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I really don't like this style near enough as my old one :P I'm just experimenting, people. And I'm just about done. I had two more pictures I wanted to try working with so...

This was the first. IT'S SO WEIRD. I'm sure all of you know that I am Harley Quinn and ~peachycam11 is Poison Ivy. However in this picture we took on her front porch-- I LOOKED JUST LIKE IVY. I mean, I'm also totally an Ivy...but still. So ever since I noticed that I've been wanting to draw this. Tralalalala. And my new style was a perfect way to do it.

So this is how I look with green skin. And how Cecilia looks pale and blonde.

Harley and Ivy (c) DC Comics

And if you're curious, my last picture in this style will be Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. So tralalalalala. Expect that.
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"Puddin! Please, don't kick me out again! You know how much I love you!" Harley pleaded for permission to stay, but Joker had had enough!

"HAAAARLEY! I will not have you screwing up every little plan I make! OUT!" He pointed toward the door and threw her purse across the room. "And take the stupid mongrels with you!"

Harley slowly got up off her knees. "Puddin. Mistah J. Please." She tried to wrap him in a hug, but he shoved her to the floor and went back to his desk. Harley's lip quivered and tears streamed down her face. After much limping she managed to hobble to her purse and feebly mumble, "Babies. Come here." The two massive hyenas looked up happily and bounded toward her. She gave them a faint smile, and looked at Joker one last time. "Why don't you love me?" she whispered, petting Lou on the neck.

Knock knock knock. For some strange reason, there was a knock at Jonathan Crane's door. He set down the new fear toxin he was working on and cautiously tiptoed across the room. He backed up against the wall next to the door and looked out through the window. To his surprise and horror he saw his lifelong friend and former co-worker, Harleen Quinzel shivering on his porch. She had her purse wrapped in her arms and her gigantic "babies" wrapped around her feet.

"Harley!" he screamed, busting the door open, "What in the name of all that is scary happened to you?"

Harley looked at him through her sad blue eyes and just wept some more.

He rushed over to her and wrapped his arms around her, embracing her close. "It's okay, Harley. You can stay here."

She looked up at him and smiled, "Thanks."

Harley was wrapped in a fuzzy pink robe on Jonathan Crane's scarlet couch. She looked around curiosly and leaned on her babies. She saw many old photographs on the walls, bookcases full to the brim with books on fear, a little table with lots of test tubes piled on top of it. But most peculiar of all, he had no TV! How was she supposed to watch Looney Tunes and such with no TV? She rose one eyebrow and tried to figure it out.

Just then, Jonathan walked back in. He looked scrawny in his brown flannel pajamas, and his red hair hung flatly around his bony face. His hazel eyes glowed with affection under his glasses and he smiled brightly. He carried two mugs of hot chocolate and he kind of looked like a TV mom of the 50s. In a strange way.

Harley smiled at him and scooted Bud off the other side of the couch.

Jonathan plopped down on the now empty seat next to Harley and handed her a mug. "So, Harl," He was using his doctor voice, uh-oh, "What exactly happened with Joker?"

Harley sighed and propped her wet and muddy feet onto his mahogany coffee table. "'s just like always. He had a master plan. I screwed it up. He kicked me out. I don't know how to put it any simpler, Doctah C."

He nodded understandingly. "I see. So, why did you come to me this time, instead of Pam?"

Harley shrugged. "I just thought Red was tired of me bothering her. And since...we've been friends for so long, I knew you wouldn't mind." She looked up at him, pushing Bud off the couch completely

Jonathan smiled. "Harl, you know I'm always willing to help."

She nodded and scooted closer to him. "Thank you so much. It was so cold. And it was raining. And the babies, they were so wet. I didn't know what to do."

Jonathan looked into space. "Of course, Harleen. Any time."

Harley grabbed the babies by the neck and made them walk up the gray stairs of Jonathan's home. She yawned and looked down at her only guyfriend.

Jonathan's scrawny shoulders were hunched over the little table. Working on the fear toxin. Again.

Harley finally reached the top stair and looked around. After a few minutes of intense calculating (opening each door to see what was inside), she discovered that the last door on the hall was the guest room. It was very cozy, to be in the house of The Scarecrow. There was a wooden bed covered with a handmade blue quilt. The walls were a pretty light brown and the floor had a light blue rug. She set her purse on the dresser and scooted her feet across the rug. Ah, it felt nice.

