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Oh, the things you find when re-organizing your 2TB hard drive from Afghanistan. xD

One of the interpreters shot this of me when I was talking with a handful of local women and their husbands. They were so shocked to see a female soldier (one of the men offered our 'terp 10,000 AFS and a goat for me xD) and moreso when they found out that I left a two year-old boy back home.

It was nice to just sit back and chat while feeding and playing with this little six month-old baby - a little bit of normalcy snatched in the middle of the war.
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What, you thought this was over? Like hell it is, the debate is still hot.

My guess is George noticed Trayvon walking in the stereotypical wannabe-gangsta fashion and thought he was up to no good, so he called the cops. Zimmerman probably got closer to Trayvon and glanced at him in a suspicious manner. Trayvon probably got mad at him for looking at him that way and probably whined about it because he's "black and you're a racist ass honky". Then the beatdown started with Trayvon (who was younger, stronger and quicker than Zimmerman and could've curb-stomped his head and cause his death) beating up his soon-to-be killer. Zimmerman, not taking that shit, shoots him and is a hero to himself for saving his ass from what could've been a crippling assault. The cops come, Zimmerman tells his side of the story, but when the media gets word of it they manipulate it into making the fresh gangsta Trayvon look innocent whereas the blue-collar Zimmerman is shown to us with photos of him looking a bit... crazed. And then the racial shitstorm happens.

This was uploaded on my old account a month after the act happened.
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Combat Camera-ing like a boss. Gotta thank the bearded ginger for taking photos of the camera person while they're capturing video. =p

This was my first Air Insertion mission with 4-4 Cav. back in October of 2011. The body armor for the camera is awesome when you're having to leap on and over grape rows. That poor camera got beat to hell out there.
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something I've been fiddling around in 3ds max during after-work hours, a 3D version of my avatar [link]
kinda reminds me of the taxi cab from the movie Fifth Element.
since only the helmet is finished, I thought It would be fun to tease a little with a dev ID :)

3dsmax, Vray, HDRI, Photoshop
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------------------------------------------Bio Information----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Grimorium Cahlnarius
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Species: Anthropomorphized Humanoid Dragon
Height: 8 ft 10 in
Weight: 400 lbs
DOB: Summer
OOB: Under a tree next to a beach
Sexuality: Heterosexual
He loves Turkeys by ValkyrieaKuIf only by ValkyrieaKu
Introverted but opens up a little to newer things, prefers to be feared rather than loved, is only supportive to those he deeply trusts, prefers quality over quantity, 
Loves: Medusa, turkeys, cows ( as in to eat )
Hates: false accusations, liars, thieves, gendered bias
Phobia: Cryophobia, Scotophobia, Claustrophobia
Special Abilities: Fire breather and Fire Manipulator

Background Information:

Alone warrior out on his own with no one by his side wanders the area near a village. He hears the cries of a girl, rescues her from the people she's pissed off and is rewarded for his act of bravery and courage by her and her Father. The village fears him at first from his intimidating appearance and frightful stares but when the King announces Grimorium's act of courage they cheer him. Days, weeks and months pass and everything seems wonderful for him until Rhea notices that it's Valentine's Day. She flaunts herself around him hoping to catch his eyes and does, at that time he figures why not. There's nothing wrong in finally having a special and intimate partner to share your life with eternally so he proposes to her, she accepts. Later on during the night they make coitus in her room.

Just as he's about to finish she hears her Father entering their home and making his way up to her room to check in on her. Just as he's about to open the door she suddenly starts screaming rape! At that point the King slams open the door to find his daughter on the floor covered up by her blanket crying in tears. She runs towards him in tears telling her Father what Grimorium did to her. The Father, enraged, calls for the guards to arrest him. Grimorium, enraged and baffled at the same time from her abrupt reaction, tries to explain himself but to no avail is captured. Taken to the dungeon in chains he later escapes by grabbing and knocking the guard unconscious to steal the keys freeing himself. With his heart broken and shedding a single tear he runs off into the woods back to his solitary life as a loan wanderer never to trust anyone and no woman ever again!

Months pass and he notices two young women in the forest. One of which he's familiar with and the other he's not. He watches out of sight what happens to the unfamiliar woman then leaves. Later on, he encounters the young woman noticing her ankle is caught in a bear trap. At first he doesn't react and simply just continues onward but after hearing her struggle he decides to go back and help her, out of past regret. After helping her, she follows him around but not that closely out of curiosity at which point a relationship slowly begins. During that time as he slowly opens up to her he admits his greatest regret, expecting her to abandoned him but to his surprise she stays with him reminding him that they were hurt by the same person.

