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HB and red Pencils on A3 paper
. . . the poem is mine too :)

[The Devil]
Once in olden time,
Devil came after man,
A soul so sublime,
Devil had a plan,

Devil drastically uttered,
Isn't this soul a pain?
Devil sarcastically muttered,
Isn't weakness so humane?

He got man's attention, so he said:
Want it all to receed?
He saw man's suspension, he went ahead:
Then listen to this creed!

Your soul that hurts,
I will take it all!
Your burning heart,
It will be a black hole,

Your strugling brain,
I will give it light,
You will become so sane,
And always be right,

Your decaying flesh,
I will give it infinity,
So young, so fresh,
So close to divinity,

Any wish you can get,
A bountiful life lies ahead,
This deal is your best bet,
A dreadful soul is all you shed,

Man couldn't take it,
He burst out in laughter,
Your mind must be unfit,
I know what you're after,

This soul is mine, yet its not,
I have been enstrusted,
Its a loan, yet its all i got,
The lord in me trusted,

This tormented soul,
Its power and happiness,
Think you have it all?
You're evil and darkness,

A fiery heart for a black hole?
Its burning is what i like best!
A brain that knows it all?
Seeking truth is a beautiful quest!

A body that never decays?
Finity is the essence of mortality!
Why wish for endless days?
An endless life is devoid of vitality!

Keep your contract!
I will stay a man!
I exposed your act,
and uncovered that plan!

Devil with all his power,
made a sullen vow,
And to this very hour,
Still wants man to bow!
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This started out as a doodle. Quite seriously. In the back of math class. Which would make me wonder what a finished piece would look like if I actually had that kind of patience. D:

Her name is Snowflake, and the leg of her shadow was supposed to have that light-shining-through-transparency look, but I don't think I pulled it off very well.

However, I am quite satisfied with it. I feel this is the best shading job that I've done in quite a long time.

More hours than I'd like to think about.
Mechanical Pencil (.5 HB lead) on sketch paper.
Color tints added in Photoshop.

Sash'anghisrenbatuskyvania (Snowflake) is (c) luukie~ C:
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This is a still Life of my good old phone.
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Part of a monthly series featuring the Vesicastralans, a species of balloony aliens with quirky sensibilities and quirkier powers.

Lastly for the Garapuff, here's the Hartnik Garapuff, a community of expert shapeshifters and mystics with a flair for the eccentric. They believe that the proto-Garapuff were blessed by a demigodlike alien being who altered them further to make them the elastic race they are today. For all the Garapuff's malleability, Hartniks are the tops, being able to control their color, shape, apparent number of limbs, and so much more. Hartniks aren't malicious about this ability, but they have the capacity to cause major mayhem, as they could impersonate anybody with 99% accuracy, provided they have an understanding of the personality of the person they're impersonating.

Notable Member:
Kendal Zyn Kalden: Kendal may be the nearest thing the Vesicastralans have to a non-binary. Instead of being transsexual or transgender, however, Kendal is a transformer, unsatisfied with one species form, let alone one gender form. Kendal truly puts "singular they" to grandiose levels, but they don't have multiple personalities or dissociative identities, merely a greater sense of themself. It's a wonder Kendal has a default form at all, but they were born an epicene man as seen here. Their other favorite form is that of a Cosmeta tree, but the "implants" they produce can cause allergic reactions in other anthropoids, and thus they're shunned by veteran trees that see them as an imposter.

Notable Power:
Unlike most Vesicastralans whose shape is determined at birth and rarely fluctuates, Garapuff and Hartnik especially are able to warp their form beyond normal capacity. Most Garapuff can't shrink any smaller than around 80 feet, but Hartnik have been able to shrink about as small as 50 feet, with few individuals being able to shrink even further, but never under 18 feet. On the other end of the scale, Hartnik have practically no limit to how tall they can grow, with the tallest exceeding 500 feet in height. However, the further any Hartnik deviate from their default form, the more effort it takes to keep that form, lest they violently snap back in exhaustion, which in extreme cases could knock them cold.

Notable Building:
Hartnik Central is a modular apartment complex and event center, notable in being just as ever-changing as the Hartnik themselves. Though the main building and the pools outside never move much (though the pareidolic tower might change "expression"), the modular apartments change every day, sometimes stacking on top of each other, but most of the time varying in number, size, and placement. The apartments themselves don't disappear, but instead burrow underground and/or shrink to the bare minimal size. The people that live inside these apartments control nearly every aspect of them, and there's a special etiquette for moving around the apartments of others so as to prevent crashes.

The Hartnik and the Vesicastralans belong to GigaCake-MmmKay.
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7 hours / polymer clay / un colord / 24 cm
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my best sculpter till now toke me 7 days to done i used super sculptey clay and air dry with acrylic colors and oil
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drawed with carbon and different pencils
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Click for:
:bulletblue: WIP video (14 secs long)
I made it up from photos I took so the lighting changes in each frame depending on the room light .. oops. :XD:

Mixed Media study of some tropical fish that I took photos of at London Zoo. Unfortunately I forgot to check the species of these ones but they were really mesmerising. This drawing should be considered as a quick study and I didn't alter the colours digitally at all.

I intend to work in paints for the final work (don't know which type yet ... ones that will allow for plenty of detail most likely). The composition and everything will be totally different, but you have to start somewhere. One thing I hate about this one is the background .. it's so rushed.

Used:Murano pastel paper, Karisma and Derwent Studio pencils, Soft pastels and Derwent Pastel Pencils, and lastly, some Process White gouache. See the tools here --> [link]


Copyright (C) Leigh Sparks 2012
All rights reserved
Always give credit to the artist and do not steal.
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Hola Hola:3
Bueno Los Creditos Van Para Kamyeditions
& Para Mi Por Recopilarlos
Y Pasarlos De .PNG A .ICO

Un Saludito c:


•Agregar A :+fav:

•Click En +WATCH.

•Vistar Mi :gallery:

•No Copies c:
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Elite Miniature Bust
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