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Crystal Hays quickly threw on her clothes, not giving much thought to her outfit. She ran a brush through her messy hair, wondering for a moment if she should just touch up the uneven bangs that she had cut by herself the night before. In the end, however, she decided to leave it. After surveying herself in the mirror, she gave herself a nod of approval before turning towards her bed.

A black backpack laid on top of her comforter along with an assortment of  notebooks, pens, pencils, and various other school supplies. Normally she would have taken special care to arrange all of it neatly. Today, however, she was running late, and so it all got thrown into the backpack haphazardly. She was about to zip it up but hesitated, kneeling down and sticking her hand underneath her bed to pull out a book. It was leather bound, the spine cracked and worn with use. Crystal bit down on her bottom lip as she debated whether she should take it along or not.

Just then her bedroom door opened and she stuffed the book into her bag, zipping it up as her mother stepped into the room.

"Crystal, hun, you need to hurry up," the Native American woman said. "You're going to be la-" She faltered in the middle of her sentence, dark eyes widening as she took notice of her daughter's hair. "What on earth did you do?!"

The young girl shrugged and avoided her mother's gaze. Before she headed off to bed last night, her hair had been down to the back of her knees; now it barely reached her shoulder blades, was uneven and choppy. Never in her life had her hair been touched with a pair of scissors; her head felt incredibly light. Plus it was great revenge against her mother as well.

"Young lady, look me in the eyes right now. Why did you do this?"

"Not now, Mom," Crystal muttered as she shouldered her backpack. "I'm going to be late. Remember?" With that, she pushed past her mother and walked down the hall to the stairs. She could hear her mother struggling for words behind her, but hurried out the front door before the woman could recover her bearings.

For a moment she leaned her back against the door, her eyes closed as she tried to calm herself down. She almost felt guilty for acting like that towards her mother, for betraying their beliefs and chopping off her hair. Those feelings didn't last long as she reminded herself that the woman deserved to feel hurt, to feel worse even. It was her fault that Dad had left, she was the one that forced Dad to leave. It was all her fault.

A stray breeze of the Colorado wind assaulted her and pulled her out of her thoughts. She could always mope later. But for right now, she had to get to school. With her shoulders hunched she trudged forward, now thankful that her mother had bought a house close to the high school. Within ten minutes she had made it to her destination.

Students littered the front lawn of the school, mingling before the first class of the day began. Nearly all of them took a moment to stare at her as she passed, a rare few completely ignored her. It was to be expected, after all. This was a small town and while it was the first day of school for her, the rest of them were already a month into the first semester; the combination of which made it obvious she was 'the new girl'.

Doing her best to ignore all of this, Crystal pushed through the crowd of kids and into the school's double doors. She turned right through the cafeteria and into the hallway lined with lockers. Slowing her pace she eyed each of them until she spotted 178 marked on one of the lockers. Then she stopped, entered in her combination and yanked on the handle. But it wouldn't budge.

"Oh, come on," she growled underneath her breath, Entering in her combination once more she yanked on the latch but still it resisted. Crystal gritted her teeth together and banged her fist on the locker as hard as she could. A soft chuckle came from close behind her and a hand rested heavily on her shoulder. Whirling around in surprise, she pressed her back up against the lockers and glared at the boy who had touched her.

His blue eyes shone with amusement and even though a black bandana covered the lower half of his face, she was positive that he was smirking at her. "Here, let me help you," the boy said, his voice slightly muffled by the bandana. Casually, he leaned in towards her, close enough for her to catch a whiff of Axe from his messy blonde hair. He then began to fiddle with the lock. Within moments there was a soft click; he then pulled back from her, letting the door swing open.

"H-how did you-" she trailed off and stared into the empty locker. Why did it open for him and not her? And how did he know her combination to get it open in the first place?

The blonde didn't pay any mind to her concerns, though, chuckling softly to himself. "Don't worry about it. You can return the favor later. And I'll definitely come around to collect." He gave her a soft wink before sauntering down the hallway. "You might want to hurry and put your bag away," he called over his shoulder, "Classes are about to start."

As if on cue, the bell rang twice as a warning to the loitering students. Everyone who had been hanging around outside quickly flooded the building as they all rushed to their first hour classes. Crystal sighed, then let her backpack slip off her shoulder and began to unzip it.

"Hey there, you're new, aren't you?"

Turning around, Crystal saw a girl about her age staring at her intently with light brown eyes. Her curly blonde hair was pulled back with a thin red ribbon and she wore a red dress over a white button down shirt. The girl gave her a warm smile and offered out a hand. "My name is Gabriella White. What's yours, hun?"

After taking a moment to stare at the outstretched hand, the Native girl tentatively took it in hers and gave it a light shake. "I'm Crystal Hays. My mom and I moved here a few days ago," she murmured. She tried to pull back her hand, but the other girl held onto it firmly, her face lighting up.

"Oh, so you're my new neighbor! This is wonderful! I wish I had know earlier so we could have walked to school together this morning. But there's always tomorrow for that." The final warning bell rang just then, cutting off anything else Gabriella was about to say. "Oh, dang it. Time for class. Do you know where your homeroom is? What's you're first class? I bet it's Algebra, am I right? Most us freshmen have it first. Come on, I'll show you to the room!"

