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Another Failed attempt at creating a psp wallpaper, all because of the fact that I cannot get the dimensions right.
I set the dimensions for 480 x 272 and when I save the file the dimensions blow up to 756 x 431

Ragna the bloodedge is to:
Ark System Works,
Aksys Games
BlazBlue + all Guilty Gear Staff
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Here's the iPhone version.

The wallpaper versions can be found in the links below.


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Third iPhone wallpaper...I didn't make this one, I only re-sized the original image to fit the iPhone.

Her name is Kat B320/Noble 2, she's from Halo: Reach.



Original image - [link]
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Download .apk file :…
Download from Google Play:…
Or Search on Google play by keyword "xwidgetsoft"

[LastVersion ChangeLogs]
2014-8-28  v1.06
Add:  Weather option "Always auto location",re-location every time  update weather
Fixed:  Weather can not auto location problem on some phone
Add: Auto update weather info when network connected
Improve: Widgets list auto load next page when scroll to end
Improve: Widget popup menu uses Whole Holo style
Improve: Improve Download widget UI,bigger preview image,Support the right slide gesture to back widget list
Add: Widget setting add option "Click Event/Action",you can make it open an App or never popup widget menu
Fixed: DatetimeCore tag "WeekOfYear" number less 1 than actual
Add: Support Admob banner,but you can disable all banners in widget list activity menu,NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED!
Add: New bug and problem submit activity
Fixed: Clock stop update on some phone

--Visualization widget designer for Android and Windows PC: you can create widget with XWidgetDesigner for Windows,and One-key to send the widget to your Android Device to preview or run.
--Cross-platform widget: the widget you create on PC can run bouth on Windows platform and Android platform
--Low resource taken: run widget only need  6-12M RAM,not expend  CPU in peacetime. 
--Very lightweight and Battery Friendly: Do not run any code or action after lock screen , has no effect to the lifetime of the battery
--Requires only a few Permissions : only need write external storage   and accsess network  Permissions .
--It is Free :Without any residual background services and processes: When closing widget will completely exit without permanent backstage to slow down the system
--Support hotspots

[Permissions explained]
write external storage - to save and load widgets
accsess network state - for weather data and download widget from gallery
DeviceID - GoogleAdmob need

[How to create widget for android on windows]
1. Make sure check the Phone option: Android System Setting -- Developer option --- "Enabled development" , and "USB debugging". And Disable the Phone option: "Connect storage to PC "
2. Make sure you had install the Android USB Driver on your Windows  .
3. Install XWidget for Android apk on your phone and install XWidget for windows.
4. Add a XWidget widget on your phone
5. Plug in your phone with USB to your PC.
6. Open XWDesigner on PC to create a new widget, and press "Android Mode" at top-right , and click button "Send to phone"  at top-left
7. click widget on your phone and will popup menu and select menuitem "select widget", then you can find the widget you sent .
6. continue modify the widget with XWDesigner on PC ,and press "Send to phone" ,the widget on phone will auto refresh and update .
7. click "package" in XWDesigner will get a ".xwp" file,then you can share this widget package file . Others XWidget for Android users can download this xwp file and install widget on their phone.

XWidget for Android Beta only support  Image/Text/NumbImage/Rotator Controls, and DateTimeCore/WeatherCore/BatteryCore.  We are developing to add more controls and cores .

View on Youtube:

[We need help]
--We need translators
--We need testers
--We need tutorial writers
--We need people to record video tutorials
If you had intresting,please PM me

[Change log]

Fixed: Crashed on android 2.3 problem
Fixed: Designer for Android controls size property limite problem

Add: XWidget Designer for Android,click menuitem "Edit widget" to launch
Add: Widget list support catagary
Add: Shortcut Core
Add: Option "Disable all widgets menu"
Fixed: Weather widget set fahrenheit invalid when restart 

Add: Online widget list sort menuitem.
Add: DateTimeCore,WeatherCore add tag "dayOrNight",if day will return "d",otherwise return "n"
Fixed: Rotator control property "alwaysforward" not currect bug
Fixed: Widget list refresh some times crash bug

Add: local widget list add menu item "Sort by" ,include sort by datetimt, sort by title
Fixed: crash after download online widget and refresh local list
Improve: uses new XML parsing mode , up to 5x faster
Improve: reduce installation package size 30%

Add: Text control support FontStyle: Bold/Italic/Underline/Stikeout
Add: German, Hungarian Language
Fixed: Image control wrapmode-fit had beed stretched bug


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::: My actual modified PSP Wallpaper


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Description and Download [link]
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Heya Gaang,

This was a speed paint I did a while ago, around when the first Thor movie came out haha for maybe 1 hour. I have been working on a lot of projects, books and freelance work and making a big push on my own story, Primoral Decent. Its so fun! I will be putting up the pages up here on DA.

Anyway I hope you guys dig it :)

More of my Artwork
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Megan Fox
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Just saw the Halo 4 cover art, and had to set it as my iPhone wallpaper.

The original image was lacking in color (IMO) so I made some adjustments to my liking and thought I might as well upload it and share it with you guys/gals. =D

Enjoy ~ Pete

Here's the original image for comparison. [link]

Version 2: [link]
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Finally releasing my first icon! :)
Special thanks to ~iGeriya for his critique and assistance!

Download here: [link]
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