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Imperial Commando
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This guy started it all... I was 16-17 or something.

There comes a time when playing with action figures is no longer showable in the general public..... But I figures if I cannot play with my favourite POTF Boba Fett anymore... why not become him... :P

There's some kits in there aswell, but hey... 16... gimme a break.

I know, I shoot with my index-finger, but the gun is broken in half, couldn' t hold it up otherwise. Scratch-build though...


Costume - Rick Boer
Picture - Dominique Boer
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Promo picture from the short film Star Wars: Raw Deal. I will be uploading the film soon.

In the meantime check out my other award winning Star Wars fan film Don't Go in the Endor Woods: [link] and get a good chuckle. Sexy girls and cannibalistic Ewoks... nuff said.
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Costumes custom made by my mom, from her and my ideas and countles hours of drawing, planning Here is a tribute to her works of art.
Miss you mom!
Much mahalo to Katie for the great pics!

If you like our work please check us out and like us on facebook!
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Imperials, you say?
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Photo by Catherine Schultz (who does amazing paintings and I am honoured she painted me in one of her cards to LFL :) )

Shae Vizla from the cinematic intro for the Empire in SW:TOR.

Everything was sculpted, molded and cast by me. The only found items are the tubes and the two little greeblies on the "nose" (paint lids left over from other art projects ;) ) Oka the hose connector is from the plumbing store also but it is actually three parts all carefully sanded and cut into one ;)

I have had so many people not recognise just how much work went into this as the assumption is I bought a kit and assembled it. I so wish. I really do. I'm very allergic to epoxy resin and guess what this is mostly made of ;)

Notes taken from my tumblr account:
NB: FG= Fibreglass. In my case epoxy resin based as it is really light when used with the right filler, and pretty darn flexible- you should see all the “casts” of mixing trays I have had, all able to be pulled out in one go.

I use Ados Epoxy mainly as I have managed to get good mixes with it my West Systems mixing is not so good (I can nenver get the proportions perfect so wind up with rubbery-but not sticky- pieces.)

For the Kiwis I get it from NZ fibreglass, they are on Trademe under the name bborg5. They also sell matting, filler and glue powder for reason able prices.

I went through two 5l kits.


Plasticine sculpt> silicon mold and FG jacket> FG cast backed with foam, tooled and sanded and primed> FG cast, cut to shape, bogged a few patches and tooled in a few more details> mask, snout and ear buds cut out

ear buds cast in Plastic Putty in a plastic bowl: sanded back and back and tooled to shape> molded in silicon> cast in FG 2X> sanded and cut back to shape, insides smoothed> Glued with FG

Visor foil applied to plastic cut and shaped to fit in place

Snout details sculpted in plasticine> molded in silicon> cast in FG, glued to thin PVC sheet in snout region of mask.

Range finder patterned and cut in Styrene (supposed to be pvc) glued with Shoe Goo and held in place temporarily for transport.

Helmet coated in glossy black acrylic spray> masked off sections for red paint details. All covered in Silver Leaf Rub ‘n’ buff to weather off as worn and reveal the red paint.


test pattern of two way knit, overlocked and machine sewn to shape from MJ Trends black 4 way gloss PVC


Reuse of already self patterned bodysuit in same PVC, cut to insert silver sections> silver sections patterned in 4 way mechanical stretch fabric.


templated in foamies> tested in card> scanned and line art produced in Photoshop> printed and coated in FG both sides> heat shaped to flare better (ice water shock to set)> sanded and tooled for details, teeth made from foamed PVC sheeting and glued with pvc cement> Bogged with plastic putty> Painted in black gloss acrylic spray and masked for red paint> Silver leaf and Antique Gold RnB used for colour> self coloured non roll elastic strapping glued behind

Shoulders are non matching which made making sure they complimented each other interesting.

Chest plate:

Templated in paper, tested in card multiple times> Scanned and line art produced in Photoshop. Printed and coated in resin and FG both sides multiple times> bogged with resin and filler multiple times> sanded and tooled> painted with black gloss acrylic spray and waethered with RnB Silver leaf.

Strapping from self coloured non roll elastic and triangular keychain locks, hand sewn and glued in place> same loops at shoulder as are visible at sides

Chest plate cut> PVC corner pipe and screw set cut to shape> pipe glued to extention with PVC cement and sanded> screwed into place> pipe corner unscrews for travel.

Back Plate:

Templated in paper then card> tested in card multiple times> scanned and line art produced in Photoshop> printed and assembled> original too smooth, recut from new card> resinned and FG on both sides> sanded and cut to shape> painted in black gloss acrylic spray> silver leaf RnB to weather.

