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Watch 8 Minutes Of Behind The Scenes Footage From ‘Avengers’

We have no idea where this footage came from or what it’s doing online, but what we do know is that this video contains 8, almost 9 minutes of completely out of context behind-the-scenes clips from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Is this a tease meant to drum up interest in the film? It doesn’t seem likely. The unaffiliated YouTube account name and low view count gives this all the markings of a leaked video, so with that in mind, watch it while it’s still up.

Film Industry Life
by Regan MacStravic

Life As A PA

Cinestress has shared a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a Production Assistant.

Florida Man Lands Gyrocopter on US Capitol Lawn

If you’re intimately familiar with Florida’s reputation, that headline may not be surprising. Either way, Doug Hughes, a Florida resident, flew his gyrocopter onto the US Capitol building’s front lawn in protest of campaign finance laws and political corruption. When detailing his planned protest to the Tampa Bay Times, hughes said he did not think “that the authorities are going to shoot down a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle.” No one suspected that this was a national security threat, but President Obama was briefed on the incident due to its notability. We offer a hearty “keep on rockin’ in the free world” to Mr. Hughes, and hope that he makes it back to Florida safely.

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MicahJGunnell has started a new feature that highlights artists he feels deserve your attention and we think it’s great! Discover a new artist now.

Joss Whedon Is Getting Sued

Whedon and Lionsgate face a $10 Million Dollar Copyright lawsuit, as an author is claiming they stole the premise of Cabin in the Woods from him. Peter Gallagher wrote a book called The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines. While Gallagher self-published the books, he apparently registered the title with the Writers Guild of America in 2006. Cabin in the Woods was released in 2012.

On a rather dubious note, Gallagher claims to have sold copies of the book on the Venice Beach boardwalk and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The book’s relatively unknown status seemingly decreases the chances that Whedon ever actually encountered it, and yet it also makes us wonder if we’re living in the alternate universe in which the Firefly creator is an evil genius who stole the premise from a self-published book because he knew he’d get away with it — we certainly hope that isn’t the case!

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In order to restore the balance in the Cake vs Pie universe, we present this delicious Banoffee Pie by Nimmxx. Are you a pie person or a cake person? Represent your side in the comments section.

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Hayao Miyazaki fans, and fans of quality work in general are going wild for this animation created by Goo00.

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nebezial’s morning warm-up looks a lot better than ours (awkwardly attempting to do squats, in case you’re wondering). Be sure to check out the process video in the description.

Pluto In Color
by Ralph’s Camera

Pluto In Color

Pluto, which is a planet again, in case you’ve lost track, has been photographed in color for the first time by NASA spacecraft New Horizons. So the photo is a little small, and maybe slightly blurry, but it’s more about the achievement that it represents here. We hope to see more photos in the future.

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BlissClouds has a sweet tooth and wants to know what your favorite sweet is.  Share your sugary cravings here.

Robin Williams Tribute

Comedian Jamie Costa posted a compilation tribute video to Robin Williams, in which he does some pretty spot-on impersonations of his favorite Williams characters from films throughout the years.

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Kimmel Shows ‘The Avengers’ Cast Fan Art

The cast of The Avengers stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show ahead of the film’s premiere last night in Hollywood, and Kimmel had a special treat waiting for them. During the interview, Kimmel showed cast members some fan art, much of which was taken right here from DeviantArt — Kimmel focused especially on pieces that featured Tony Stark and Bruce Banner together as a couple. Pieces from CABARETdelDIAVOLO, Turtletamer42, and ichigomarshmallow were featured on the show.

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SpaceX Launch A Success, Mostly

SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket today in a mission that had two objectives: launch a supply vehicle en route to the International Space Station, and recover the stage one booster rocket. The first objective was completed successfully. The Dragon unit carrying food, equipment, and an espresso machine is well on its way. The second part, which was a crucial test for SpaceX’s technology, fell just inches short of completion. SpaceX wants its booster rockets to be reusable; traditional booster rockets can be used only one time, making them prohibitively expensive. If SpaceX can successfully engineer a reusable booster, they can afford to do more launches more often, which they believe will eventually make interplanetary exploration missions economically viable. According to a tweet from Elon Musk, the booster rocket found its way to the robotically controlled floating landing pad — the ship is named Just Read The Instructions — and landed successfully, but tipped over after landing due to “excess lateral velocity.” Even though it wasn’t a total success, today’s launch is a step forward, and shows just how close SpaceX is to meeting its goal. See photos and video of the launch here.

Illustrating Westeros

lovelessdevotions posts a fantastic interview series called ‘Illustrating Westeros.’ The latest edition is up, and it features ProKriK.

Game of Thrones Breaks Records For Viewers

Despite being certified as the most pirated TV show of all time, and on top of that having four episodes leaked online ahead of schedule, Game of Thrones still managed to make headlines with an audience of about 7.9 million people catching the series premiere, plus another .7 million tuning in for the 11PM repeat. If you haven’t already, check out our recap of the series premiere, and let us know what you thought of the episode!

Fearless Fiber Arts

We’ve just discovered FearlessFibreArts and you should too! She spins her own yarn and then turns it into remarkable creations.

Netflix Will Make Its Content More Accessible

Original content on Netflix will soon be updated with audio description, a format that allows people with vision impairments to follow along with TV shows by describing actions, costumes, and settings via voiceover narration. Some critics aptly pointed out the irony of Daredevil, a show about a blind superhero, not being available in that format, and it appears Netflix was listening. All its original content, including Daredevil, will be updated to include audio description options in the coming weeks.

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Hunching over a desk or piece of artwork for periods of time isn’t nice to your back and xKoday is looking for some suggestions for stretches that may help with back pain. Share your tips and tricks here.

Cuba Removed From Terrorism Sponsor List

Out of context it sounds like kind of a no-brainer, but Barack Obama’s decision to remove Cuba from a US-kept list of states that sponsor terrorism was a historic one. This move comes in the wake of strategic moves by the Obama administration to defrost US-Cuban relations, which have been shaky at best since The Cold War. Last week Obama and Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, sat down together. It marked the first meeting between US and Cuban Presidents since 1958.

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LumiereDarling wants to know about the best concert you’ve ever been to. Head over to the forums and share your stories.

‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Will Return

If you ever tuned in to MTV in the late 90s or early 2000s, you might remember a certain show in which claymation celebrities stepped into a wrestling ring to settle their grudges. We’ll all have a chance to experience the magic of Celebrity Deathmatch once again as MTV2 has ordered a season of the series. According to a report from AV Club, the show will also take into account the real-life Twitter wars celebrities often get in to. The show’s creator, Eric Fogel, will be overseeing the new season. This ought to be good.

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

Erika1991 is a digital artist with living in Indonesia. Check out her gallery here, and find out about more Project Porkchop artists here.

Cat Sledding

With a title like Cat Sledding, what more incentive could we possibly offer you to click on this? Seriously, if you do nothing else today, watch this video.

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4–15–2015

Authors: techgnoticeawood 
Curator: Moonbeam13 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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Korra Season Finale, AKA Avatar Ex Machina

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 11:18 PM

OK, I think I've calmed down enough to write a review now. Spoilers ahead!

First, let's start off with what worked in the season finale. The animation was just...incredible, the action was exciting and sweeping in its scale, and Zuko's voice was reincarnated as General Iroh the goddamn determinator! which was actually kinda distracting, cause I kept expecting him to be like "I AM SO GOOD AT BEING GOOD!!. Hiroshi Sato showed his true colors as a hate-filled douchenozzle, and Asami showcased her usual class and determination when faced with truly shitty circumstances (on a side note, I've always had a hard time believing that Mr. Sato invented all those airplanes and mechas and stuff, because honestly, when we met him he kinda gave off a Henry Ford vibe, not an "engineering genius" vibe like that crazy eyebrow dude from A:TLA. But whatever, that's a minor point). And of course Naga was a badass...and according to tumblr, there are now people who ship Bolin x Naga. Just...why. :doh:

Bryke once again pulled off a writing device they're very adept at - namely, making previously hated villain(s) seem sympathetic in hindsight. Honestly, the flashback we got on Tarrlok and Noatak was one of the most interesting, tragic, and heartfelt plot threads in the ENTIRE show, and it lasted like what, 4 minutes? I was way more invested in the relationship between those two brothers than I've ever been invested in the relationship between Mako and Bolin. I think a big part of this is the fact that we got to actually SEE their childhood, see the pain on their faces, watch as their father badgered and emotionally abused If we had seen a bunch of flashbacks of Mako and Bolin's childhood - actually seen their parents get killed and their subsequent struggles on the streets - well, they'd be more compelling characters. And ending Amon and Tarrlok's story in such an incredibly ballsy and heartbreaking way, with effing SUICIDE AND FRATRICIDE, just, OMFG. My cousin kyosgirl11 and I literally fell over each other in disbelief.

