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Lines by :iconmiacabrera:
Colors by me
I did this one for fun.
Worked on it on and off over 2 months or so.
Felt like finishing it tonight.

Let me know what you think.

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Original photo:

I found the original photo of this manip. enchanting. I thought about it and I knew I wanted to mess with it. So I did! Didn't want to make it too abstract, so I just played with little things on it. Yaya has practically black eyes, so makeing them lighter was a challenge, but fun! Yaya is my favorite person to make manips. of, so whenever I see a picture of her that catches my eye, it's fun to play with it.

Model: Yaya Han | [link]
Photographer: Elvis Thompson
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is powerful
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Zatanna is definitely my top favourite DC chick and it was awesome to cosplay her for ECCC 2012! I wore the costume all weekend with my girlfriend as Mikey and we had an absolute blast. This is the only picture I've found so far with Mikey in the background, but she was recognized at last twice at the convention by the Zatanna uberfans!

This particular Zatanna costume is based off two different covers by Adam Hughes. He is one of my favourite Zatanna artists, and I just adore the small details he puts into every single one of his pictures.

Everything aside from the gloves, the tights and the tophat was made from scratch! You can check out more of my costuming work at @Miko-Style on deviantart, where I'll be posting more of the construction information!

Friday before the wand and hat! I definitely won't be leaving those props behind anymore, it's very difficult to think of things to do with my hands otherwise. This is probably the last convention photo I'll be posting since I have a few shoots lined up in the future with a properly dressed set.

Photo: I'm not sure who took this, but thank you! Please let me know your information to be credited!

Costume, make-up, wig and retouching by me.
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More faction insignias. You do GiJoe, you gotta do Cobra, right? It's not perfect, but for a quickie symbol patch, it'll do fine. (I wonder if there's a demand for the Iron Grenadiers?)

If you need it, it's there for you. No need to credit or link me.
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Huntress Progress: Mask is mostly done, I need to heat form it a bit more once I decide which wig I'm actually using. This wig is a stand in since the wig I want is stored at my parents house.

I did a ghetto job of securing it down with flash tape for a quick photo, I need to replenish my spirit gum/ liquid latex/ remover supplies. It looks much better when its secured properly.
What I used to make the mask:
The mask is made from craft foam, heat & bond and purple wet look spandex. I also sewed elastic onto the temples of the mask to hold it on.

I created a paper mock-up of my face to get the spacing of the eyes, nose and jaw correct. Then I used the paper pattern to create a craftfoam mock-up to see how the heat forming would fit my face and to make sure craftfoam was the right material to use. I followed this up with cutting out a final copy of the mask from craftfoam, sewing on the elastic and applying heat and bond to the surface. I attached the wet look spandex to the heat and bond, then I cut off the excess fabric around the mask. I then heated the mask and molded it to my face.
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WIP, final version is here: [link]
and logo pack: [link]

Just a project for the moment, leave a comment if you are interested by these vectors. I'll DL the whole pack only if people are interested by this work...

I'll update frequently for the armory, there is a lot of work...

Un projet que je suis en train de réaliser, je le met ici juste pour constater de l'engouement pour ces (quelques) heures de boulot et pour voir si ça intéresse vraiment du monde...

Actuellement fait / actually done:

Rosenkov Materials
Elkoss Combine
Elanus Risk Control
Sirta Foundation
Ariake Technologies
Kassa Fabrication
Armax Arsenal
Aldrin Labs
Aramali Council
Serrice Council
Devlon Industries
Haliat Armory

C-Sec Academy
Citadel's Sectors
Citadel Tower
Citadel Logo

Specter Emblem
Paragon & Renegade
Human Alliance
Mass Effect


Heavy Pistols:
M-5 Phalanx
M-6 Carnifex

Assault Rifle:
M-8 Avenger
M-15 Vindicator
M-96 Mattock

Sniper Rifle:
M-92 Mantis
M-97 Viper
M-98 Widow

Copyright Bioware and EA
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For a bit I wanted to cosplay Power Girl, because I love her costume design. I decided not to, because I figured I didn't have the body for it.

And then I drafted this.

And guess what?

I think I can pull it off.

Now the question is: comics Power Girl, or do I do that cute /co/ version where it's a full body thing with pants?
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This will probably get scrapped soon but i figured i'd upload at least one picture for the time being of my Toph cosplay ^^

Photographer: Keith Louie
Character: Toph Bei Fong
Series: Avatar The Last Airbender
Cosplayer/costume made by: :iconcreelman09:
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:iconnyanova: showed me a picture Yaya Han, and then I realized that I had seen her before.

I took this year at ACEN. I'll have to remember to try and take better pictures next year, but I'll have more experience with my new camera by then.

Hope she doesn't mind being posted
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