woman standing in front of her. Noodle figured out that the woman must be working at the store. Noodle went nervous since she couldn't speak French. She hoped that this woman was in the mood to speak English. Noodle saw a little identity tag on the woman's shirt that said "Laure".

Laure: Bonjour.

Noodle: Umm. I cannot speak French…

Laure: Oh I see. You are a tourist?

Noodle: Kind of…

Laure: Do you want help?

Noodle: Can you help with something special?

Laure: *smiles* I can try.

Noodle: Do you know where that guy on the picture is?

Laure: Umm. Zat was a strange question. Well we buy zee posters from a very well known fashion collection.

Noodle: Do you know what that place is?

Laure: Of course I know. Do you need an address little girl?

Noodle: *nods* Yes! That would be so nice of you.

Laure smiled and walked over to the desk. She took out a notebook and a pen and wrote down an address in it and then ripped out the page and gave it to Noodle with a smiled.
Noodle smiled widely and took the note.

Noodle: Domo aritgato! Um thank you very much.

Laure: Aucun Probléme. Good luck little girl. Where are you going?

Noodle: I'm going to find my big brother.

Laure: Oh good luck.

Noodle: Thank you! Bye bye!

Noodle smiled and ran out of the store. She smiled and read the address at the note carefully. Now it wouldn't take long before she would meet 2D again.

After a long time of gagging and fighting the drummer and the bassist had finally made their way to Paris. Russel discovered a new talent of his own. He could fly a plane. Murdoc had just rested the whole bloody trip through the air without disturbing the drummer at all. Russel just wanted to get there and make sure that Noodle was okay. There was lot of people that could trick her or kidnap her. Russel then shook his head in anger. Noodle was too smart to even fall for any stupid tricks and let any strangers drag her with them. After a long while they finally arrived. Murdoc and Russel were both tired as hell and both of them needed a good stretch to make sure that they still could feel their legs. Murdoc had the worst hangover ever after all that crap he had been drinking and he was sure that his liver was rotten by now. Russel sighed and Murdoc groaned deeply. They both looked around the airport they had arrived on and they were ready to do a quick check up before they went anywhere. After a while as the airports personal had checked the two new people and made sure that they weren't dangerous or too strange they could keep going. Russel dragged the bassist after him as they walked down the streets. Russel just wanted to find the little girl before something very bad happened. Russel asked lot of people if they had seen her. Most of the people didn't answer and others recognized them and begged for autographs. Russel and Murdoc looked around for a long time without any good results. Murdoc didn't care about anything and Russel started to lose his patience. Murdoc wanted to get back to the plane and go home but Russel stopped him.

Russel: Listen here! We ain't going anywhere until we have find Noodle!

Murdoc: *groans* Fine…

Russel: Remember! We just keep on looking like normal people. The last thing we want is too much attention!

Murdoc: *shrugs*

Russel rolled his eyes and stopped a woman who passed by. She blinked as he showed her a picture of Noodle.

Russel: Excuse me miss. But we aren't from here and we are looking for our friend. Have you seen this girl?

Woman: Oh I have seen zat girl before.

Russel. You have!?

Woman: Oui!  She is from zee Gorillaz no?

Russel: *groans* Yes… But have you seen her here?

Woman: No. I'm sorry.

Russel: Okay, but thanks anyway.

Russel stopped another person and asked the same question. He got the same answer and he groaned just like before. He couldn't stand it. He couldn't understand how 2D could live with those French accents and all this other stuff. Where the heck could Noodle be? Russel kept thinking and was totally spaced out for a moment. Suddenly without warning he snapped out of his thoughts as a high ear bleeding sound went through the whole air stopping people all around the place and made them staring at the two bandmembers in front of them.


Russel saw the bassist standing and yelling like crazy in a megaphone. Where the hell did he got that thing from he thought. Russel ran up to Murdoc before he could yell again. He lowered the megaphone and glared at the bassist.

Russel: Just what the hell are you doing man!? I told you the last thing we wanted was attention!

Murdoc: What's wrong with you? I'm just doing like you. Looking for Noodle.

Russel: That doesn't matter! What the hell is that thing anyway!?

Murdoc: Don't you see? It's the megaphone that 2D used in "Feel good inc".