Before Crystal could even reply, Gabriella slammed her locker shut and began to pull the bewildered girl behind her, barely even giving her time to pick her backpack up off the floor.
Well, I got the first chapter up at least. It just seems so . . . lackluster compared to the other chapters I have planned, though.

I would like to give a big thank you to every deviant who took the time to beta read this! :D (Big Grin) 

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Medusa.: " dam it to think it Ben year scene make beat the kishin she ruined everything she ruined  my planes but if she thinks she killed me she get anther thing coming it

take  about year for me to return but thank to
have one if my sankes was hidden I was able to live now it time for revenge  I will make anther

kshin then  that same kishin will kill maka and her friends and my child trader crona soon they will all be dead  this time

my plans wont  be stopped
lord death.: " maka I called you other in day there 4 people who close to being a  kishin

they need to before  it happen the last thing we need is a 2nd kishin to come  no iv all ready sent kid to take

One if them and I like you soul long with black star and tsubaki and corna to head out stop them however I want you to be on ground as pumpkin head may be stronger they look

maka.: "we be on ground  we will put stop them OK crona you ready
crona.: " yea lots get going

ragnarok.: " yea I get rip a part some one who,s close to becoming kishin  
Black star.: " come on out pumpkin I the star am here to beat you

pumpkin head.: " so you brats come here to die did you will ten I make fast work if you
maka.: "OK  corna black star lot do do Resonance link

soul.: " maka you ready to do this
maka.: "yea I am

Black star.: "tsubaki enchanted sword mode
tsubaki.: "right

Black star.: "now you see just how awesome I am he yelled cutting one pukmkin head arms off
maka.: "witch hunter she yelled cutting pumpkin other arm off

ragnarok.: " come on corna lots do this
corna.: " right  he said cutting pumpkin in huff

maka.: " look that it for him you can change back now soul
Black star.: " you to tsubaki

Pumpkin.: " hahahaha did you brats think the fight was over
maka.: "what he,s not dead yet but how

Black star.: " so this guy can regrow his body parts huh
Pumpkin.: " that right as long as one part if my body is lift I keep coming back

Black star.: " is that so then I just have to cut you tell there noting lift you ugly pig
pumpkin.: "ugly  way dont i jsut shut that mouth if yours brat he yelled powering up

maka.: "black star you dumb ass you gone made him mad his wave length is  to strong now
Pumpkin.: " now i will show you my power kids he yelled punching maka in her stomach then

elbowing black star in his stomach and knee crona in his stomach  then pucnhed corna in his stomach to
maka.: "urk she yells spiting

Black star.: " cough he yelled spiting
crona.: " oaugh he yelled spiting

tsubaki.: "black star no
Soul.: "dam it ar eyou OK maka  

then pumpkin kicked soul in his face  pucnhed  tsubaki in her face and in her stomach
tsubaki.: " aoguh she yelled spiting

Soul.: "dam you  you call that punch iv Ben hit hard then that before and dam you black star you just had go piss  this guy off if we want beat him we do it as team right maka

maka.: " right
pumpkin;;hhahahaha you brats wont be making anther move level vines he yelled

maka.: "wha what  he doing
With in siscs maka soul black star corna and tsubaki war tied up in vines around there

arms legs
maka.: " ugh these vines ae to tight i can't free my self the more i stuggle the tight they warp around me and mroe vines are stell coming dam it i cant stand being tied up like this

tsubaki.: " black star way you go and get us tied up she yelled
Soul.: "I can cut my self free then maka

crona.: "I can't get lose
ragnarok.: " corna you dumb ass looks like i have to cut you free

Pumpkin.: "vines vines he yelled
As more vines warped around ever before warping there months gagging them

maka.: "mphpmhp she yelled
Soul faslty cut him self free
soul.: " hold on maka i will cut you lose then he cut maka free

and then ragnarok cut corna free and cut black star and tsubkai
maka.: "OK that dos it soul get ready

Soul.: " right
maka.: "soul Resonance now Genie Hunteeeeeeeeeeer she yelled cutting in to pumpkin

Pumpkin.: " what no not that move aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he yelled blowing up
Soul.: "that's one down  2 go  

maka.: "yea hopeful death kid his all ready take care if his fight
corna.: "we stele have find other two

maka.: "right
oni.: " you brats looking for me

soul.: "this guy not as strong as the last
maka.: " soul right so crona black star way don't you two take them down

black star.: " right now IL hti him with ym soul wave latght Strong Soul Wavelength
He yelled punching oni

oni  dam.: " brat you think that stop me
black star;; no but you may want to look behind you freak

oni.: " whaaaaaaaaaat how did othe rbrat get behid me
crona.: " now  Rose Thorn Storm:

the attack blow huff if oni body up
Black star.: "Planet Destruction Cannon he yelled

The attack blow the other huff  if oni body up
meen will

death the kid.: " shadow Keith your stupid and ulgy and you disgust me Liz Patti transform now death canon

