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My first Rainmeter configuration for my 27inch Dell Screen.


Gmail & Recycling Bin : Razon by minhtrimatrix
icons : token set white
Calendar: Rainmeter Calendar by Limpet (modded) *something is wrong with it at the moment I still need to fix.
Agenda: Gnometer Calendar (modded)
Portfolio: Stock Ticker by Shivaism (modded)
Weather: Large Clean Weather by Shivaism
Feeds: Ten Feed Reader by Wasky1 (modded)
Clock: 10 Foot Spotify by DJClotz (modded)

Any Questions please post them below. I'll post the skin once I've finished

If you like what you see, please feel free to donate so I can produce more content :) [link]
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My desktop with rainmeter :

-The launcher under the center clock was made by me.
-Rainmeter theme Enigma by Kaelri.
-Left System monitoring original by Kaelri (Simplicity) and edited by me.
-Lumen center clock original by Moshi and edited by me.
-Wallpaper Dark Wood by zygat3r.
-Left side Icons by MannMitDerTarnjacke.

Thats all!!!...
PD: I dont use any launcher like rocketdock or similar.
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My DeskTop With Rainmeter and Xwidget…



start icons…

dock icons…

I'll start this Xwidget whole group is working only on the Xwidget. =)

To download the program xwidget



Glassy RSS

The lower Taskbar



Glass Meters

Arrow down (MetorUI)


All Rainmeter Skin…

I hope you like it! :)
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UPDATE! No. 2 - The sand image was low resolution, thanks to photobucket; reuploaded it at it's original size. Please redownload if you want to have a proper effect! I'm sorry for not noticing sooner. Thanks to ~myshad for notifying me.
UPDATE! - Thank you guys for your support, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry for taking such a long time to answer to your queries, the studies got in the way. :)

Ok, I did change very fast the last one. But I spend a lot of time in front of my pc now, pretending I'm studying (I really have to :P).

Inspired by March '11 Geektool Desktop

So, Credits:

  • Wallpaper
  • MacBar 3.0 en by ~Vit-Ok
  • Generic Yahoo! Weather by me
  • Manual Google Calendar by me (it looks like but doesn't really pull data from google)
  • Media Player inspired by WMP Player for Rainmeter by ~SieSie . It uses, however, the latest NowPlaying plugin.
  • KrEveReader (Evereader by ~Kaelri MOD)
    After a lot of requests, I uploaded the modified evereader.
    Download it here.
    TIP: If you would like to disable the Title preview (it appears when you hover over a feed item) click here.

  • Custom Helvetica clock by me. You need the font used for it to display properly.
    TIP: If you would like to create the same "behind the image" effect, here is the code for a simple image skin and here is the image used. grab this .rmskin here. BEWARE that you have to edit the skin and change the H value to match your monitor resolution and/or your "Windows Wallpaper Picture Position".

Fonts Used: Helvetica & Helvetica Neue.
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my rainmeter customazation
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amanasuite for rainmeter | 2011 | Extended Edition (version 2.0.4)

The weather widget is mod of the ~FlyingHyrax`s Do I Need a Jacket? skin and also thanks to flyinghyrax for some code .

This is an open project. If you have a skin or an idea for this suite and would like contribute with me, please feel free to contact to me.
I looking for a programmer who is can make a exclusive configuration tool with using AutoIt.
We can complete this suite together.

Addons for amanasuite
Amana Launchers and Weather ~fe9i
amana mod for rainmeter by ~guerrilive
facebook reader for amana suite by ~magafaka
Amana System by ~stardeht
and Amana Audio Player, Weather, and System Status by ~davidross
This suite doesn`t incloud the contributors` works. Please, visit to authors site for download.

added wifi and battery indicator and a Image RSS Reader (beta)
added a contribution panel and a QuickStart option.
fixed player configuration problem
added a dock
reworked background (dim)
added a volume control
reworked welcome panel with settings and configuration button
added a simple launcher to welcome panel
added a weather and a NG Photo of the Day widgets
fixed a bug on date and problem with text height on reader
added Configuration Tool
fixed ImageTint and Sound bug on reader

Stock image
Girl with the camera
by ~NikxStock and amana screensaver
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Rainmeter enigma and i2_bar
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Here is a port of Aluminis for Samurize by ~iPaxy for Rainmeter: [link]

For the folder count to work you will need the FileListPlugin from [link] Place this in your plugins folder.

If you would like to change the path & titles to the folders, applications or web pages you can do so using the variables file. To make things easier all you have to do is click one of the panel titles and the config will open up for you.

Inside the config there are straight forward sections where you can change the titles and paths to the various shortcuts.

You will need to add your locations before the theme will function properly!

You can also change the icons for these by going into either the folders, applications & system folders located in the Aluminis theme folder. Inside you will find an 'Icons' folder in each with numbered icons. Replace these with your desired icons.

As the icons are quite specific you can download variations in the links provided below.

I recommend installing the latest beta of Rainmeter from here: [link]

If you come across any bugs please let me know in the comments!

I would like to thank both *SoundForge & =Thvg for providing me with permission to use their icons in this submission.

Aluminum Folder Set by =Thvg: [link]
Upojenie by *SoundForge: [link]
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My first Rainmeter Skin!

Wallpaper: Reflection Wallpaper 2 [link]

Weather, Calendar, Time: HUD.Vision [link]

Music: Enigma!

Icons: RocketDock [link]
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UPDATED with Dual screen

My setup for Rainmeter

Elegant2 Clock & Date by lilshizzy

GoogleBar Search bar by nardoxic

Modded Soita Music player, original here by poiru

The rest are Enigma by kaelri

Wallpaper by coswin

Windows theme Soft7 2.0 and Win8 small orb by AP-GRAPHIK

Extended Windows task bar for multi-screen with UltraMon
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