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This picture was drawn back in 2001, but it's still one of my favorites. I love Meier Link and Charlotte from Vampire Hunter D I had to draw them.

Prisma color pencils/markers.
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****** Vampire Hunter D *******

Fanart inspired by the Vampire Hunter D novels created by Hideyuki Kikuchi.

I'm a huge fan of D. He is such a gorgeous and interesting dhampir (half human and half noble/vampire) Even though he is cold in the outside, there is something soft inside him :D maybe because of his human blood.

I read up to 16 volumes of the novels, watched the Vampire Hunter D (1985) movie and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000) movie.

Hideyuki Kikuchi-sensei is such a genius and Yoshitaka Amano-sensei's art illustrations are so beautiful. Well, I tried drawing D on my own style and this is what it turned out. I'm satisfied :D and just what I imagined him.

Hope you guys like this.

If you want to watch the movies I mentioned. Here are the links:

Vampire Hunter D (1985) movie >>> [link]

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000) movie

English dub version >>> [link]

Japanese dub version with English subtitles >>> [link]

Vampire Hunter D. Hideyuki Kikuchi

Art Kzira
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Another car sticker I made, this time for my fiance. Like the SD Prime I made, I decided to color this and add a cheapie background to it.

Simple draw, but took me awhile to complete due to comic con recently.

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D ==
I love the movie,I love the manga...i love D w''
I love D...he is a dumpy <3

Vampire hunter D Hideyuki Kikuchi
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Once every year or two, I go back and re-visit an old meme on my LiveJournal. Basically, my friends reply with a comment, and I draw a crappy MSPaint picture of them in return. This year, however, I ended up using PS instead (just because it was a lot easier, faster, and cleaner-looking).

I was pretty surprised at the amount of people that replied this time around. I only did this meme twice before, and both times I got about 8 or 10. THIS TIME I GOT 26.

I'd like to think than maybe I got more friends this time around...

Art Yiji 2010
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Juuri Kuran
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scanner ate the colors T^T

Lolypop is a story me and a friend of mine came up with a few years ago, and I want it to be back alive again xD

Hanami (brown hair), Toka (black hair), Luna (blond), Robin (pink) and the angel Wyatt. He's actually not small but I hadn't enough space to draw him normally xD so yeah
Tools: copic markers, colors edited in PSCS5
Time: +/- 3 days (between my studying )
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So I've  never really fancied myself super into vampires even though I draw Dracula. (I know stupid isn't it!) But I made the choice(I think long before this!) that I would acknowledge the darker side of humanity(well not really drawing them is enough for me!)
. Now I feel that the last couple of pictures raise a question or two so I'll answer some of my own for clarification:
1.) Is this the same Dracula?Romano (Shoo-shoo) [V4] 
A: Yes, It's his origin story! I thought I already told you!Germany (Worried) [V4] 
2.) Well if it is the same Dracula then why the hell is he cheery at the top and all cynical and downright psychotic at the bottom?!?!?Romano (Mad while holding a tomato) [V4] 
A: Easy!!!Amnesia,duh! The moment that Prince Wallchia the III became a bloodsucking monster of the undead, he lost his memories personality of the man  he was or used to be! It's kinda like he was reborn. (I'm guessing Gabriel had to raise him like a father. BOOM!There you go! Instantly fills in any plot-holes the movie never got to cause they blew the budget!Germany (Argues) [V4] 
3.) Uhhh....nah I think I'm good!Romano (Shoo-shoo) [V4] 
A: Good! Leave me alone now!Germany (Intro) [V4] 
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For :iconaerobrake:

Name: Francine Jones “Fro Fro” (pronounced frou frou)

Age: 22

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 135lb

Birthday: April 25th

Rank: D, Cube

Tuner: N/A

Team: N/A

Echo Road

Entails that it’s members of the road use an acute sense of hearing caused by blindness. Users of this road use a form of human echolocation, but far more advanced than a simple person. Their F.M. sweeps have pulses at 80 decibels, while their C.F. tones let out a rapid release at 50 decibels. Allowing them a general view of at least 380 yards during F.M. sweeps and up to 7 feet with their C.F. tones. Using the time and loudness to determine distance and direction. These particular A-T users are great at defense using speed and wall riding as their main tactics to avert getting attacked. When they can sense that their opponent is being worn out they begin to move in for the kill switching from F.M. to C.F. allowing them quicker and newer information about their prey. They perform best in closed off arenas with little to nothing in them, to avoid losing signal on their prey.

A-T’s of the Echo Road

An A-T of the Echo Road can look like any other A-T out there. As far as customizing go there is only one particular thing they would need. A special speaker installed into their heels that has some type of small controller on its person. The speakers can give off any particular sound the user just has to be familiar with it and it has to give off a particular tone that the user can detect interferences with. Some type of remote can also be found on the wearer of these A-T’s to switch between F.M. and C.F. when choosing so.