The attack blow up Keith
maka.: " we find you  and you all ready taken care if  that guy

Death kid.: " yes will he was noting we should return to dwma now
Black star.: " right

stein.: " I scene some thing bad is about to bad what

medusa.: " hahahahahahahah these brats did just I had planed now  all do take burned body if shadow  Keith then vines form pumpkin that steel have his DNA on them the lift over

form oni then then in infuse with the Black Clown.and black blood then IL fuse him with the 99 kshin egg that flying Dutchmen  caption had get for me now  once I  finished my work

I will made a 2nd kshin a kshin who power will far surpass that if asura but unlike asura this kishin wont  have the some weakness no not at all it wont have weakness  soon

And the others will ley dead at my feet then i will take there  DNA cetate kishin clones if them to help me rule world hahahahahahahahaahhahahahahaaaaaaaahahahaahah  
ok so this my fist time righting soul eater story it was ltitle harder then I was thnking it wood be to  do it but stell did it
any way this story take palce in artle uvnruse

one where ever thing in manga happen only few thing in manga did not happen like crona turning eivl again but  the fianly batte with medusa that happen in anime happen in this unvurse and if watech the anime end  exas that happen after show over you see

medusa snake mvoeing around that htined at that she not dead after all that and what death the kid others said  befor final epsidoe end

there thee il be anther kishin  some day that in retune give me the idea to make this stroy
beside doing it this way is one onl way I can use corna  who is in awosme charater
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dr stein.: " lord death don't you think that some thing going on we had 4 people close to becoming kishins and all after year if  the defeat if the fist kishin

Lord death.: " I think I know where your getting at stein side just informed that some one some  woman leaving with lift over pieces form the lift 4 guys

stein.: " yes  and that true  and there only one woman who fit the bill and that medusa
lord death.: " yes but don't you say maka  killed medusa and form what  I was told it was woman that wood

mean she find way to come back form dead again
spirit.: " medusa is noting my maka can't handle she beat her once and she do it again

stien.: " your missing the point spirit medusa is up to some thing she may be trying to make anther kishin but this time we no idea where her place is she not so dumb hat she  use the some place

medusa.: "  yes the tests some to be working  now  the infuse  if  pieces if there body is  fisnehd now I for next step infusing black blood then  the black clown its only meter if time I will
make the perfect body for this new kishin I can't Wight every thing going as planed

stein.: " maka lord death wood like to  word with you and others
maka.: "  OK lord death what up

Soul.: " ya ins some thing wrong
black star.: " what kind mission do you have for us now am sure it noting I can handle

tsubaki.: " black star  lot him talk wood you
lord death.: " it same that the ones you beat before body's war taken by some one

maka.: " bye who and way
stein.: " by medusa

soul.: "are you cazy maka beat her all ready
maka.: "no that don't make any scene I saw her die

black star.: " dam dos she ever stay dead
crona.: "I don't understand how she be alive Wight maybe it do one if her  snakes

maka.: " huh  snakes corna what you mean?
crona.: " I just remember some thing she said once that she put  few snakes inside eruka my guys is that when

was dieing she release  these snakes form her so that so wood be able to live again I hate to deal with her again but this time we stop her

Medusa.: "yes black blood fusion with the body his Ben excepted now for finally test the fusion with the black clown yes it working my work is just about fished once and then I can

Order him to kill maka crona black star soul tsubaki and the trade watch that side with dwma Kim and Jacqueline then I sent him do with the rest if dwma stands

Lord death.: " maka I want you others to find medusa put end to her before she make anther kishin
maka.: "right we find out where she is

medusa.: "hahahahahhaaa yes it  finished  now I will food him the 99 kishin egg souls and it fisnehd now he his become come a kishin and now kishin shadow pumpkin king keith  the oni

kishin.: "yes master medusa what it that you wood like me to do
Medusa.: " I want you to kill every one at the dwma but start with maka crona black star tsubaki Kim and

jacqunline give them beating like no other make sure they get painful death but watch
All you do watch out for maka kishin hunter

kishin.: " I will make sure these brats are dead word draws in to madness
Medusa.: "good  will help draw them out for you with free help  long time no see free

Free.: "medusa  so your steel alive and I take it your in need if my help again  and take this guy is the new kishin
Medusa.: "yes he is and  yes I am you see we going to set to kill dwma students  do that I need you to sue your

power to  make so only maka corna black star  tsubaki soul and Kim jacqunline
are only ones get out the rest I want you to keep tarp in there  like you did before all you have to is hold them

for in hour it take lenses then hat of them brats to die
free.: "o yes good plan I can't Wight to see the brats at dwma die

medusa.: "here we at dwma am seeing Soul Protect to make so we wont be second by them dam dwma kids and lord death we drawing closer o yes this place  now I will draw them

Brat out soul protect soul release Vector Arrow she yelled blasting the citying
maka.: " I sense a witch here in dwma

Lord death.: " OK maka corna soul black star tsubaki am sending you out there
maka.: " lord death  I like to Kim and Jacqueline to come long with us