The babies ran around the room, and finally settled in front of a vintage dollhouse.

Harley slammed down onto the bed and ripped her robe off. She quickly changed into her favorite red nightie, the only article of clothing she had time to stuff into her purse, and stretched out on top of the quilt.

She loved the way the fresh air felt on her damp skin and she loved the way the nightie hung over her midsection. It didn't cling at all. "Ahhhhhhh," she mumbled as if in a trance. After stretching a bit more, she sat up and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

She carefully washed off what was left of the makeup on her face and tried her best to get it out of her hair. It hung in wet golden clumps. Very ugly. She dug through the drawers and found a black brush. Ew. It's so manly, must be Doctah C's. she thought. She considered just letting her hair get tangled in her sleep. But then she imagined how hard it would be to brush it out. Last time, she had got the brush stuck in her hair.

She sighed and carefully combed the manly brush through her delicate hair.

And after this cleanup, she actually looked okay. She smiled and skipped back to the guest room. The petite blond snuggled under the thick quilt. It smelt good. She turned over onto her back and thought about Jonathan.

She remembered when she first met him. They dated for a while, she was his assistant. Then Batman got put into Arkham, Johnny was the only one not worried. She suspected him from the start, did some snooping, and found out he was the Scarecrow. He was then put into Arkham and she was his doctor. Somehow, their friendship stayed strong. And even now, though Joker rarely left her alone enough to talk to him, they were still close. And now, she was sleeping in his house? How the hell? She didn't want to think about it, it hurt her brain. But she couldn't help herself.

He was so sweet to her. Much sweeter than Mistah J. And they understood each other. He knew what it was like to have so much power over the villains, and then be leveled with them. And he took her in. Not to mention, he was the cutest nerd in Gotham.

Why was she thinking about him this way?

It had been a few weeks, and Harley had blossomed from the shivering orphaned puppy she had been when she first arrived at Jonathan's, to the healthy blond all of Arkham knew and loved.

Jonathan was stretched out on his couch, watching the portable TV Harley had bought (well stole) for him. He flipped through the channels, trying to figure out what they would do today. "Harley! You up yet?" he called.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Bud and Lou bounded down the stairs and slobbered their warm spit all over his face. "I take that as a yes," he grumbled, pushing them off his couch.

"Don't worry, Doctah C. They just wanna say good morning." Harley's sweet childish voice came from the top of the stairs.

Jonathan's heart skipped a beat and he crossed his fingers. After all this time spent together, they had really gotten close. He was hoping she finally loved him back, and they could be together.

And soon enough, like a gift sent from God, Harley descended down the stairs. Her yellow hair sparkled in the light from the ceiling fan and was swept back into a loose ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled with happiness and her cheeks were filled with color.

But there was something wrong.

Instead of wearing one of the outfits Jonathan had bought (stole!) for her, she was wearing her costume. That's not a good sign.

Jonathan hopped up and ran over to her. "Harley!" he shouted her to name, to make sure she was still there. With him.

She looked at him sincerely. "What is it?"

He smiled, she still cared for him. Hopefully today was the day it rose to a new level.

He shook his head. "Oh nothing. So what do you wanna do today?" He grinned, trying to figure out what they could do that involved her costume.

She bit her lip and looked down. "About that..." She grabbed his hands and squeezed them tight.

Jonathan's eyes bore down on her, and his glasses were shining to where you couldn't see his eyes. It was quite frightening.

"What is it, Harleen?"

She looked back up at him. "Johnny...You have been so kind to me. It's just like when we were dating. But...I have a commitment. To Mistah J. He needs me, and I ne-"

Jonathan nterrupted her furiously. "Harley! You really think he needs you? He just uses you for hired help! He doesn't need you! You need to stay away from him!"

Harley scoffed and rose one eyebrow. "Says you!" she said indignantly, "Last night he called me, begging for me to come home!"

Jonathan looked deep into her saphire eyes. "He probably just wants to use you as bait in a trap or something. Or he needs the babies."

Harley put her hand on his cheek. "Doctah C, you are my closest friend. I thank you so much, you have built up my confidence like Red never could. But I can't stay here forever. Why do you want me so bad?"

Jonathan gently took the delicate hand on his cheek and held it tight. He sighed and held Harley's face in his hands.

