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You'll Never Understand...
You'll never understand...
But I'm glad you don't.
Because that would mean
You'd have to go through my pain.
And I'd never wish that
For you.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 262 51 More Like This
If you are a victim...
If you have ever faked a smile
Slit your wrist
Cried yourself to sleep
Wished yourself gone
Chased a dream (and lost it)
Ended up in a nightmare…
Broken down
Turned away from your “friends”
Been bullied
Been stereotyped
Tortured yourself over an error
Hated yourself…
Died inside,
If you are a victim…
Remember to stay strong.
Because you’re only a survivor
If you
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 412 82 More Like This
Am I Good Enough...?
Legs crossed on a cold basement floor,
Blood stains painting my flesh,
The wounds deeper than ever before,
A white gown now a short black dress.
Long tangled hair clinging to my tears
Wind howling through the trees,
Moonlight painting a sky so clear,
And darling, I'm going to be set free.
My fingers scratch at the blood on my skin,
A delightful pain at the thought of a touch,
And hey, everyone who said I wasn't worth it,
Tell me,
Now am I good enough?
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 230 26 More Like This
Gun Within The Mirror
It feels as if my reflection
Points a gun at its own head,
As my bullet shoots the mirror
And paints the floor with red,
And it feels as if my gun
Just isn't steady in my hand,
Because darling, when I jump off cliffs,
Do you think I always land?
It feels as if the razor blade
Might be my only friend,
And it feels as if the broken glass
Might soon begin to bend,
Because my reflection is distorted, love.
Can't you see that, love, can't you see?
I'm pointing a gun at the mirror,
And the mirror points back at me.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 203 20 More Like This
I am a label
I slid the blade across my wrist
Again and again.
Maybe I’m an emotional freak.
I cause fights and arguments
And over
Maybe I’m a troublemaker.
I use make up to make myself seem
Maybe I’m girly.
I complain about things
Even when sometimes
They’re not
Maybe I’m an attention seeker.
I fall under so many
So maybe I am a label.
Or maybe
I’m just me.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 133 35 More Like This
No Longer a Little Girl
Dear imagination, can't you be the thing you were
Butterflies and daffodils and happiness so pure
Sunny skies and lullabies and dreams of what could be
Hidden worlds and wonderlands of things they couldn't see
Shining gowns and silver crowns for dancing with the prince
Twirling with excitement, though the others weren't convinced
Dear intimidation, did you find it to be true
All I ever needed was an overdose of you
Silly stares and laughter slowly flood a child's mind
Making me abandon every daydream I could find
Lost beneath the shadows of the sky so dark and dead
Far too weak to turn around, yet scared of things ahead
Dear destructive tendencies, I feel it's time to hear
You were all I had when nothing else seemed to be near
Everything so out of reach, too far for me to see
I decided I would choose the needle next to me
Slicing through my very skin to feel something once more
Weeping through the satisfaction I could not ignore
Dear imagination, can't you be the thing you were?
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 314 58 More Like This
Are You?
I'm sorry,
that I'm not
I'm not a supermodel.
Are you?
I'm sorry,
that I'm not
I'm not a comedian.
Are you?
I'm sorry,
that I'm not
I'm sorry,
that I'm not
I'm sorry,
that I'm not
good enough
loving enough...
smart enough.
I'm not perfect.
Are you?
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 356 62 More Like This
Sick of society
I may live inside my own, twisted universe
I may change, sometimes for the worst.
What's normal to me is not normal for you.
Sometimes I just do what I need to do.
Behind a brick wall, I hoped someone would break it
I threw out my heart hoping someone would take it.
But I got tired of hiding and tired of hating
And instead of throwing myself at every guy, I'm waiting.
I'm sick of the person I tried to be
So basically, here I am, I will be me
I'm sick of the hatred, would you not agree?
.. Basically I'm sick of society.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 270 53 More Like This
Mommy, He's Lying
Mommy, he said it, he said it was true.
Mommy, he said it, he said "I love you."
Mommy, he said it, he said it was real
Mommy, please know how to think, how i feel
Mommy, this love is the truth, it's the way
Mommy, he said it, he said it today.
Mommy, he's lying, he's lying to me
Mommy, he's telling a lie, can't you see?
Mommy, he never did mean what he said
Mommy, his voice is pounding in my head.
Mommy, he's lying, his love isn't pure
Love's a disease and he's finding the cure.
Mommy, he's lying, what else can I say...
Mommy, he hit me, he killed me today.
Mommy, he lied to me, why did he lie?
Mommy, he lied through his tears, through his cries
Mommy, his lies I just couldn't see through
Mommy, he lied to me.
What'd I ever do?
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 127 29 More Like This
One special person
Everyone leaves you.
Everyone gives up.
Everyone stops loving you, and stops believing in you, and stops caring about you.
Everyone will say something to hurt you.
Everyone will eventually agree with you when you say “I feel worthless”.
And everyone will eventually say something about you.
And everyone will hurt you intentionally.
Everyone leaves you.