They are witch and student here at dwma so they souls be help us deal with medusa after all
lord death.: " yes they wood be big help they may go long with you

maka others head out to meet medusa
Medusa.: "o so you brats are finally here now

maka.: " medusa  this time there be no coming back for you
Medusa.: " shut up maka  your going to pay for what you down and you will pay with your death long with your

friends free now do it
Free.: "right Independent Cube he yelled
crona.: " o no maka he use his magic to seal the others inside this get be part medusa plan she wanted us to all

be out here she him use this some spell the fist time she want after the fist kishin
maka.: " what dam then we take her down

Medusa.: " that's right crona however this time I all ready have the kishin with me the 2nd  kishin  now  I will have step out if the shadows

maka.: " did you say  you made 2nd kishin no not again
Soul.: "dam anther kishin
Black star.: "we take him down just like we did the fist one

tsubaki.: "black star it wont be that easy the last kishin nearly killed all if us  we may not be beat this one the some way as the last but we can try

crona.: "that all we can do beside this time am here to help last time I was not able to now I can I wont lot him hurt maka

Kim.: "medusa you and the kishin will pay
Jacqueline.: " your veil ways will be stopped here

medusa.: "I give you brat one officer you can die at the hands if the 2nd kishin or  you can join me Kim  Jacqueline what you say
Kim.: " we will never join you
so here the 2nd chapter
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When you'll go away,
Tears will fill my life night and day,
When you'll be gone,
All I would do is mourn,
When you'll be there,
I'll be standing with regrets here,
As you can see,
You are very dear to me,
So please don't go anywhere,
Beacause if you did I will not care ,
And to myself dare,
To commit sucide since everything in love and war is fair....................
I wrote this when someone precious to me was going to leave me.
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She ran, her heart pumping and the crying babe in her arms growing heavier. The pain in her lower abdomen was like hot fire escaping all over her body. Her legs fought her desire to keep moving and she hugged her son tighter. She couldn’t stop now, not now. Gritting her teeth, she broke into a sprint. Limbs tore at her face and arms, their wicked thorns biting into her skin. Above her, the red moon shone brightly in the night, lighting the path ahead.

“Only a little farther, my son.” She panted into his silver hair.

He clung to her, his tiny fingers curling into the folds of her dress. His cry hurt her ears, but the pain was a pleasant reminder that he was still alive.

They’d meant to kill him, this alien child that had grown in her belly—her child. Regardless of his blood, she loved him. He was hers, her son. Instinctively, she adjusted her arms, wrapping them tighter around him, and kissed his forehead.

Abruptly, the path dipped low into a ravine. Swamp water splashed her thighs as she dove into the muck, her feet sinking into the silt. Balancing her son on her hip, she forced her way through the thickening foliage. Once on the other side, she hurried off into the trees, hoping the cover would give her enough time to lose her pursuers. She was so close.

The shadows enveloped her as she quickened her pace again, trying her best to ignore the mounting pain. Zev’s cries were becoming deafening. The louder they became, the easier she was to follow. She had to quieten him down. Holding his head close to hers, she began to sing in his ear. Her voice was uneven and short, but he responds nonetheless, his fingers curling into her wild hair and his head pressing into her.

“Yes, my son.” she panted into his ear. “I won’t let anyone harm you.”

Several minutes later, she arrived at a break in the trees and she stopped for the first time, her legs itching and throbbing. The pain was so bad she could barely keep her focus. Swallowing hard, she grabbed onto what concentration she had left and stepped forward into the open meadow. It was masked by an endless blanket of white flowers dyed pink in the nightlight. Running water whispered around her, cutting a curving path from one side of the meadow to the other. Beyond the mouth of the stream sat a small cottage. The one window revealed a flickering fire just beyond the animal hide curtain. She could see a moving shadow.

“Skelly,” she coughed dryly.

Her vision blurred and swayed as she lurched across the sharp rocks of the stream, alarming Zev and causing him to grip her neck tighter. Murmuring in his ear, she almost fell as she approached the door. Her upper body propelled forward despite her feet’s intention to stop. She collided none too gently, turning as she did to protect Zev, and her shoulder connected harshly with thick wood. She uttered a cry. Zev began to whimper softly and she tried to hush him.

Behind the door, there was a sound of shuffling feet. Then, brightness poured around a man silhouetted by firelight as it was open. Relief swelled her heart and she grinned deliriously at him. “Skelly!”

“Marali?” His dark eyes widened. “What are you…?” He paused, his gaze falling to the cooing child in her arms.

“Skelly. Please!” The desperation cracked her voice to pieces. “Help me.” Tears fell freely now, creating watery tracks down her cheeks amid the dust and grit.

He gazed back up at her, the shock and loathing evident. She had no one else. The knowledge of that tightened around her heart like a vice.

“What have you done?” He asked, completely at a loss.

“I am doing what I know is right.” She hissed through her teeth, the pain twisting her face.

He reached for her, but she shook her head and moved to hand him the child. He instantly recoiled. “No.”

“He’s my son! I want him to live!” Marali sobbed, the exhaustion finally catching up to her, and she almost fainted. He caught her, though she quickly pulled away and presented her son to him again. “I won’t let them hurt him! Please, Skelly. Please!”