"Harleen Quinzel, I have loved you since the moment I saw you. I've always wished you would love me, too. That we could have a life together. I took you in, I poured all of my love out onto you. But you have shown me that you are fully comitted to Joker. I will not make you stay with me, I want you to be happy. And if that means you have to break my heart, so be it. But, Harleen, if you remember only one thing I've told you, remember this. I will always love you, no matter how many times you go back to him. And I will respect him, because he has whatever I have that keeps you from me. But please, do me one favor. As long as you're with him, as long as you're catering to his every not let him hurt you again."

Harley looked up at him.

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that. He's never going to touch me again," she whispered.

Jonathan rubbed his thumbs over her cheeks. "How do you know?"

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Because I choose you." She pressed her lips to his and didn't want to let go.

In that moment the two lonliest souls in Gotham, became the happiest.

Their hearts were overflowing, and they felt as one.
I love this just as much as the day I wrote it. *sigh* Harley and Jon are so cute together.
Harley, Jon, Joker, and the Babies (c) DC Comics
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I'm so tired of being here.

Being lost, alone, searching for myself. Misfit. It's what I am. Even with my closest friends, I never felt accepted. I never knew who I was. I was never happy.

Growing up with Darcy, I was so afraid I'd end up like her. Racy, wild. Getting caught up with the wrong crowd. Depressed. I thought if I stayed close to God and avoided all the...bad people, then I'd be okay. And life would be perfect.

I've been that way since I was a child.

And when I met you, my instinct kicked in. I wanted to stay away from you. I knew you would change me, and break down everything I had built up. I felt that big, life-changing things would come if I got involved with you.

But I also felt...a spark. A spark that I knew was something special. And I wanted it to grow, I wanted to make a fire. But I supressed those feelings with all those stupid childish fears.

You saw through that, though.

You saw that it wasn't really me.

And you refused to give up, and I fell in love with you.

I looked into your green eyes, and I saw everything I've been looking for. I saw who I wanted to be. You're so bold, so brave, so sweet, so understanding.

So perfect.

When I'm with you, Eli, I'm a different person. Every load that's been dumped onto my shoulders for the past ten-plus years is gone when you're with me. I laugh and I smile and every tear I've ever cried is suddenly insignificant. You freed me. You freed me, Eli. And I never brought you anything but trouble.

Do you remember when we first met, Eli?

From day one, you captivated me. It was like there was a light always surrounding you. I knew would follow you to the end of the world. I knew you really cared for me. I knew you'd protect me. I felt safe.

And now...

I'm just a ghost of a girl, bound to the life you left behind.

You know, when you were here with me, I dreamed of you every night. Oh, Eli, they were such wonderful dreams. We were graduated, and away from school and drama and Fitz and everything. We were famous for our writing, and even Adam had a special part in our life. It was all I ever wanted. Oh God. They were the most pleasant dreams.

I still dream of you. Only now....I feel sick. It's so haunting. Your face is everywhere I look, and it brings with it all those...painful memories. And whenever I'm alone, I hear your voice. Calling to me from wherever it is you are. Your voice used to keep me in one piece. Now, it's driving away what little sanity I have left.

Don't take this the wrong way, Eli, but I'm trying to forget you.

I can't keep living like this. It's too much; I'm going crazy! You're gone, I know you're gone. I just refuse to believe it. This has to be one of your famous "jokes". That's all. And, yeah, this one's gone a little too far. But I'd forgive you a million times over if it brought you back.

It's so strange, Eli.

Now that I don't have you, you're eternally with me. And looking back, I realize, when you were here, I was alone all along.


It's all my fault, everything that's happened to you. From Morty's ornament to Vegas Night, it was all me.

I'm sorry, Eli.

I'm so sorry.

We've been through Hell and back. It's made us stronger. It's the glue that keeps us together against all odds. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. And how do I repay you?

I ripped your heart out.

I pushed you away.

I didn't understand your need to be close.

I killed you.

Oh God.

I killed you!

And in the process, I killed myself.

These wounds won't seem to heal. Every time I close my eyes, I think of the last time I saw you. I think of your last words to me. I think of your funeral. I think of how this is the worst I've ever felt.

This pain is just too real. I'll never get over it, I'll never be happy again. I'm just an empty shell of what we once were. There's just too much that time cannot erase.

Every time I cried, you wiped away my tears.

Every time I screamed, you fought it all away.

And for so long, I've had your hand to hold onto.

Even as they lowered you into the ground, you had all of me.
Whoa. Why is all my writing so depressing these days?