Russel: Yeah but… I see that but were the hell did you find it!?

Murdoc: In the plane. I must have put it there for some reason…

Russel: Whatever! Get rid of that thing!

Murdoc: *points the megaphone in Russel's face and speak in a very low voice* No…

Russel: *grabs the megaphone* Stop playing around!

Murdoc: Whatever…let's face it. We will never find her.

Russel: Of course we will! She came here to search for D. But where the hell should we start looking!?

Murdoc: How about over there…

Murdoc pointed at a store with posters of 2D in the glass windows.  It was the same store that Noodle had been in before. Russel and Murdoc went into the store and looked around. They weren't sure if they should find Noodle in there but they had the feeling that they could get some information in here. Laure was still working and suddenly noticed them. She smiled and walked up to them. She then saw that they were from the Gorillaz and she couldn't help herself and clap her hands together in joy. Murdoc and Russel blinked as they saw the happy woman in front of them.

Laure: You are zee Gorillaz right?

Murdoc: Sure we are.

Laure: I love your music! It's amazing!

Murdoc: Thanks.

Russel: Um excuse us for asking, but have you seen this girl?

Russel showed her a picture of Noodle and Laure looked at it for a long time. She noticed that it was their guitarist and said so. Russel and Murdoc was near to give up until Laure told them that she had seen a girl in the store before that had been asking for an address. Russel and Murdoc stared at her with wide eyes.  

Russel: How did the girl look like!? Did she look like this? Was it Noodle?

Laure: It was hard to see. She had a ski cap over her head so it wasn't so easy.

Murdoc: Okay…

Laure: But she looked for zat blue haired guy on zee poster. She said zat it was her brother.

Russel & Murdoc: That's Noodle!

Laure: Oh! You want zee address to where she was going?

Russel: Yes!

Laure wrote down the same address as before and handed it to them. The two of them gave her some autographs in return. Laure ran to the phone and called her friend to tell her what great thing just had happen. Murdoc and Russel were now ready to seek up this model studio.

Chapter 21!
Yippi! Soon they will find 2D! Not many chapters left now^^ Anyway. Enjoy it so far... Hope you like it.



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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2D woke up early the next morning all tired without any sleep at all. He hadn't got much sleep at all since he read the message he got from Noodle the last night. He groaned as he rubbed his hair and forced himself out of the bed. He was going to take photos for the new collection today. The blue haired singer didn't felt for it at all. 2D went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. After that he watched himself in the mirror for a while. He didn't bother that much of his reflection like the girls always did. They went crazy if they discovery a pimple or that their makeup were messed up. 2D shrugged and then got dressed. He didn't care about eating breakfast and instead walked out on the balcony. He stared out over the town and sighed. He thought about Noodle's message again. She seemed to miss him very much. 2D felt bad for leaving her without even say good bye. Noodle was like his little sister after all. But yet the singer couldn't go back. He had been gone for a long while and if he had made it that far he could at least make it to stay away until he was done with this model crap. Later both 2D and the French model girls were getting ready for the next shot. They had changed to the clothes they would wear and there was people walking around them fixing their makeup, clothes and hairstyle. 2D didn't want them to mess up his hair. He wanted to keep it spiky as it always had been. No one seemed to have a problem with that and they let the singer keep it how he wanted it. Some of the girls yelled out for more makeup and one of them complained that the dressed she wore was too big. 2D sighed and hoped that this day would be over soon. The photographer told them all to get ready. 2D stood in the middle with two girls around him. They made posing and expression that was perfect for the magazine. One of the girls pressed herself against 2D and looked like as if she were extremely pleased. 2D laid an arm around her waist and acted like he liked it. Many pictures were taken and soon it was finally over. 2D hated the heat from the up lighters. The girls walked away for a break and 2D pulled off the hat he was wearing. He used it as a sun feather to get rid of the heat. A woman walked up to him and smiled with her pink painted lips. She had tied up brown hair and wore a white shirt with a black jacket over it. She also had black pants and high heeled black shoes that matched her whole outfit. Her name was Amélie and she was the one who informed the models about time and next collections and other important things. He had a map in her hand full of paper work and schedules. 2D groaned a little as he heard her French accent.