Skelly looked between her and the child, bewildered. “Marali, he’s the son of the monster that…” His voice trailed away. He couldn’t say anymore. The hatred paralyzed his tongue and clamped his jaws.

“He’s my son.” She growled shakily. “Mine.”

Despite everything, he was hers. He wouldn’t be like his father; this she knew. Looking into his bright green eyes, she saw only her reflection peering back at her. You’re mine, she thought. You always will be.

Finally, Skelly nodded as if understanding, but his eyes were still frigid. “You should both come in—”

“No.” Marali interrupted. “You must keep him safe. They won’t suspect him here. I’ll come back at the next sunset to take him.”

Skelly took the child and glanced back at her worriedly. She looked so tired and frail. “Where will you go?”

“I will raise my son away from here.” She replied with a distant smile. “I will go deep into the woods, so no man might look upon him and desire to hurt him.”

“He is of their filthy blood.” Skelly averted his eyes from the child, revolted again. “You can’t keep him a secret forever. The world will want him dead the moment he is discovered.”

“His name is Zev.” She seemed to ignore him and reached out to caress the baby’s hair.

“Why did you disobey, Marali? Why did you let this child live? Look at you! You can barely stand!”

She looked up at Skelly, suddenly appearing beyond her years. “I don’t know. I just know that he has a good heart.”

Skelly’s scoffed, his voice taking on a razor edge. “How can you? He is a curse like the rest of his people.”

“No! My son is good.” She turned away, her shoulders trembling. “Why won’t you trust me, Skelly? You are the only person I can trust. Please, I’m begging you. Trust me.”

Reluctantly, he nods. “Alright. I trust you.”

Tears gathered in her eyes again and she hugged him tightly, her lips finding his. He returned her kiss desperately, his free hand cradling her face. As they part, Zev giggled, smiling for the first time. They both look at him in awe.

“Babies can’t smile like that so early.” He breathed.

Marali plants a tender kiss on Zev’s cheek and looks back to Skelly. “Please don’t judge him before you know his heart. You love me, do you not? My son is a part of me.”

Skelly attempts to speak, but she walks back out the door and turns one last time to him, the red moon creating a strange halo around her head. “That moon,” she points up to it. “That is his moon, Skelly. Don’t ever let him forget.”

For the first time he held Zev close, his dusky mustache tickling the child’s forehead. Her request sounded final. He didn’t like it. It was all over his face. Fear. There was no reasoning with her on this, though. She had made her decision. He gazes intently at her, helpless. “I won’t. You promise to come back.”

She smiled, but there was a brokenness hidden deep in her eyes. “I promise.”

With that, she disappeared into the darkness leaving Skelly with Zev, worn out from weeping and falling fast asleep in his arms.  She intended to come back. She’d fight to come back, but she already knew...
Original Fiction【Angels Fell First : Covenant】

Rating :
Pairing(s) / Character(s) : Skelly, Marali, & Zev
Word Count : approx. 1300


So I have finally completed the prologue for my project, Angels Fell First. :D I will likely edit this in the future. This is mainly just a revised rough draft. LOL! By no means is it the final product. The preview image is of Zev and his love interest Amunet. What I tried to convey with this prologue is the danger Marali (pronounced Ma-ra-lie) is in for keeping her son alive. She keeps saying he is her son, because she feels that he shouldn't be punished for what his ancestors of his father's bloodline did in the past. Skelly is not only averse to keeping Zev for who his father was, but for what his father did to Marali. Zev was the product of rape. That's another reason I highlighted Marali's desire to keep him alive. She doesn't blame him for his father's wrongs to her, either, which plays a huge roll in Zev accepting who he is throughout the story. Below is a reference sheet for Zev for anyone that is curious. ^_^

Ref. Sheet : Zev by AngelicHellraiser

CHARACTER(S) BELONG TO AngelicHellraiser
ART BELONGS TO : melloskitten & Mizury
Deviation Buttons: Anti Theft by Metadream:iconthnxplz:Critique please by Metadream

(I have trouble with my hands and typing, so know that I'm very thankful for every fave and comment.)

Angels Fell First : Covenant :
OF Teaser : Angels Fell First : Covenant (CH1)
The red wolf moon—the color of the blood in our veins, only brighter.
That’s what Skelly had told him in his youth when he’d asked about the crescent blade in the sky. He’d said it while tipping his wide-brimmed hat and lifting the boy up into those wiry arms. His breath had been a smoky whisper. “That’s your moon, Zev. You’re mother told me that a long time ago.”
“Why papa?” Skelly preferred Zev to use his given name, but it always felt more natural to him this way. Father...
The old man studied him for a moment, that familiar scowl returning to his already weathered eyes. “Because you’re chosen, boy.”
“Chosen for what...?”

