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Soy bisexual y eso esta bien

Journal Entry: Wed May 15, 2013, 2:30 AM
Soy bisexual.
No soy una enfermedad, no soy un problema
No soy una aflicción
No necesito tratamiento.
No estoy enferma.
No estoy confundida.
No soy un pecado.

Soy bisexual.
Soy tu hija
Tu hermana.
Su amiga.
Su compañera de clase.
O una completa desconocida.

Soy bisexual.
Necesito el amor, al igual que tu
Necesito sonrisas
Necesito apoyo
Necesito un abrazo
Necesito un amigo
Necesito una familia
Necesito aceptación
Te necesito

Soy bisexual.
Yo sé lo que es el amor
Yo sé lo que es el dolor
Yo sé lo que es el odio
Sé cómo es la vida

Soy bisexual.
Y necesito que me quieras
De la misma manera antes de saber esto

Soy bisexual.
Y yo he experimentado el odio
De más gente que tu

Soy bisexual.
Y no voy a cambiar.
No voy a renunciar.
Voy a retroceder.
No voy a fingir.
No voy a mentir.
no voy a negarlo.
No voy a esconderme.
Yo no voy a dañar.

Soy bisexual.
Y eso está bien.

  • Mood: Affection
  • Listening to: Hot Wings - Will.I.Am,Jamie Foxx & Anne Hathaw
  • Reading: Fanfictions
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Drinking: Water
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This feature is an entry for Kara-a's Small Feature Contest, which requested that the feature revolve around the theme of 'colours'. I decided to focus on one colour in particular: purple! :dummy:

I hope your favourite colour is purple too, guys. ;P Now to inform the dozens of people I've featured! :squee:

Purple Love Stamp by Icy-Dew
little purple girllittle purple girl
with your dress abound
come to the cabin
running aground
to the little cabin
where she waits
to take you to heaven
by her wings take
to see HIS holy glory
with angels abound
little purple girl
fly away now
Night pours purple ink.Night pours purple ink.
Houses jut frozen grass
as a spot of orange
dribbles over.
Streetlight halo.
Van gogh stars
or tv glow.
Radio wave tremble.
I move through
the landscape
If I squint at paper branches,
will I see pixels?
My hand the same bark.
Carbonation vibrates my legs.
I force words from under my tongue.
A sky of polished stones turns slowly.
PurpleDeep, rich
Around the back
Of a king
Suffocating in its depth
What are you
Oh one so different?
Is this how you are
In a pious shade
Of purple
Purple, black, and bluePurple, black, and blue.
My heart is bruised.
Just sitting here, thinking of you, my mind is so confused.
That conniving spider, spinning her lies,
About me and some random guy.
Your belief in her words is surprisingly strong,
But I've done nothing wrong!
So here you come, demanding proof.
Here I am, trying to convince you of my truth.
Purple, black, and blue.
How can you be so cruel?
Wanting to GPS my every move,
Reading through all of my texts,
Just to verify this mess.
Purple, black, and blue.
So you've seen enough to know what's true.
Now you admit that you're wrong.
Singing me your "I love you" song.
I'm nursing my wounds, needing some space.
All you want to do is touch me and kiss my face.
Purple, black, and blue.
I deserve better than you!
I've had enough.
I want to break up.
Somehow things got turned around.
Now I'm back here on the ground,
Looking up at you.
Purple, black, and blue.
I Paint Purple FlowersI paint purple flowers
everywhere I've been.
When you get used to leaving like I am,
you'll understand why.
I have to paint those flowers,
or I'm aimless.
The flowers are my trail.
There were purple flowers in my mama's garden
on the day she died.
But he paints blue balloons.
I see them sometimes
on the path of remembering.
A little secret trail,
that only one of our kind can see.
The thing is,
I think he sees my flowers, too.
I asked about his balloons.
He said, "I sent a letter to God one one.
I'm showing Him where to blow His winds
to send one back."
Happy Blue Purplish ValentineHappy Blue Purplish Valentine’s Day
One blue, the other one violet,
Hope in one’s heart, in the other regret,
Both witnesses of how their brothers fell,
Violet’s head still high but blue in hell,
In violet’s eyes there is light, in blue’s darkness,
Violet’s goal to be with yellow, Blue to lay everyone at eternal rest,
Though seeing what others couldn’t see,
Both declared inferior in their family,
Through yellow, they seek strength,
To reach it, both go different lengths,
Enduring the past and future, come what may,
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
Purple skies falling...softly Purple skies falling...softly to the ground. But a sun that shines and warms my aching soul....I walk softly into the night, of candles of kings of love that sings speaking of a waterway across the bay, I sail hopelessly alone...but one candle remains lighted as my heart seeks the compass home and you are the anchor that holds me tight to my shore...leading me gently and loving me still. To a home our heart dwells in together beside the hill. You are my home my peace my soul. You are my joy my light my love. My heaven on earth, you are to me, in this world. You, my one and only forever true love. Red, Blue, Green, Black, PurplRed, Blue, Green, Black, Purple, and Orange. 
Sweet and fresh out of her veins as it hits the ground with tears from her eyes.
As she dies, the blade hits the floor.
Tears from the pain inside slip out as she slips away.
With her last breath, blood slips out of her mouth and down she falls.
Now asleep,  forever, my fallen angel.