Regalia of Echo Road

Regalia have yet to be created.


| Thick Skinned | Loyal | Determined | Obstinate |

    Her being thick skinned refers to both uses of the term. She can take any verbal abuse you through at her with a grain of salt and most likely dish it right back out. As for her actually body as a youngster she took extreme blows often, since she was and is quite the troublemaker, making her somewhat durable. This confrontational side of her is just what makes making friends with her so difficult, though once you’ve accomplished it you have a guard dog for the rest of your life, whether you end up wanting it or not. Whether she takes your words for granted or to high esteem once she’s found a target, what ever it be a goal or person, you cannot deter her from it. She’ll be headstrong and determined until he conquers it and makes it her bitch.

| Demanding | Aggressive | Bad Influence | Spoiled |

    What she thinks is best is not always best but she doesn’t care. In all honesty she should have been a sales person because she could sell a bad idea like no other. If for some reason you aren’t sold on it, then she will MAKE YOU SOLD. With her aggressive nature she tends to force things on others or beat others up, something of that sort. Being under her father’s wing she has a tendency to think she owns all and everything and only deserves the best. Making her bossy and spoilt at the same time.

| A Bully | Twisted | Haughty | Clingy |

    Her entire personality can be summed up as a Bully who has both obvious knowledge that she is and at the same time is quite innocent as well. Her morals are not like a normal person’s for example, one might think drugs, abusive relationships, and murder are very very bad things, to say the least. However she’d think that drugs were fun! Abusive relationships, isn’t that how they all are? Murder, happens every day right? Not to mention her sense of love isn’t quite what it should be it’s something between “I own you” and “Don’t leave me”. Even if she cares about you more than anything to her you are still something below her, the only one who isn’t is her father “Big Daddy”


    Francine Jones, the daughter of “Big Daddy” Jones. Most her life revolved around her father from the moment she was born till he went away. Although her father and mother raised her, Big Daddy always took precedence. Taking his little baby girl down with him to the lab or his “head quarters”. She was raised around those people you only hear about on the news or through rumors on top of rumors from your cousins friends uncle and so on. That was her family, mentors, and lovers.

    Being raised with such moral-less people she to had grown to have that sort of mindset about others. In school she was often sent home for calling the teacher her plaything or beating up a kid because they didn’t give her their graham crackers even though she had already eaten her own. As she got older things only progressed to get worse and worse, she spent more time at home than at school. What was particularly sad about that was that she wasn’t really all that stupid either; she just really hated listening to others. She eventually finished school through independent studies.

    When she was 7 she had gotten to playing with some chemicals she shouldn’t have even been around to begin with, but Big Daddy wasn’t looking, and she spilt just a couple drops in her eyes. She ended up in the emergency room and when it came down to it, she was blinded in one eye, and little scars around the eye from where she had scratched intensely at. When she was 12 she had met her life long toy—friend Rochelly, who had been given—introduced to her by Big Daddy. Around that time she started smoking. Not long after she had gone to jail for two years for being caught selling heroin. Which was entirely intentional, part of Big Daddy’s plans. She was 17 she was released from juvi and sent on her way.

    Air Trecks were becoming rather popular when she had gotten out, when she was in jail she had only ever heard stories about it. Being able to fly or something like that, needless to say while she was away she’d play out fantasies of flying with some of those one. First thing she had Big Daddy buy her was a huge dinner and Air Trecks. By the time she was 19 she had her own custom set of outfits and had essentially laid off crime.

    It seemed like life was turning around for her until Big Daddy asked her for just one more thing, if she had been caught though she would be put away for another few years, and after tasting the sky she couldn’t imagine being locked up again, so she ran away with the aid of her mother who had always wished a better life for her. Now she lives in New York New York with Rochelly who stalked—followed her and later was invited inside when it got to cold to be an asshole.

    She lived there for a while, living off the money her mother sent to her. However it wasn't nearly what she was use to. On occasion she would earn small bits of money from A-T battles, but even still it was no where near enough. When she turned 21 "Big Daddy" was released from his short sentence and was already looking for her and Rochelly. Although she loved her father she had lived life without all that madness in it, and it was great. Hard, and severely lacking in the froufrou style she had before, but it was better than living with those type of people. Her mother had put a great deal of pressure on her to move out of country, somewhere Big Daddy wouldn't want to find her. A month before she turned 22 she moved along with Chelly to Japan. The place where A-T's where born, and now her new domain.



      Rochelly: She has a very twisted mutual understanding of friendship with Chelly.


      Bats ( a lot ), flowers, revealing clothes, Bright colors, Japanese fashion ( she won’t admit it though), smoking, drinking, dancing, getting what she wants, and weird things from other cultures.


      Most people, not getting what she wants, having to run away, losing, Electronics ( has never been the best with them), puzzles ( basically anything that gets her thinking to much), bugs, action movies, and spending her money on people.

    Theme songs


      -Is judging you

      -Took Ballet for two years but got kicked out because she beat a girl up for getting the role she wanted.

      -Has a lot of outfits designed to fit her Air Tecks.

      -Is a cheapskate

      -Smokes at least one pack every two days.

      -Don’t ask her about her past, it’s classified information.

      -Don’t call her Francine.

      -She can't speak Japanese very well, in fact she's pretty bad at it. Hell even her english isn't that good, and she was born there!

      -Very expressive with her body

      -Can be unnecessarily lewd
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Me as Lili of Tekken 6 ^^
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