Zev sprints down a shadowed alleyway, hoping the guards haven’t spotted him. His breath catches in his throat and he swallows dryly. Ahead of him, the alleyway dead ends. Oh no. His heart sinks.
He can’t go back the way he

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I open my eyes to find myself in a room. I sit up still drowsy from waking up I wipe my eyes to clear my blurry vision. My head is also hurting like it got hit with a baseball bat. Eventually my head stopped hurting but then i see that I'm naked and the only thing covering me is the blanket from the bed. I see my clothes scattered on the floor along with female clothing. I start to move out the bed when all of a sudden I hear a noise that sounds like it would come from a woman. When I look over to my right I see that I'm not alone in this bed. Still sleeping the female was covered in the blanket. Due to my curiosity I had to go ahead and see who they were. When I uncovered the blanket from the mysterious sleeping woman I find out to my horror that it's Heather the queen bee and she was sleeping peacefully like a newborn baby completely naked as well. I then immediately say to myself "what the hell happened last night". I try to retrace my memories from last night but all I can remember is that I was at Duncan's birthday party at a mansion Geoff rented for three days. The last thing I remember I went to get some... DJ eyes pop open and facepalms himself and says with anger "The punch!"

With that outburst the sleeping Heather wakes up. "Mhhm... Ugh whats wrong Deej" says a now awake Heather. Heather stretches out her arms and legs and fixes her long black hair before she scoots towards the gentle giant. She then kisses DJ which surprises him.

DJ shocked with all this quickly breaks the kiss and falls off the bed and says frantically "He-He-He-Heather wha-wha what are you doing?!"

Heather looks at the now frantic and confused DJ with a lustful smile on her face when she says "Oh I'm just giving my boyfriend a good morning kiss thats all"

DJ looks at Heather with a what are you talking about face and says "Um... pause... boyfriend?!" asks the jamaican teen.

"Yep you're my boyfriend since last night" says Heather smiles devilishly. "Oh and by the way DJ you were wonderful last night I didn't know you had it in you"

"Whoa whoa whoa i don't remember doing anything with you last night what are you talking about girl?" ask DJ

"Isn't it obvious we had sex" says Heather as she lies on the edge of the bed looking at DJ with lust filled eyes.

"WHAT?! Naw this can not be true" yells a DJ in denial.

"Well it happened get over it!" snaps Heather now with a scowl look on her face. "You acting like you were sleeping with the devil or something"

"I did sleep with the devil" mumbles DJ

"What was that?!" asks Heather who stares down DJ with evil eyes. "I didn't quite hear you honey"

"I said you need to cover up" says DJ obviously lying to Heather. "I don't need to see you in your birthday suit"

Heather rolls her eyes and smiling seductively while saying "You wasn't saying that last night"

"Wha- whatever just get changed ok please" says a blushing DJ who turns around so he can't see the naked Heather. "I'm going to go to the bathroom to change you can change here in the bedroom" says DJ. "After that we gonna need to check on the others ok"

Heather nodded and says "Ok i need to see how Courtney is doing anyways".

With that DJ picks his clothes up and heads towards the bathroom to change and Heather gets her clothes off the floor and changes into her clothes. DJ and Heather then walk out to see where everyone else is at

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With life down rated,
I'm so fustrated,
I just want to slip into the world of dreams,
Which is equal to strawberries and cream,
Out of this dimension,
Into a soft cloudy place I would gladly mention,
In the world of sleep,
I will creep......................
This is something I wrote when my heart was bubbling up with mixture of feelings .
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Glistening specks of white floated against the darkness that blanketed the world above. A large, bright ball hid behind the silent gray whisps calmly passing by through the night. An array of inverted sunlight streamed through the flying pedestrians and spied brilliantly onto the land below. Threads of green sprouted up from the soil of which they were born on, and a crystal mirror reflected the looming scene above on it's icy surface as it gushed foward in a maze of movement. Tall, thick buildings of nature climbed their way up into the sky and presented flocks of warm colors upward one last time. But their fire did nothing to heat the icy atmosphere of Autumn. Instead, vibrant colors drifted in the air, waiting until a gentle arm swooped them off and carried them to an unknown destination. To one it seemed as though the enviroment was motionless, monotonous, and dead, but life gleamed with every step if the way as it had always been. Mortals could not see, hear, or feel them, but their looming prescence were enough to convince them real.

So this is what it's come to. A very peculiar decoy thought to itself as it rested on nature's blanket, draping a leg over the gap ahead of it and swinging it around. He gladly took in a whoop of cold air, deploying it as soon as it entered. Although he proceeded to fidget without a care in the world, he was deep in thought; decieving the atmosphere around it, carefully plotting the next idol to complete the ledge which now briefly existed.

The chances were low.

It was risky.

But this was all it had to live for.

A final desperate hope that every single one of his brethren, including himself, strived for. The 'Mastermind' behind all of it controlled them with unrelenting force, manipulating and commanding them everything he needed or wanted. In truth, none of them had a life - the only reason why they followed so was because it was what they were created to do. Each had a different story to tell, but none of them took it happily.

The creature stared up at the sky in deep reminisce. It had been bestowed with the name of a deadly sin, and took the title and put it to great pride. He would walk amongst the innocent, those of which he hated, and drive them into mad oblivion. He urged them silently to fight in every way possible, and succeeded without them knowing of whom had done so. He was none other than a manipulator, a predator, an enemy, an assassin, a decoy, an enigma, a lier, a cheater, and a theif.

