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THIS MAP IS OUTDATED - PLEASE SEE THE LATEST VERSION HWS Medieval Revisited - Faction Map v.1.22 by Gambargin

A Conceptual Faction Map for the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Revisited, which is based on the original medieval series, but with less generalization and much more anachronism. The Map will serve as my reference for the various Women Warriors which i will be depicting in their battle/court attires respective to the generalized culture that they represent.

The reason why i decided to recreate the original series is to give it more flavor and detailed presentation, something which i really enjoy, and also because some drawings were left in unfinished state. It is also because i love medieval history where knights rode proudly on their stallions, culture flourished under exotic and elegant trades, as well the tale of kings, their princes and princess. Of course, these are still romantic portrayal, but it has its own appeal.

The regions represented in the map is by no means culturally and geo-politically accurate. They are simply to pinpoint the region on which the Women Warriors will be depicted from. After all, there is a lot of anachronism in the historically wrong sketch series...but certainly any feedback is most welcomed to make the series more enjoyable.


Faction Map version 1.0 as of January 2013

Based on Medieval History of the World that covers roughly 800 - 1400 AD in real life history.

Faction List
(Names may not resemble the actual language):

1. Reino di Iberia (Iberian)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
This faction represent the united Iberian forces, similar to that of the various christian kingdoms that has existed before the reconquista, like the Portuguese, Castile & Leon, Navarra, Galicia and Asturias.

2. Al-Mamlakati Al-Murnakus (Maghreb)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
The faction that represents the north african people, typically the Manghrebs such as the Berber and Tuareg people. In most cases, there will be a mixed of Andalusian as well as Moorish history in its depiction.

3. Mandeka Kurufaba (West African/Mande) (link to Early Concept Drawing)
Based on the powerful and the legacy of the Mali Empire of West Africa under the reign of Mansa Musa. Also, kingdoms like the Kanem Bornu, Hausa and Songhai will be taken into account.

4. Royaume de Frankonia (Latin/Franks)
Or simply, the french. They represents the beacon of the series' medieval feudalism. I will take my the History of the Capetian France as a basis for this faction.

5. Duche de Nortmanuss (Latin/Norman)

The Normans, simply because they are cool and badass Maybe subject to interpretation). NEvertheless, it's a rather anachronistic depiciton of independent norman power, whose inspiration was taken from William of Normandy before he launched his invasion of England

6. Celtic Federation (Celtic - Welsh/Irish/Scottish)
The original inhabittants of the brithish isles, from caledonia, hibernia and wales, will be represented in this faction. Expect dome pictish and irish influence.

7. Saxanana Reis (Germanic/Anglo-Saxons)
The Anglo-Saxons are not dead yet, at least in this series. They can be as cool as the viking, but equally badass as well.

8. Imperium Germanium Sacrum (Germanic/Central) or Kaiserreich
The Germans, all their heavy knight and warmongering mercenaries. It's a rather anachronistic representation of various german counties and duchies in a united empire.

9. Serenissima Republicca di Italia (Latin/Italian)
An anachronistic representation of the Italian Peninsula, whose "republic" in the series consistis of various powerful city states, mercantile power and duchies united under a single banner.

10. Karpati Kiralysag (South Slavic/Magyar)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
The Magyars and others that lived surrounding the carpathian mountains, such as the serbians and the croatians.

11. Krolestwo Czyrzniech (West Slavic/Polish)
The faction that represents the polish kingdom, more closely to the piasts dynasty.

12. Baltai Kunigaikštystė (West Slavic/Baltic)
The balts, which is a rather anachronistic collectives of people inspired by the pagan prussians, lithuanians, livonia and many more.

13. Vikingrunionen (North Germanic/Scandinavian)
Vikings united! Well, it's actually just a untied respresentation of carious scandinavian kingdoms during the midle ages. similar to kalmar union, but with a more Viking Golden Age touch.

14. Velikoye Knyazhestvo Kaviarovkoye (East Slavic/Rus)
Grand Principality of Kaviarov, dedicated to my love fo russian (eastern slavic) and caviar. This is based on the various eastern slavic grand principalities like the Rus, Kievan as well as Novgorod Republic.