But yeah, trust me Eli fangirls, he is NOT gonna die. At least not now. If anyone's gone, it's Fitz. But I felt like playin around with what's goin on, and so this is Clare's thoughts a few weeks after Eli's funeral if he DID die.

But, trust me, he's not gonna.

This is my first Degrassi fic, so don't judge me.

And yeah, this is uber depressing.
Clare and Eli and Morty and Fitz and Adam and Darcy (c) Yan Moore and the gang
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Woo. I am SO into bases today. No idea why.

So I've been playing around with Angel and decided to show how she would be depicted in every Batman movie and TV show. It'll take a while, but it sounds fun. I have BTAS and TNBA done, but I don't have a scanner, and that's when I remembered ~NekoChika's bases and thought, "HEY! I COULD DO TEEN TITANS!"

I didn't originally plan on doing this show because it focuses mainly on the heroes. Then I decided, hey, she could start out as a hero, but slowly fall to the dark side. But how? That's when I knew I could plug in the whole madly in love feature. Since Bman himself isn't a character on the show, I was stuck with deciding on her new love interest. And then I realized it was pretty obvious-- SLADE. He's like the head hauncho, not to mention he'd turned one hero to the dark side, he could do it again. So here ya have it.

Oh how I love playing around with Angel.

I don't own the base, the background picture, or the texture used.


Angel (c) me
Teen Titans and Slade (c) DC Comics
Base-- ~NekoChika[link]
Background-- [link]
Texture-- =firesign24-7[link]

And yeah. I'm like UBER proud of this, so comments would be appreciated.
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Riff Raff and Magenta are my new OTP. I am so sorry, Harley and Ivy, but their voices are cooler x)

I love Magenta's face so much here. The only thing I don't like about this one is that you can barely see Riff Raff. Oh well. I still luff it.

Candles make everything more romantic. Never mind the fact that they were used to torture a creature less than a day old.

Original picture-- [link]*x/MagentaRiff001.jpg
Riff and Magenta (c) Richard O'Brien
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So, I've been home all day today so I did a LOT of Lego Batman playing. I had been stuck on this one level a while, and then I FINALLY starting beating it and I was SO happy, that I started shouting crap like that at the TV. That's right. This is a true story. Mmm-hmm.
Two-Face (c) DC Comics
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Gotham was full of loads of horrible people.

Muggers, murderers, embezzlers, rapists.

But there was one man who stood out from the rest. One man who had did something so incredibly unthinkable, that he was the most hated man in all of Arkham Asylum.

Of course, that would be The Joker.

Everyone who knew him knew he had no heart.

It was indeed depressing that someone as sweet, innocent, beautiful as Harleen Quinzel could dote on that clown. She gave everything to him, and wanted nothing more than to settle down and have a family.

But Joker had other plans, and insane little Harley followed right along. Throwing away her dreams as if they were some joke. She knew that they would never come to be, and so it was best to say she was kidding. Because if there was one thing she would not be punished for, it was joking.

But it wasn't a joke to Jonathan Crane.

Jonathan had known Harley since she moved to Gotham. Jonathan had met her when she was a simple intern at Arkham. She had worked below him, and he took her under his wing.

And everyone who knew Jonathan knew he was in love with Harley.

He wanted nothing more than to have Harley as his own, to feel her love radiating back to him. And he was on the path there.

Until Joker came back.

Harley was a risk-taker, that much was obvious. So of course she would want to study The Joker. She was only curious.

And look what he did to her. She forgot all about Jonathan, who she was becoming so fond of. She pulled him out of her heart, dragging him out kicking and screaming. She wadded him up and shoved him a drawer. Who needed a nerd like Crane, when you had the Clown Prince of Crime by your side?

Of course, that was some 7 years ago.

Most everyone was now used to Harley being such a lovesick puppy. They had learned to live with it.

But Jonathan knew they were meant to be, and he would not give up.

The odds were against him pretty badly, though.

It was October, Jonathan's birthday. Ivy and the girls thought it would be funny to throw him a costume party. Most everyone had simply made their own version of a buddy's costume. Everyone laughed at how Jonathan looked in a replica of Jervis's get-up.

Jonathan thought this day would be perfect, and he had to thank Ivy. It had been the funnest night he'd had in a while. He was so waiting Harley's arrival, he knew tonight would be his chance. (Why would Joker be allowed at Jonathan's party, unless Ivy was pulling another prank on him?).