Purple and Blue by emilymhansonpurple beach by sleepielionMono by deviatemybrainHands by Mardi-Ash
Fish - Instagram by Roky320Purple Ombre with Subtle Silver Flecks by amyrubenCereal box earrings - purple by linsesuppaPurple Attack_! by ChaoticChrome
:bigthumb356423703:Maja_16 by MaayLong Way Home by are-we-the-waitingPrecieux Butin by Shann-Aaron
Fragile by Ivy15Comfortably Grounded Rockets by beastyrockstar:bigthumb356029393:
Petunia by remember-the-piecesIlusion by Cesar-ReyCold Fusion by monster510Purple Converse by KarineXanaro
Purple Leo Eye by MeowkittenunicornFragility, Gentility by indigoatmosphere:bigthumb356605549:Purple Full-Size by electric-sun
:bigthumb352205439:Woman in Purple by LittleEiko87Gotas de vinyl by butterfly-maidenThere is No Time Here (purple) by xHarleyDollx
Purple Moth Necklace by Lucky101212Purple with Flying Owl by TangledTreesViolet by rosecrystals
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Crocus Pendant by Loki-LiesmithMusic by CuteReaperSmiley T-Shirt. by Horny-HaenMonsters Inside Us by muffinwifblueberries
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My Soul

Sun Jun 9, 2013, 8:07 AM
Although I don't know what it looks like, this is what my soul feels like. What emotions does this feature evoke for you? Perhaps you'll consider making a similar type of feature. One that's telling of oneself. I'm curious to see what your soul looks like.
(These are not simply deviations that I love - they are more - they are deviations that I feel are uniquely compelling and transcending.)


Past Features:
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Happy New Year Irish Deviants!

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays!
There is an art exhibition on this weekend I think you would all be interested to know about.

What?:    Charity Art Exhibiton
When?:   Friday, 6th January 2012 (opening night) till Saturday, 7th January
Where?:  Back Loft/La Catedral Studios, Dublin (After that there will be an art auction in Living Room on The Great Finale.)
Who?:     Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy)
Why?:     This year's cause is to raise funds to buy the most modern equipment to save lives of premature born babies and insulin pumps for pregnant women with diabetes.

100% of the sales will go straight to the charity.  No cover charge, donation only event.

Exhibition includes some of irelandART's most brilliant artists:

:icondisasterdesigner: disasterdesigner - Łukasz Gancarz - Photographer
:iconukapala: ukapala - Ula Kapala - Jewellery Designer
:iconmedinka: medinka - Monika Kukawka - Photographer
:iconschelly: schelly - Magda Nowacka - Photographer
:iconsneachtapix: SneachtaPix - Sneachta - Photographer
:iconmsdulcet: MsDulcet - Layla Kuyper - Photographer
:iconmooliki: mooliki - Barry Quinn - Painter

As well as the outside talents of:
Iwona Blasi - Painter
Dariusz Borowiecki - Photographer
Łukasz Czajkowski - Photograper
Piotr Kąkol - Photographer
Anita Kulon - Photographer
Oonagh Latchford - Painter
Sashko Lazarov - Photographer
Anna Matykiewicz - Painter
Natalie McGlynn - Mixed Media Artist
Tomasz Olejnik - Photographer
Catherine Ryan - Mixed Media
Agata Starszewska - Painter
Kasiaforest - Glass Designer

Here are few links about the charity:
Dublin's Section FB:
Event on FB:…

Special thanks to disasterdesigner for keeping us informed on the event and to everyone working to put the exhibition together!