15. Desht-i Yurtubi
(Altaic/Turkic - Cuman/Kypchak/Khazar/Bolgar/Pecheneg)
Based on the Cuman Kypchack Confederacy in their heights, before mongol invasion. It's a rather different represantation of the steppe people, unlike the mongols.

16. Basileia Rhiōmaiōn (Greek/Byzantine)
The Rhiomaion Empire, the counterpart of the well known byzantine empire that bridge europe and oriental world.

17. Al-Kheelafah Al-Sarraviyah (Semitic/Arabic & Altaic/Turkic)
The original Sarravid Empire was a global spanning empire in the original series, but now i've reduced to the size more or less similar to that of the Ummayad caliphate. Arabs, Egyptians and Turks will dominate the representation of this faction.

18. Mangisa Abissinia (East African/Ethiopian)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
The Ethiopians that ruled the eastern africa and its horn.

19. Kitanga dya Ntotila (Rest of Africa/Kongolese)
Based on the historical Kongo before the arrival of Portuguese. Details are sketchy at best, but any information on the kingdom will be much appreciated.

20. Bahramiyan Eranshahr (Indo-Aryan/Persia)
The Persians of the Medieval series. Technically by this timeline Persia is already under Islam, but i will take the Sassanids as inspiration.

21. Jaganavanshi Rajputana (Indo-Aryan/Hindustan)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
The Rajputs and the sons of world rulers, the Indians would bring their might and majesty on the battlefield like no other.

22. Achanak Syama (Thai)
Kingdom of Siam, based on the historical Thai kingdoms that inhibitted the south-east asian mainland

23. Keraton Malaya (Malay)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
Based on the Majapahit empire that ruled much of the East Indies Archipelago.

24. Yang Chao
(East Asian/Han Chinese)
The Great Chinese Empire of Yang. Will be based on Song Dynasty during its height, along with its brutal military machine.

25. Jima Seon-guk (East Asian/Korean)
(link to Early Concept Drawing)
Korean Kingdom, roughly based on joseon.

26. Hibangana Bakufu
(East asian/Japanese) (link to Early Concept Drawing)
Based on the Kamakura period of Japan, during the early rise of feudal samurai class, and various clans feuding for power over imperial control.

27. Nodai-in Ulus (Altaic/Mongol)
Mongols!!!! The Golden Horde!

28. Inkatinsuyu (
South American/Inca)
Based on the historcial Inca Empire that ruled the western coast of south america.

29. Tototl Tlahtōlōyān (
Based on the Mix of Mayan and Aztech Civilization of central america.

30. Mississippian Kanogee (North American)
Based on the early missippian native north American before the arrival of European settles.
Miscellaneous Faction not Included in the map of the current version:

Holy Military Order: Ordo Sanctae Militae de Fran (link to Early Concept Drawing)
Seljuk Turks: Orhanli Beylerbeylik
Jewish/Andalusia : Imarat Al-andalus

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Living in the wasteland can be harsh. Pesky towns not "sharing" gas, do-gooders always picking on you, giant mutated critters the size of busses and a general lack of respect towards you and your friends. if this sounds familiar, than the Abrams Redux is for you. upgraded from a M1A2, the redux has all the old world beauty and firepower but upgraded with the latest in salvaged raider tec. featuring a 120 mm barrel with rail gun attachment, coaxial machine gun, loaders .50, dual .50 commanders turret and back mounted .50 for any tailgaters. The redux features the latest in defensive technology as well, smoke launchers, infrared targeting, raider tec guidance/ radio jammer dome and on board NBC detection suite. Additional wasteland survival armor has been added for encounters with the ones that are dumb enough to fight back.When out in the wasteland and you must kill every last motherclucker, accept no substitutes, get a redux today!