At times he would ask himself why he was so. Simply for the pleasure? Is that all he would do - bask in that of guilty amusement that didn't even satisfy his real needs? Most of the time his twisted mind would say yes, but at rational times such as this one where he had time to freely think about the situation, he would stumble back and forth in mild anticipation, more so reaching for the inevitable than THAT.

Is this all I am? The words would not stop echoing in his mind, as the words caved in on his very spirituallity and mocked him with short trances. He glanced over to the icy water yards away. Although a flashback came and went within a split-second, he needn't anything to know that was his punishment in the afterlife.

And he welcomed it.

He welcomed it with wide arms, at times impatient and finding himself walking towards it. He would sit by the rivers edge and stare at his own reflection, but he would go no further, for it was then he was reminded of the duty he had to fullfill. He could've ended his life anytime he wanted to, and everybody knew that he could, but he didn't because it wasn't meant to be. He'd have to wait. He was not all after his punishment, but simply leaving the strings. He wanted to be on his own, not controlled by another. He wanted to become that of which he hated.

Someday, he always thought to himself, someday it will happen. Lies entered his mind and manipulated him into thinking he WAS the ruler, and so would he remain. However, fantasies vanished before him like mist and he snapped into the unforgiving reality. There was no hope for him. Trash was all he would be after they accomplished what was to be done. And he hated it. He hated it all.

Cowardly ways were just of his doing. His qualia was nothing compared to that of his indulgence. Was he no better than his brother? Could he be different? And what of the others?

What of the others . . .

A quiet chuckle slipped through the corner of his mouth. It was impossible for him to think that way. He had always been so for himself that consideration never really took a toll in his life, and NOW to remember back to his comrades and pity them for their ignorance? It was ridiculous.

So who cared if they remained to be toys for Father? Certainly he didn't give a damn. Yet, it wasn't all him to sit around and ponder about those whom he traveled, more so glancing down at his feet and teasing the pipsqueaks that would never beat him.

Or so he thought.

That staring down at his feet was staring down at the core of the Earth. They were all equal, so who was he to say that he was superior? On the other hand, who's to say he wasn't? Internal conflict was a heavy burden he carried. Perhaps others did as well? Of course. Who's was more pitiful? In a way, he cared not whom had the greater difficulties but only wished he be left alone. Just wished to be human.

Sadness engulfed his corrupted being, and he gently bent his head down in defeat. A small tear fell down his face, and he grinned. Mentally laughing, his grin grew wider and wider until it was ear-to-ear.

But he dared not make a move, nor a sound.

He was still, like the rest, and would remain so until it was time.

He could never be human, and he knew it. It saddened him greatly and tormented his soul. Clenching a fist, he tried desperately to hide his melancholy in. Even when alone, he did not like feeding the world his weakness. Nobody would ever see it, except for the creature that created him and used him for personal gain. Nonetheless, as tense as he was, he could no longer hide it in. The helpless creature tipped his head back and screamed out, raw emotions purging themselves into the outer world. He fell onto his knees and continued to scream as it rained and then poured on his very being. Tears fell like waterfalls and screams ripped out like a banshee, but he did not stop, nor hesitate. For once he let his emotions out, something he had never done in his entire life. The melody of hate, pain, deppression, and so much more spilled out into the dead space around him. He stared up with abused amythest eyes into the night sky, mentally cursing at the heavens for bestowing upon him such a cruel fate.

His brothers, they heard, and snickered.

His sister, she felt, but went mute.

His Father, he saw, and laughed.

Shaking and collapsing onto the ground was nothing he would ever do, but now it made no difference. He had utterly humiliated himself, stripped himself of his dignity and let the world see it. There was nothing to give back to him. Nobody pitied him, nobody cared about him, nobody loved him. He was a tool and nothing more, and he hated it. Eventually he grew silent and the atmosphere went dead yet again. Lastly, before the end, he cried a small stream onto the ground but caused no physical damage to anything.

Once he stopped, he got up on his feet, brushed off the dirt and mud, and left.

And that was all.
Disclaimer: I don't own Envy, Father, the other sins from FMAB, Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, or the moon.

Ah, it's about time I write something! :)

In this short oneshot story, I based it off of Envy's emotional torment from Brotherhood. All he wanted was to be human, as it says in the anime (perhaps even the manga, but I think the 2009 anime and manga vary a little bit). Yes, I know Envy was a sadistic creature that enjoyed seeing humans suffer and thought himself superior to them, and I included that in this oneshot. However, what if Envy felt something in his heart for others and was being broken by emotional stress because of the false life he is living? What if Envy wasn't all that bad? What if Envy could've been good, but never had the support or love or care and was simply lost?