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by techgnotic
Wed Feb 01, 2011, 11:00 PM

In researching the history of pin up art I found that before there were the “centerfold girls”
there were the “pin-up calendar girls” – the semi-nude young women in lingerie whose photographs
adorned calendars sold semi-legally from under the counters of gas stations and truck stops. In
fact, the Marilyn Monroe nudes that established the “Playboy” magazine centerfold were actually
taken years before for just such a “men’s calendar.” From “French postcards” to calendars to men’s
magazines, there has always been a special relationship between photography and the male obsession
with the female form. These photos were pinned in soldiers’ lockers and even carried into combat.
The iconic pin-up images were even painted on the nosecones of many U.S. Air Force bombers.

Playboy 1938 by walker1812Marilyn in white by salvatoredevito20s glamour girl by mEtZGERbRauTRosie The Riveter by Miss-Drea

Why the male obsession of covering his walls, jackets, cars, advertising, gadget skins and
screensavers with photos and artworks depicting variations and arrangements of female anatomy?

At least through the “Playboy” era (1960s-70s) the depictions of the female were extremely “objectified”
– the “quality” of the female subject’s body parts taking precedence over any other information about the
subject. But something interesting happened as the generations progressed. Pin-up art has greatly evolved
not only from how idealized females are depicted, but also in that so many women themselves are now the artists
creating pin-up art.

The Little Mermaid FTF 2012 by J-Scott-CampbellLara Croft TR underworld by illyneLady in the Red Dress by blacklashjoUnderworld - Selene by beethy

Furthermore, the pin-up models themselves are no longer mute, anonymous “objects” for manipulation –
they have their own identities, websites and businesses based on how they choose to represent their female form.

When young men choose pin up totems of their preferred pop culture prey to adorn their man-caves these days, the
“pin-up girl” ideal is more likely to be closer to Lara Croft or Gina Carano or the Kate Beckinsale character in
“Underworld” or Milla Jovovich in “Resident Evil” than to some full bodied but otherwise expressionless model. Even
the most macho men today seem to want their “dream girl” to be smart and tough and resourceful.

The pin-up image has greatly evolved from a fluffy slice of “cheesecake” to a self-reliant, self-defined, physically
fit female whose hotness is exceeded only by her ability to kick any unworthy man’s butt. As more and more female artists
create pin-up art, and more female models for this art become self-empowered in co-creation of the “message” going out
from this art, the more the “objectification” past can be redeemed by the “empowerment” future – and the wonder and power
of the female subject – body and soul – can be free to evolve ever closer in its depiction toward ultimate revelation.


Because of the comments this article is generating, many directed at the “voice” of the article instead of its subject, this has turned into a great opportunity to talk a bit about the process of these articles and why they are presented the way they are.

The purpose of my essays and articles on HQ is to shine a spotlight on amazing artists on deviantART as well as all of the different types of art represented on our site and hopefully spark real dialogues between deviants and others.  Sometimes this works “too well” and community members take me to task for pushing some sort of private agenda that would better be suited to my personal journaling.  But I have no agenda other than to provoke the lively exchanges that, like this one on pin-up art, are giving off such great passion, heat and light.  The shared comments, especially from contributors like SparrowSong, are the other half of what the “articles” are about.

The articles are not personal “think pieces” or statements of official deviantART opinion or policy about “positive" or “negative” art.  The articles are meant to bring out your feelings and opinions.  In this pin-up piece I was worried that my own, sometimes buzz-kill, feminist sentiments (especially when it comes to objectifying women into sex toys) were going to overly darken my notes on “pin-up” - -  a major field of art on deviantART - - and make me look biased against it and its artists.  I obviously bent the rhetorical stick too far the other way.  I’m relieved that there’s still enough passion out there for female equality that I’d be called a sexist for not totally trashing “pin-up” and its fans.