I got honest-to-God chills when Amon unveiled the captured airbenders. There's something about seeing children bound and gagged on stage that is just SCARY AS HELL...especially when those children are the last of their kind. I also enjoyed the 'betrayal' scene between Amon and his lieutenant, but I would have enjoyed it more if I actually KNEW more about the Lieutenant's character. Oh well. Not a big deal. I'm SO happy they brought back the bush-dwelling hobo from the first oneshot characters is a great way to make a story feel "tied together", and Bryke have always been good at this. I was also psyched to see Bumi the cray-cray in's OBVIOUS the original was reincarnated into Bumi 2.0 :XD:

Now for what didn't work in the finale. I was kinda disappointed that no explanation was ever offered for why Yakone and his progeny were able to bloodbend at all times, or more importantly, HOW ON EARTH AMON WAS ABLE TO USE BLOODBENDING TO TAKE PEOPLE'S BENDING AWAY. "I don't know how he does it" is not a sufficient answer for a power so extreme and so central to the plot. No mention of blocking chakras, or spiritual powers, or anything. Leaving that a mystery was not satisfactory, in my opinion. It just shows that the creators couldn't come up with a good explanation.

Secondly, it kind of bothers me how bending was portrayed not just in the finale, but in the series as a whole. In the original Avatar, bending was first and foremost a martial art, with all the intense training and emotional discipline that that entails. Great masters were essential to the training of the next generation, and there was an element of wisdom (pun intended) passed down during this process. Morals and values were an integral part of bending; each style emphasized a slightly different worldview, which was then further colored by the personality of the individual bender. In Korra, the bending wasn't treated like a martial art. It was treated like a superpower. For example, I know they were trying to make General Iroh look like a badass, but having him literally fly from plane to plane using firebending seemed...well, like a superpower, not like a martial art. I miss the philosophy of bending, the intricacy and and uniqueness of each style's movements, the hours upon tireless hours spent practicing to achieve results...that stuff made bending feel REAL. Like you too could move the water in your swimming pool if only you trained hard enough. Even though Korra is set in a world more like our own, I felt less connected to it. The bending wasn't as creative, as personalized, as visually interesting. I was never in awe of the fighting sequences. But hey, that's kind of subjective. The next item on my list is not.

So, here we go: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO MAD AT AN ENDING SEQUENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. EVER. The more I sit and think about it, the more I am completely shocked by how much cop-out they were able to pack into 1.5 minutes of screentime. I literally cannot BELIEVE it. I know some people were bothered by the fact that Korra instantly "unlocked" her airbending abilities after Amon took her other bending away, but I didn't have a problem with that. It seemed pretty reasonable that her airbending would finally kick in once she no longer had her preferred elements to fall back on. So yeah, that didn't bother me.

But oh God, they ruined the most AMAZING setup by having Aang restore her bending like 5 minutes after she lost it. When Katara walked out of the room and announced that she couldn't heal Korra, I thought, "wow, this is incredible. Now Korra's REALLY gonna have to learn airbending. She's going to have to study hard, adjust her view of herself, and come to terms with what it's like to be a regular bender. It's just like what Avatar Yangchen said! The Avatar has to learn how it feels to be human!"

As I watched Korra walk outside, angry and lost, completely undone by the sudden change in her identity, I thought "OMG. This is the greatest setup ever. Korra's entire life has been about being a super-powerful, in-your-face, physical chick, and now she's going to have to learn spirituality. Diplomacy. Flexibility. She's going to have to look INWARD rather than outward." And then, if things weren't delicious enough, she turned down Mako's (premature and unconvincing) declaration of love, because she was too torn up about her personal issues. I thought, "Holy shit, this is perfect! Now the writers can ACTUALLY develop the relationship between Mako and Korra in season 2. Asami will have time to adjust and won't just get tossed aside, and Mako and Korra can come together naturally, rather than just being thrown together because hey, 'it's meant to be!11!'".

And when Korra's tear fell from the edge of the cliff, I felt closer to her character than I ever had before. Because let's get something straight - I like Korra, but she's not an easy character for the average person to relate to. Showing her heartbreak, showing her feelings of inadequacy and helplessness, showing how painful it can be to deal with CHANGE...ugh, it was just so powerful. When you have a character like Korra, who's headstrong, brash, arrogant, and in a rush to beat things up, a key part of their character development has to be a period of "humbling", where they are forced to see the world in a different way, learn new problem-solving strategies, and come out a slightly kinder and more rounded person. So when I saw Aang appear and offer a word of wisdom, I literally got misty-eyed for a moment. I thought, "OMG, this is it! She's finally got in touch with her spiritual side! Now she can begin the journey of learning about her inner strength and her connection to past ages! And maybe, with enough hard work, personal growth, and gains in badassery, she can learn to restore bending just like Aang could take it away! AGGGH THIS IS AWESOME!!"

But then, just when I was SO excited for the second season, so psyched for the character development possibilities, SO pumped for Korra to grow into a more complex person, they just HAND HER BENDING BACK TO HER ON A SILVER PLATTER. No personal growth necessary. And then she runs off and embraces Mako (who yet again explicitly ignored her AND Tenzin's commands to give her some space), and I'm supposed to feel happy about this??! Woo-frickety-hoo. I'm glad it's possible to restore bending (and let's be honest, after Lin Beifong got hers taken away, we all knew it would be), but this was NOT the way to do it. Oh, God was it poorly handled. I don't think I've ever been so let down by a Deux ex Machina plot twist. I cannot for the life of me fathom WHY Bryke added this. It goes against the most basic principles of character writing. I guess maybe they didn't want to end the season on a "dark" note or whatever, but that's BULLSHIT - if you can show a councilman BLOW HIMSELF AND HIS BROTHER UP, you can leave your protagonist with a little bit of inner turmoil. And Jesus Christ, she still had airbending. It wasn't like she was left crippled and helpless.

Korra NEEDED to have a big obstacle like this to overcome. You wanna know why? Because writing a compelling character arc is about showing CHANGE. It's about showing that the protagonist has learned an important lesson or has emerged a different person, for better or worse. Nobody in this series learned anything. Korra didn't have to adjust her thinking, or learn thoughtfulness, or discover some new part of herself. It was handed to her. Mako never had to learn his lesson about stringing along two women, or acting like a controlling ass, or having more mood-swings than a PMSing teenage girl. Bolin didn't grow up at all, or strengthen his relationship with his brother, or even ACKNOWLEDGE what happened with the whole love triangle fiasco. If anything, Asami was the person who changed the most in the first season, if only because she started out rich, happy, and secure, and ended up hanging out with hobos underground and fighting her daddy. But even she didn't really change her worldview. I still don't really know who she IS. I know some of you are going to say "but we still have the second season! There's still time for them to change!" Well, there would have been, if they had been ballsy enough to cut out like the last 45 seconds of the episode. But now the setup for character growth is gone. We've been returned to status quo, and poorly so. So what's the point of a second season at all? When your series is only 24 episodes, it's not wise to start from scratch at episode 12. Looking back, the 1st season works neither as a stand-alone miniseries, nor as the first half of a longer series. I don't get what they were going for.

I've tried not to compare Korra to A:TLA too much, but I feel compelled to make a comparison now, if only to illustrate how important CHANGE is to crafting a compelling character arc. Let's look first at Sokka. He starts out as a sexist, egotistical, somewhat incompetent, comic relief character. And, though he stays funny throughout the series, by the end he grows into a humble, resourceful leader who demonstrates great intelligence and respects the talents of men and women alike. He keeps his essential core of ridiculous "Sokka-ness", but he grows to be so much MORE than just a comic relief character. He becomes real, and he does this by changing for the better - though that change isn't always easy. Or take Zuko. He starts out as an obsessive, hate-filled, rude and insensitive prick who cares about nothing other than restoring his honor. Yet, as the series progresses, we begin to see his layers peeled back, and we understand WHY he's acting like a tool. After many, MANY mistakes, Zuko ends the series by seeing the light, telling off his asshole father, joining the Avatar, and helping restore the honor of the fire nation, rather than just his own honor. Many of his character traits - like his anger, his awkward grumpiness, and his desire to redeem himself - stay constant, but those traits evolve as the context evolves. There's a reason Zuko is a fan-favorite...and it's because we were there with him as he went on his journey. We saw him change right in front of our eyes, and we were thrilled about it. And what about Azula? Even as a villain introduced in season 2, she got some AMAZING development. She starts out on top of the world - -self-controlled, successful, deadly, and the favorite child of her father. And yet, with the collapse of her fear-based friendship with Mai and Ty Lee, her whole foundation of stability is rocked to the core, and she begins to collapse as a result. The cackling, crying Azula of the series finale is a far-cry from the precision-oriented lightning bender we met at the beginning of the second season, but we SAW how she got from point A to point B, and we were on the edge of our goddamn seats. There are so many more examples - Katara starts off as a helpless, isolated peasant in the southern water tribe, and ends up as a well-traveled, powerful bender with the ability to impact world events. Mai starts off as a seemingly boring, diffident villain, and yet by the end she stands up to freaking AZULA and shows, pretty clearly, that she has major hidden depths. The list goes on.