A short burst of inspiration in this was from:
The songs I listened to while writing this was:

Please give feedback. It's very encouraging to see comments and it makes me feel like people care. If you see any mistakes or don't understand, let me know. :)
No negative feedback. :iconenvynoplz:
I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading. :iconenvyhappy:
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No, of course I don’t love you.
Here is the reason why.
You’re like a stomach flu.
But you’ll never die.
You were born of men.
Who violated me as they do.
If only I had stopped them.
If I could have just flew,
And got away  from those,
That only seek to destroy.
I was inside their throws.
They had ignored my ploy.
I had to carry you around.
For a very long time, boy.
I felt like that I would drown.
Just so that you would enjoy.
Feasting upon my own food.
Stealing from my own diet.  
To be one of my own brood.
And you’d never be quiet.
After you had been born.
During, as I should say.
My body had been torn.
On that very same day.
All you would do is cry.
And shower the room with ilk.
No matter what I would try.
You stole my precious milk.
For years you pestered me.
And took what was mine.
But now I shall be free.
And don’t you ever whine.
Now I shall do as I can.
To so proudly proclaim.
That because you are a man.
You’ll only be the same.
Grapefruit anyone?

Now, before you folks comment I wish I were a girl so that I could give birth and raise a child. I find it very beautiful. But, others do not. So, I decided to illustrate their point, because I wanted to write a poem that had to deal with gender societies and had no other idea.
  Mother always knows best~
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A few weeks has passed since the couple had that steamy night. Right now it's early in the morning and China is just getting up she is wearing a red and pink chinese-style pajamas. She looks to her side to see that her husband Russia is already up and about because he's not in bed. She feels a little queasy when she first gets up from bed but it subsided moments later. She sees her stuffed panda that Russia bought her when they started dating on the nightstand and grabs a hold of it.

"Hmmm it all started with this cute little thing aru" smiles China as she then holds the panda near her chest. She then walks into the Living room where she smells food being cooked as she walks to the kitchen she sees her husband Russia who is wearing a white tank top along with his older sister's scarf around his neck and gray sweatpants.

"Zǎoshang hǎo, qīn'ài de ā lǔ[1]" smiles China as she kisses Russia

"Dobroye utro tebe slishkom[2]" smiles Russia

"What you cooking aru?" asks China

"Oh some eggs, bacon, and pancakes" says Russia "I'm almost done"

"Oh good because I'm hungry" says China who then walks to the table

A few minutes passed and breakfast was done and they was both at the table ready to eat.

"Well lets eat shall we" says Russia

"You don't have to tell me twice" smiles China as she then begins to eat

It doesn't take her no time to finish her first plate that she asked for seconds after 2 minutes. But a few minutes passed and she was asking for fourths which kinda shocked Russia knowing that she doesn't eat that much food. After they finished eating breakfast China and Russia was cleaning up the table.

"Wow China you sure can be a fatty when you want to be" jokes Russia

"Ha ha ha very funny aru" says a sarcastic China "I was just real hungry aru"

"Hmm I guess I put too much work on you last night" smiles Russia

China blushes a deep red as she says "You are such a pervert aru!"

"Well you married this pervert" says Russia

"Whatever aru" says China who grabs the glass of orange juice sitting on the table " That doesn't excus-"

As soon as China took a sip of the orange juice she started to feel nauseous she dropped the glass and started to run straight to the bathroom.

"China whats wrong?!" asks Russia who follows his wife to the bathroom

When China got to the toliet she flips the lid and starts to throw up all of her breakfast. Russia came in a few moments later to see his wife vomiting like crazy. Russia kneels next to China to hold her hair back as she vomits in the toilet. A few minutes passed and China has finished vomiting and is getting her mouth wiped by Russia.

"What was that I was drinking Russia aru?" asks China

"Orange Juice" says Russia nonchalantly

"You sure aru?" asks China in disbelief

"Positive" reassures Russia

A glimpse of shock came to China right when she says "Uh Oh aru"

"Whats wrong China?" asks a concerned Russia

China then goes back into the toilet to vomit again. A few moments passed and she stopped

"Hey Russia?" says China as she rises

"Yes" says Russia

"Would you mind going to the store for me?" asks China

"What for?" asks a confused Russia

"A pregnancy test" answers China

With a face a shocked face Russia says "You mean you're-"

"I don't know but just to make sure" says China "Please"

"Ok" says Russia who then picks China up princess-style and starts to walk

"Where are you taking me?!" asks China

"Where else" smiles Russia in an obvious tone "I'm taking you to the store with me"

China immediately smacks Russia upside the head and says "Báichī ā lǔ![3] you don't need me!"

"But I do" says Russia "I don't know how they look like"

China sighs and says "They're in a pink box and it says pregnancy test. Its not that hard and if you have trouble ask the employees for help"

"Ok then" says Russia who then begins walking

"Um Russia" says China

"Yes Honey?" asks Russia

"Where are you taking me?" asks China

"Where else" smiles Russia in an obvious tone "I'm taking you to the st-" Russia saw China getting ready to hit him across the head again and says "I'm just kidding. I'm gonna take you to bed"

"Oh ok" says China

Russia lays China to bed and covers her up and after kissing her on the forehead he says "I wont be long"

"Ok be safe" says China

[1]- Chinese for saying "Good morning honey aru"

[2]- Russian for saying "Good Morning to you too"

[3]- Chinese for saying "Idiot aru!"