Amélie: Wonderful misour Tusspot.

2D: Thank you…

Amélie: You got one very beautiful face. We have our next shot in five minutes. Make sure to be ready.

2D: Sure…

2D walked over to one of the tables near the cameras. There were water bottles and some energy bars placed on it for the models if they got thirsty or hungry. 2D grabbed a bottle and opened it. He sipped in the cold water and then sighed in relief. It was so bloody hot in this place. One of the model girls walked up to him and grabbed a bottle herself. She smiled and took a sip. 2D shrugged and looked around a little. He wondered for how long he would keep doing this anyway. The girl who stood beside him was named Anne. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body was just like the other models. All thin. She almost didn't have any boobs. 2D shook his head as he thought about that. He didn't care how the models look like. He had been working with them for a long while and should have got used to them by now. Anne smiled and stroked his hair. 2D flinched as he felt it. He sighed as she started talking with her French accent.

Anne: Mon Dieu! How do you get your hair so pretty? Is it a very special hairstyle?

2D: *Shook his head* No. It's just this way. It's… Um… kinda natural.

Anne: Oh. I wish zat my hair could keep being natural like zis.

2D looked at Anne's styled hair. It was all flatted and styled in a very nice way. She had a long side fringe that covered her left eye and a nice hair clip. 2D nodded and took another sip of his water. Anne placed down her bottle on the table and looked at the other models nearby. One of them had long flatted brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her name was Claudine and she used to take many pictures with 2D. Anne went closer to 2D's ear and whispered in a mocking tone. Her warm breath and French accent tickled and teased his ear.

Anne: I believe zat Claudine has put on some weight. Looks like she cannot learn to eat healthy food.

2D: …

Anne: I believe zat she will be out of here by any minute. She is not zee one who is lucky around here.

2D: I don't know…

Anne: But you are not zee same. You will go far.

Anne smiled and walked away. 2D sighed and placed down his bottle on the table. He was so tired of this. He was sick of hearing the girls running around and talking behind the backs of each other. He had even heard them talking about him behind his back before. That hadn't hurt him at all. He was kind of used to get insult anyway. He knew that all the girls around here talked bad about each other to make themselves feel better. 2D lifted up his head and saw Amélie wave her hand to him and the other models. It was time for the next shot. 2D groaned as he walked into the heat again and the girls shouted about makeup. The girls made their poses and so did 2D. He was glad that he could act since he really had to hide the irritation inside him.

After a long for moon with the pictures and all make up and running the models could enjoy an hour for lunch. Some of the girls hardly enjoyed a salad or only an energy bar. 2D couldn't understand how the girls could be so afraid of food. He had even seen lot of the skinniest girls sneak into the bathroom to eat diet pills. 2D couldn't understand why they did so since they didn't have to lose any weight at all. Actually they should get some instead. 2D didn't felt like eating together with the girls. Instead he walked to his room near the photo studio. The models had their own special room that they could be in to get ready for the next shot or stand. He wasn't hungry either. He looked at his plate for awhile before he threw it into the trashcan. He thought back at the massage he got from Noodle. She seemed to miss him, just as much as he missed her and the others. He looked himself in the mirror and sighed. Why couldn't he just go back? He wanted to but he couldn't. Why had this whole thing happen? He couldn't stand it anymore. He missed England and Kong studios. He missed everything. But he just couldn't go back. 2D got up from his seat and walked out from room. He was on his way down the corridor when he passed by some of the models that sat in a couch nearby. 2D stopped and his behind the wall as he heard them talk about others models and even himself. He heard one of the girls that were named Dorothee talk about him. Their French accent rang in his ears.

Dorothee: I must say. He is pretty cute but he must be zee dumbest man on earth.

Anne: Yeah. But have you heard him singing? Zat is so good!

Dorothee: I know. He fits as a singer. But for zis job… I don't zink so…

Anne: And his style. He really should zink about getting a styler.

Dorothee: Indeed. He is too skinny for zis job. I could use him as a coat hanger.

Anne: I know.