Hooks assembled from self coloured non roll elastic, picture hooks cut and pressed to shape> PVC sheeting cut to shape, sanded> painted with black acrylic gloss and RnB to weather> glued to hooks with Shoe Goo> shoulder hooks the same to match the visible side hooks.

Fuel tank:

several widths of PVC pipe cut and sanded> half of plactic Yo yo and a length of rubber tubing> painted per all of the above!> slots cut to hold to jet pack and break down for transport> Hose connectors also able to disassemble for transport.


base of foam board/sintra/forex cut and glued with epoxy glue and tiny nails, inner frame of same> details applied with mix of epoxy glue and PVC cement> details a mix of pvc pipe of different dimensions, foam pvc> sanded and bogged with Plastic Putty> Painted with Black Gloss and masked with tape and foamies for red paint details> slots cut to allow for strapping and deriggng for transport> RnB applied in hotel room!

Self coloured elastic tape through slots and tied over back plate to hold in place. Not ideal but I wasn’t sure how my spine could hold up to rigid buckles. Plate will be cut slightly shorter so jetpack sits higher.

Black cotton twill tape holds fuel tank to jetpack. Ditto reasoning as above.


Two layers of leather cut to shape and stitched along edges and in equal rows to guide detailing with paint> top leather layer has textural interest back is grey and mottled so as to not need paint which would leave marks on bodysuit> Holes and slots cut to allow lacing and rigging of rear plate, thermal detonators, buckle and pouches> Painted as above> small shapes of foam board cut to cover ends of belt.


patterned on graph paper, scanned and resized> front and back cut in foam board> fabric front and back cut in stretch silver pvc with V shape overlocked> sides cut and overlocked to shape> foam glued in place and weighted> flap cut from foam board and sewn in place, velcro dots sewn and stuck in place> raw edges hand sewn flat> holes punched in back and laced to belt.


Patterned in graph paper, scanned and resized> cut from foam board and detailed> molded in silicon> cast in FG> sanded and cut back> bue clear plastic glued to window reflective tape glued behind and all on a foam board base> painted as per above> Base glued to front of belt.

Large thermal detonator:

PVC pipe cut to shape, large pipe cut into rings and resin mounds- glued to one end, other end as a cap> painted as above> clots cut to mount to belt.

Small thermal detonator:

Half yoyo sanded and cut and glued on top of half air freshener with foam board for join> silver loop wired to back to tie to belt> painted as per above.

Rear Plate (booty flap?):

Patterned in card, cut from foam board, head shaped with gun> painted as per above, holes cut to lace to belt.

(done day before Auckland so no photos in Melbourne)


Patterned in card> cut from PVC pipe> sanded and tooled and heatshaped> glued with PVC cement> Painted and masked as per above> back pieces held with elastic as per above

Again assymetric. Will recut and redo rigging to keep in place. Few photos of me wearing them due to difficulties.


each side templated in foam board> cut from sheets of 1.5mm PVC and glued with PVC cement> knobs madef rom large buttons and resin mounds glued in place> painted and rigged as per above with self coloured non roll elastic.

I molded each knee but the molds need better support so will fix that over summer and recast them. My first casts were destroyed.


Templated in card several times> cut and heatshaped PVC pipe over FG casts made to replicate my legs> glued and painted as per above> snap fasteners glued and hammered to rows of elastic as per above> painted as per above.

recutting ankle curve and rerigging. Also adding more details to sides.

Foot plates:

Templated in card and foam PVC cut and heat shaped from PVC pipe> painted as per above

Redoing these as well as no footwear worked with them even with reheatshaping.


I prefer wedge heels for comfort but tried four sets of footwear. Most comfortable in last (non shiny rubber wedges) but will make a new vamp etc for the second pair which were like loafers with a thick base. That was the original plan and it seems to work the best for comfort and disassembly.

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My customized version of an Imperial Snowtrooper into a Frozen Carbonite trooper. That used liquid cooled
Carbonite to slowly and painfully freeze rebel troopers in
Carbonite, usually not surviving it.
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Dollar Bill StarFighter = Darth Vader's Ship
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Perusing some of my old archived projects and found this oldie but goodie. Started this some five years ago(?) I believe? I took a clone trooper kids helmet, sanded it down and painted it with acrylics. It's pretty much finished with the exception of some errors in painting and of course the obvious need for horns. Being a D. Maul freak and all, this was the only way I could see this helmet looking!! Maybe I'll finish some day or maybe not. Don't know why I didn't share this sooner, oh well! Enjoy and copy if so inclined.

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Studio shoot at Toys n Joys Hawaii Oct 2008
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