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Mech 06

Common Infantry Ground Type

Rendered Version
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Original War Skin concept by Mike Charles :iconmikecharles: from his Knights of the Last Order story: [link]

Line Art: [link]

Flat color study before rendering shadows and highlights. (Eventually destined for scraps).

This is very similar to how I color mechs when playing something like Armored Core. Not sure it's 100% right for KotLO tho ^^;

Which would you pick?
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height: 18 meters
weight: 30-50 tons
weapon systems:
special equipment:
-'tesla dynamo' for lightning flash, burst & blade
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There, i dumped everything i sketch... well... almost...

I failed to meet the deadline of a job, it's not formal at any angle, it's more like my pursuit of my own ambition, well, mid term test doesn't allow me to fulfill that and, here we are, i don't really want to hide this work forever, now that i missed the deadline.

Next time, i wont be taking too much jobs so that i can concentrate which one i should be focusing on. But they are fun, and hard to resist... ugh... i just want to... do... some...- ASSUMING CONTROL.
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hopping on the DW IV train, lets see if I can finish this :)
I definitely gonna do a mecha thingy, here's what I have so far...
I know it's still rather stereotype so any crits would be appreciated! :)
gonna make some head variations and possibly something different for his feet...
dunno about the shield - looks pointless...
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Another commission for :iconstridersstrikersteam: ~StridersStrikersTeam

This time a little Hornet, souped up to be the fastest thing on the battlefield. The only good points of a sprinting egg are abundant explosions and firran lazahs.
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Dominance War V entry

Dharmatraya The God of War


Dharmatraya was an abandoned child. His father is a Demon Lord with extremely cunning thoughts and his mother, a
powerful wizard. However, Dharmatraya was born with a look so monstrous that even his parents abandoned him for
his abnormal looks. Despite being abandoned, this dreadful child was soon adopted by an old wizard. The wizard
sensed that the child has extraordinary potential to become a master wizard. However the child's mind was tainted
with evil.

Dharmatraya was extremely smart and cunning, even at a young age. As a fast learner, the speed of his achievement
went beyond the expectations of the old wizard. The old wizard, worried that the things that he foresee will
happen soon, stops teaching Dharmatraya anything related to magic and told him that he has taught everything he
can teach. Nevertheless, Dharmatraya, cunning as he is, saw through the lies of his master and sought to seek out
his master's secret. He was never satisfied with what he had now and he had evil plans to learn the forbidden
magic to become the most powerful wizard of the world.

Dharmatraya absorbed all the energy from powerful magical masters around the world, including his master. The evil
forbidden magic that engulfed his mind and made him forgot oneself. But the power that he absorbed was too much
for his body to handle thus mutating him into an abomination to balance the excess power in his body.

Dharmatraya has an ultimate weapon - The Mandala. The weapon can be turned into blades and shields with
devastating powers. He is able to create thousands of armies and cast all kinds of magic and counter all other
magics. His deadliest spell is his piercing mind control. This ability allows him to control his enemies mind and
mood in battle, which can turn the tide of war almost immediately. His invincible skills has earned him the title
God of War, a person to fear on the battlefield.

Entry: [link]
WIP: [link]
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A second speedpaint mecha design done in Alchemy, a freeware program with live symmetry.
Dedicated to :iconsloppyperfectionist: !

It came out kinda Guymelef/Five Star Stories/Protoss
I dub it "The Conciliator"

I'm afraid of cluttering up my gallery with these, maybe I'll move these speedpaint concepts into scraps in the future.
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Decided to play with Google Sketchup again, now that I have free time and wanted to take another whack at designing a spaceship in 3D. Definitely not a medium I'm used to, but it's fun and entertaining.

Wanted to design this ship for months, but due to school and a general inability to draw spaceships by hand forced me to wait until now to use GSU. The shape certainly came out how I wanted, although I'm still not sure how to detail the thing yet. I'll have to work out a personal style of detailing first.

-EDIT: Moved the VLS system to the back (might remove it all together later), added 2 top-deck railguns, and some more details added.
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First it was the lack of news...
But it didn't stop there...

Now there's even more...

They kept them waiting...
And now they're hungry!


Episode 24 of The FXN Final Fantasy Podcast! L4D Edition! Hahaha, Kyle and I were talking about possible intros for the podcast and it inevitably led back to the news starved forum zombies and so we expanded on that idea...which led us to talking about Left 4 Dead...and waddya know! There's 4 characters...and 4 of them...3 guys and a gal. IT WAS JUST PERFECT!

Kyle came up with a wicked script for the intro so make sure you listen to the podcast once it's up!

Oops, forgot to mention a few things. First off, Lauren's holding a drill, most people who a familiar with her will more than likely know where that's from xD David's got his zat from Stargate. Kyle's holding a mic with a stand and I think Jamie's is pretty self explanatory :P
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