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Due to requests, here is a tutorial that will teach you the basic idea of how SD (Super Deformed) mecha should be proportioned. Please forgive the crappy quality of this tutorial, first on the quality of the images. Second, on the quality of the writing.

First and foremost. This tutorial is a guide. By no means is the art of squishing and deforming characters set to one orthodox method. But what this tutorial will do is give you the basics.

So to get things started. The biggest thing about chibis is knowing your proportions.

I know it sounds weird to even bother thinking of proportions for something like that, but it's true even for chibi stuff.

For this tutorial, we'll be using Getter 2 as an example. Forgive the crude quality but I sketched these during class. ^^;

Basically the proportions for a chibi are the reverse of normal proportions. Essentially, the main proportions can be reduced to the Head, Body/Torso, and Legs. Take the rough size of these proportions and flip them around. Those are basic Super Deformed proportions. The length of space you'd give to the legs, give that to the head now. Stretch out the chest to compensate for the huge head. And then squish and stubby the legs. That's the core of classic chibi proportions. The classic proportions are most well known for the old SD Gundam illustrations (back when they had googly eyes).

From there it's just a matter of exaggerating key features to make them look amusing and/or cute. Like making the eyes ridiculously huge, or taking some key factor you identify the character with and just doing something weird with it like making it either super tiny for an "awww" effect, or ridiculously huge to bring attention to it. This is mostly learned through intuition and practice. There's no real set focus on what you should exaggerate exactly. Though generally you want to emphasize the eyes.

Now these proportions are just the basics. Most of the SDs I draw are using the recent Super Robot Wars proportions. These proportions are noticably different from the classic ones in that the character's legs are given more emphasis and the head size has been toned down a bit. I like to call this style of proportions, "Toddler Deformed" because it reminds me roughly of the proportions of a small child.

I hope this guide has shed some light on how you should be emphasising and proportioning parts when making SD's. But remember. Even with these proportions, the entire point of SD's and chibis is to be cute!! So long as it looks small, midgety, and goofy. Your SD/chibi has done its job.

Happy Squishing.
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Finally here's the long awaited ScannerJOE's version of the Daft Punk Thomas' helmet.

The file is at [link] it includes pepakura, blender, and manual files.

This is not like any other papercraft as it introduces my new technique to build spheric surfaces using thick cardboard (around 2mm), WITHOUT USING MACHE.

This is the one shown at [link] and [link]

Enjoy it!
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I dunno, he's been an idea I've had forever, but I do need the money. But I'm growing attatched. .n.

Anywho, this is my apparition dude Tianto. He eats souls, and is creepy. Again, he's been an idea of mine forever, since I wanted to make a character based off of the TP monsters. It's weird how my thoughts of characters are so weird and scrambled, and then I put them on paper and they're nothing like my mental image. xD

I still like him though.

Here's his theme song, since I listened to it over 9000 times while making this, and P-tree's an awesome band, and it fits the creepiness: [link] ...and that's only half of the song, I'm pr'y sure.

Durp de dur, if you're superinterested in him, I might sell him, but since my adoptions never go too well, I'm assuming he's going to be mine. <:

Let's see one of youse bitches draw him correctly. I'll be damned if you do. Because barely anyone gets my characters right. ._.

Art and design and character and stuff (C) Me
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It's been ages since I've completed any substantial art, so I thought the least I could do is share something I whipped up a few months ago: Digimon crest brushes. Kind of inspired when I made a certain fanart not long ago.

I made them by getting the teeny tiny official art of the crests and stretching them out huge-like, then vectoring over the lines. They look a lot better small than large, namely because the size constraints make them not look nearly as imperfect as they really are.

But I've never seen anyone do something like this, so I thought, oh why not?

I've never made custom brushes before, so I'm sure there's a distinct smell of rookie to it. Still, I hope you enjoy it!

And... I wouldn't worry about crediting or anything like that. I always found it annoying, and I'd be flattered if anyone used these at all. That's about enough for me.

