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Alright! This is my work for :iconanthronotfurry:AnthroNOTFurry creature feature :)
I've never tried this before but since one of the
species was the Serval (and I love Servals) here it is! ...made with ink, watercolor
and a bit of acrylic. Oh, and this time I borrowed my mother's camera to take the picture! Looks much better ^^

As always if you have some suggestion or critiques to help me it would be great :D   (since someone asked me, that weapon is a Kpinga, an
African throwing knife)
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I wanted to do something personal, since I haven't done any personal art like this for months. For inspiration I thought about how I would like to perceive my soul. This is my fursona Autumn Fire in her ethereal state. I also used this to test the new vellum surface paper I have. It is great to blend watercolour and coloured pencil together because the finish is very satin-like.

This took a few days. 9" by 12" Vellum Surface paper. Watercolours, coloured pencil, acrylic paint and black 0.2mm micron pen for details. This was ambitious for me because that background, though simple, was HARD and I still am not happy with how it turned out
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"In one of those places where the mountains hug the skies, an individual leaves his den in search of his destination... in his road, he stops for a moment; to contemplates the possibilities that the world offers him"

This it is the first one that I do using a bit of perspectives, (I have a lot to learn hehe:)I am satisfied with the colors in some zones (in others, not much) +_+ Watercolors+pencils
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This one is my Birthday gift for Goldenwolf, I always wanted to make something for her since that she is a great inpiration to me and have helped me a lot on the start.

I wasnt going to but I resolved to tell a little story explaining why she was so important to me. I get a bit embarrased telling these things to others.

Some years ago, When I started to use internet (yes i just started to trully use internet with 16 years) Ive entered in one social site called Orkut, I really didnt liked it at all but I continued trying to use it.
Then after some time, I entered on a comunity relartioned to wolves, and in there I've met a guy called Cléo (or Valdo, how everyone calls him ), we started to talk in a post of that comunity where each one writes a part of one story, someone starts and then others have to continue it.

He have wrote a good part of that story and then we got each other messengers, and started to talk even more after that. We got really the best friends, I never imaginated to find a so awesome guy to talk to, and that time he was like my only friend too. I never did a lot of friends.
We had knew better each other while talking and talking, he have showed me Deviantart and that was the first step where I really enter on the focus of this story. On DA i've meet Golden's art, I just got astonished, amazed, that was just too beautifull for words, I got intantly loving her art and at the same time me and cléo started to no be just friends anymore, we undestand each other so well, we used to talk the whole night some days I almost didn't sleep at all, that we got in love for each other.

Then things started to get difficult, we wanted to see each other at live, be able to touch who we was talking for all that time. And he managed to came from so far to my tiny city, it was magical. At first a bit embarassed but then we stayed together all the time, it was there my first kiss, and my first boyfriend of all my life.

But he got to back home, and then the pain started, the pain of the distance, the pain of don't being able to touch your loved one, don't be able to simply see him... It was difficult times and there was golden's arts, her romantic arts always isnpired me so much I started to draw Anthro and try to envolve my skills with it, and that used to help me, the images of a romantical couple used to confort me while we was separated too, and it keept inspiring me to keep drawing and envolving.
With her arts I have learned anthro, envolved, and it helped me in other ways.

Sorry for a so long story just to say that I love your art, but I wanted to show, how important it was and it is for me, my biggest inspiration of all.

I wish for you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and hope you HAVE A AWESOME YEAR!!!!

Thank you Goldenwolf. :hug:

Charcter belongs to :icongoldenwolf:
Art by me.

Done with with ball point pen for the outlines and colored with colored pencils.

One of the arts I really love: [link]

In Furaffinity too: [link]
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Umm, what do you guys think? I THINK I like this picture...
Let's see, tried a new way of doing fur, messed it up badly, but I still think it looks much better then the other fur I do. I have always hated how my fur looked :/
Also, you may have noticed I've developed a thing for collars- Expect to see them on just about everything I draw from now on, until I get bored of them :)
Anyway, this started out as just another random picture for practice (hence the pose being one I use often) but then since people keep poking me to do background, I put one in. This took me about 15-20 hours altogether. Yes, I am slow.
Well, what do you think?
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I'm really happy with this one ^ ^ It came out almost exactly the way I wanted it to. The original idea was to have her on some fancy couch but I've already done a few pictures like that so I changed my mind and I gave it an Asian like scenery. She was drawn out to be sitting on a chair so thats why her positioning on the rocks looks a little... odd o.o I still love it though :3

This is for you, Ashi :3 :heart:


Rox (c) ~Shaman-of-Ice
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"The Sovereign Ruler of the Sea of Trees, Lord of Autumn Leaves, and friend of Magpies."


Over a year and a half in the making. Wow. This was started summer of 2012, while I was on Holiday in Normandy. I'm fascinated by birds, especially Corvids, and Europe is full of Magpies. Magpies, Magpies everywhere! I love those little demons, they're such a pain in the ass, but they're so beautiful! I started the sketch in June, inked the main figure (sans wings) within a day, coloured him (again, without wings) within the week, and then....he sat in my portfolio, sad and unfinished, for a year and a half.
It was just last night that around nine o'clock, I pulled him out, stared at him, and said "I am going to finish you".
And then I did.

Also, I'm a horrible sucker for sticking wings on anything non-avian, and this is proof enough.
This is the first time I've attempted a REAL background in -years-, but watercolours are awesome.

I'm going to be putting him up for auction in the art show at Further Confusion 2014 in a week and a half! He has been sealed, framed and looks beautiful, I kind of don't want to let him go.

8.5" x 11" Bristol Paper
Ink, marker, coloured pencils, watercolours.
Approx. 8~9 hours of work
Art (C) GoreHounde
Please do not use/repost without permission or claim as your own!
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Watercolor hybrid painting; one of four commissions for :iconakkero:, this one featuring his black leopard character chillin' in the forest. :3

I decided to experiment a little bit with a technique my teacher showed me for watercolors, and this was used as the test subject. I must say, I'm happy with how it came out; it didn't come out the way I intended, but it came out to where I liked it anyway. 8D

I still need to shade in his jewelry; I seem to have forgotten to do that. D:

But yeah. Hope you like it, Akkero! ^3^


Media:Watercolors on 9"x12" Bristol Vellum
Time Taken: 4 hours

Leopard character © :iconakkero:

Art © :iconearthsong9405:
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Every now and then I just like to do something to show the ones who aren't on FA what I've been up to or where my art is heading. I pretty much drew this picture specifically for that reason, but also to get back in the swing of paint because I hadn't worked with them in quite a while.

I know the background is lame, but that was basically just slapped in to prevent her from being all floaty in space. xD The rest of it I'm rather happy with myself. Hopefully everyone else likes it too 83

If you're wondering how exactly I go about these, it's basically just watercolour for a base with white acrylic for highlites and a simple graphite pencil for the shading. The occasinal spattering of coloured pencil here and there to add a bit of dimension to the colour. And that's it :P
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Nicer scanned versions of all four.  Really happy with how these turned out.

These were all done on one sheet of 9x12 in. watercolor paper, so each one is roughly 4.5x6.  I experimented with masking fluid to create the borders, all in all, I like the effect.

I wanted to make this little series to start thinking more about the environments these characters inhabit (and to improve on my backgrounds).  Also to play with color and perspective.

There is another set of 4 on the way, hopefully I can get it done this week.

Tumblr Post: [link]
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