What I really wasn’t trying to say in the article is that I think “pin-up” used to be sexist, but it’s all good and even empowering of females now with sexism “gone.”.  I thought I was saying that pin-up objectificaton will always exist so long as testosterone exists, but now at least there is a substantial portion of it that at least values (or intends to value) other aspects of the female subject (i.e., leadership, independence, physical and mental acuity, etc) and these were completely absent in pin-up just a few decades ago.  I always look to the rays of light emerging from the darkness, rather than the depressing persistence of the darkness.

What started out as an invitation for all of us to express, yet also question, our feelings and personal thesis about the validity, purpose, intent, and artistic merit of nudity in the arts (and subsequently our everyday lives) quickly turned into a wildfire global conversation that ran across every age, race, religion, gender, and ideology we have on the Earth Sphere. Just an incredible conversation that had a significant impact on many of us in the community who were following each and every comment.

One other angle I edited out of the article at the last minute: there is a direct thread from the Pin-up era all the way through to the insurgent Cosplay movement currently raging across the globe. The comment from $Dollwithagun presents first hand perspective regarding the pin up centric, barely there outfits, and decidedly erotic undercurrents permeating the Con circuits along with the meteoric rise and integration of the cosplay aesthetic into the mainstream of our pop-culture narrative.
To this point, Heidi and I returned from a fact finding mission at Dragon Con last year with multiple eye opening experiences illustrating this surging phenomenon.

I would like to extend this invitation to you to share responses to this article with links to artwork, sources, statistics, etc., that strengthen and support your positions and thoughts on any matters related to this now diverse conversation, and I will then update this article next week highlighting all of those well thought out and detailed responses.

Questions for the Reader


Many of you have commented about the inclusion of weapons as props in today's pin up art.  What would you say is the ultimate impact of that element on the viewers experience?


What female pin-up from movies, comics, fashion, etc, has always best represented your idea of the ideal female?  How much of your choice is based on sheer physical attractiveness and magnetism, and how much on other factors (what you know of her ideas and attitudes, her causes and concerns, etc)?


How much “political” thought ruins an artist’s muse?


Would you consider posing for a pin up if asked?  Do you think that posing for a painitng or drawing is different than posing for a photograph?


Do you feel it’s a generally positive thing that female artists create powerful independent female characters in their art that are still ultra-sexy and alluring?

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The future is now!  And with deviantWEAR’s newest Design Challenge, the past is now, too!  Don't let the present slip away from you.  Zoom over to deviantWEAR to enter your creation into Retro Future: The Future That Never Was.

:star:  Participation is easy!

You come up with potential designs for our deviantWEAR t-shirts.

Deviants vote on their favorite designs.

Judges choose based on the highest-voted submissions.

Artists of the winning submissions get cash and their designs printed on t-shirts for all to see!

This time around, step back into the Retro Future and design a t-shirt that captures the essence of idealistic imagery of the future as imagined in the pre-1970s era.  Skyscrapers that round to a bulb at their top, ringed with futuristic bands for extra support.  Flying cars that drive their silver-suited inhabitants to their jobs on Mars.  Sleek, spherical household appliances that do everything from shower you to cook your dinner in a matter of instants.  You tell us!

For more inspiration on the deviantWEAR Design Challenge, check out the Retro Future contest category!

:star:  Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Two winners will be selected!  Each winner receives $1,500 cash and 20 units of their t-shirt! Plus, each of the winning designs will be sold in deviantWEAR. You could see your design from the past worn by someone in the future.

:star:  Not a designer?

Just like with the last Design Challenge, you still have a chance to make an impact and determine the future of deviantWEAR's designs.  All throughout the contest, keep an eye on the Retro Future contest category.  To keep things fair, we'll show you a random assortment for you to browse through the submitted designs.

If you see a design that would make a great shirt, click "I Would Wear This" on the deviation to cast your vote for the entry. View the entries!

:star:  Worried about cheaters?