I used Paint Shop Pro 8 to make these (as with the majority of my work) so I don't know how this will translate for Photoshop users. I included an image pack just in case; that seems to work universally for everybody, right?
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Wolf would shoot me if he saw this. ^^; This was a crazy idea I had after watching a playthrough of the Aparoid Pigma battle on StarFox: Assault. If you didn't think Command was part of the official storyline due to the various story paths and endings, you might find this interesting.

OK, remember how Wolf's fate was unknown after he and the rest of StarWolf sacrificed themselves so StarFox could get to the Aparoid Queen? (We all know he's still alive, but it's not exactly canonical.) Well, here's a bit of an idea I had.

Wolf and his team survived the attack and the destruction of the Aparoid homeworld and wandered around the remains of the planet. It turned out to be a VERY bad idea, though--part of the Queen separated from the main body and mutated, becoming immune to the self-destruct program designed by Beltino (in other words, when the Queen went kaboom due to the apoptosis, this little part didn't). About a month after the planet was destroyed, it tracked down Wolf and merged with him, using his body as a host so the Queen could regenerate. A month after his initial infection, the Queen took over his body, changing him into the Aparoid King Wolf, a gargantuan, half-cybernetic version of himself that was immune to self-destruct programs like the one Beltino designed because he was still partially organic.

See how the lower half of his body seems connected to something? It's like a cage that houses and protects the Queen's core. It's fixed to the ground, but he can rotate his body so he always faces his opponent. The wings? If he folds them in front of his body, they form a powerful shield. (They look like crap 'cuz I was lazy. Sue me.) Aparoid King Wolf has three weak points on his body: the crystal on his collar (don't ask why he retained the collar; I guess the Queen didn't want him to be naked...:eyes:), the crystal in his chest, and the main core. Damaging the crystal in his chest or collar doesn't do as much damage, but it only harms the Queen, not him. However, damaging the core does much more damage because it hurts him AND the Queen, because his real body is inside the core!

I'm working on editing some of Wolf's voice clips from Brawl to make him sound more like an Aparoid (with a slightly "bionic" voice). They're pretty good in my opinion, but I'm not used to working with the program I use (WavePad Sound Editor) yet, so if I get the hang of it, it'll sound way better.

Wolf O'Donnell and Aparoid Queen (C) Nintendo
Aparoid King Wolf (C) ME ME ME!!! You can use with my permission, but please give credit!

As usual, fave and comment if you like it!
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Because I couldn't find an up to date tutorial on this, it took me ages to figure out how to do it and get it working. If you have tried to previously install any other blender2pmd tools, uncheck them before enabling meshio, or else it won't work.

Blender 2.68a:…

Questions & Answers

Q: What Operating System do you use?
A: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with AMD Radeon graphics, on both computers, one is a desktop and the other a laptop.

Q: Can you make your Blender into a zip and upload it?
A: No.

Ienzo Model used in the tutorial was ripped by Models-resource.
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No comments have been added yet. this is my first tutorial ever.  I've never made one before because, well, I really didn't think I had that much to say that other people hadn't already said better.  But this tutorial came about because I really haven't seen many customizing tutorials out there, and when I needed one I couldn't find one and kind of had to figure things out myself.  

So here is my attempt to be helpful.  

I am in no way any kind of expert.  This is just the method I used to make my latest custom.
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so the concerva all rights reserved the original creator of the image

Link where I got the picture…
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My Custom Hako Clone Papercraft Template of Cop-Tur from the 1980s cartoon Go-Bots. All Hako Clones are Glue together Papercrafts.

(All My Fan Art Custom Hako Clones and Cubeecrafts paper craft Templates are made on MSPaint.)

More links to the Go-Bots Hako papercraft templates can be found below.

Leader-1 Hako Template [link]

Turbo Hako Template [link]

Scooter Hako Template [link]

Road Ranger Hako Template [link]

Cy-Kill Hako Template [link]

Crasher Hako Template [link]

Tank Hako Template [link]

More Of My Custom Hako Clone Papercraft Templates can be found here [link]

Go-Bots Characters (c) Hanna-Barbera, Bandai, Tonka, Hasbro
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