2D glared at them and walked away. He was so bloody tired of all this gossip. Why was everyone here so bloody mean? He wasn't looking towards the next thing he should be modeling for. He remembered that Amélie told him that he and Claudine should be modeling for a new collection of underwear. He wasn't looking towards it at all. After a while Ameile called both 2D and Claudine to change and get ready for the next shot. 2D and Claudine changed into the new underwear and did poses in front of the camera. They had a nice white background behind them and the camera man wanted them to get closer to each other. They kept on doing poses and it somehow felt that they were doing "love" poses. The camera team put in some effects to make the pictures better. They blow some air in front of 2D and Claudine with a big blower fan and lighted up the background with stronger up lighters. Claudine and 2D went closer to each other and did a few poses as the camera man took a lot of pictures. After at least 2 hours it was over. 2D felt it had last forever. Claudine smiled at 2D and put her hands on her hips.

Claudine: Wonderful Stuart. I must say zat you look wonderful in zose underwear.

2D: Fank you…

Claudine: I'm glad I could take zee pictures with you alone.

2D: Huh?

Claudine: I look towards to see zee results later. Bye Stuart.

Claudine smiled and walked away in the red and black underwear. She walked back to her own dressing room and left the singer alone. 2D looked down on his half naked body and blinked. He then sighed and walked to his own dressing room. He changed back to his own clothes. He had his T-virus t-shirt and blue jeans. He wanted to feel a little more like himself again. He had to admit that he was tired as hell of all this. 2D looked at his timetable and sighed in relief. He didn't have anything more to do for the rest of the afternoon. He went back to the models house and went up to his own apartment. It felt good to be alone and relax for a bit. 2D walked through the white painted rooms and into his bedroom. He threw himself on the bed and took a deep breath. People who thought that model jobs were easy could think again. It really took on his energy just to take the pictures. It wasn't just to stand still and get pictures. Sometimes you had to do it all over again because you moved or that something wasn't just right. Even sometimes the makeup people had to walk up to you and fix your make up or your hair.  Anyway, it was too much for the blue haired singer. 2D turned his face to his cell phone that laid on the night table next to the bed. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the phone. He didn't saw any new massage or calls. He sighed and looked at the phone again. Should he call the others? 2D was just about to type in Noodle's number just as there was a knock on his door. He put the phone aside and jumped off the bed. He slowly walked up to the door and opened it. He saw Amelie standing in front of him smiling with her papers in her arms. 2D blinked confused and looked at some papers she gave him.

Amélie: Zee pictures are done. Tell me what you zink.

2D looked at some of the pictures he had been taking today with the girls. They didn't make him feel happy or anything. He just gave her a fake smiled and told her they looked fine. Amelie smiled with her pink painted lips. She nodded and walked away again. 2D rested himself against the door as he closed it behind him. Why did he even do this? He didn't mean to sink down in a depression but this place defiantly didn't make him happy at all. He knew that the music was his right place. He walked out on the balcony and looked out over the whole city. It was a rather nice view. He looked back inside at the night table. The cell phone kept lying on its place and didn't give any sight of a call or massage. 2D still wondered if he should call the others. He then quickly shook his head and tried to think about something else. He knew that the pictures he had taken today would be shown in some magazines and posters in a few days or so. The singer dug into his pocket and found his pack of cigarettes. He stuck one between his lips and lighted it. He inhaled the smoke from it and then blew it out in the air. 2D stared up in the sky for a while and relaxed. He stuck his hands in his pockets and rested himself against the wall. He then felt something in his pocket. It was something small and seemed to be weird shaped. He took up his hand and opened it slowly. His eyes widened as he saw a red cherry hairclip in his hand. It was Noodle's. He remembered it from their tour when Noodle put it into his hair to help him keep it out of his face. He clenched his fist hard and let a few tears run down his cheek. He wondered what the others did right now.

5 days later at Kong studios*

It was a foggy morning over the grey building at the graveyard hill. Russel had just woke Noodle who had fallen asleep in 2D's room again. Russel hated to see the poor girl suffer like this. Soon he couldn't stand it himself either. He missed the blue haired too. He missed the tall thin man who always cheered everyone up in his own way. Russel had picked Noodle up in his arms and carried her into the kitchen. Noodle had grabbed 2D's pillow that had been left on the bed since he left the place. Noodle refused to let go of it. Russel sat down the yawning girl on a chair by the table and made her some toast and tea. Noodle didn't touch it at all. Russel sighed and patted her head slowly. Noodle looked up at him with sad eyes. The drummer sat down next to her and let her rest herself against him. Noodle sobbed and hugged the pillow harder.

