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In the apocalyptic world of Equestria, one can never be far away from these dreaded Raiders of the land.

Just recently joined the Equestria Softworks mod group as a 2D artist and one of the tasks was design a Raider pony so here's my interpretation.

MLP FIM: Hasbro
Fallout Equestria: kkat
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That Little Jack Horner fellow was saying a dracorex might be a juvenile pachycephalosaur. I personally think it's more likely a stressed out pachy that still has to prove himself, and thus needs a head more suitable for butting.

But it occurred to me that I have another two-in-one here! The head-dome isn't for butting, it generates an energy shield! On the back it just protects the body.. but flipped onto the head (those side horns fold down, see) it can RAM INTO YOU with the shield. :D
That neck design was tough, and the tail was almost as tough.. but you can see how they make a cool shape, but can still move into a perfectly straight line! (I considered building a pile banker into its spine, but nahhh)
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Art Trade with :iconnd-2500:

Here's his part: [link]

His OCs Cpl. Victoria Yeoung and Cpl. Simon McNeil. Both are on patrol on an empty road near Kandahar in Afghanistan. Behind them is a LAV III of the Canadian Army.

First Deviation featuring Canucks! And about time. The Canadians have been mighty absent from my gallery until now. Also, this is the first picture I make for DeviantArt since May. Until now I've been just sketching or doing some projects for the drawing classes of which I only submited one picture. But it's refreshing to be doing my very own stuff once again.

The only thing I don't like about the picture is the screwed up and detail lacking LAV III. It seems I'm not good at drawing APCs or I've lost practice. ^^; Anyway I kinda screwed up the perspective and proportions of the vehicle. That happened because I have drawn Vicky first and then the LAV III behind her when I should have done the opposite. :shakefist:

Oh well, it's not a total disaster, still looks respectable I think. Another mistake I made was Simon's C9 Machine Gun. It was suppoused to be a C9A2 but I ended up drawing an older C9 variant. :( Ahhhhhhhh but everything else should be about right.

But again I'm overall happy with how it turned out. I will be uploading the pencil only version in the scraps section so that you guys can see the starting point of this project.

All the textures here were made using PhotoShop's brushes (The ones that come by default with the installation) and the camouflage patterns (CADPAT AR and TW although they're not so easily distinguishable in this picture, kinda looks like MARPAT) were made using my very own digital camouflage brushes.

I hope you guys like it. I'll be taking a little Christmas break and on the 26th I'll be back to work on more drawings.

Merry Christmas! :santa: And See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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Yeah I'm inspired. Time for more DCs :D
this design just came to me when I manipulated some robot parts in my head.. I imagined.. some humanoid robot legs... with the feet turned around backwards.. walking around crablike... and the rest did itself :)
Junket is an expert at clambering, and those jets let it jump when speed's necessary. It's okay at biting and okay at shooting, not really great at either compared to some. Still, looks pretty cool :D
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You know that's right.
This skunk is scrappy. I tried to accentuate the awesome deadly body of a skunk.. with the claws.. and the tight short legs.. that are sturdy.. and the longish but really flat wide body.. well I kinda gave it more spinal definition than it needs, but.. that tends to happen whenever I do an isometric view. I hope you appreciate that, btw. The tail was killer and I still don't think it's quite right, but keep in mind that those segments can move side to side a bit in addition to up and down. Plz to also keep in mind that smokescreen generators can be equipped with other things too, not just standard obscuring smoke.

And it can burrow :D
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This is the new Character to represent the CSA.. I'm not telling you anything about her other than her name.

Her name is~

Abigail Dixie Jones

I got the Rebel flag right... YAY!

Quick history

This isn't the national flag for the CSA but it's the Battle flag and it's what usually comes to my mind when someone says the Confederate Flag.. so yah..

I only own my OC and this picture..

Axis Power: Hetalia/© Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture/OC/ Random ©Moi!
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You thought all those pesky wizards could just roam above Her Majesty's Air Space without the RAF taking offence of it?

Really really old drawing that I never got to color. Other projects caught my interest at the time and this one overal I thought it was an underachiever for me to post. I've been told that I should uploaded it nonetheless so, voila!

Just posting this because I honestly don't have anything else that I am allowed to post here. =P

Enjoy, do tell me if I should redraw this one day and actually work on a colored version one day.
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Attack on Titan is one of those Mangas I'm of divided opinion. The Art Style is, frankly, horrid in my opinion. The people are all looking the same, I had trouble figuring out who was who. However, I enjoyed the Action Scenes a lot. I still don't like the majority of the Titans, though.

