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This is a teaser for my fanfilm "Requiem" Episode.
There will be a 2nd, as well.

Art/Animation/Voice/Visual Effects: j3px
Script: Michael Reaves.
Sound Effects: Claster
Tools used: Pencil, paper, Crayola color pencils,
Prismacolor markers, Acoustica Mixcraft, Creative Audigy, and Photoshop CS3.

Dungeons and Dragons and its characters are property of TSR Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, and Jetix.
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My 6th and newest Siege Tank model. Hopefully this will be the FINAL Siege Tank model I'll make :D

All the mechanical parts are modeled to be realistically plausible as much as possible while keeping the overall appearance true to the original Arclite Siege Tank from StarCraft.

Still have to texture it.

Also: My first film submission in DA
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This is one of the animation assignments I had for my Animation Production class, taught by none other than Gary Goldman. (of Don Bluth Studios, squeeeee!) 'Tis Dirk the Daring, from the Dragon's Lair video game. We were given six drawings of the original animation, and we had to animate using them. We also given exactly 96 frames to complete the sword draw and swing.

Honestly, I can't put into words how much I learned from these assignments and those classes as a whole. The simplicity of the animation assignment can't properly convey it. :3
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An experiment with SideFX Houdini
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Israeli Apartheid Week: Call it as it is

8th Annual Israeli Apartheid Week 2012

Calling the Israeli regime
as one of apartheid is not rhetoric,
nor is it an exaggeration
or a propaganda tool.
This is the reality in modern day Palestine,
where the Israeli regime is based
on discrimination, through laws, practices,
education and most aspects of life.

This apartheid regime not only imposed
on the people in Palestine,
but also on millions of Palestinian refugees
denied their right to return home
because they are of the wrong religion.

As awareness across the world continues
to increase regarding the Israeli Apartheid
regime in Palestine, each effort in this aspect
would help accelerate the conclusion
of this shameful page in history.

And as this awareness rises,
campaigns to boycott, divest and sanction
this regime provide a very effective
and natural response.

The world witnesses a similar response
transpire and bear fruit
in the case of South Africa,
and there are very good reasons to believe
that it will do the same in the case of Palestine.

from: "Never Before Campaign for Palestine"

Original on YouTube: [link]

Never Before Campaign for Palestine gave us permission to publish and support their work on deviantART
We open two gallery to support the Campaign

:pointr: Featured Gallery :pointl: - :pointr: Favourite Gallery :pointl:


Youtube - Twitter - Facebook - Flickr

:peace: We Support :peace:

:iconsupport-gaza-aqsa: :iconfreedomfighters-da: :iconliberation-fronts: :icondeviantitalia: :iconno-more-ignorance: :iconmedia-resistance: :iconanonymouswearelegion:

Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported(CC BY-NC3.0)
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This is my latest character, Georgie the little black kitten. It is planned to do a whole series of little animated films.

more at:
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-- edit : corrected a few lazy perspectives and removed the redundant, smaller moon. (now that there is a station to get blown) --

-- edit 2 : reduced moon size --

Adding something to my incredibly empty portfolio. Gonna blow a planet up.

The whole image is actually 1080HD but since it's just a teaser of what's to come I'm leaving it lower res a little.

Lots of shit done in Photoshop.
Compositing/lighting/etc. done in After-Effect... to... you know... animate it.... and blow the fucker up.

([link] to view steps by steps of this still image)
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"You can't change who or what you are... but sometimes it doesn't matter..."

Short story about a fox, sentenced to death for killing his rabbit lover and accepting his fate.

Finally it's done. This project took me 4 months and ripped the heart out of me as I was working on my own. It's a hand drawn animation, put together in Adobe After Effects CS5.5.

Special thank you to Her Name Is Calla, Family and Friends - you know who you are.

Any comments are welcome. Enjoy.

Before you ask, yes, it's much more personal than I hoped for.

Dreamlands by Ana Stefaniak

Music by Her Name Is Calla

Support me by following my tumblr: [link]
or youtube: [link]
or twitter: [link]

if you enjoyed this you can support me by BUYING RELATED PRINTS/CARDS HERE -> [link]
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So you think You know all about good old Santa? Think again!!!

The truth will be revealed, now it’s time for Santaman!
The whole world claims to know him, but only few people have actually ever seen him – and even fewer would admit this!
It turns out the time-honoured gentleman with his big bushy beard is actually a punchy superhero – talk about “Silent Night”!
Under the red hood we find a grim patron saint, who takes on the baddies of this world.

The hour of Santaman has come!
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About a year ago I began a personal exploration of creativity in all its varied and wonderful forms. PORTFOLIO is the "video distillation" of that look into what, and how, people create.

Having been a stock artist here at dA for some time, I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with folks who are arguably some of the most creative and talented people on the planet. People who excel not only in every traditional style and medium, but who are smack in the midst of creating whole new forms of expression.

This episode highlights the thoughts and works of a few of those artists; ~Zemyn, *ladydove7, ~Nisori, and *UrbanZebra. Plus a surprise appearance by *Zephyri herself.
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