He leaned against a counter while Ivy was doing a ridiculous Catwoman-impersonation across the room. It was then he heard. The most beautiful voice, the one he hadn't heard in 6 months.

"Happy birthday, Doctah C!" Harley sang as she was rounding the corner into the party room.

Jonathan's face lit up. "Harley!" he gasped as he jumped up from his position.

But then all his hopes were shattered. With just 5 words.

"Sackhead! Long time, no see!" Joker called with a smug grin as he made his entrance into the room.

Somehow he had gotten the memo about the whole costume thing, and was wearing an incredibly mocking male version of Harley's costume. Harley stood sheepishly behind him, looking a little apologetic. From what Jonathan could see, she had thrown together an actually cute Batgirl costume.

Jonathan's blood boiled. "Hello clown," he growled as he made his way to greet them, "I don't know if you knew this, but this is a private party. Invitation only."

Joker flashed an evil expression. "But Jonathan, old pal," he paused to rip something out of Harley's shaking hands, "Harley's inviation says 'plus one'." He laughed a little and shoved the orange piece of cardstock at Jonathan.

Harley looked up at Joker and back at Jonathan. "Sorry," she mouthed as Jonathan read the invitation.

He crumpled it in his hand and quickly turned his back on him, marching towards Ivy.

"Plus one? Really!?" he whisper-screamed.

Ivy held out her hands, apologetic. "Sorry, Jon. I must have forgot to leave that out on Harley's."

Jon rolled his eyes. "So much for my night..." he muttered.

In one quick movement that surprised everybody, Harley jumped out from behind Joker's back. She sprinted towards Jon, breaking through the crowd with incredible speed. She threw her arms around the scrawny man. "I'm so sorry, Jon....I told him not to come. But...." her voice trailed off and Jonathan noticed tears pooling in her eyes. She pulled back one of her sleeves so only Jon could see to reveal a hideous cut across her wrist.

An angry sound escaped Jonathan's throat. He swallowed and spoke through clenched teeth. "I'm just glad to see you again, Harleen. It's been so long...." Jonathan fought back tears and pulled her close to him again.

Out of nowhere, they felt a cold, smooth surface come between them. "Ow," Harley gasped at the same time it registered with Jonathan. Joker had slid his knife between them, an irritated expression painted on his face.

"I believe that's my harlequin," he spit at Jonathan as he pulled Harley by the hair into his arms.

Jonathan clenched and unclenched his fists. Harley tried to pull away. The once carefree atmosphere had gotten dead quiet.

The Fates had been throwing Jonathan around, but at last he felt as if they were favoring him. Everyone in the room agreed Harley needed something knew, and everyone agreed that Jonathan deserved the woman he loved. Joker was outnumbered. If this turned into a fight, he was sure to win. Jonathan almost smiled.

"This is my party, clown. And Harley has the right to spend her time with whoever she chooses. Now give the poor girl back her free will, or kindly leave." Jonathan now did grin.

Harley smiled as tears streamed down her face. Joker growled and began to stroke Harley's cheek. "But Harl is mine, Sackhead. You had your chance, but hey it's not my fault if she chose me over you. If things get violent, Harley will stay on my side." His motions turned violent and he stopped his stroking in its tracks. He quickly slapped Harley in the face. "Won't you, Puddin?"

Harley began to weep and nodded quickly, she fell limply into Joker's chest. She was tired of being hurt, she didn't want to fight back anymore.

Jonathan wanted to vomit. "How could you treat someone like Harley so badly? She'd do anything for you, and you know it. She's the most incredible person I've ever met, and I want nothing more than her happiness. You just throw her around like some toy you can discard when it bores you. Well Harley is a human being, she's more human than anyone at this party. If it weren't for you, she wouldn't even be a criminal. That's how pure-hearted she is."

Harley started tugging away from Joker again. "Jon...." she whispered.

Joker growled and shoved Harley across the room. "Aw. The twig has a little crush. How sweet." He pulled out his knife again and took a step closer Jonathan.

Jonathan was seeing red as he quickly turned to make sure Harley wasn't hurt. She didn't look too bad. She was just crying more and checking the wound on her wrist. Jonathan turned his attention back to Joker. "You have no boundaries, do you?" He moved his hand to the can of fear toxin tucked in his pocket.