Don't worry.  When the contest is over, deviantART will review the source of all entry data (including but not limited to username and IP data) for suspicious activity and remove fraudulent votes.  Also, just because a design has the most votes doesn't mean it automatically wins.  The 75 designs receiving the most votes will move to the final judging round, where our panel of experts will pick two of the hottest Retro Future t-shirts to produce.

But hurry into the Retro Future! The deadline for entries is January 25, 2012, and voting ends February 8, 2012. Submit your designs and cast your votes now!

:onfire:  Don't delay!

Click here to get started!  And be sure to read the Official Terms for all the technical details.



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276th feature - Photography - Macro / Close-Up

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 10:40 AM

Journal CSS by Jamaal10
CSS best viewed in Firefox

Please visit the list of Maltese Deviants & Clubs

Have you ever wondered if any of your pictures have been ripped and utilised on other websites? If yes then you should sign up for TinEye

Would you be so kind as to visit srawberry-lillas blog?

:points: are more then welcome :)

On the 2nd October 2009 Sortvind posted a news item which I would like to bring to your attention …….. How to make your uploads Stronger

:iconmaltese-deviants:  :iconart-malta:  :iconmaltesedeviants:

The Hunter by painting-with-light  Spiral by painting-with-light  Pale by painting-with-light  Golden by painting-with-light

I have decided to dedicate my 276th Journal Feature to Photography – Macro / Close-Up

your time is running out. by CorinaCorry  It's Not What You See...Well Maybe It Is by goRillA-iNK  The beauty of nature II by VisualArtist-Jorn  0221 dream on by Oo-lacrima-oO  Passion by addy-ack  What do I stand for? by Just-A-DreamerXo  Sometime by Kokopa  deep purple by kyokosphotos    Head over heels by Nataly1st  :thumb326954776:  Tiny garden by pqphotography  Tears and Rain by crissial  Inverted by Serend1pity  Untouched by head-in-the-cloud  Caught in Memories by bittersweetvenom  :thumb327101841:  When the sun says goodbye by the-little-boo  purple by sleepielion  the citron by n-a-i-f  Maestro by Thinking-Silence  Shining heart by Neaffka  Solitude by quasi-Virtuoso  Bubble drop II by relhom  felix felicis by earART  the beauty of the passage of time by poplavtsova  poisoned rose by verniceR  an other Love in a mist by kim-e-sens  colors II by XDXP102  Warm Regard by diensilver  Crystalice II by Photopathica  Treasure of the Elves. by oro-elui  pause cafe by gilgam1  alba by miss-gardener  apple by Pebels  Wings Red by LordGuardian  The beauty in a water droplet by lindahabiba  Danbo by sand2  ~ Milosci by 17-forever  Moth Macro by AMLensCreations  Holding on to Everything by scathing-sanity  Whisper by JunJun510  Come close by QnSansNom  Popcorn by Jennybicky  Old Acquaintance by dinawanaojt  Spikey by mkrtchyan  Zombie Eye by NaDiOu-13  :thumb327154987:  Troubled Water by Caszs  Praying Mantis by Jasonpb

This weeks feature from random deviants:
Kick Start by dahowlers  Now, thats a point I haven't looked on. by saniika  raven starfire love gaze by sapphiresyko  temple of apollo by ellisandee  Carla II JUMP! by vehzitah  SOM Characters by Slainmonkey

Which dA category would you like to see featured next week?

WNC - Monthly Feature No. 29

Sun Apr 28, 2013, 10:28 AM
Don't forget to :+favlove: this feature if you like it.
You can also "+1" it on Google+
>>> [link] <<<

This is a selection from last month's submissions to


in twodimensional space by scheinbar<da:thumb id="360729332"/><da:thumb id="360264052"/>
the thin darkness by Nimiel-DeiEquus Zebra by SeamusHooliganLess is More by BenHeine
Mathematikoi by arctoamind by aerendialunder cover of darkness (Premium Content) by sth22art

God is Love by mant01

in by xutomuThe Window by insolitus85Beautiful-Dora-in-Zagreb by Kaarmen
Airport by AnhenTree In The Wind by MahmoudYakutImagine by JakezDaniel
sleepless by deadendsoulDark Intimacy by daaram<da:thumb id="360547320"/>