I think the poorly-executed ending just underscores the biggest problem with The Legend of Korra as a whole: insufficient character development. And don't offer me the "they ran out of time 'cause it was only 12 episodes!!" excuse. They got way bogged down in the completely useless love triangle thing, and they squandered precious time with Degrassi-like shipping drama that could have been used to show the audience what kind of PEOPLE Korra, Bolin, Mako, and Asami are, not just who wants to bone whom. Mako wouldn't have looked like a douchebag, Bolin wouldn't have been painfully sidelined to make room for Makorra, and Asami wouldn't have been romantically shafted and irrationally hated by half the fandom. I read in an interview with the creators (I'm not sure whether it was Bryke who said this, or the questioner) that "one of the main sources of tension in LOK is the love triangle". This, to me, is the crux of the issue. Your tension does not come from the love triangle. It comes from the mask-wearing psycho who lurks in the shadows, and who preaches a philosophy that involves robbing another person of a key part of their identity. It comes from a manipulative, blood-bending politician keen on exploiting any situation for his own gain. It comes from the threat of imminent social unrest in a city where two different classes of citizens could potentially try to annihilate one another. It comes from a father so warped by grief that he tries to destroy his own daughter, or a pair of brothers ruined by the cruel and twisted nature of their upbringing. THAT'S where your tension comes from, not a ridiculous ship war. Jeez.

And, when you've got such danger hanging over the heads of your characters, it is VITAL that you allow them to bond and trust one another. The love triangle really undermined the unity of team Avatar, and I find that rather sad. By focusing on the divisive elements within their foursome, rather than on their friendship and mutual support, I was never really able to root for the Krew the way I was able to root for the Gaang. I just didn't CARE about the characters, and I'm not sure whether that's because the characters themselves were so flat, or rather because the relationships between them were so weak. Maybe it's a chicken-and-egg scenario.

It's a real shame, because the things that LOK does well, it does VERY well. The show is at its best, in my opinion, in its dark moments - the moments that make our hair stand on end, that make our throats constrict with pity or fear or rage. When Korra wanders into political territory, it excels. It does a fantastic job building up the idea of a moral gray area, and it touches upon the conflict between tradition and modernity in a way that, I wish, was more thoroughly explored. The plot and villain were really neat, and the finale SHOULD have been beyond incredible, but it just didn't quite work. And you know why? Because, in the end, a good story depends on good characters. You can have a brilliant setup, a huge budget, great animation, and amazing music, but if the audience doesn't cry with the protagonist and her friends, doesn't laugh with them, doesn't feel physically sickened when they get punched, doesn't feel HORRIFIED by the thought of losing any of them - well, the series won't ever reach its full potential. Believe me when I say that I came into this WANTING to love Korra and her new buddies. I wanted to lose myself in this world, to drink in the heady rush of fictional life-and-death conflicts. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot bring myself to become invested in these characters.

Except Lin Beifong. I hope season 2 is about her.

Lineart only

Aang-the last Airbender by kelly1412 by :iconkelly1412:

bird stamp 2 by ivadesign evolution stamp by Apsaravis Mugiwara Stamp by MrPants3000
Sleepy head by prosaix I support speaking french by Jellyka Nostalgia Critic stamp by Tartly-Sweet
Stamp by TwiggyTeeluck Mythbuster stamp by Destruktive Stamp - Hey Arnold Cap by reggiewolfpro
Stamp: Avatar Fan by Arthyem anti comparison stamp by Sythgara Sushi Love Stamp by chikaex0tica
I Killed a Man With This Stamp by NovySparrow Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams Ancient History Stamp by HeavenlyCondemned

Graphics by tyleramato and Acaciathorn
CSS by moonfreak
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To say that Dejan Delic's vector artworks dazzle the eye is an understatement. Elaborate shapes and swirls, ornate detailing, and resplendent colours offer up a veritable feast for any ASOIAF fan. No character, however major or minor, is excluded from this embellished styling that the artist appears to master so effortlessly. Whilst such rich presentation would be a triumph alone, Dejan's true talent resides in making each character's personality - their flaws and foibles, power and prestige - shine just as brightly.

 The Red Viper vs The Mountain by dejan-delic Daario Naharis by dejan-delic
Khal Drogo by dejan-delic
Theon Greyjoy by dejan-delic Coldhands by dejan-delic
 The Other by dejan-delic Ramsay Bolton by dejan-delic
The Hound and The Little Bird by dejan-delic Arya and Jaqen by dejan-delic


Welcome to the new edition of Illustrating Westeros, Dejan. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.


Many thanks for the invitation. It is an honour to be a part of that whole thing. I particularly like the idea of presenting unofficial fan artists of the ASOIAF saga to the public.


The need for art and creative expression was born in my early childhood. Drawing and artistic expression have always been a part of me. Naturally, with time the need for constant improvement and betterment of my drawing style came; it stemmed from the fact that I read extensively—all possible comics, books and magazines that dealt with the culture of drawing where I was able to see various types of artists and their styles firsthand. Also, I watched all kinds of cartoons, from Walt Disney to Ralph Bakshi, and they simply inspired me to try to create something similar visually. Later, through my studies and by being friends with people who have similar interests, my drawing style has grown into what it is today. And I think it is not fully formed yet, the transformation is still going on. Since, in the last few years, I have been illustrating scenes and characters from various epic fantasy books more and more; it is clear that the books of this genre have greatly determined my drawing style.

You are one of the most prolific illustrators of George R.R. Martin's works we’ve found. When did you read the A Song of Ice and Fire books for the first time, and what was your initial impression?


Thank you, I am glad you feel this way.


I started reading the ASOIAF series soon after the first season of the GOT TV series was aired, it was recommended to me by a friend. Having learned that the series was based on the ASOIAF book series, I immediately started reading all the books. It was an unforgettable experience for me, because that was the first time I came into contact with a writer who had a different approach from everything I had read until then. Martin has that ability to simply draw you into his fantastic world, and once you find yourself there—you stay there. He paints deep psychological profiles of people and he leans on the facts of life, presenting his characters as both positive and negative. I think this is why he has gained such a large number of fans, he shows life as it is—real, uncertain, cruel and hard, full of decisions to be made and obstacles to be overcome.


Who are some of your favourite characters in the series, and is there a scene that is particularly memorable to you?


My favourite characters in the series are definitely Oberyn Martell and Theon Greyjoy. The first one is my favourite because he brought some freshness and speed into the whole series, and he left a visible mark even after Martin had cut him out. The second one I like because he goes through big mental and physical transformations and he still withstands. He resists even Martin himself. In addition, there are also Sandor Clegane, Littlefinger and Victarion Greyjoy.


I would not single out any specific scenes, because the entire series is full of plot twists and scenes that simply draw you in and you cannot believe what you have just read. The death of some characters was a rather shocking experience, the way in which for example Robb Stark and Oberyn Martell died. The splitting of House Stark itself is also very interesting since it runs throughout all the books, and their reunion seems impossible to predict.

After HBO’s Game of Thrones came out, many readers’ inner pictures of characters and scenes have been replaced by actors and settings from the show. Can you tell us about your own mental images of the characters, and if this has been influenced by the show?


No, neither the first GOT season nor the following season had any influence on the visual identity of the characters I got to know in the books later. The series cannot replace the written word, where the characters are presented in a much broader and complex way, and where their role and mission is much deeper than the one that actors can present in the mere 10 hours which is the duration of one GOT season. Therefore, there are big differences between the TV series and the books, and those who have read the books know what I mean.


The scope of works in your gallery is spectacularly expansive, with illustrations spanning the length and breadth of Martin's world, even showing some characters that aren’t usually depicted in ASOIAF artwork such as Val, Domeric Bolton, Jory Cassell and Ellaria Sand. What is it about these characters that piqued your artistic interest?