And everyone gives up.
But one person, one special person
Will never leave you.
Will never give up on you.
Will never stop loving you, and never stop believing in you, and never stop caring about you.
Never say anything to hurt you.
Never let you say “I feel worthless”, because with them, you won’t.
Never say or listen to anything bad about you.
And never hurt you.
Never leave you.
And never
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 216 61 More Like This
Move on
Back and forth
The thoughts in my head
Heart racing
From all the words you said
My hands shook
As I fought back emotion
My throat closed
My tears like an ocean
I flipped the switch
All my feelings suppressed
I tell myself
This is for the best
You walked on me
And left me in pieces
I was there for you
Yet you weren't there when I needed
I lived for you
And you took me for granted
I almost died for you
Yet all these lies you planted
Too many chances
You used them all twice
Despite how it hurts
I have to take my own advice
You're no good for me
You just hold me down
If I keep following you
I know you'll surely let me drown
I'm better off
Away from your cold grip
Even if
It feels harder to live
I'll make it
With me and me alone
You're nothing
My heart you no longer own
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 32 8 More Like This
And Daddy always lied.
My legs are covered in bruises
And I have a scar by my left eye.
I’m not allowed to smile, though
And I’m not allowed to cry.
I think my right arm’s broken
But shh, don’t tell my dad.
He doesn’t like to worry bout me
When he’s already mad.
I have a burn on my left wrist
From when he pushed my arm
Against the stove, the hot, hot stove
And did a bit of harm.
I have a bear, a teddy bear.
He doesn’t have a name.
He makes me better every time
I’m feeling hurt and shame.
Today, my dad came home kind of late
A beer still in his hand.
I closed my eyes and waited.
He screamed, he shouted, and…
Well, my name is Mary Starr
And this is how I died.
But daddy always loved me.
And daddy always lied.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 254 84 More Like This
You Only Have So Much
Her fingers are dirty,
Her hair tangled.
She's a mess, some would say.
But at least her heart is pure.
His wrists covered in scars,
His stomach roaring with hunger.
He's damaged, some would say.
But at least his love is whole.
Her breathing is heavy,
And her skin is pale.
She's dying, some would say.
But at least she knows how to live.
At least a woman without a house
Knows how to make a home.
Hand her a loaf of bread,
And she won't devour it,
Because she knows how to treasure
The beauty in life.
At least a boy without a smile
Knows how to hold on,
Longer than someone who's never fallen,
And never dared to learn
How to fly.
At least a girl in the mobile chair
Knows how to capture a moment,
Because she can't quite be sure
How many moments really are
At least someone with so little
Can appreciate
And know
So much.
Because when you have so much...
You only have so little.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 237 31 More Like This
Attention Seeker
"Attention seeker."
As I slide the knife across my tongue
The poison resting in my lungs
Fighting till the war's been won
But you're right, this is all done for fun.
The rope around my neck as I pull it tight
The struggles I face as I die to fight
And slowly, I fade off into a dark night...
Goodbye, smiles, goodbye, light...
Dying, breaking, losing sight
Of all that's proper, all that's bright
With all my strength and all my might..
I mean, I do this for attention.. right?
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 152 50 More Like This
Poor Man's Gold
Hush the youngest children, for the demon in the skies
Treasuring the very thought of anyone's demise
Glitter fades to black and shining moonlight fades to dust
Every cruel man's wonderland is built of poor man's trust
Tragic, empty melodies and blood beneath the air
Fearlessly escape the wind and drown without a care
Treasure death as platinum, as silver and as gold
Every cruel man's wonderland is built of poor man's gold...
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 63 14 More Like This
i can't title this i can't even remember who i am
i. take everything i own.
take everything i am.
take, take, take,
and don't give back—
don't give any of it back.
i don't want it anymore.
it's yours now.
it always has been.
ii. don't know how to be soft,
or tender, or kind.
(all we've ever known is
sharp edges, sharp knives,
and isn't it better this way?
better to feel familiar,
all of this blood pouring out?
isn't it nicer for us to feel the
iii. i don't know how to love
and i never have, never will,
and when your eyes go soft
i want to slice myself into ribbons.
she could pick me up in pieces
and tie my skin into her hair,
string my heart onto a necklace
of bone. if you kissed her,
you'd have to smell my skin
in her hair and my blood
on her throat.
iv. we've got blood on our hands,
and it's not even dry. it's still
wet, underneath my nails,
underneath my skin, and
i rip myself apart trying to bleed
myself empty. give me bags of bones,
give me cracked skin and blue lips,
give me e
:iconsnowveins:snowveins 24 4 More Like This
Goodbye, tonight.
My last fright, our last fright.
When it comes I'll look away,
Begin to pray, I'm that afraid;
No, it's not a play.
When you see, you'll feel all you've done to me.
How I came to be, how I split in 3.
Just be sure to always remember me.
Now I'm ready,
Can't feel greedy.
Goodbye, here comes the levity;
To see me free,
From all the cheating, thieving, leaving,
All need me, just hear me, can't see me, goodbye lovely.