Other Information:
He's not the type to intervene in the affairs of others at first only because he feels it's none of his business but after the situation with Medusa he learns that it's better to intervene and face the consequences ( if any ) head on. Because you never can be to sure, at first, who's in the right and who's in the wrong. In his belief, when 2 people love each other it's out of having deep compassion to the point to where either 1 would die for the other to protect the other and that coitus ( along with disagreements ) is just part of that intimate relationship that should only be between 2 consenting adults. He doesn't remember who his family is nor does he care because what good would come from knowing who they were. The skull he wears on his head is just because he can and rarely ever takes it off.

"All I expect from you is nothing!"

Voice Actor:
Liam Neeson

------------------------------------------Bio Information----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Grim: If you have a question for me, I will answer it to the best of my ability.

Stamp Template found here-->…
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my new ID :happybounce:

lol i made night into a wolf-shark hybrid aka a WORK!! i'm working on making a non-detailed species sheet for them. when our laptop is fixed i'll make a better one ;p

i've made a few more changes to night's design. she has spider bite piercings on her upper lip and she has a 2 inch tunnel and a 1/2 inch tunnel in each ear. i also made her fur a lighter grey. dammit i really need to make a complete reference of her.

art + character (C) :iconnightofthewolves:
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I still don't know WHAT I was thinking when I drew this.


Colorssss by ~fried-ariena
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I drew this up for the ID contest. If you aren't already a memeber you will be soon enough. FULL SCALE INVASION!

cut and paste mediums here
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I made all these logos in a whim. I think at least 4 of them are better than the new logo.
(BTW, if anyone at dA is looking at this, you can use any of the logos without paying or crediting me (even though a premium membership or just a couple of points would make me very happy)

Reply to the hater Winrry who apparently blocked me after the following rebuttal:
You seem to know nothing about logo design. Here are some of the things you missed:
  1. "Copy of Chanel"
    • Those are a capital D and a lowercase A.
    • They form a Venn diagram, signifying inclusion.
    • To fit with deviantART's tagline "Turning the Art World Literally Upside Down", it is point-symmetrical.
  2. "Double Parabola"
    • It's a sine wave, you uncultured [redacted]
    • The wave and the middle line form the letters dA.
    • The logo signifies that everyone is welcome, regardless of "wavelength".
  3. "Grass"
    • This is a (better) illustration of the logo makers' idea of "chopping the letters off".
    • At first glance, it looks like an open sketchbook.
    • However, if you put it in a square, you can see the letters "dA" more clearly.
  4. "Broken Stop Sign"
    • Congratulations! You got the imagery right for the first time!
    • However, your look is way too shallow. When you rotate the logo 45° to the right, it forms a D.
    • When you rotate the logo 45° to the left, however, it forms an A.
  5. "HUGE Bell o.o"
    • It's a bell curve, you uncultured [redacted]
    • The bell curve signifies a statistical distribution called "standard deviation". How's that for fitting?
    • It also signifies that anyone, regardless of where your skill is on the bell curve, is welcome.
  6. "Bubble Factory"
    • This logo is a play on "thinking outside the box".
    • The square is, obviously, the box. The sequence of circles are ideas, floating outside of the square. You know, like a bubble.
    • It also looks like a checkbox or a canvas and pen if you look at it another way.
  7. "Another Grass"
    • Nothing much to say about that. It's a lowercase d overlaid by a lowercase a.
    • It looks like a book from the side.
    • Best of all, it's still better than the new one. :P
  8. "Half a Clock"
    • That's a redesign of the one good dA logo we all know and love. :dalogo:
    • However, instead of making the lines parallel, I made them into a check mark to signify approval.
  9. "The New Twig"
    • Unlike these alternate logos, the new logo looks like:
      1. Z
      2. X
      3. F
      4. T
      5. badly drawn cross
      6. badly drawn swastika
      7. percentage symbol
      8. inequality sign
      9. backwards dollar sign
      10. a twig
      11. a cactus
      12. a green blob
      13. a running green blob
      14. pharmacy symbol
      15. bamboo stick
      16. a browser error
      17. a weird unexplainable thing
      18. a gun
      19. a segment of a broken fence
      20. the result of an age-long art block
      21. a professional recreation of a crayon doodle of a 3 year old kid who just learned not to eat the green crayon
      22. the result of a bunch of designers going "f█k it"
      23. a bad inside joke that takes an entire essay to halfway explain
    • They're trying way too hard to make the logo work by reposting plugs drawn by the only 5 artists on dA who like the new logo.
    • The new vivid green makes me want to puke.

Whatever your branch of design is, my best guess would have to be clothes design or typography design, because it can't be about logo design.
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The hi-res, high quality version of Cthulhu for president. For purchasing a poster, check the link in my profile text!
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