A great plus for this series are the characters, even though most of them die. It's almost as if the Author Isayama Hajime is a fan of 'Games of Throne' and 'Shadow of the Colossus'.
Also, I don't care what you guys say about the fighting style, I think it's completely stupid. I guess the guys were like: "Okay, we got giant monsters that can kill us. How about we put some people in a Spiderman-like gear so they can swing around and hope they'll get the monster's weak point."
"Why should we do that?"
"Because it's awesome!"

I still don't get it why they don't simply build some planes to hunt the titans from the air.

But I managed to think of Attack on Titan in a way that I like it somewhat more.
By making the Titans Dinosaurs. Because Dinosaurs make everything better.

Colossal Titan- Tyrannosaurus Rex
Sasha- Wolverine
Levi- Birman Cat
Armin- Wild Rabbit
Eren- Beauceron
Mikasa- Northern Goshawk
Rage Titan- Allosaurus
Annie- Leopard
Hanji/Hange- Rhesus Macaque
Armoured Titan- Groudon.... What are you doing on my picture?! You're supposed to be an Ankylosaurus!
Krista/Harmonia- Sheep
Jean- Common Wildebeest
Connie- Badger
Ymir- Cougar. You can tell me what you want, that girl looks like Portgas D. Ace!
Bertolt- Horse
Marco- Roe Deer
Reiner- Bull
Erwin- Red Deer
Mike- German Shepherd Dog
Dancing Titan- Dimorphodon
Female Titan- Spinosaurus
Beast Titan- Therizinosaurus

Now I really want to draw some of the battles (i.e. Eren vs. Annie) as Dinosaurs, then have some of you guys colour it. You can do it better than me.
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At any cost

Izumi is concerned about the collateral damage her orders were causing, and is very aware that her sheer size is more than enough for causing lots of damage. She doesn't want to destroy anything since that would affect the tinies somehow.
On the other hand, Anya is a veteran soldier, and knows the threat level a catmarian means on a planet of people of such scale as humans, so she know there must be some sacrifice in order to stop that threat: Kanade. She must be stopped at all cost.
2 weeks since I didn't update this comic, sorry for the delay, I had been busy ^^;
I hope to draw the next page this week. I will try to have it ASAP.

Next Page: [Link]
Previous Page: [Link]
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As requested by :iconpolishtrooper: :)

A small group of polish soldiers are pin down on the rough streets of *Enter Middle Eastern city name here* fighting against the MEC.

Two soldiers are using the Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl rifle with EOTechs (Note that because of my ignorance about these laser sights I forgot to draw the damn laser pointers :roll: ) and a third one is firing a PKM.
The Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl is a derivate of the Kalashnikov series but it has been designed specifically to fire the NATO 5.56 mm round. The PKM is a soviet made machinegun. The Polish forces still use a large variety of russian weaponry but they're currently being phased out by equipments developed and produced in Poland and other stuff made outside Poland mostly from NATO members.

So.... I did hurry coloring this pic :) Polishtrooper didn't specify exactly how should have their request look like so I decided to try new stuff here (My drawing skills are constant Work-in-Progress ;) ) I tried again to make a cool scene with multiple bodies. I also wanted to aply a close-range perspective to the first soldier you see but I went short about it. I think this picture is pretty good. One thing I would have liked to change from the lineart was the background. But on second thoughts I'm glad I didn't overwhelm the picture with an extremely detailed background.

Some things I want to try in the future are drawings that focus not only on one side (Like this picture does) but I want to go further into drawing general combat scenes where you can see both sides or an angle of combat in which you don't get to see easily who is who (Which is a situation that often happens in war). Hmmm... But since the request was about having polish soldiers then it was pretty obvious that the picture had to be more focused on the polish soldiers (Duh! :D ).

In this picture I used a variety of special brushes for photoshop. I used "Distressed", "Grunge and dirt", "Gravel and sand" and "Bullet holes" (Great tool I must add) brushes from :iconredheadstock:
I also used a wood brush (Not highly noticeable) on the wood boards in front of that door. That brush is from :iconmiloartdesign:
The lovely camouflage I applied to all the soldiers was made using some photos as reference. There is a brush pack from :iconrl-brushes: which I used to generate what I hope is an accurate camouflage pattern currently in use with the Polish Land forces. :)

Well... there ain't much to add now. :D I'll take a day or two from having to worry on any further projects and then I will start working on the colors of Polishtrooper second request.
Once that is done (And I promise it's one of my most kickass drawings :D ) I'll work on some pending projects like... well... :iconmagicswordz: had tagged me to do a Nyu's art meme so I will get into finally doing one (And that way I can practice some funny expressions :D ) and :iconcsp499: tagged me for an Female-Self meme recently. So I think it's time to put into practice my humor :XD:
I don't promise I'll make from that a high quality work but I'll put my best effort on it :nod:

I'll get to all your comments, replies, deviations and journals as soon as possible. :)

Until then... See'ya in the Battlefield! :salute:
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