You are right, my attention is also drawn towards characters that are not at the forefront of the series. I think this is due to the fact that even though they are not at the forefront of the story, they still have a role and a mission of their own, and without them, the ASOIAF series would never be the same. Their unique personalities, background stories they fit into, as well as the decisions they make—all of that draws my attention as an illustrator. In addition, there is also my personal desire to sometimes skip the main characters, and to breathe life into some other characters who are worthy of attention as well.

The characteristic flair and flamboyance of your artworks can be appreciated best in the paintings of Daenerys Targaryen and Doran Martell, which were both featured as Daily Deviations. Can you give some insight on the creation of these paintings and the fierce, brooding depth that is captured in each?


Doran Martell and Areo Hotah by dejan-delic
Daenerys Targaryen by dejan-delic 

Yes, that is true, both of these illustrations are abundant with strong colours and energy, appropriately depicting the characters they are showing. The flamboyant style is there in order to provide the feeling of rulership, so that the viewer can feel the importance of the characters more easily. In my opinion, Doran and Daenerys are characters who have been waiting for revenge and the fulfillment of their dream for a very long time. They have both suffered unimaginable injustice, and their fates still depend on a lot of things. Hence the fierce, dreary depth can be seen in both of these illustrations. I have painted Daenerys as a special request from my friends, and painting Doran was my wish since I am a big fan of House Martell.


Both works of art have been featured as Daily Deviations, which I think speaks enough of the effort and engagement put into them.

Do you have a favourite art technique? And do you have a preference for experimenting with new techniques and styles or for keeping to your established ones?


Yes, at the moment, my favourite art technique is vector graphics, and I work best with it. I use CorelDRAW to make everything. I think it is the best fit for the style I practise, and right now, I would not change anything in regards to the art technique. Perhaps I would introduce some changes in the style since it is still prone to modifications, but the art technique stays the same. People are used to it and to the familiar style, and it works for me as well. However, you know how the saying goes: never say never.

Is there an ASOIAF artist whose work you admire? And/or a piece of ASOIAF art that you have as a personal favourite?


Of course. Actually, there are a lot, but OK, I will mention a few who mean a little bit more to me than the rest. First I would like to mention Bubug, the illustrator who gave this same interview before me, one look at her artwork is enough to see that she is an exceptionally talented and creative illustrator. Secondly, I would like to mention Sir-Heartsalot, an illustrator with a huge ASOIAF gallery, whose approach to drawing is somewhat similar to mine. His approach to themes, as well as hilarious comments he leaves, are more than funny and he amazes me and makes me laugh every time. Zippo514 is another artist whose artwork stands out. The frames he uses, the colours and compositions he puts together are simply perfect. Then there is also themico, a Macedonian illustrator, whose gallery of four hundred ASOIAF portraits leaves you breathless. I really like his style and taking a look at his gallery is a must. Finally, I would like to mention kallielef, an artist whose artwork abounds with originality as well as energetic compositions and colours. 


My personal favourite would be the illustration named “Jump” by jubah, in which a very powerful and very emotional scene is shown in an extraordinary way. The composition, the colours and the atmosphere here are really fantastic. Even today, when I look at it after so much time, it manages to hold my attention and stir the same feelings Martin himself uses to keep his readers reading. The scene is from the book which has not been filmed yet, so the readers of the series would know best what it is about.

ASOIAF Jump by Jubah

asoiaf jump by jubah

Please, give us a link or a thumbnail from your gallery of:

a) An ASOIAF illustration you are most proud of?


It is hard to pick only one, all of them are equally dear to me, but if I had to choose, I would pick “Red Wedding.” The description of the scene in the book is fantastic, and I have made an effort to put this entire event into one whole, but still keep it recognizable. Another thing I am proud of is the fact that people’s reaction to this illustration was so good and positive.

Red Wedding by dejan-delic

b) A piece that was the hardest to draw or paint?


I think the most difficult piece in terms of the amount of effort put into the setting of the very drawing was the meeting of Quentyn Martell and one of the dragons, Viserion. The piece went through a lot of planning and corrections until I reached the final solution. There was also a lot of work and experimenting regarding details and colouring.

Quentyn Martell and Viserion by dejan-delic


Martin is known for being supportive of fan art, and has been personally involved in the creative decisions of the official ASOIAF art for calendars, books and comics, even supplying descriptions to artists and choosing scenes himself. If you could do one official ASOIAF artwork, what would you like to depict?


If I could choose a scene for the official ASOIAF edition, it would certainly be a scene involving Queen Nymeria or Princess Mariya Martell, and it would generally involve Dorne from ancient times. I think Dorne has a very rich history that is still untold, and it would be a real honour and pleasure to do one such official ASOIAF illustration.


Is there a plotline, whether in the North, the Vale, King’s Landing or Essos that you're anxious to see resolved in the next book?


Of course, I am anxious to read the resolution of the battle that is about to happen between Roose Bolton’s and Stannis Baratheon’s sides. Also, I hope that the Sand Snakes will wreak havoc in King’s Landing and avenge their father accordingly, in their own way. The destiny of Jon Snow, as well as the development of Sansa Stark’s story should be very interesting. I am also intrigued to see in what way the long gone Rickon Stark will reappear and what consequences that will have on the rest of Westeros.


With the recent release of The World of Ice and Fire and previous novellas, Martin's world has grown ever more detailed and with many historical characters that we know more about. Can the fandom expect your personal gallery to keep growing in light of these new publications?


Frankly, I would have to read those new publications first to get to know the stories and the characters, but judging by George Martin’s awesome writing, I am pretty certain there is going to be new fan artwork based on his new publications.

Thank you for talking to us, Dejan! You can see more of his art at:…


Performance Arts - Nail Art Contest

Fri May 3, 2013, 9:31 AM
Update: Just a few days left to enter the contest, there's still time! And please don't forget to check out the amazing entries we already got :)

Yes, a contest! Remember I wrote yesterday about how amazing and fun nail art is? It's your time to try it, and to encourage you we're putting together a contest! Complete with pretty prizes and everything. Tell your friends!

Get your polish ready and try it! And guys, we're not forgetting about you :lol: I think there's nothing wrong with a guy painting his nails, but if you're not comfortable with the idea ask your girlfriend to let you do her manicure and she'll be thrilled! (I speak from experience). Or well, there's always falsies :)


  • Entries must be made, photographed and submitted between May 3rd and 31st.
  • The nail art can be performed on your own nails, someone else's nails or false nails, but it must be made by the submitting artist.
  • There's no restriction on theme, materials or technique, as long as they comply with deviantART's submission policies. Whatever your inspiration tells you to do on a nail is valid.
  • You must mention on the comment section that your entry was made for this contest.
  • Your work must be submitted to the Traditional Art / Body Art / Cosmetic Application / Nail Art gallery and to the contest folder. You have to be a member of ArtHistoryProject to submit.
  • Unlimited entries, but you can only win once.


The deadline for this project is May 31st, winners will be announced a few days after.


First place
6 months subscription and 1000 points.

Second place
3 months subscription and 500 points.

Third place
1 month subscription and 300 points.

Prizes are courtesy of the communityrelations team and Moonbeam13.


The entries can be found here.


If you need some help getting started, here's some fun tutorials to try. Remember that it's all about practice, and luckily nail art can be practiced every few days :)

Flower Nail Art Tutorial by Ivoneishn Easy nail art tutorial... by Ivoneishn Gradient Nail Art Tutorial by JemNailArt big and easy nail art tutorial by evilstrawberrycookie Pink spotted nail art tutorial by xxxKei87xxx Midnight Sparkly Nail Tutorial by me0w-kittyy nail art tutorial by NailsyMo Jaguar Print Nail Tutorial by yobanda deco nail decorating tutorial by CassandraJames Musical Nail Art Tutorial by KaleidoscopeEyes97 Steampunk Nailart Tutorial by Kythana

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Animals Within, Spirit Animals

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 5:34 PM
71-img-00 by techgnotic

There has always been this obsession with the others we share this planet with.

We communicate with them on certain basic levels and yet they inhabit a plane so different from ours: savage, instinctive, a life of sheer survival. At the same time they can do things beyond human abilities: fly through the skies, swim the oceans, apply the physical strength of a dozen strong men. They survive and thrive where we would perish. Yet animals cannot tell tales of their experiences. When we speak of an animal, even our beloved pets and friends, we can only imagine their emotions, thoughts, and inner lives.

Is it then any surprise that from cave paintings to cereal mascots—animals and art are inseparable?