:iconmardas:Mardas 55 26 More Like This
Pending choices, which one is right?
Can I make the right choice tonight?
Only one direction will take me to my destination
Only one path will lead to salvation
Is freedom worth fighting for, If it means I'm in chains?
Is my future worth living for, if I have all this pain?
Uncertainty presses heavy on my chest
With all this anxiety my thoughts never rest
If only I had answers to this burning question
If only I had an arrow, pointing to the right direction
My life is balancing on the tip of my tongue
One wrong word and I can't turn and run
I'm running out of time, I have to make this choice
But I can't think clearly with all of this noise
It's time to close my eyes, let my heart decide
If this decides my very fate- I'd rather chose it blind
:iconplaid-rose:Plaid-Rose 37 10 More Like This
The Suicide
Slit my wrist,
I lay to die.
Out of my mind.
Yet the body stays stiff like cement.
Please,I beg you dear,
leave your sins at the door.
Where 'O' where  is your God ?
After life, after no life at all.
Now, or, then.
Came the funeral.
Beautiful when dead.
He kissed my lips
So pale, dark eyes, red lips,
black dress.
I lay in the box.
:iconlostlightxxx:lostlightxxx 104 62 More Like This
its 8 pm, and i'm just trying to forget.
"hey, your shoe's untied"
shouldn't be romantic, and it shouldn't make my heart flutter
as i lie here in my bed and imagine that the lines in my ceiling
are the perfect blue veins
coursing beneath the flawless ivory flesh of your careful hands,
that never shake like mine.
but those four simple words you said one day across the halls,
before we ever really met,
were the nicest thing you ever told me,
because it showed how much you cared,
but i guess that was back then.
"i love you"
should be romantic, and it shouldn't make my heart shatter
when i look at the polaroids taped to my wall,
and think about how much brighter your eyes always seemed at night
when we danced beside the waves.
but you spoke those words as you stood by the door
with a question mark hovering in the air;
the air that choked me when you walked away.
"i'm sorry" still lives deep within my walls,
and reverberates every time i scream your name.
:iconwhyles:Whyles 60 22 More Like This
how to lose yourself to sadness
i. press your lips to the sunlight.
wake up with a song on your tongue
and words too beautiful to speak.
ii. convert every song you listen to
into natural minor. no, harmonic minor—
no, chromatic scale.
you need more color in your life.
iii. write poetical allusions to greek tragedy.
you are icarus, too close to the sun—
no, you are daedalus, retrieving his body
from the war-torn ocean.
throw yourself into the lethe,
and forget, forget, forget.
iv. promise a friend that you'll paint.
entertain yourself with ideas of starry nights
and cypress trees, and discard them.
abandon your sketchbook. feel nostalgic
for graphite under your fingernails.
v. watch people—the way they speak.
their mannerisms. how loudly they laugh.
when your anxiety clutches at your throat,
pretend that you are a different person.
mimic until you go blue in the face.
mimic until you don't remember who you are.
vi. think about going for a walk.
change your mi
:iconsnowveins:snowveins 32 10 More Like This
breathe, love.
i sat on your bed
and used your watercolors to paint
a cemetery in my journal.
i painted the grass the same beautiful green i always wanted
your eyes to be
and all the dirt is nice and flawless,
you can't even tell, in the picture,
that you're buried beneath the flowers.
:iconwhyles:Whyles 47 5 More Like This
what to say when you can't say i love you anymore
your eyes were always soft, even when
your voice went hard. for a while,
i treated you like a god and i’m
not saying that i worshipped you,
but i let you hold my hands
and i told you all the sins i carried
in their grooves.
i have since been told that they were never
your burden to bear,
but that doesn’t stop me from aching for you
every time i catch myself thinking
about how it would feel to kiss the girl
two doors down. it’s been a while
since i’ve confessed and i’m not sure
i remember how. the thing is,
i don’t feel that guilty anymore.
the thing is, holding hands is only
ten fingers away from letting go
and we got so good at toeing the line of the cliff
that when you finally jumped, i forgot
i was supposed to follow.
i swear i thought i could keep you floating.
i swear i didn’t mean to let the water
into your mouth. sometimes i wish
i could kiss you dry again but i know
that’s not how this thing works, that’s
not the way
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 177 12 More Like This
can you tell i still love you?
i keep a picture of you in my cigarette pack
sometimes i blow smoke against your matte face
as if it'd creep up your nostrils
or down into the depths of your ivory lungs
so you'd be dying with me
and sometimes i cut your eyes
from other pictures
and glue them in place
just to burn them out again
sometimes i just look at the picture
with an unlit cigarette resting on my lips
i used to be in the picture
but we cut it in almost-half
and took the side of each other;
i wonder where you keep me
(you used to use it as a bookmark,
is it still in that bukowski book you never finished?)
i keep your picture in my cigarette pack
and sometimes i don't smoke.
:iconwhyles:Whyles 30 4 More Like This