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Just a quick animation I did of Skyrim.

I'm still practicing on flash so that I can get better at it. I've still have yet to learn how to do buttons and preloaders on flash.

Also, if you want to view the animation smoothly, right click on the video and go to 'Quality' and select either Medium or Low.

Music is by Pavel Zuk from Newgrounds here: [link]

Voice and animation was done by me. 8D

Enjoy! c:

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim/Bethesda
Jimmy Tran
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Ok first of all I did not draw this!! All copyright goes to Edios/Square.

It's one of the concept arts from Deus Ex Human Revolution.

The music is the Heng Sha Limb Clinic track.


And Without Audio


Over 150 seperate layers and moving/flashing/pain in the butt things!.

Was originally just going to animate the picture but :iconentombedsix: came up with the idea of a day/night cylcle so :D blame her.

I agreed with myself this would be finished at 7 Pm yesterday, .. it's now gone 3 in the morning.. I'm off to bed.
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*1st submission in like forever* 8D

Although I originally developed this as a tool for a larger project I intend to do, the question has been around my head for quite a while. What is the real size difference between the Hetalia characters?

Let me explain my train of thought with a simple example
Lets say we have 2 squares, one 2 units tall (A) and the other 4 units tall (B). We can say B is twice the size of A, but that's only when we compare their heights.
If we were to compare the areas instead, A has 4 units and B has 16. In other words B is actually 4 times larger than A. And if they were cubes instead of squares B would be 8 times larger than A.

Considering the size of the countries measures the area, if we were to know the difference between their heights we would need to calculate their square roots to find how tall they are before comparing them.
And since the Hetalia characters are humans, and not just surfaces, that means their area is actually their volume, so we would have to work with cube roots instead.

So instead of calculating everything by hand, here's an application that visually shows you the height difference automatically. I've kept the "linear, area and volume comparisons just for the kicks =P

[EDIT 23/11/13]: More countries added >D
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*Genetalia coming soon!!!

Alright I'm not completely done yet but here is my interactive biology lesson. I need to add a couple more parts and descriptions. So expect this to get updated soon. Actually dont expect anything because I am a lazy piece of shit. Whatever

O O there's also a couple of easter eggs hidden in there so look around and try to find them tough guy.

music from me
sound fx: some me, some flashkit and digitpress
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Part III.
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All hail to ulfric, you are the high king!

In your great honor we drink and we sing!

Here is a link to the newgrounds version (the only thing you can do there is vote on it) : [link]

Hope you like!
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CrossFire is just another lil attempt at silly lil slideshow comics.

EDIT: I added a to be continued screen so folks know it ain't broke. haha.
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(Having problem favorating this? press ctrl - until the resolution is small to see the fav button, I hope this is fixed soon..)
This started as a challenge from me to Boris on his fan art of Ro2, you can see his finished product here

IN any case Finished at last, my first official Fan Art for my favorite game Red Orchestra 2 (pc only) The Games realism, fun, and bugs sure as hell make up the majority of my day when I have nothing better to do and I enjoy it.

Description: The aftermath after the battle for the Grain Elevator, here we see 4 of the many playable german classes
From left to right, Marksman, Commander (TL), MachineGunner, and Squadleader.
They are all beat and battered up because this is what your class looks like once you hit Level 6 "hero of stalingrad"
I've been playing this game since it game out in 2011 and my Commander class is barely at level 3 Battle hardened. The only hero classes I currently have are the Squadleader and Machine gunner Hero

The weapons are: G41 Scoped (walther), A pair of Binoculars.. (yes you can beat people to death with them. I have done so once). An MkB42 (not Stg-44 or mp44), An Mg34 belt fed, and a Schmeisser Mp40

Fullsize Non Music Version here the-ghost-of-razgriz.deviantar…

Now the road to completing this, my latest and greatest work.. but it couldn't have been accomplished without the help of :iconnd-2500: giving tips, as well as criticism were it was needed :D Thank you comrade I appreciate it.

Red Orchestra 2 Original Soundtrack: in order

Station Assault -plays on any map in which the german team is in danger of losing reinforcements

So far From Home - Plays when axis are about to lockdown the defending objective and win.

Station Requiem - Plays when there is a stalemate (objective unable to be captured or while defending)
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[link] <:bulletblue:> [link]

What rules?

Well, here goes...

At long last, blood, sweat, and tears, I bring you part one of my final round of CM! :faint:

Best part is I have 2 more parts to do....




But in the end, it was worth it.

I dunno where to start... Ummm...

Well I guess firstly I hope I've got everybody as in character as possible, for one.

Two, I hope everything is making sense whether it be story, dialogue, or transition wise.

Last, I hope that ending wasn't too extreme or anything... Marty can't help he's gone off the deep end going all absolute power on everybody. But seriously, the idea had been in my head forever but hopefully it'll make more sense later on for what I've got planned because I actually found a way to make it somewhat important!

I guess now all I ask for is any constructive criticism to apply to the next and third parts. This is my first time trying one of these forms of media, so I'm bound to have messed up something. So critic away!

I hope you all enjoy and look forward to part 2 coming out next month! I hope I did not disappoint ;n;


Flash comic made possible thanks to ~fluffyz

All characters belong to rightful owners
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Bumblebee is ready to roll on (flash site)
This is a preview of all playable states i made.

-X18 Scrapmaker (a weapon as it appeared in the game)
-Caramelldansen(he doesnt actually do that in the credit, that one was carlton dance)

Yup i took some sounds from transformers prime series
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