From the beginning of recorded time, animals have been immortalized in pottery, statues, been worshipped as gods, and had fables and myths created in their image. Seventeen thousand years ago, in a cave shielded from the sun, a Cro–Magnon artist raised her bundle of split reeds, dipped them into charred black soot, and began illustrating an opus of animal life: stags, cats, bears, birds. Five thousand years ago, Egyptians integrated animal features into creation myths, and used them as hieroglyphs, adapting the recognizable forms of vultures, bulls, cobras and lions (among others) into a communication system.

Today, in every culture across the globe, animals serve as mascots for sports teams and cereals. We have Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. Anthropomorphized animals star in movies and comics. My Little Pony has amassed groups of Bronies. Animal cosplay is mainstreaming into mass culture. It all still begins with a child given that first crayon who immediately begins to sketch the familiar forms of cat and dog.

Animals are intrinsic to creativity and art—but why are they so satisfying to observe, mimic, and draw? What is the power they maintain over us to the extent that so many feel an actual spiritual connection with a particular species of their own extended family—cats, dogs, wolves, dolphins, raptors? While so many feel this connection, artists seem particularly sensitive to the presence of their animal spirit kindred and guides.

Why are artists so drawn to animals?

Visually, animals are beautiful and compelling subjects.

Animals are an efficient subject. Identifying characteristics can be drawn and recognized easily— cat eyes, elephant tails, butterfly wings, bunny ears: all unique visual traits. Powerful physical capabilities lend themselves to artistic expressions of motion. The long fluid moves of a deer, expressively captured with a few expert lines. Quick brushstrokes sketch a hyperactive monkey. Heavy pen lines suggest the static power of a stoic elephant. Physical similarities help artists develop a quick visual shorthand for a specific species—but unlike humans, animals that look alike often behave similarly. While anyone who’s ever lived with a pet knows animals have individual personalities, it’s not over–simplifying to state that each type of animal has its own range of specific behaviors and attitudes. It’s this species–by–species predictability that draw individuals to become fond of a particular animal. Just as an artist may prefer certain subjects or materials, so do artists become fascinated with the idiosyncrasies of a species.

Emotionally, animals express primal urges and desires.

Animal personalities are predictable. Tigers are fierce, squirrels are nervous, sharks are stealthy, hippos are lazy. Compared to the complexity of human behavior, animals are simpler beings. They behave according to instinct, not reason. As such, they serve artists well as ciphers for emotion. It’s not just art that allows us to connect spiritually with animals. It’s easy to observe, in ourselves and others, subconscious similarities between personal behaviors and the characteristics of a favorite animal. We’ll call a clever person a fox, or a stubborn child a donkey. A sweet guy is a puppy dog. A sexy lady is a minx. An angry, stubborn man is a bull. Animals serve as elements of our visual and written language.

Humans explore our own instincts through animal art.

Using animals in art, we recognize the most beautiful and terrifying parts of ourselves—our instincts. Society and language are important for humans, but when we feel urges or emotions beyond what is widely accepted or understood, both of these creations fail us.

When we talk about “spirit animals,” it can be in a magical sense, the idea that an essence we can’t see is guiding us through our lives. Or it can be an affinity for a species we find our instincts connecting with. Perhaps we have a fondness for the way they move, finding them fun to draw. Maybe we can imagine the world through their eyes, running, flying or swimming at top speed. But perhaps we see something more than the animal. We see ourselves.

Animals provide a bridge between the alien and familiar, allowing humans to recognize ourselves in strange forms. We can represent our fears and our desires expressed without reserve. Through animal eyes, we can acknowledge the oddness and the fallibility of humanity. Featuring animals in art, we can interpret many spiritual aspects: the primal and the innocent, the beautiful and mysterious. As long as we share a planet, artists will look to our Earth companions for inspiration and understanding of ourselves.

Community Thoughts

I personally have been drawn to animals my whole life and my earliest pictures were always of wildlife. I think artists see the world through different eyes than most and the things that fascinate us speak to us on a deeper level. Animals are an enigma, they have intelligence and their own means of communication and yet we can only hope to understand and be a part of their world. If you've seen my gallery you know I clearly have a fondness for big cats, I find everything about them to be beautiful and awe inspiring. My art is a way for me to get close to these animals in the only way possible, I’ll never be a zoo keeper (because I know myself and I wouldn’t be able to respect the boundaries they do and I’d get eaten—that’s a fact) and I’ll never own one because it goes against everything in their nature to held in captivity as a pet. It can be a very intimate experience to draw an animal in detail and it makes me feel close to them and privileged to show a side of them that others may not see. Any great animal art in my opinion has to come from a deep love and respect for the subject first and foremost by the artist, and what follows is their tribute.”

:iconheatherzart: Heatherzart

I think people gravitate toward depicting animals in art because they are simply aesthetically stunning to look at. Humans are very visual beings and we have always enjoyed striking colors, beautiful patterns, flowing lines and powerful forms. All animals have something which can be appreciated. Like for example dramatic plumage, or the intricate silver and black patchwork that is the coat of a snow leopard. To capture that on canvas is something many artists find alluring.”

:iconailah: ailah

Your Thoughts

  1. What animal do you find yourself drawn to in your art? What about this subject is so ennobling that you would seek to emulate?
  2. What personal qualities do you possess that drive you to feel a shared connection with a particular animal?
  3. Do you have vivid dreams in which you become, or run with, your “spirit animal”?
  4. Over time, how has your understanding of this animal evolved? Has your perception of the creature changed?
  5. What are some challenges you’ve experienced in terms of drawing animals, and how have you solved them?
  6. How does drawing an animal compare to drawing a human?
  7. Who are your favorite animal-focused artists in the DeviantArt community?

We share the planet with them and communicate with them on certain basic levels. Yet they inhabit a plane so different from ours: savage, instinctive, a life of sheer survival. At the same time they can do things beyond human abilities: fly through the skies, swim the oceans, apply the physical strength of a dozen strong men. They survive and thrive where we would perish. Yet animals cannot tell tales of their experiences. When we speak of an animal, even our beloved pets and friends, we can only imagine their emotions, thoughts, and inner lives.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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Spotlight Features - Volume 9

Fri Sep 28, 2012, 5:30 PM

A series featuring art selected by me. There will be a wide range of themes and genres covered. In addition, there will be periodic interviews and artist spotlights.

:+fav: If you like this article, please add it to your favorites to help spread the love for the art and artists within.

Poll Features

A few months ago, I posted a poll asking my watchers/visitors to show me 3 artists they felt could use more love.  They *were* allowed to pick themselves, too.  The response was so large that I have to break the feature into two parts, the first part being showcased last issue.  Here are the remaining artists.  To see the original poll, click here.

Suggested by: CalilTheGayPrince

:bulletblue: :iconfillingbuckets: fillingBUCKETS
bluh by fillingBUCKETS Davesprite by fillingBUCKETS

:bulletblue: :iconrurouni-galt: Rurouni-Galt
:thumb312527614: BlissIt's that feeling I get when I look in your eyes
That knowledge that I can tell you no lies
The reason I smile when I hear your name
The reason is what must be to blame
That sensation I get with my hands through your hair
That electrical spark flowing all through the air
The reason there's butterflies when we cuddle
The reason the way I express isn't subtle
That tingle I get with your hand in mine
That realization that I was given this sign
The reason my heart leaps when I see you
The reason that this is too good to be true
That way that I feel when I'm holding you near
That fact that this all has become very clear
The reason my legs grow weak when we kiss
This serene, pristine, and perpetual bliss

:bulletblue: :iconomenofthelightning: Omenofthelightning

Suggested by: HoneyShuckle

:bulletblue: :iconhoneyshuckle: HoneyShuckle
Loved and lost by HoneyShuckle Entry for Mortelle's contest by HoneyShuckle

:bulletblue: :iconobalisk: obalisk
the past. by obalisk madness arises. by obalisk

Suggested by: icefire8521

:bulletblue: :iconxxtoongirlfanxx: xxtoongirlfanxx
Krazy Mr. Kat by xxtoongirlfanxx Anybody Who Cares-Ch 1I have to do this. It won't be so hard to say goodbye. It's not like anyone cares.
This all started on Monday. After another day at school of Crocker failing me, Trixie rejecting me, and Francis beating me up, I went home only to find my parents getting ready for a special evening-without me. They left me with my evil babysitter, Vicky. As usual, she made me do all the chores while she just watches TV. After I finished my chores and most of my homework, I started playing on my V-cube. I barely started the first level of my game when Vicky called for me.
"TWERP!" she yelled from downstairs. I knew she was just going to torture me, and since I thought I had suffered enough already, I decided to ignore her. She's bound to get tired and give up eventually, I thought. Boy was I ever wrong. About 5 minutes later, Vicky came charging upstairs. She kicked my door open so hard, it broke off its hinges.
"When I call for you, you come right away! Got that?" she screamed.
That's when I snapped. "Y