Before he could pull it out or Joker could make a move with his knife, Ivy moved next to Jonathan. An angry looking vine followed right behind her. "I'm backing you up, Jonathan," she said. Jonathan smiled at her and pulled his fear toxin out.

Joker growled and squeezed his knife tighter.

And then Selina, Jervis, and Edward joined Jonathan and Ivy's group. They all gave Joker a cold stare and were tensed to fight. Jonathan began to wonder why Harvey wasn't joining them, but then he heard his double-voice comforting Harley in the corner. Good. Someone needed to be with her. Jonathan smiled and everyone else joined in. They had Joker between a rock and a hard place.

Everyone saw a flash of green as Joker made a quick move. They all moved forward, but Jonathan held them back. Joker had put up his knife. He held out his hands and his mouth was twisted with rage as his eyes set on Jonathan.

"Fine. Keep her. But it won't be long before she forgets why she ever liked you and comes running back to me. And I'll be waiting. When that day comes, I will murder you, Jonathan Crane." He growled and turned swiftly around, leaving the room.

The atmosphere slowly eased up. One by one, the group disbanded to check on Harley. Soon, Jonathan stood alone. His thin chest heaving up and down as the anger slowly faded out of him. His can of fear toxin dropped to the floor as he focused on breathing straight.

He did it. He stood up to Joker. And won.

He had his chance. Harley could be his!

He was in such a state of shock he couldn't even smile. He could just move one foot in front of the other until he made it to a chair. He sat down to get his thoughts in order and waited for Harley's crowd to thin out.

It was only a matter of minutes, Jonathan had some good friends. They knew he needed to be alone with Harley.

Soon a sweet scent overwhelmed his senses and he felt her presence in the chair next to his. A petite body leaned against him and held his arm close to her chest. "Jonathan...." was all Harley could say. Jonathan grabbed her other hand and squeezed it gently. He had been waiting for this for so long....

"Noone has ever said such wonderful things about me, Jonathan. You are...." her voice trailed off and she turned to look Jonathan in the eye. "What happened to us? I know we're still friends....but we used to be so much closer. Jonathan, why didn't we ever or anything?" She looked at him with a sensere face.

Jonathan shrugged and pulled her into his chest. "All that matters is that he's out of the picture...Harley, I don't know if you actually feel for me like I feel for you. But if you do....I would never hurt you like he does. I love you so much, I always have."

Harley began crying again, Jonathan could feel her shake.

"Doctah C....I don't know if I love you. I think I do...but it's so different than how I feel for Mistah J. I'm confused..."

Jonathan nodded. "In my diagnosis, that's very good. I would so hate to be on the same level as him..."

Harley smiled and sat up again. "All I know is that, you are the best friend I've ever had. And the feeling I get when I'm around you is so....euphoric, that it must be love. Jonathan Crane, I think we need some time to catch up."

Jonathan smiled. "Agreed, Miss Quinzel." He picked up her hand and kissed it.

Harley blushed an extremely bright red. "Jonathan...there's still a party here, you know."

Jonathan rolled his eyes. "Forget them, you're all that I can see."

And with that their lips met, and both felt the hollow feeling that haunted their hearts for so long become completely full.

It's amazing how one kiss can show how much you truly need someone.
Dumb title, I know. But yay! Jonathan and Harley are love!
Well last night I wanted rly badly to write another oneshot, and I noticed that on my Fanfiction, I have only one JonXHarl thing. So I had the idea that they fall in love at a costume party....Gah. The ending is so cheesy!
Ivy, Harley, Eddie, Selina- any version you want
Joker, Harvey- Nolanverse
Jonathan- BTAS
Batman peoples (c) DC Comics
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This is Theme 4 for the 100 Theme Challenge, Light. I know I need to work on that more often...but I rarely get a chance to draw anymore :noes: Or even get on the computer for that matter...:shrug:

But this is also my entry for the Nolanverse design contest at #HarleyQuinnFanClub So there you go.

I think I change this costume a little every time I draw it.
Harl and Bats (c) DC Comics


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Hee hee.... I stole Catwoman's lollipop! What she gets for stealing my necklace....

Taken for fun. In my backyard. lol

Costumes by ~LittleMnM
Makeup by ~peachycam11
Harley Quinn ~LittleMnM
Catwoman ~Kitty-Kat-Kayla
Poison Ivy ~peachycam11
Photo by ~Kitty-Kat-Kayla
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All credit goes to :iconangelaart:


I drew it all myself, but used some of Angela's colours~
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