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VectorPegasus-Is a Paper mecha mpdel. Vectorpegasus has exceptional mobility due to the fact it has no feet and its lightwight payload. Vectorpegasus is also equippted with a R.P.G.E unit for maximum menuverability.It also has dual jet drives on its upper legs. Vectorpegasus combat system is longrange based. Its left arm is equipped with a mid range dual lazer. The right arm is equipped with a tri beam that can swich from cannon to a tri-lazer blade.On the back is the secondary combat system, Deep space liner beam launcher or D.S.L.B.L
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My entry for the HLJ sci-fi contest, which is now over: [link]

And click here for more info and photos: [link]

Unfortunately, my entry did not win the intermediate category: [link]
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Full armor with close hatch
basic inspiration from Abrams Tank so i paint it with USA tank theme
full speed paint so it kinda messy
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I made a grab bag of mecha themed stuff. All art by me. Patches are also available separately.

You can get them here -->> [link] <<--

• Only $9.99
• 4x signed mecha art cards (5.5" x 8.5")
• 3x vinyl stickers. 1 logo sticker and 2 mecha stickers
• 1x Embroidered Mecha Zone legion patch (3.25" x 2.75")

• OPTIONAL: Mecha Zone themed keychain (+ $1.50)
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Elsa's wanzer from Front Mission 4. I managed to find a copy of the game and have verily blazed through it. The way they manage to pull two concurrent stories off like that AND make the game as long as the previous iteration is amazing (though I greatly prefer Darril's storyline to Elsa's...just because).

If you'd like to try constructing this for yourself, go to the official site, click Series --> (on the side bar) Front Mission 4 --> ペーパークラフト and have fun browsing. They also have some weapons to choose from.

Papercraft Design by chokipetaKOBO: [link] (Note: a "Revision" for the Zenith model is available here, under Download.)
Front Mission series and Wanzer concepts © Square-Enix Ltd.
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before you write something
i will explain again why i build this
not for a contest, not for pageviews, not even for the 10th anniversary of dA
and surely not to kiss someone's *erm* to get a DD

it was just for me, to have a little bit Deviantart at my home when i'm offline and something to remember for whom I do this.
for one of the greatest community in the net
(that's for kissing someone's ass ^^;)

but seriously, i just searched for a paper version of the Fella and was dissapointed because there exist no.

so i started meanwhile quite four month ago, based on the Fella design of :iconthekidkaos: greatLP, to build one on my own.
(my first 3d model ever by the way)

after a few kickbacks i can give YOU this back

the final version of the Papercraft Fella :w00t:
including sheets and a lot other stuff ;)

The package comes with the pdo
so you need the Pepakura Viewer what you can get here
(the pdo is not protected, so if you have the Designer, you can still increase the size for whatever reason :P)
five different face expressions and a psd file which you can create a few more
and a detailed instruction for the wires

to download the model
click on the download button on the right side
you can thank dA for, that i can't write the direct link anymore

and the only thing i can say is
have some fun to build your own Fella

if you want, send me a link of your version and i feature it here :w00t:
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OH MY LORD LOOK AT THESE ADORABLE PICTURES :iconblushingplz: They make Elmechu look so life-like and amazing~ AHHHHH <3<3<3

Pictures are thanks to *Talec! :heart: And her awesome official Gundamusai model posing with Elmechu! :D I... scribbled on the pictures because I couldn't resist. :flirty:

This is Elmechu, the SD form based off of the Elmeth mobile.

Elmechu roughly measures 6-7" wide. It only really sits in two positions naturally; tilted forward with it's nose to the ground and tail erect in the air, or tilted backward, nose in the air and tail propping itself up. It can, however, be adjusted slightly from where it sits, though I do not recommend it.

Elmechu was hand stitched and took roughly 20 hours or more to gather the materials, plan the 3-dimensional structure, sew, re-sew, (argue with my Dad) and ship this craft.

Elmechu has been and will still be- a first and only. I am not making another again, nor can I take any more commissions for anything I do not own per copyright. T3T Which includes Pokemon, fyi.

I will, however, make plushes for myself, which may include Pokemon or other fan-crafts, because... I'm not making any profit. :)
(Not that I made profit in this plush, since it was only $25, but still I wanted to do it for Talec---because Talec is beyond awesome. T~T <3 )

I would gladly give tips to anyone who is interested in making plushes, the similar shape, or elmechu itself. This plush is NOT to be resold to anyone!
Pfft, as if Talec would do that.


Ref: [link]

Artist's crit: If I had to rate my own work, based upon having no thorough experience with sewing before, and never successfully making a plush before, I would... give myself a 6.5 or 7 out of 10.

Mind you, it turned out d@mn cute, but it is still slanted, the feet didn't line up perfectly (and I should have put some weight into the feet! the tail outweighs it), the ears are too tiny and horn-like, and though the body shape is close to the original design of Elmechu--- it is still no dice in my opinion.

I am most proud of the how the triangular points had come out (shame I didn't leave myself equal amounts of fabric from one side to the other!), how the eyes and whiskers came out, and how the nose came out. I am also happy I fixed the tail.

Early Feelings and Comments about Process: This took a lot of thought. D8;
I mean, a LOT.
I've kind of got mixed feelings about it. I was really excited and proud in the first stages with getting the shape down, but a minor error led to it being... well, slightly slanted and disproportioned. It's slight enough that it's fine to live with... but it was still disappointing.
The tail... Oh lord, I hate this tail. :XD: Making each ball for it isn't hard at all (I sew gray fabric around orange 1.5" pom-poms. It only takes ten minutes per ball, but it causes a lot of hand cramping), connecting it has been some trouble though. I even thought about making a tutorial, since it shows an easy way to make a Weedle/Elmechu tail.
*and* I KEEP LOOSING TRACK OF THESE BALLS D8;;;; ((I ended up not attaching three of them, which, is fine in the end but.... still unnecessary work. ))

But now I'm more satisfied with it, eyes/whiskers/ears make up for the slight disproportion...
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Hello Butterflies!

This is Loshi the cutesy, lovely robot! Turned into a necklace :heart: ^u^


For sale here: [link]

*If you'd like to buy a piece like this one, please just let me know I'll be glad to make one for you - send me a note *
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Finally i upload HAGANE after long time absen >.<
well, still like old time = suck at taking the picture



Nick : HAGANE 'Sakura'
Series : HN-105-MHA
Type : Close range combat / Mobile Heavy Armament
Manufacturer: Raffles Electronic
Dimensions: overall height 32 meters (wing optional); head height 22 meters
Weight: empty 55 metric tons; max gross 78 metric tons
Armor materials: Heavy composite Fraunium
Powerplant: Savage Generator compact type, output rated at 1250 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2 x 12000 kg
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 0.3 G; 180-degree turn time 1.0 seconds ; maximum ground running speed 135 km/h (without sword)
Equipment and design features: single type sensor, range 6000 meters; A.I. guide system 'V4-r4'; Stabilizer Wing for heavy sword use
Fixed armaments: none
Optional hand armaments: Heavy Sword 'Murase'

Manufacture Note's : Made under request from female mercenary 'Kaoru'. Costume made on colour and type of weapon. Very powerfull mech on close range.
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Here's my fourth gunpla project, Raphael Gundam -[Codename: GABRIEL].

click here for more photos: [link]

click here to watch the video: [link]

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