:bulletblue: :iconjayfeather4life: Jayfeather4life
I got your back bro by Jayfeather4life Mountain Lion by Jayfeather4life

:bulletblue: :iconalex-alpacalypse: ALEX-ALPACALYPSE
:thumb322607297: :thumb322725263:

:bulletblue: :iconrenapop: Renapop

:bulletblue: :iconmiiroku: Miiroku
We Are Never Sad... by Miiroku Macaroni Brothers and a Potato Eater by Miiroku

:bulletblue: :iconyiptrip: yiptrip
:thumb325533250: :thumb313074975:

:bulletblue: :iconthat-crazycat: That-CrazyCat
Captain Keli by That-CrazyCat In Upendi by That-CrazyCat

:bulletblue: :iconstormfalconfire: StormFalconFire
Saber-toothed by StormFalconFire Blue Clear Sky by StormFalconFire

Suggested by: BeyondGalaxies

:bulletblue: :iconsushinator5: Sushinator5
Ferris Wheel Angle by Sushinator5 My Pet Hedgehog by Sushinator5

:bulletblue: :iconstar-chaser97: Star-chaser97
Love is....Love is when your heart flutters
That first time you see someone
and you feel you've know them forever
Love is bliss
that first kiss that blows you away
and leads to many more
Love is determination
The will to fight any battle
to be with the person you love
Love is forever
creating a life with another
letting your souls join together
Lilys by Star-chaser97

:bulletblue: :iconstriddums: Striddums
TD - Pff by Striddums TDF - Britney's Dress by Striddums

Suggested by: crosslove822

:bulletblue: :iconcalypsco: Calypsco

:bulletblue: :iconselenaede: SelenaEde
A Heartfelt Thanks by SelenaEde Truth In Your Eyes by SelenaEde

:bulletblue: :iconnayhed: Nayhed
Monster day challenge: Day 18 Alien by Nayhed BRAVE: Big Bear HUG by Nayhed

Suggested by: Yobuko

:bulletblue: :iconlisajong2: lisajong2
commission: starry sky by lisajong2 .:say cheese:. by lisajong2

:bulletblue: :icontheassasino: TheAssasino
Baseball Idiot. by TheAssasino ! by TheAssasino

Suggested by: ashesto

:bulletblue: :iconberylunee: Berylunee
Commission - In the fields by Berylunee The Angel Boy by Berylunee

:bulletblue: :iconkendra-paige: Kendra-Paige
Vintage Glamour by Kendra-Paige Flower Maiden by Kendra-Paige

Suggested by: HipsterHorsie

:bulletblue: :iconhipsterhorsie: HipsterHorsie

:bulletblue: :iconequestrian-equine: Equestrian-Equine
Chrome sketch by Equestrian-Equine Ice Make: Freezing Light -Lyon- by Equestrian-Equine

:bulletblue: :iconlifelessriot: LifelessRiot
What have I done? xD by LifelessRiot You lift me up by LifelessRiot

Suggested by: Fuzzy-Artemis

:bulletblue: :iconpikminpedia: pikminpedia
Me Myself and I by pikminpedia Glowy Mushrooms by pikminpedia

:bulletblue: :iconkazurramah: Kazurramah
Eukon Head Ref by Kazurramah Seahorse 2012 by Kazurramah

:bulletblue: :iconseeker-of-the-skies: seeker-of-the-skies
.: Gifty for Lunebuu :. by seeker-of-the-skies Dragoness Vraeiye by seeker-of-the-skies

Suggested by: MlleNightingale

:bulletblue: :iconrubysmiley: RubySmiley
Late Afternoon Stroll by RubySmiley This Winter by RubySmiley

:bulletblue: :iconscoot-aloot: scoot-aloot
Jill by scoot-aloot

:bulletblue: :iconcynthia0126: cynthia0126
Point Commission: Puella Magi by cynthia0126 Anohana by cynthia0126

Suggested by: Eitvys200

:bulletblue: :iconsazleigh: SazLeigh
A Key Word Creation by SazLeigh Yellow Flower by SazLeigh

:bulletblue: :iconstudioxil: Studioxil
Green Smoothie by Studioxil Tomato Soup by Studioxil

Suggested by: Bumble2011

:bulletblue: :iconbumble2011: Bumble2011
Yellow Rose by Bumble2011 Pylon 2 by Bumble2011

:bulletblue: :icondragongirl249: DragonGirl249
FA: Thorin :3 by DragonGirl249 Billie Joe Armstrong :3 by DragonGirl249

Suggested by: dhik-a

:bulletblue: :iconcciintra: cciintra
Korra by cciintra 12 by cciintra

Suggested by: NihonOtaku4eva

:bulletblue: :iconnihonotaku4eva: NihonOtaku4eva    
Chibi Maid Yoko Adoptable -Auction- by NihonOtaku4eva Uzumaki Haruhi by NihonOtaku4eva

:bulletblue: :icondfer32: DFer32
Sakura and Tomoyo by DFer32 Chinese girl by DFer32

:bulletblue: :iconmisslimetiger: MissLimeTiger

:bulletblue: :iconnataliadsw: Nataliadsw
Rabbit by Nataliadsw The Leader by Nataliadsw

Suggested by: Manda-of-the-6

:bulletblue: :iconpixiepoxphotography: PixiePoxPhotography
Keeper of the Forest by PixiePoxPhotography Sweet Dreams by PixiePoxPhotography

:bulletblue: :iconcelestialteez: CelestialTeez
Convenient Store Love by CelestialTeez Derp. by CelestialTeez

:bulletblue: :iconkomyfly: KomyFly
Captain Hector Barbossa by KomyFlyinc@ by KomyFly Die Memoiren von Hector Barbossa 4
Die Memoiren von Hector Barbossa
Kapitel 4
Die Geburt oder...Jööö,diselbe Nos wie de Klaas!
Wir schreiben das Jahr Anno Domini 1556,so in der Nacht den vierten Juno,nahe
der Antillischen Inseln.Eine rauhe See und stürmisch war die Überfahrt.
Eine angelsachsische Galeone ,mächtig zur der Zeit und üppig der Rumpf und dick
wie der Bauch eines faulen Rheingrafen.Der Name des Schiffes..Seemöwe.Nun ja,kein
doller Name,aber ein Schiff ist ein Schiff und es fuhr schon viele Jahre treu zur See hinaus
um Auswanderer von Franken und Teutonen,Sachsen und Hugenotten
in die neue Welt von Neu York ,Neu Amsterdam und Boston und anderen angehenden
Häfen zu bringen .Wenigstens tat sie es immer....Nun wird die Seemöwe vom Sturm geschüttelt und
gerüttelt.Ein wahrer tropischer Sturm ....und da kam ich nun ins Spiel.
Denn irgendwo in einer der vielen Nischen des bauchigen Schiffes,lag meine Frau
Mama in den Wehen und schrie ihren Schmerz wegen m

Suggested by: ChasingShadowsPhoto

:bulletblue: :iconchasingshadowsphoto: ChasingShadowsPhoto
Make Believe by ChasingShadowsPhoto Garden Path by ChasingShadowsPhoto

:bulletblue: :iconicy-snowflakes: Icy-Snowflakes
I Wish I Had the Chance to Know You... by Icy-Snowflakes

:bulletblue: :iconmileniakitsuvee: MileniaKitsuvee
Gift for You by MileniaKitsuvee V. Dragon sculpture by MileniaKitsuvee

Suggested by: LovelyMetalhead

:bulletblue: :iconheadphonesstudios: HeadphonesStudios
Illust: 'It Was a Happy Duel' by HeadphonesStudios Photo: AZ- Chosokabe Motochika by HeadphonesStudios

:bulletblue: :iconkirapop: kirapop
otp feels everywhere by kirapop Cap'n by kirapop

:bulletblue: :iconbirdewilliams: birdewilliams
show me your sexy by birdewilliams windows to... by birdewilliams

Suggested by: hydranoid2009

:bulletblue: :iconthatshrunkenguy: thatshrunkenguy
Reeni and Randy by thatshrunkenguy Gordon Freeman's thoughs on Black Mesa Source by thatshrunkenguy

:bulletblue: :iconipanick: ipanick
bless you!! by ipanick tha amazon warior by ipanick

Suggested by: kenlybop

:bulletblue: :iconkenlybop: kenlybop
Smurf You. by kenlybop Happy Meal by kenlybop

:bulletblue: :iconduryn: Duryn
Canine Duryn with background by Duryn Duryn portrait by Duryn

:bulletblue: :iconbabylon-destruction: Babylon-Destruction
Tamarea v7.0 by Babylon-Destruction Queen of the Wild by Babylon-Destruction

