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Bless you Dear FriendsI hope the Blue Moon filled your dreams of magic and you will be inspired for this new month that we start today :D!
I pray to the Muses that they will fill your mind of creativity and inspirations, and their fires will always burn over your heads
Thanks for your friendship and your human warmth :3
May the Gods fill you of gifts and blessings every day of this new month
May your art always be as awesome as your sweet friendship!
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My Drawings

Siren Queen: Collaboration by Typhon--Monster-KingNightmare Goddess: Collaboration by Typhon--Monster-King
Virgin Goddesses Athena, Hestia, Artemis (Old Art) by Typhon--Monster-KingShiny Goddesses: EARTH by Typhon--Monster-KingGoddess of Eternal Fire (Old Art) by Typhon--Monster-King
Kid dating the Moon (Old Art) by Typhon--Monster-KingShiny Goddesses: SUN by Typhon--Monster-KingShiny Goddesses: FIRE by Typhon--Monster-King
Dragon Witch: Collaboration by Typhon--Monster-KingAbducted by the Muse: Collaboration by Typhon--Monster-KingGAME: AMAZONS by Typhon--Monster-King
The 12 Zodiacs
Sagittarius Demoness (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-KingLeo Demoness (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-KingAries Demoness (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-King
Libra Fairy (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-KingGemini Fairy (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-KingAquarius Fairy (Magical Collaboration) by Typhon--Monster-King
Piscis Mermaid (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-KingScorpio Mermaid (2012 Collabs) by Typhon--Monster-King:thumb
Bless you Dear Friends3 years ago in Personal More Like This