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Explorer Toolbar Editor is powerful and easy-to-use software that helps you add or remove buttons from the Windows Explorer toolbar in Windows 7.
Unlike other existing programs, Explorer Toolbar Editor supports multiple folder types and displays the current set of buttons for each one. Also, you can use it to reorder the toolbar buttons.

Explorer Toolbar Editor allows you to:
- view current button sets for each folder type
- add/remove buttons to individual or all folder types
- change the order of buttons on the toolbar
- restore the default set of buttons

English home page [link]

Russian home page [link]
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UPDATE: New version 2.0 released which comes with support for Windows 8 Developer Preview [link] . Now the utility also supports 64-bit Windows editions . Windows XP users can also enjoy this utility now.

Long time back we posted a tutorial at for customizing System Properties window in Windows Vista and 7:

Add Customized Strings (OEM Information) in System Properties Dialog Box of Windows Vista and 7

The above tutorial inspired one AskVG reader "Hackerpunk1" and he created an awesome portable utility "OEM Configurator" which allows you to customize Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 System Properties window look without any manual registry editing. You just need to enter desired text and select desired logo file and it'll do the rest automatically.

It also allows you to customize and change various items in System Properties window like Owner name, processor name, product ID, etc.
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UPDATE: New version 2.0 released which comes with lots of new features such as ability to add website links, files and folders shortcuts in Desktop context menu. Check out homepage for full details.

I posted a detailed tutorial in past at which allows you to add your desired favorite program shortcut in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop context menu so that you can run that program quickly and easily by just right-click on Desktop:

How to Add Program Shortcuts and Useful Shortcuts with Icons in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop Context Menu?

"Right Click Context Menu Adder" is a free and portable utility created by AskVG reader "Gromas" which allows you to add your favorite application shortcut, website link, file or folder shortcut in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop context menu quickly and easily and you'll not need to modify Windows Registry yourself, this software will do the job for you.

Just run the tool, select the program, website URL, etc and add it to Desktop context menu.
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QTTabBar skin for default Windows 7 and Windows 8 theme.

You can get QTTabBar for W7 here: [link]
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UPDATE 2: Now works on every language and both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Download Link

Windows 7 Navigation Pane Customizer is a freeware from door2windows that allows you to show, hide and rename items in the Windows Explorer navigation pane.

How To Use:

  1. Run the tool as administrator.

  2. Check the items that you want to show and uncheck the items that you want to hide.

  3. Click on the item that you want to rename and type the new name for it.

  4. Click Apply Settings.

Now the Windows Explorer will restart and the changes will be applied. If you want to restore the default settings, click Restore Settings.
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7CustoMizer.INC 1.5
Download Universal UXTheme Patcher


1.-First Copy Folder '7CustoMizer' to "C:\Windows\" (Don't Rename Folder or any subfolder ).

2.-Create a Backups of all Files With 'Create Backups of ALL FILES.BAT'.
Also You Can Create a Backup of a Specific File , Go to Folder '7CustoMizer' , Open any Folder and You Should See The Called File 'CreateBackup - Name of The Opened Folder'.

3.-Run The Specific File and you will create a backup of the specific file.

4.-Take Control Of all Files With 'TakeControl' Open Folder TakeControl and Run As Administrator TakeControl.exe

ExplorerFrame.Dll: "C:\Windows\System3\ExplorerFrame.Dll"
Explorer.exe : "C:\Windows\Explorer.exe"
Shellbrd.dll : "C:\Windows\Branding\ShellBrd\Shellbrd.dll"
TaskMgr.exe : "C:\Windows\System32\TaskMgr.exe"

5.-Run as Administrator 7CustoMizer.INC.Exe.
iAviator.INC ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDS. CopyRight 2011
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This is a little app that adds a bit of Windows 8 functionality to Windows 7. (Again, no Vista support)
It sits in the tray, automatically detects when you change your wallpaper/when it is changed as part of Win 7's desktop slideshow, and changes the Aero color to fit that wallpaper.

