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Me as Dahlia Hawthorne from the Ace Attorney Series ~
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After a looooong time, I was finally able to cosplay as my beloved Franzy :heart:
I had few time to finish it before Lucca Comics and Games, and I have a lot of things to fix if I want to wear it again >_<
Anyway, enjoy some photos that the lovely ~GrenvyLol made for me!

Me as Franziska Von Karma
Dress and wig made by me
Special thanks to ~FrancesHime, ~NoOneInteresting and ~Rickyr
Photo by ~GrenvyLol
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My Maya Fey cosplay from Fan Expo 2011! : ) I had lots of fun as Maya, especially with ~YamiSasha as Phoenix : D !!
I broke my toe the day before the convention whoops....ignore my bandages

Costume made and worn by :iconinterstellarflight:
Necklace and hair ornaments made by :iconsayuri-uzumaki:
Photography by Droo (
Maya Fey (c) Ace Attorney, Capcom
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I decided it was time to post a crappy drawing again! Yay~ Edgeworth always compels to draw XD
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Our Phoenix Wright Cosplay in Japan Weekend of Barcelona (2011)

Godot: :iconzeldark:

Ema Skye: :iconnurunuriko:

Maya Fey: :iconrinoa00rose:

Mia Fey: :iconsenka-chan:

Phoenix Wright: Zero

Photographer: David Molero
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Picture by me, :iconishizuki:
Story about this by :iconnoiryn::
*gasp* No more matching icons...!

Trucy Wright didn't take her dad to be overly decorative when it came to the holidays; Halloween got one Jack o lantern, for Thanksgiving there would be one cut-out turkey on the wall that the teenage magician would put up herself, and Christmas would be as festive as the smallest tree they could find to fit their tiny office space.

But Trucy knew something was going to be different this Christmas, not only with the addition of the defense attorney Apollo Justice to their small family, but her father Phoenix Wright had been particular about more decorations for the holiday. He gathered ribbons and matching table covers for their furniture, and he even bought more ornaments for their usually modest tree.

What grabbed most of her attention however, was a small mistletoe that Phoenix cradled as if it was his most precious treasure. He hung it above their doorway entrance with no explanation, leaving Trucy to wonder why he had a sudden interest in Christmas decor.


A quiet December night was interrupted by a knocking at the door of the Wright Anything Agency, and Phoenix jumped off the couch before Trucy could even lift her head to the sound. "Daddy?" She questioned curiously from her seat on the floor with her homework on the table, but her father merely smiled one of his mysterious smiles at her before making his way over to the door.

Phoenix threw open the door with much more force than necessary, his voice a lazy drawl as usual, but there was a warmth to it that Trucy instantly picked up on. "It's about time you decided to visit."

"As if you'd allow me to return without seeing you," the male voice had an accent that the teen didn't recognize in the slightest, but she didn't rise from her seat, leaning back to catch a glimpse of the guest her father obviously knew. "You already had heard from the detective, am I correct?"

"I'll be always snooping around," Phoenix chuckled before stepping back, gesturing towards the entire office, "Come on in, I think I have some tea around here somewhere..."

The man stepped inside the office, a grey haired man with a wine colored coat and dressed in something that Kristoph Gavin would wear; but he didn't get further than two steps into their home before Phoenix stopped him with a hand. "Oh, would you look at that," Phoenix feigned surprise as he tipped his head up towards the mistletoe hanging from their doorway, "When did that get there?"

"I think it may have appeared as soon as you heard I was back in the States, Wright," the well dressed man crossed his arms with an amused smile, eyes crinkling with laughter. Although he addressed her father by their last name, he still seemed to be very familiar with him.

Phoenix shrugged with a smile of his own, "Kids these days, I don't even know what they're doing half the time," he spared a quick glance at Trucy, winking before stepping closer to the other man, "Well, if we have to keep tradition and all that..." He cupped the stranger's face, leaning in close for a kiss on the lips.


Oh, that's who it was.

"Hi Mister Edgeworth!" Trucy chirped from her seat, waving excitedly as the one she was almost positive was Miles Edgeworth pulled away from Phoenix and stared at her in shock.

"Wh-wh-!" He sputtered for a moment, not quite fitting his fancy appearance, a red dusting his cheeks.

"Oh, Miles, this is Trucy!" Phoenix laughed as he gestured towards his adoptive daughter, "My daughter, you know...and stop staring like that, you'll scare her." He laughed again, and Trucy decided she very did like this Miles, because not many people besides Trucy or Apollo could make Phoenix laugh so much.

"Erm, yes." Miles nodded towards Trucy, his blush still staining his cheeks, "A pleasure to meet you."

Christmas was going to be FUN this year.


I didn't catch her online so I don't know if she had anything to say about the story, so I just put it there as it was. : D

We wanted to make some sort of collaboration, but since this was about three days ago, we had very little time to plan, and also she pointed out that our styles are so different that it'd just look weird if we drew a picture, one character each, for instance. So she suggested this and when we couldn't decide who'd write and who'd draw, I asked Cleverbot. And Cleverbot decided I draw the picture, so here it is! >: D

I didn't know at all what ~Noiryn was going to write, I just drew the picture, then showed it to her. It's funny though, I imagined this happened in the exact same spot, on Phoenix's doorstep, when I drew this! The two middle panels were originally supposed to be in the beginning, then I was going to make a picture of their feet as they walked to each other, and Edgeworth was supposed to have fancy, shiny shoes while Phoenix was supposed to be barefoot. And then the last pic. But it turns out I suck at drawing feet, so I scrapped that idea and drew this.

And now I got the feeling I was supposed to say something more but forgot what it was...

Oh yeah, this is part of our Christmas Countdown over here. -> :iconedgeyxnick: The 8th of December.
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I needed an excuse to post this picture up xD

I'm about 100 years late but here's my favorite picture from the bunch-

Model: :iconapplefiend:
Photographer: TheBigTog @
Character: Phoenix Wright (9 years old)
Series: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

How does this relate to me in any way?

I made the wig, made the ID card, bought the shirt and designed the design on it (look at [link] ) and.... yeah. I made this costume for :iconapplefiend: so we could cosplay Child!PW characters at ComicCon2009 and it was a ton of fun :3

I was so proud of her for making such a great Phoenix~ <3

Sorry that I have to brag so much about you Alyssa... C:
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Cosplay @ Connichi 2010 - Pentahotel Kassel
:iconmiuumitsu: as Edgeworth
Shiryuu (on as Shi-Long Lang
:icondaszebra: as Maya
:iconknuckles-sama: as Phoenix

Photo taken by :iconpummelpanda:

We had so much fun during our little photo-shoot/billiard "tournament" that day XD~

btw: this picture got uploaded because :iconst3rn1: asked me to XD
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Played Apollo Justice for the first time this week, finished it the other day. Awesome game.

Hobo Phoenix is best Phoenix.
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ahhh i really love this series! i can't wait for the crossover with professor layton to come out! but i have no 3ds. ugghhh why!?!?!
anyway hope you like this drawing~
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