This is my kitbashed Abrams tank, built up in post apocalyptic style. Built from a 1/35 Tamiya "operation Iraqi freedom" Abrams, bit bin details, scratch built details and custom raider figurine. Hand painted with enamels and weathered with art acrylics and pastels. This project was super fun and a good excuse to be shamelessly un-realistic.
I had built the original Abrams kit about a year ago and really was never happy with it. I had messed up a ton of things and I had always considered it a failure. So it sat on a high shelf for a year collecting dust, mocking me.
After all the time and work i put in on my PBR model, I it thought it would be good to work on something a bit more relaxing and a lot less time consuming. Over the last few weeks i have seen some really awesome Abrams models/art and figured it would be fun to tear apart mine and make something I would be happy with. I gave myself a one week time limit and went to work. All in all this was really too much fun and i am happy with how it came out. a few things here and there could of been better but I wanted to stick to my one week limit (kind of like speed paint I guess, see what i could get done on a deadline) anyways hopefully soon ill find a good spot outdoors and take some shots of it with my screaming hawk.
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The SF-228 is a fighter aircraft with combined engine - piston with air cooling and motorjet [link] , such as Soviet Mikoyan I-250 (also called Mig-13) or Su-5
When motorje enabled - this aircraft has speed over 800 km/h
Armament - two 20 mm cannon and two 12,7 mm machinegun.
Also see this picture [link]
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Gouache, prismacolour pencil, airbrush on 20: x 15 water colour paper.

Around 30,000 bc. in Europe, modern man and neanderthal coexisted for a few thousand years. They must have run into each other from time to time until neanderthal eventually went extinct.
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ƸӜƷ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.• ☆ Ł ø ۷ℓ ☆.•*´¨`*•.¸ƸӜƷ☆.•*´¨`*•.¸ƸӜƷ

۩▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩ ✰ ۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬۩

:bulletgreen: Future map Turan/Turkey.
:bulletgreen: Not Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or whatever. It's about Turan.
:bulletgreen: Turan means United of all Turkish countries and places where Turks live.
Like this. Kazakhstan,Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan, Northern Iraq(Mosul, Kirkuk), Tabriz(South Azerbaijan), Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzistan,East Turkistan, Crimea are independent and autonomous Turkish states.

:bulletgreen: Turanism link:
:bulletgreen: WWII Pan-Turanian Map by Totentanz0:
Comments disabled by owner.
Romans in battle: Julius Caesar´s centurion Publius Sextius in actión.

Scene inspired from: "Comentarii de bello gallico", 58 bC.

Gouache and digital
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Never doodled Necrons before...

Maybe I went a little too Tomb Kings on the Lord....felt kinda natural to push the egyptian vibe.

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the second part of this:…
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A new wicked idea which emerged from conversation with ... ;p Namely a victorian colonisation of Mars which is an effect of an enormous technological development of the world during the second half of the XIX century...Te main powers of our world : the British Empire, France, Germany, Russian Empire and the U.S begun sending expeditions on other planets of the Solar 1879 British project "Ares" begun and a 10 thousand large expedition of soldiers, scientists and naturalists boarded on modernised Royal Navy battleships and cruisers (now the Space Expedition Fleet) flew to Mars...and they found life forms such as those you can find on the drawing...

on it you can see te british soldiers and their equipment after "Ares" project circa 1883, an infantryman of the 24 second Warwickshire Regiment and a private of the 21st Lancers mounted on a creature nicknamed "Spencer"..between them you can see a Marsian native....

Soldiers are equipped with Martini- Henry rifle with an oxygen tank necessary to ignition of the bullet inside the you probably noiticed the British wear some kind of a gas mask...precisely a chlorophile mask converting the carbon dioxide (the main gas existing in Mars atmosphere) into pure oxygen...the rucksack apart from being a part of the gas mask system is equipped with a personal radio system used to communicate (a cable from the rucksack to the gas mask connects the microphone in the mask with the rest of the mechanism) you can see soldiers are dressed in a traditional red jackets,standard infantry and cavalry equipment of the period and colonial pith helmet..under the uniform they have a rubber spacesuit protecting them form the deadly UV rays which are stronger than on Earth, gloves and heavy boots...

crazy isn't it ;) ?

this wicked project totally absorbed me and maybe soon you'll see a comic page or a battleship of the roal depends on the copyrights of battleships which I find better than mine which you can see in Scraps ... :D
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The Second version of my last upload: Thebugswarm_B.+W. now in colored lines.

BIONICLE® and characters are © to LEGO®.
Sketches & designs belong to me.
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