Suggested by: Yoshay

:bulletblue: :iconmalindachan: Malindachan
Father of the Bride by Malindachan Link and the Groosenator by Malindachan

:bulletblue: :iconmichiiejackson: MichiieJackson
Gia Carangi by MichiieJackson Ariel and Triton by MichiieJackson

:bulletblue: :iconumbralhorror: UmbralHorror

Suggested by: Cappippuni

:bulletblue: :iconatpalicis: atpalicis
:thumb317736515: :thumb296969751:

:bulletblue: :iconlulithebunny: LuliTheBunny
:thumb329447561: Luli the Bunny by LuliTheBunny

:bulletblue: :iconpapercaptain: papercaptain
Hello Mister Wolf by papercaptain Michella by papercaptain

Suggested by: MayJasmine

:bulletblue: :iconlexiepotter: lexiepotter
My Heart Especially For You by lexiepotter .: Madison :. by lexiepotter

:bulletblue: :iconphillydelphy: phillydelphy
:thumb305435822: :thumb324590355:

:bulletblue: :iconaticum: Aticum
:thumb323603559: :thumb302898265:

Suggested by: Aamarka

:bulletblue: :iconmarklucey: MarkLucey
Light in the Channel by MarkLucey The Broadwalk by MarkLucey

:bulletblue: :iconandyhutchinson: andyhutchinson
Hidden Spaces by andyhutchinson Return to Blue Angel Creek by andyhutchinson

:bulletblue: :iconchrisgin: chrisgin
Lavender Dawn by chrisgin Auckland Fireworks by chrisgin

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:bulletblue: :iconcharlikrok: CharliKrok
:thumb280088956: :thumb314486346:

:bulletblue: :iconcinnamonbunzuh: CinnamonBunzuh
Highway to the Danger Zone by CinnamonBunzuh Not Like It's Brain Surgery or Anything by CinnamonBunzuh

:bulletblue: :iconvonkor: Vonkor
Fearmeter by Vonkor Tuyax by Vonkor

Spotlight Interview

In this series, I hope to introduce the community to some artists who have been around dA for a while, but are still relativity unknown. The interviews are meant to be short and sweet. I encourage you to check out the artist's full gallery and add them to your devWatch.

:iconcaptain-savvy: -- This issue, we talk to digital artist and author, Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dA life?

Ahoy everyone! I’m Savannah Betten, known as Captain-Savvy here on dA. I’m a country girl who loves pirates, fantasy, animals and adventure.  I joined the site in 2006 and I’ve made many good friends through it. I also met my husband, Nautical-Nieky through dA when he filled out the pirate meme I created. Most of my art is fantasy or pirate related, and though I wasn‘t very active for a while due to wedding and newlywedness, I am back and loving it.  

Pirate Meme Blank by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: What would you say your main artform is? Secondary?

My main art form is digital. I use Photoshop Elements and usually draw or paint things from scratch with my old faithful tablet. My style is something all my own. I’m working on getting to a more realistic style, but for now I’m happy with what I can do.

My secondary art form would have to be literature. I love to write. My gallery is full of short stories, chapters from novels (this will be my 5th year participating in NaNoWriMo!) and ongoing series bits and pieces.

If I may, I also am very interested in face painting and body art. Unfortunately, most of my work in that department is done at local fairs and events and goes walking off before I have a chance to take any pictures. I do hope to share more of this in my gallery soon. :)

:bulletwhite: When did you start pursuing your art? What prompted you to?

Oh, I’ve been drawing since before I learned how to write. Even when I was in elementary school I would tell others I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

In high school I began to focus more seriously on my art, when I was exposed to a teacher who encouraged me to do so. I had planned to go for an art degree after graduating but it just didn’t work out that way. Still, joining dA and getting involved in an art community has kept me from giving up, and I still hope to pursue a career in art one day.

:bulletwhite: What is your favorite piece in your gallery at the moment?

Hmmm that’s a tough one. My favorite at the moment is probably “Evening Camp”. It’s a newer piece and the first thing I’ve really put a lot of effort into in a long time. For a while the most I’d managed is quick, messy sketches. I finally got inspired and found the time to create this. It’s not the most detailed thing in my gallery, but hey, favorites change.

Evening Camp by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: In general, what is your favorite thing to create (i.e. fan-art, poetry, etc) ?

My favorite thing to create is art using my Original Characters and those of my friends. I love drawing things that evoke the imagination. Fantasy, danger, romance, adventure… I like to use art to escape the ordinary and mundane. I love shadowy, dangerous caves or epic battles on mountain tops- or even just silly little cute sketches. When writing I thrive on adventure. It’s always been fun for me to put characters in different, outrageous situations and try to imagine how they would react.

:bulletwhite: Just for fun question: Of all of your OCs, who is the closest to your heart and why?

I think any of my dA friends would be able to answer this one. Captain Sybil Marisalli is my favorite of my own OCs. As for why, I’m not even sure where to start. I think she was born as a sort of extension of myself, or a character who could be who I wished I could be. I’m a timid, shy person, but Sybil is bold, adventurous, wild and free. She’s a pirate captain and has had numerous adventures (many of them with the OCs of my friends). Shortly after she got a name and a design she just took on a life of her own. I wrote a novel about her two years ago for NaNoWriMo and she‘s the subject of several short stories and drawings. In a way I think she’s my muse.

Captain Sybil Portrait by Captain-Savvy

:bulletwhite: Time to spread the love. Who are 3 artists you feel could use more love?

:icondragondoodle: :iconkyavalentine: :iconwinterelf86:

Rota and Sefa by dragondoodle Soothsayer Rika by KyaValentine :thumb325974801:

:bulletwhite: Any last words?

Thanks so much for the feature!

:bulletwhite: Some of my picks from Captain-Savvy's gallery:

Midnight Visitor- giftIt was a calm night at sea for the notorious pirate ship, The Mystic's Dream. In fact, it was too calm. There was no wind, save for the faintest breeze, and the waters were utterly still. Overhead the night sky was ablaze with a thousand stars, but their twinkling faces could see no reflection in the deep blue below- a fog curled over the waters, creeping about the ship's hull like ghostly arms. The ship, normally quick and mighty, floated aimlessly in the mist.
All were asleep onboard, save the night watchman who stood up in the crow's nest keeping a sharp eye out for trouble. Of course, the only trouble he could see was fairly obvious- doldrums. They had been at sea for many long weeks now, and every man (and woman) began to weary of the doldrums. They had hardly moved at all over the last two days, and the voyage was becoming altogether tiring. When, the men wondered, would they reach their destination? Had their ship been cursed to be stuck at sea with no wind forever? What was the
Enya by Captain-Savvy Attacking the Cake by Captain-Savvy

Special Feature

As many of you know, in late August, Ravenswd and I welcomed a new baby boy to our family.  You can read a bit more about it on my profile page.  With that in mind, I thought a baby-themed feature would be appropriate.  A thank you to Endorell-Taelos for help in selecting these deviations

baby---- by myeyesareonfire Baby-5 by pixelzeesh Sweet baby by aneczka14 Baby Toothless by Zilleniose Baby Eyes by Lady-Tori Baby Rainbow by sebreg Baby Ashlyn by starlight13 baby bubbles by Lady-Twiglet Baby Katamari Prince by Oborochann Baby girl by Gymnast4life Baby by uncommonman Baby Blues by LadyEruname :thumb164444540: Baby face by Liquidflight Baby Batman by AgnesGarbowska 216 Altairs Baby  O3o by BlastedKing Baby Fat by emilymartian Baby by Juann3man Baby Mario by zeldacw baby feet... by MaraJade1


This section will be used to promote special events and such around dA that are close to my heart, as well as requested pimpage.

:bulletgreen: Synfull and BlissfullySarcastic are holding an emoticonist (and emoticon-lover) chat event at WeEmote on Saturday, September 29th.  For more details, times, and information, check out this journal --->….


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After a 2-month hiatus, Spotlight Features is back! Showcasing the second-half of the "they need more love" poll artists, interview with *Captain-Savvy, and a special baby feature.
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Screen-Shot-2015-04-20-at-10.31.25-PM by techgnotic

Full House Will Return

Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of a Full House Reboot. Rumors have been circulating about a possible return for the series for some time now, but last night the news that Netflix had ordered a new season of the show was confirmed by Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel. In case you either lived under a rock in the 90s or merely hadn’t been born yet, Full House was, for many, the defining sitcom of that decade. Between the gratuitous flannel wardrobes and whatever it is you’re supposed to call Uncle Joey’s mullet-esque haircut, Full House both embraced and set the standard for the 90s aesthetic. So tell us what you think: are you excited to see this show return? Or would it be better off if it remained a fond but distant memory?