Coxy 2 by Franiuk

NA GRAD by whoskipbobsoulstorm by PsycheAnamnesisTnl by Anguis-IX
Evergreen by EintoeRnThe Light-Bearer by Poromaa<da:thumb id="360593783"/>
<da:thumb id="359634290"/>naawan by MordsMight Rain. by LevAni11

Pulse of night in me by MilaKorolyova

untitled by a-n-j-e-eMemories Remains by Moralubis21
Twisted memories by DimensionSevendon't walk away in silence by ra-gro
<da:thumb id="363258109"/>Liquid by Hengki24

Untitled by RunsWithTheWindmisguided ghost by DreamersNight

The presence by Phoenixstamatis<da:thumb id="360536376"/>So long, goodnight by vbagiatis
<da:thumb id="359594066"/><da:thumb id="359826143"/>W by Anguis-IX
enough/another dream about Jeanna d'Arc by alissatim..iIi by beata-bieniakchildhood Goes quickly. by AlmAArietis

Descent XI by claralieuThe Dreamer by kyoooo

Mass by Hengki24Agave Lines by joannakossak2013 by y5y6
encounter by augenweideso lucky by fooythThe moon. by 7Redhotz
<da:thumb id="361065272"/><da:thumb id="360481456"/>The full-time dreamer by iNeedChemicalX

Hawthorn-on-The-Wall by hold-steady1716 by moonhasmotels

Some Secrets Need To Be Kept by TiaDanko. by dasTOK
sweet disappointment by sara-with-a-gunTenyersz by vanillapearlOnce by Reilune
<da:thumb id="364122526"/>9 by ananaa<da:thumb id="358049281"/>

Tangled up in thought by stevenrussellblacktypical time by Sasha-Drug

dreszcz by thesadstorkmy horizon. by unevens

Piranhas by daaramWindy by yanbanan17. Maerz 2013 by Filterkaffee

165-001 by AnticherryMaia by nuttty

Sheridan-370-4x6 by EdwinLMuntWorking man in Eminonu 2 by TanBekdemir

Still by JakezDaniel

it ain't me babe by rickster155

Selection made by


Compiled by



Our affiliated group non-real is running "The Strange Coffee Drinkers" contest, hosted by feigenfrucht and Filterkaffee.

Ahoy! by Filterkaffee

Check out the rules here!

and remember that you have only one week left! :eager:

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Top 14 Birds for 2014!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 1, 2015, 10:20 PM

Happy New Year! This is my favorite birds from last year. I will do it again next year and see the changes

There are over 10,000 different kinds of birds on Earth! How cool is that!? And I am trying to pick 14 out of 10,000?! 

Ok weeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll here I go!!!

14.  Mourning Dove an ultra detailed pigeon head by ssabbath Mourning Dove Lonely by JocelyneR

13. Emu Emu by DominikaAniola Emu by jon81

12. Egyptian Goose Egyptian Goose Portrait by thrumyeye The Egyptian Goose (Alopochen aegyptiacus) by pagan-live-style

11. Black Bird Brewers Blackbird Looking at by KaileanzStockBrewer's Blackbird by JesseAlveo

10. RoadRunner Roadrunner 2 by EdgedFeather roadrunner by li-thium

9. Eurasian bittern What bird....? by thrumyeye tarabuso by FrancoBorsiWildLife

8. Reeves Pheasant Reeves'  pheasant by Equive Reeves's Pheasant by SinAel76

7. Ground Hornbill ground hornbill II by filthyhandss African Ground Hornbill by Lady-Lokari

6. Gannet Up by NicoFroehberg Northern Gannet Displaying by joeelway

5. Red-Billed Hornbill Red-billed Hornbill by Jamie-MacArthur Red Billed Hornbill 2 by stainless2009

4. Golden-Breasted Starling Golden-Breasted Starling by Suit-n-Shades Golden Breasted Starling 2 by MegMarcinkus

3. Northern Flicker northern flicker by nuthatch09 Flicker Friend by ringette-and-riding

2. Toco Toucan Head On - Toco Toucan by AzureWindProductions Bird - Toco Toucan by mtpocketz

1.North American Crow American Crow by clairestclara Crow by Hubert11

Skin by SimplySilent
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