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this was hard work.... i dont like the background... :(
in the background are the new germany and japan.

japans and germanys cruel past while WW II.
but nothing is compare with nazi-germanys massacers.
against nazism, racism, etc.

i don't support nazism, etc.!!!! i just like to draw such things and i
am interested in third reich, ww II. but idont like nazis in reality.
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Those who have heard of Hetalia, will probably get this.
Those who haven't it's basically an anime in which countries are represented by humanized versions, during the course of WW2.
Not that I hate it, but I don't agree with some of the "ideas" expressed in Hetalia. so I came up with my own Hetalia, "Retalia"(Re-al He-talia), in which beings that represent areas of the world (but aren't the countries actually) interact with each other in the course of WW2. So it is possible they are OCs and can interact with the original hetalia characters themselves.

countries represented:
• Italian Social Republic (Fascist Italy)
• Third Reich (Nazi Germany)
• Empire of the Rising sun (Japan)

The Kingdom of Italy/ The Italian Social Republic
Name: Giuseppe Marinelli
Bio: A timid person, Marinelli tends to focus only on pleasing the people that work with him. But unlike his cowardly, pasta-loving idol, Marinelli can actually fight and get angry. He views Italians as “the best-a in the world-a”. He is often forced by the other two axis powers to go only with their plan.

The Third Reich
Name: Johann Von Eckker
Bio: Possible the most evil being in Retalia/Hetalia. Never satisfied, Eckker will never stop trying to take over the world. He speaks only German, and views every nation except Germany as “inferior”. There is even controversy over the fact he is even human.

The Empire of the Rising Sun
Name: Matashi Toyoto
Bio: Mostly the Peacemaker, Toyoto always goes with the flow in the Axis powers’ crazy schemes. But at times, he is even more backstabbing than his katana. It is obvious he is using the Axis Powers for some reason.

I know I messed up on some of the colors and hands, but I did my best with this picture.

If anyone is offended by the way the countries are represented, I am sorry, please don't ban me. I know the Nazi armband is risky, but if the people who made "Hellsing" and "The producers" could get away with it....just don't ban me.

You can use these guys if you want, as long as you give me credit

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In the beginning.... first European in Texas was a Spanish Conquistador who'd been shipwrecked there....

And then France came in and made himself a nice colony...
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Hey, lookie! I managed to get this up in under a year! Yay! (/shot)
Really. This little thing is a bit over a year old now. And I only have nine of them up.
I really do suck, don't I?
I also wanted to get this up sooner. Ya know, to hit the one year mark?
I'm a month late. OTL
Oh, well.
Also, I purposefully tried to make this one cutesy. I was beginning to notice all my ideas were a little repetitive.
So why not something a teensy bit different?! c:
I needed to give Belarus her ribbon at one point or another, anyway. ^^

First: [link]
Previous: [link]

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Original Chibi Diaries (c) ArkhamInsanity
This (c) Myself
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Oh, it can't?

Well, I love seeing people down on their knees and begging to become one with me~! I suppose that makes me prefer the top!

Being a female, though, I do submit every now and again. Especially if my partner is male and looks like he'll be a good lay.
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"you're... uhh... late...
the fight is
already over...

we... lost..
and.. I.. won't
be living with
you anymore Su-san...
I-I'm sorry...
But... don't worry!
will be allright,
I'll be fine!




It's the Finnish war all over again ^^; SOOOO the scene:
Tino is alking by Ivan towards Russia when he hears Berwald shouting him, and sees him fall. Ivan encourages him to go and say goodbye to his friend. Tino, slightly reluctant, goes to Berwald. He doesn't want to confront Berwald, but he knows he has to. Berwald rises his head to shout for Tino again, but sees Tino's feet infront of him. Tino kneels down; (picture); Tino gets up and joggs to Ivan, a little upset, for leaving a long lasting friend behind. Berwald breaks.




depressing :O_o:

but anyways!! I hope you like it ^^~

Sweden, Finland, (Ivan/Russia), Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya


GAAHH I forgot the history part in this !!! >///< so, the deal is that Viapori is at least said to surrender because of a deal a Finnish(/Swedish) commander and a Russian commander did. That if help from Sweden wouldn't come byt a certain date (can't remember which), the fort would surrender. And, the help never came. And Swedish troups were quite limited in the whole Finnish are, never came too much. so that's why "you're late".
thank you, yukiko-chan out~
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[[ THIS [link]

I had meant to draw something about it back when it first happened... but that never got off the ground ^^;

If Flanmochi is anything like Flanders, he'd probably get excited about a giant piece of chocolate... even if Flanmochi didn't notice the newspaper was from 2010... xD;;;


Krant = Newspaper
De grootste chocoladereep in de wereld? = The biggest chocolate bar in the world?
Gnats'yel = Its gone.
Unem shokolad = I have chocolate

Yeah, she saved some :3 and yes I put Flan's little fanglies in there too x3

Armenimochi (c) :iconlernayin-hayastan:
Flanmochi (c) :icondevlaamseleeuw:]]
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I love this~! I squeal and giggled when I made this, I haven't been drawing the 2p Hetalia cast lately, so I decided to draw something and chibi form! Yay for chibi-form! :dummy:

Okay, you see it's base off a RP that me and a friend are doing, the girl is supposed to be Naomi, who is preggos with 2p(Black)Japan's first born child.

No, they aren't chibi in the RP, they are normal size but I thought it will be cute if there were in chibi form. Alex and Oliver are friends with Kuro.

I changed Naomi's hair style a bit because my friend made me a new self MMD model and I love the hair style. :3

Alex(2p!America): Ugh!!!! I'm so bored looking for stupid baby stuff..... -_-
Oliver: I love looking for baby stuff! .3. They are so cute and round! *squeals*
Kuro:........If your bored, why did you tagged along? *looking for baby clothes*<---THIS KURO TALKS LIKE THAT! DX
Alex: For beer. -3-
Kuro: *rolls eyes and hears his cellphone * Hello?
Naomi: Hi sweetie, is everything going okay? ^^
Kuro: Hai....
Naomi: That's good. ^.^ Oh we are having your favorite for dinner.
Kuro: thats good.
Naomi: yup!
*Silence in the room*
Naomi: ^.^ Okay well I gotta go now, I love you~. *giggles*
Kuro: *blushes and turns around whispering,* .....I love you too.........
* Alex and Oliver are laughing and teasing him*

*giggles* Yeah, they like to tease him because Kuro gets shy when he has to say that around people. *hugs Kuro* Mine~. And the phone was on speaker XD. *shot*

AND ONE THING, THIS MY FIRST TIME DRAWING 2P!AMERICA, SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR, ''He doesn't act like that.....'' blah blah... -_- This drawing was for fun! AND THIS ISN'T USUK It's not my thing, but I have no problem to those who like it.

OC, Naomi belongs to me.
Japan,America, and England-Hetalia- Himaruya
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The fourth one, at last! Phew. I rushed doing it while pretending to help around our Lola's fiesta lunch yesterday. And I added two omake for the lulz XDD

I don't have anything against Korea, really. Aside from invading us with the music, maybe ♥

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 5: [link]

Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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so i wanted to do something for the christmas kontest over at :iconmk-rebirth: didn't really feel like doing a sexy girl so i decided to go with a joke piece to my fave mk pair mileena and scorpion. apparently khan has decided to spread the holiday cheer. sub-zero is having none of it though.
and if you don't get the tato salad reference, look it up on youtube in reference to mortal kombat. :D enjoy!
oh as to why i turned them into ponies? ponies can swear in a different way so lol.
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