Writer's block by AphexAngel

Writer’s Block

If you’re experiencing writer’s block or just want to shake the dust off, check out this writing warm-up that ChaosFay discovered.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 variant by PaulRenaud

Joss Whedon Calls Rumored Spider Man Post-Credit Scene Fake

If you’ve been paying attention to the rumor mill, you may have heard a juicy story about a post-credits scene in which Spider Man makes a cameo after the new Avengers movie. Marvel movies, especially ones featuring the Avengers cast, have featured some pretty conspicuous after-credits teasers that hint at the plot of the next film, but according to a report from Bleeding Cool, Joss Whedon has firmly denied the presence of a post-credit scene with Spider Man at a press conference in London. We can pretty much consider this a straight from the horse’s mouth situation, but there’s only one way to find out for sure.

Amigurumi Flamingo 5 by MevvSan

Artisan Craft News

Get caught up with the goings on in the Artisan Craft community.

Jon Stewart Announces His Final Show

August 6 will mark Jon Stewart’s last episode of The Daily Show. We knew that it was coming at some point this year, but Stewart announcing an actual date makes his departure feel much, much more real. Stewart’s daily political satire is going to be sorely missed from late-night television, but after 16 years of hosting, a little bit of time off doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

True Gamers by XXAnimeXXFreakXX

Gaming For Charity

IMAGINeye is creating a Charity Gaming Group and needs your help. Learn more here.

Pantone: Minion Yellow

Pantone Creates New Color

Pantone has released its first new color in three years. Minion Yellow, which is inspired in name and shade by the Minions from Despicable Me, is also the first Pantone color inspired by a movie character. If you’re a graphic designer, Pantone needs no introduction, but for the rest of us, they are the institute that designers worldwide look to for definitions and universal standards for colors. The Minions have inspired foods, beverages, spin off films, and now a shade of yellow — we’re struggling to think of another character with this level of cultural impact in recent memory.

Watch And Learn

Professional Artist theCHAMBA has shared this recording of him doing traditional line work.

Brian Kubicki, Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center

Kermit-Esque Frog Discovered

A new species of glass frog, called Hyalinobatrachium dianae, was discovered in Costa Rica by wildlife researcher Brian Kubicki. The frog is lime green and has huge eyes that seriously look just like Kermit’s eyes. I mean just look at them!

Rose Parade

Take a moment to stop and smell the roses with IreneAdler76.

Las Vegas Sign by iRakan

Las Vegas Sign Designer Passes Away At 91

Betty Whitehead Willis, who designed the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign which has appeared in so many films, TV shows, and photos over the years that it’s become an indelible part of Vegas imagery, passed away today. Willis grew up near Vegas then attended art school in California before moving back there. The icon that she designed lives on as a beacon in the famous city, comparable in its own way to the Hollywood sign and the Eiffel Tower, in terms of iconography. Rest in peace, Betty.

Forum Feature

Wallflower-Kris wants to know what makes you an artist. Is it experience? Career? Talent? Share your thoughts on the subject here.

Here Comes The Little Prince

Grab a handkerchief everybody, then see if you can make it through the trailer for The Little Prince, arguably the most influential children’s story ever told, without at least getting some chills. We could not be more excited that this story is getting what appears to be a very solid big screen adaptation. Let us know what you think of the trailer in the comments section.

Quintuplets Novelists at Work by drahomira

Begin A Novel, Win A Contest

The-Novelists are hosting their first contest which challenges you to write an opening chapter! Check out all of the details here.

2015 Pulitzer Winners Announced

The 2015 winners of Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, fiction, poetry, history, photojournalism, and other categories have been announced. You can see a complete list of winners, including Anthony Doerr’s novel All the Light We Cannot See, and Gregory Pardio’s poetry collection Digest, here. Have you read or seen any of these? We’re expanding our to-read lists right now.

StupidFox App

If you love StupidFox by SilentReaper, you’re going to love the StupidFox Sticker/Comic-Maker App now available on Android and iOS.

New Jurassic World Trailer

You might as well just buckle in and get ready for summer blockbuster trailers to keep rolling in until, you know, the actual films debut (and even then, who knows). The latest one is this Jurassic World trailer. Which is the longest look at the film we’ve had yet. Chris Pratt is obviously very comfortable in the adventure hero role, and the dinosaurs look pretty good. Notice how the film’s main beast, a super-intelligent genetically engineered dinosaur, is never fully revealed. Clever trailer.

What did you think of it? Are you planning to see this movie?

Character Design In 5 Easy Videos

tombancroft is sharing 5 video lessons on Character Design. Get the info here.

Artist Makes Installations From Trash

Alejandro Duran uses trash that washes up along a specific stretch of Mexico’s Caribbean coast to create art installations. The installations themselves manage to be aesthetically pleasing despite their grotesque component parts, which is honestly causing us a bit of cognitive dissonance, which we suspect is part of Duran’s intention. He calls the ongoing series “Washed Up,” and you can view the artwork on his website. Tell us how the pieces strike you in the comments below.

Cool Things To Look At

Check out these super cute pencil/anything cases by KovoWolf.

A.D. Walter Skinner. by Nevski86

Walter Skinner Returns To X-Files

The new episodes of X-Files will feature the agent-in-charge Walter Skinner, played by original cast member Mitch Pileggi, exciting fans of the series all over the world. Pileggi announced his reprisal via a tweet, written in perfect Walter Skinner form, which you can read here (warning: mild language).

Superman by SBraithwaite

Forum Feature

RhynWilliams wants to see your favorite Super Hero deviations. Share here.

The People Under The Stairs by jonnylaz

SyFy Picks Up Two Wes Craven Shows

As the latest addition to a string of conspicuous pick-ups for the network, Wes Craven signed on to write/direct two horror shows for SyFy We Are All Completely Fine and The People Under the Stairs. The first is an adaptation of Daryl Gregory’s book of the same name, and the second is based on Craven’s 1991 film, also by the same name. As far as we’re concerned, SyFy just added two big reasons to pay attention to their upcoming slate of programming. Does the idea of horror TV shows intrigue anyone else? Or is it a genre that belongs strictly on the silver screen?

Mother by KatMannel

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

KatMannel is an artist working in traditional mediums, who lives in the United States. Her drawings and paintings — often featuring dark subjects, in both color and black and white — are always intriguing and well done. Check out her gallery here, and find out about more Project Porkchop artists here.

Blizzard To Launch ‘Heroes of the Storm’ June 2

The game, which will see characters from Blizzard’s Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft Universes collide, is set to be released June 2. You can get a little taste of the game from this teaser trailer in the mean time. Which universe would do you think has the most impressive heroes?

How to Take a Selfie by Nijuuni

Birthday Patrol

We’re wishing very warm happy birthday to Nijuuni, won’t you join us?

Today's Headlines From The News Desk 4–21–2015

Authors: techgnotic, eawood 
Curator: Moonbeam13 

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Useful Plz's List

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2015, 8:52 PM
I made a list before but it's full of random plz accounts that I don't care about anymore. So here's a new one! (And you get to see my new journal skin. ;)

Feel free to suggest other PLZs! :D If I like it enough then I may include it here. 



Other Birds: 



Star Trek:


Other Useful Accounts: 



:iconw1plz::iconw2plz::iconw3plz::icongogogadgetplz::iconbloodburstplz: :iconchainsawkillplz::icongogogadgetplz::iconbloodburstplz:



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Well; the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics certainly was….surprising.
As I predicted; there was quite a bit of content that just had me squirming in my chair, thinking "No! NO! Why did you do that?!". The absurdity of the nod to the NHS, for example, and the sudden appearance of various storybook villains, which felt (for lack of a better word) "Disney".
However; the "historical" section of the ceremony's opening half utterly blew me away. An unexpected appearance by Kenneth Branagh, playing Isambard Kingdom Brunel (who essentially WAS the Industrial Revolution), began a spectacular sequence that pretty much summed up what Britain's past was all about; fire and industry.
It was, without a doubt, the highlight of the entire spectacle, and if you either didn't get the chance to catch it or didn't bother to watch it, I urge you to track it down online!

And then there was James Bond….charged with the most difficult seduction of his career.
Yes. That really was her. I couldn't believe it either.

After that, though, things got a little too surreal, abstract or pointless (in my opinion) until the lighting of the "cauldron" some 2 or so hours later (feel free to fast forward).

What I'm really enjoying now is reading what the rest of the world have been saying, which is essentially "We don't know what the hell we just saw, but we liked it!" followed by "Hey, look! It's Mr Bean!"
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