Noodle: I-I can't stop thinking about 2D-kun.

Russel: It's okay baby girl… But remember that he's not dead.

Noodle: I know that… But sometimes it feels like that…

Russel: Take it easy Noods. It'll be fine.

Russel gave her a hug and rose up from the chair. He started to make breakfast for himself and Murdoc, if the bassist even showed up of course. Russel had put the bands mail on the table, it wasn't the fan mail. The fan mails were put in another special mailbox for them and they always read them together or took their own mail into their rooms. This mail was the normal mail like bills, family letters or news papers. Neither Russel nor Noodle had checked through them. Noodle kept sighing and resting herself against the table. Russel gave her a sad look before he continued cooking. Suddenly Murdoc stumbled into the kitchen and Russel and Noodle looked at him. Murdoc glared back at them and mumbled something strange. He walked up to the fridge and grabbed a beer bottle. Russel glared at him like if the bassist was the biggest idiot on earth. Murdoc opened the bottle and took a sip of the bitter liquid.

Russel: Why do you drink that crap for breakfast?

Murdoc: Because I feel for it…

Russel: You know… I know that you are very depressed because D left, but you really need to take care of yourself then making yourself one step closer to the grave…

Murdoc: I don't care! Mind your own bloody business!

Russel: *shrugs* Do as ya wish then.

Murdoc glared at the mail that lay on the table. He walked up to it and went through them. Noodle looked up at the bassist with wide eyes. Murdoc looked at her and took another sip of his beer.

Murdoc: What is it?

Noodle: Is it something from 2D-kun?

Murdoc: No.

Noodle: *Looks down*

Murdoc kept looking through the mail without a word. He only found bills and other stupid stuff he didn't wanted. He also found some newspaper and also a magazine. Murdoc flinched when he saw that it was a magazine from France. It was from the collection that 2D worked for. Murdoc didn't show the others at first. Noodle only sat on her chair and sighed deeply and Russel was too busy with cooking. Murdoc carefully checked through the magazine slowly and saw pictures of 2D. He had different outfits that actually fit him. Murdoc frowned and changed page with a quick move. The bassist suddenly flinched and yelled out in anger as he saw the next picture. It was the pictures 2D had been taken with Claudine, the one with the underwear. One of the best pictures 2D and Claudine had been taken was one when Claudine made a sexy pose and 2D hugged her from behind. Noodle jumped in shock and fell off her chair. Russel flinched in shock as well and almost dropped the frying pan he was holding. The drummer and the guitarist stared at the bassist who growled in anger and clenched his fists hard together making the magazine balled. Noodle blinked confused and Russel raised an eyebrow.

Russel: What the hell man. What's wrong?

Murdoc: *growls in anger*

Noodle: Murdoc-san?

Murdoc ripped out the page and started to rip it into pieces. Noodle and Russel looked at each other and then back to the bassist. Murdoc kept ripping it into smaller pieces and then stuck it into his mouth. Russel and Noodle went all confused about how Murdoc acted. Murdoc chewed the paper pieces hard and then without warning spit them out on the floor. Russel glared at Murdoc in irritation as the bassist wiped off his mouth.

Russel: What the hell was that for?

Murdoc: That bloody page was unnecessary! If you excuse me, I will be in my Winnebago…

Murdoc stomped out of the kitchen without a word. Russel blinked slowly and turned to Noodle who had picked up the magazine. She looked through it and saw the rest of the pictures. She didn't say anything at all. Russel sighed as he saw her sad expression. He hoped that things soon would work out before he lost his own mind.

Chapter 19 <3 This story is starting to reach it's goal^^
Anyway, enjoy the chapter <3 even if it isn't good try to enjoy. 2D can see that the model life is very hard... Just so you all know. I don't have anything against France! And about the weird spelling is because I read that that is how you can spell a french accent. Whatever. don't complain about that please. I fix spelling problems later ok^^



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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