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PNG logo12 by lambwaffle 

▲ q u a n t i t y // b u l k;   21+ disclaimer
▲ d i m e n s i o n s;   1400 x 1200 pixels
▲ s t y l e / / t h e m e;   hippie - boho indie

do not copy or modify
do not create new resources based on my work
do not redistribute without permission
p e r s o n a l use only ♡
♡ show your work off to me
credit is appreciated but not necessary
Xpngx123 by lambwaffle 
Thanks copy by lambwaffle 

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I hope u like that Pack, Download and Enjoy. The credit are not necessary, but make a comment with your work (:
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• Paso 1: Boceto hecho a lápiz , yo lo delineo en color rojo por problemas con mi escáner
• Paso 2: Delineado en Photoshop CS3 con la herramienta pluma
• Paso 3: Relleno la figura con el color base para cada parte
• Paso 4 : Aplico luces y sombras a la figura
• Paso 5 : Aplico los colores de base para el fondo, esta parte la hago de una manera improvisada, aunque al principio tengo una idea de lo que quiero hacer, por lo general voy haciendo cambios a medida de que avanzo en el trabajo. Muchas veces el resultado final no se parece a la idea inicial
• Paso 6 : Comienzo con los detalles del fondo
• Paso 7 : Sigo trabajando en los detalles más elaborados
• Paso 8 : En esta etapa hago correcciones, aplico efectos y le doy los detalles finales para así concluir el dibujo.

Este es un breve resumen de la manera como generalmente hago mis dibujos, no sé si es la manera correcta de hacerlo, solo soy un aficionado. Nunca había hecho esto así que pido disculpas por los errores que pueda tener, no soy bueno para explicar. Espero que les guste


• Step 1: Sketch done in pencil, I delineated it in red due to problems with my scanner
• Step 2: Delineated with the pen tool in Photoshop CS3
• Step 3: Fill the figure with the color basics for each part
• Step 4 : Apply lights and shadows to the figure
• Step 5 : I apply the colors of basics for the background, this part do it in an improvised manner, although at the beginning I have an idea of what I do, I usually making changes as I advanced at work. Often the end result does not resemble the original idea
• Step 6 : Start with the details of the background
• Step 7 : Continue working on the more elaborate details
• Step 8 : At this stage I do corrections, apply effects and give the final details to the conclude the drawing.

This is a brief summary of the way as I usually do my drawings, I do not know if this is the way correct to do so, I am only an amateur. I had never done so, I apologize for the mistakes you may have, I'm not good to explain. I hope you like it (Sorry for my bad English)

Princess and the frog © Disney
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Ok lemme explain, not too long ago a friend of mine asked me to look at a picture he drew of Lisa cloud surfing like in Tale Spin so this was in response to that. But I think it accuratly portrays the basics of character construction. Here is a tutorial I wrote about it here...
On the left you can see how I constructred the figure, this is how you should treat your subjects. Always think of them as 3 dimensional forms with volume and wieght, never as just a flat image. This is what will bring a sense of relality to your drawings. Even the most stylistic and flat characters are drawn this way. See how I drew thru each form? I actually drew her legs and how they connected to her body, how the kness would bend, the ankles, everything is connected to the central body just like ours are. Getting good animation drawings is very tricky and you have to have a firm knowlage of how the body works inside and out, as well as physics and acting. Chuck Jones had a great saying that went "Every artist has 1000 bad drawings and 1 good one so the faster you get the bad ones out of the way the quicker you get the good one," which has a lot of truth to it. No one is born knowing everyting there is to know about drawing, it's a skill like playing the piano or building a house. The more you do it the better you become. Anyway back to the drawing, during construction I thought of the story I wanted to tell. I showed how Lisa is in a very extreame situation, one that she clearly isn't used to and how she's dealing with it. From the way she's holding the bar, standing on the board, her posture, expression, all these things convey to the viewer a story about Lisa. I know this may seem like a lot to have to think about when all you want to do is doodle, but you're already thinking of these things without even knowing, you just have to learn how to apply them. All I thought about when I was drawing this was "how would Lisa react to this situation?" now of course all characters are different especially in the Simpson world, Bart is obviously going to act different to cloud surfing than Lisa is. This is where the actor in all of us comes out, as animators we become the character. Know who the character is that you're drawing and become them on paper. Convey your emotions thru them to the audience(the viewer). Always remember character first details later; ever wonder why three circles make you think of Mickey Mouse? It's the symbol of that character that people instantly reconognize not what kind of buttons are on his pants. Ok I've rambled enough...the right pic is obviously a cleaned up version on model, and for those of you out there don't fret about model with these characters. I draw them everyday so I'm familiar with all the tricks and rules but that doesn't mean you should give up. Practice practice practice, that's the bottom line.

*and as a note, this can be applied to all styles of drawing not just Simpson drawing. The Simpsons are copywrited by Matt Groening.
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Taken at a Goodwood Breakfast Club meet earlier this year.

You may use this as stock, but please give me credit if you do.
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A silver Mosler MT900S
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