If you don't like it, you can always restore the color to the point before the tool was opened.
Have fun :)

New in Version 1.2: You can now set Aero Adjuster to invert the color before applying it. Thanks to ~CharleyCross for the suggestion.
New in Version 1.2.1: Added images to the "Invert color"-menuitem because it looked ugly without them :P
New in Version 1.3: Added the ability to select what part of the image should be taken when calculating the average color. Thanks to ~dominic19 for the suggestion.
New in Version 1.3.1: Minor bugfixes.
New in Version 1.4: Rewrote the algorithm for the average color calculation and added the possibility to adjust the Aero brightness as well.
New in Version 1.4.1: Added the "EXPERIMENTAL" note to the image part feature and refined the code a bit.
New in Version 1.5: Rewrote the color averaging part using unsafe code (thus adding a DLL to the zip), making the tool faster and more stable. It shouldn't ever crash or freeze again. :D
New in Version 1.5.1: Appearently Windows always restored the old Aero color when restarting it. I didn't update the registry with the new Aero color in previous versions, that's why Windows did it. ;)
New in Version 1.5.2: Little update because I'm dumb and forgot to write the updated values to the registry after updating them.
New in Version 1.6: Aero Adjuster is now able to ignore non-colors, e.g. black, grey and white when calculating the average color of your wallpaper.
That means that pictures like [link] won't return black anymore, but their respective real colors. This option is disabled by default, so you'll have to enable it when first running the new update. :)
New in Version 1.7: Time for yet another update. This time, I implemented smooth color transitions. :meow:
Also, the additional DLL is responsible for the auto-updater. From now on, if an update is available, you can download and install it automatically. :)
New in Version 1.8 (also available through the updater): I added additional functionality to the transition part of Aero Adjuster, it now uses cubic bezier timing functions for everything. You can even copy values from an existing CSS and feed them to Aero Adjuster! :)
New in Version There was an embarrassing bug in Aero Adjuster which prevented it from successfully updating on some machines. :iconhomerdohplz: I strongly suggest redownloading it from here or there: [link]
Thanks :)
(Please do not upload this elsewhere, if you want people to get this program, link them to this page instead. Thanks again :))

Some icons are copyright Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
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Here is the Final release of the W7 Superbar Icon Changer !!!

- Easily change the application icon of the pinned applications in your superbar ! For that choose one link, change the icon and press apply to submit the changes !
- Backup your current icon set and recover it at a later time !
- Choose icons from executable files and common image files !




- Added the common image formats to choose
- Code correction
- Better error handling
- Done some preparation to support also applications, that are not pinned to the taskbar. Yeah, you read it right ;-D


- Fixed the bug with the arithmetic overflow on clicking the "Show Backuplist" button


- Added a rename function for the backup-system.
- Added a delete function for the backup-system.
- Corrected some labels.
- Reduced start time by letting the program search for a new update in a new thread.


- Closing Explorer is no more needed to change the icons in the Superbar. They will be changed after pressing the 'Apply' button. This is also valid for the backup function.


- Final release
- Now checks whether an update is available


- Backup- and Recoverysystem added
- Now you can choose and extract icons from executable files
- You can expect many bugfixes and performance increase


- Beta Release



To run this tool, you'll need to install the .NET Framework 4 !!!


I hope you like it !!!
Please comment it and give any critique you can !
Thank you ! :)

Do you want to support me ?
Then please make a donation !

Please Donate !!!

Greetings by Markus Bensing [Maksl5] !

W7 Superbar Icon Changer 2011 Markus Bensing [Maksl5]
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1.- Run as Administrator 7FolderBackgroundChanger.D3r
2.- The explorer will restart. Now the files are installed.
3.- Select folder and browse a background image. When done click apply changes. Also you can check to apply selected background image to subfolders or shadow the text.

lgrosse.exe is the dll administrator.
How to Install & Uninstall

- Click Install .DLL

- Click Uninstall .DLL

frank1n ~~

Original .DLL file by : Anreas Verhoeven

AveDesktopApp (working name)
(c) Andreas Verhoeven, 2008.
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Codename: WinThunder

This is not the final version of this application.

I am open to suggestions and a name for this application.

Thank you for all comments.

Hope you liked! :D

Things that final verison will have:
- Multilingual
- Create themes
- Change weather icons
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