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She's some sort of Goddess of thunder, but you can change that if you want of course!
Her tail is a lightnight bolt, so is always contained inside a pocket in the dress she wears.
Oh and she has butt wings

Starting bid 150 :points: (I worked hard on this)
Minimum increase: 10 :points:

If the bid goes over 250 :points: I will colour in the Sketch
If the bid goes over 350 :points: I will make a chibi however you want like
Vanilla RP with me? by Pikagalli
If the bid goes over 500 :points: I will make a more detailed picture with a simple or transparent background and chibi
Don't let your feet touch ground by Pikagalli
If the bid goes over 800 :points: I will make a detailed picture with background and the other two things
Ssssstab sssssstab sssssstab by Pikagalli
If the bid goes over 1000 :points: I will also make you a custom, and a drawing of anything you want, plus everything else.

But I doubt it'll get any bidders or even get to 350 points soo.

Sorry if it seems expensive. But 80 points = a dollar
and im tired of selling things for only a few cents.

Current bidder: N/A

Ends 48 hours after last bid

Winner gets separate pictures of each picture without the overlay (and with if you wish)
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First adopts on this account! ; v ;
#1 TAKEN nicolepetlover
#2 TAKEN Leeleechanlee
#3 TAKEN SgtcNick
#4 TAKEN Leeleechanlee
#5 TAKEN xx-Nykki-Ponies-xx
#6 $1.00/100:points:
this was an auction first but isn't anymore since 6 wasn't sold. u v u ;;
- do not claim the design as yours
- you can do minor changes on the design
- do not resell but you may trade it
- im able to hold for 2 days max


by me, Rimeku
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Little miss Sweet Pea is a fun loving, bouncy earth pony with a bit of a punk rock edge to her personality.

Offer what you like, money, points, art trade, or all if you like.
I will keep this open till March 31st and then I will choose the offer I like best.
You may offer more then once or change your offer at any time.

If the offer goes over $10, you'll get a free commission picture of her as well as the original adopt picture.

Once she is yours, you may change her name and make SMALL changes to her design. But please credit me when you redraw her for the first time, to let others know where you got her from^^
also I love seeing ppl redraw the adopts they get from me^^

Please no stealing, claiming as your own or copying if it's not yours.

Art and base by me :icondanie-mesadopts:
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fhdkjsfd everyone got a sweethome! Thank you :iconyuicraiplz: ! ♥♥


# Adopts Rules and Guideline


1 # :iconbakatheidiot:

2 # :iconbakatheidiot:

3 # :iconreversedclock:

4 #  :icontea-why:

5 #  :iconkraikrai:
Comments disabled by owner.
My first ID!

im actually quite proud of it hehehe.  You see,there's Ib,aya and viola. The 3 gooders in my top 3 favorite RPG games. Well,viola then turned to be really ellen. 
Im proud of this.
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Icons for deviantART members personal and favourites gallery folders.


1. Icons (for the most common folders);
2. PSD file;
3. Font.

The same icons I use for my gallery folders, so you can see the "live" version by visiting my gallery.
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:sun: This is free for use! I'd really appreciate it if you could comment or fave if you use it so I can check out your page and see how it looks!

Journal skin commissions are now open as of 7/13/12! See the journal for more info.

This is a CSS I made from ~OperationDropkick's photo, Golden Grass, so do not remove his credit :) If you'd like to have your own art turned into a journal skin like this one, you can find all the information here: [link]

Note: Make sure your moods are at the bottom.

More skins: [link]

:bulletblack: If you would like to make all the text centered, just add this to your header: <div align="center".> but without the . before the last >
:bulletblack: If you have any problems or would like me to tweak something for you (link color, font, etc.), don't hesitate to ask!

All photos featured in the skin preview can be found in ~OperationDropkick's gallery.
Photo: [link]
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Top Row males
1: sold to :iconepicgamercat:
2: sold to :iconmiss-kimberly-rose:
Bottom row females
1: sold to :iconmiss-kimberly-rose:
2: sold to :iconmlpstarstrike:

once bought, you may make small changes.
But credit me the first time you re-draw.
you may resell, but do not resell for more then you paid for them
and let me know if you resell them.

art and base by me :icondanie-mesadopts:
don't steal or claim as your own.
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So I've barely even touched this account since making it back in July 2013... Sweating a little... 

But I'm back, and I have some cool little ideas that I'd like to implement onto this account. As you can probably guess, most of the content you see around here will be Nintendo related.

So, feel free to stick around and watch this space as I plan to breathe life back into this account soon! :)
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