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Hello again! :D
It's been a while. Well, this is my version of the Medabot known as Rokusho. I made this because It was part of my childhood, and I saw the Metabee papercraft long ago, (I think the designer should be more known). Anyhow, I just couldn't resist making it.

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It contains PDOs, PDFs, and photos.

Hope you enjoy making it! :D
(I'm not planning on making any other medabot by now, at least not until I finish all the projects I have in mind)

Thank you everyone for the Favs! It's much appreciated n_n

Medabots is (c) Bee Train and the creator/directors.
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again a part with a lot of pieces :aww:
the first five screenshots are again the pieces which are for the hip

i promissed that i make a few photos of this boosters
well, these are a bit more complex as the others but base on the same technique

first i cut them out and build the single rings
i also removed the tabs for the inside ring
quite useless for me
at the fourth photo you can see the final pieces
because the sheets are designed for colored cardboard paper there are no tabs for the bottom piece where the peak as to be attached on
so i just colored a little paper piece with black marker and glued it on top (you can see it at the left piece)

then i put some glue at the inside of the tube and put it on top of the inside ring
after it's dry, i add the peak
quite simple, if you know how it works ^^;

piece overview 1
as always, here are all pieces what you need for the hip

again one of those problems when you work with normal paper
to combine this pieces i just add a little tab at the backside and cut two lines into the base piece

this one took me really long to figure out
first i thought the smaller piece has to be attached to the hip base but that doesn't work
because the black flat pieces where all the parts has to be attached fit exactly to the hip base
so this was the only solution

i scratched the color where this pieces has to be combined

lego is just boring against this :D

and e viola
the final hip :meow:
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Yayyyy. another Darknut builder : ] (why the long face?) oh yea, I forgot to put the other views. here they are:

Back view:[link]

Side view:[link]

No armor:[link]
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Palkia Preview
Thanks to Ignatius of the Nintendo Papercraft Forum for the model rip. Palkia will be released when I finish unfolding and building him.
Comment plz

UPDATE: it is finished unfolding, and the head is built. starting on the body now.

UPDATE MOAR: The whole right side is done, and it stands on one leg, defying gravity (?)
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Prop updates will be posted at GS Props

I accidentally hit the sword against something at the con and it has to be repainted....I feel kinda horrible since it was pretty deep and it now has to be repainted the whole thing, bc of the clear coat.

Sword was mostly made by ~Dionysus80. The blade is made out of wood planks glued together with an aluminum rod in the middle. Shaped with a belt sander. The hilt is made out of styrene, MDF, and the guard is made from tow casted plastic pieces. ~Dionysus80 made one side, then we made a mold and casted the two sides to make the whole guard. The other hilt pieces are lathed and the end one contains the battery and switch. Painted with automotive paint.

Collar is made out of expanded pvc and styrene, finished off with automotive paint

Anime: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Character: Alone (Hades)
made by: :icondionysus80: and :iconmarikasan:

:star: Facebook :star: GS Props :star:
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Finally here's the long awaited ScannerJOE's version of the Daft Punk Thomas' helmet.

The file is at [link] it includes pepakura, blender, and manual files.

This is not like any other papercraft as it introduces my new technique to build spheric surfaces using thick cardboard (around 2mm), WITHOUT USING MACHE.

This is the one shown at [link] and [link]

Enjoy it!
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after one year of papercraft
my tool collection growed a bit
meanwhile i got a lot more stuff and i wanna share it with you

bottom, from left to right:
-a normal cutter for rougher steps
-a precise cutter for fine steps
-my good old freaking sharp scissor from the drug store :D
-a flat tweezer to fold bigger edges and taps
-a thin tweezer to fold fine edges and taps, also to remove the glue
-the tweezer what i used the most time to press the taps together, very efficient because of the angle and the flat ending

-steel cords to put small amounts of glue on the taps, meanwhile i have two of them, a long and a short one, i found this pieces on the street, these things normally are from the bristle of a street cleaning machine
sometime they broke and lay on the street
i cleaned and polished them that the glue don't stick

top, from left to right
-some chains, i used them to get some weight into the models that they stand on there own
-yes, Allen keys, i use them as weight and to reach some places inside of a model
-some cross tweezers, very handy, specially when you have to glue some rings ore don't have the modd ore/and time to hold the pieces
-some woodsticks, as contrast to the q-tips, much more better, because the glue stick and hold on them. they are also very usefull to get some distance for "flying parts" ore as a stabilization at the inside of a model
-two steel ruler, one long and one with some curves
-and at least a pencil :meow:
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cats to free fella hu ?
you can have it :evillaugh:
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Kuja from Dissidia Final Fantasy.
Credits to Square Enix for the awesome model.
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Rock cannon took so long to assemble. So many tabs to cut out.:P
More Pictures
Kanade Tachibana:[link]
Hatsune Miku: [link]
Megurine Luka:[link]
Akita Neru:[link]
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