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Download for full-sized image.

I found this on /vp/ and cannot find the original on deviantART so I'm posting it here. I do not take credit for making this.
If you know where the original posting of this came from (on deviantART or otherwise) please link me and I will delete this deviation.

Feel free to give credit back to this deviation so others can make their own!

Also, share your trainer sheets when you've completed them by posting them in the comments! I would love to see everyone's trainers!

Where to find Pokémon images: [link]

Where to find Pokémon trainer sprites: [link]
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I am not making these anymore, please stop sending me requests for them.
If you would like a a trainer card made please leave the following information

:bulletred:5 pokemon teams = 30 pokemon w/ pokeball, held item, and gender

:bulletblue:Trainer sprite = original, alternate and contest outfit
(if no contest outfit then another alternate or triathlon outfit)
(If you do not have these sprites made, give me a thorough description or a picture and I will make them for you)

:bulletblue:Overworld sprite
(Overworld sprites will be made to look like your original outfit)

:bulletred:Vs. mugshot
(Vs. Mugshot will be made to look like your original outfit)

:bulletblue:All earned ribbons

:bulletred:All earned badges



:bulletblue:Trainer Specialty = Single, Double, or Triple Battles, Contests or Musicals, etc.

UPDATE : All badges added, circles made to designate pokeballs (makes it easier for me)
UPDATE: Borders made on pokemon boxes
:bulletred: Most ribbons and badges one the sheet
:bulletred: Remove or add ribbons and badges as your see fit
:bulletred: Give me credit if used and link back to original base
:bulletred: Please put the link to your finished work on here~
:bulletred: Got rid of circle and blocks within box on right
:bulletred: Made all boxes black to make it easier for me

Example :
Comments disabled by owner.
I hope this is in the right category. This took forever for me to do...sorta XD I made this because I saw no bases for it so...I just made it to use myself then thought that others may also want to use it, and so here it is. Enjoy!



1. PLEASE If your going to take off the 'Base By ~Twila101' link back to the base.
2. Don't claim that you made this.
3. I would love to see the finished work, so please give me the link in the comments when you have time :D
4. Have fun and take your time.


Pokemon and Pokedex (c) Nintendo

Original Image: FR and LG Pokedex
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So I was drawing some Pokemon today and finally decided I needed to get off my fat @ss and finish my Fakemon water starter!!! :D AND I DID!!!

Once I did, I paused and looked at my old deviations of my Fire and Grass starter... I shuddered... uhgg...

I stared at them thinking, what's this?!!! It's just... it's just a white background!!! Nothing more, so plain... the colors don't even have shading in them!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Oh well~ ^^; I'll redraw them at a later date...

Then started my search for an awesome template for a pokedex entry~ I found some great ones, but nothing I'd want to use. I wanted a more, futuristic and sleek look so then I decided, nuts to this! Photoshop here I come! :D

Thus, my Pokedex Template has been brought to life!!!! :w00t:

You may use it if you wish~ I made sure my water mark is very very faint so it doesn't take away from anything you produce on it or use it for~ :aww:

The only request I have is if you use this I would really appreciate a link to what you've done with it~ :meow: I'd really like to see what you've come up with. :aww: And just make sure you note where you took this from and all will be well~ :aww:

This template should be self explanatory.
Name goes by Pokeball
Info in the silver box below
Evolution below first silver box
Picture of Pokemon in Large Silver box
Etc, etc, etc~

Enjoy and have fun!!! :dance:

The pokeball I used up in the corner is from over here, it's not my original work>> [link]

Pokemon © Nintendo
Template is just by me~
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Fakedex Entry Template

i decided to make a Fakedex Entry template for some Fakemons i am about to make, then i thought i'd put it up here

download to get the psd. version so all the types and gender are already in place and ready to use

if you don't have Photoshop then you're gonna have to cut and paste alot of stuff

Example: [link]

each section is pretty self explanatory;

Name: What is your Fakemon called?
No. What pokedex number does it have?
Ability: What ability does it have [if any]?
Description: About about your Fakemon
Location: Where can it be found/Where does it like to live?
Item: Does it usually carry an Item?
Pawprint: What mark does it make on the ground
Type: What type(s) is it?

Template (c) me

~If you use please give me credit by either linking to my name or this page, i know i put my watermark there but thats so people can't just take it and use it on another site~
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Anyone can fill this out but always link back to this when you use it. Minor edits are allowed but you may not claim this or any edited version as yours.

The underlines have replace the boxes (because my keyboard doesn't have a box and I haven't found that symbol in GIMP). Just tick it or something to indicate it's there.


Labelled diagram would be lovely thus why there is so much space. You don't have to have all the pockets, there might not be only one pocket. Try different views as well to give others a better reference such as front, back, side, above, below, etc.


You may no have a device (in which case leave it blank) but most trainers at least have a mobile phone to contact home. Devices tend to be a small electronic computer or phone that is useful to your trainer. Your trainer may have more than one device so fit as much in the box as you can and put the rest in "Other".


There are many different types of items and you may end up filling the whole box. You can make a list or draw groupings, whatever. Just show us what your trainer normally carries and be realistic about it. They can't possible hold 99x pokeballs nor would it be feasible that they have more than one masterball.


Anything else that hasn't be covered goes here.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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This took me 6 hours to do, so please, if you use this, credit me.

There are several fill in blank areas, and on the bottom, the evolution symbols are there so you can copy and paste.

In the "Made by" section, the Pokeball is for the creator of the fakemon to change. EX- My cusom pokeball is black on red.

The area with the large pokeball is for your fakemon, and is created by =FakemonCritique

The large tables that cover most of the screen are for you to put the moves of the fakemon in.
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YOU DON'T HAVE TO READE THIS PART=Sitting base. If you want me to change anything let me know!<3 Tell me how you like it and send me any other request ~<333 Hope you like it ,also please keep in mind I JUST started digital art. So I hope you like this!~<3

• edit the lineart however you want
• do breedables & collabs
• make free adoptables
• sell point adopts

• claim this base as your own
• sell real money/paypal adopts
• re-upload the unedited base

~if you use this base, link me back to your picture in the comments below!
remember to CREDIT ME in the description. Also favoriting and following are greatly appreciated<333
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Here's the Pokemon Dream template for :iconpokemonmetamorphosis:'s Pokemon Dream Contest

According to contest rules, the drawing of your Trainer is optional, but all other info is required.
See below for the emplate without the trainer space.

Put to good use!

Like this example 8D:

here's the template without the Trainer space:

*Please credit me if you use it outside the contest*

Pokemon and the Pokemon League stamp belong to Nintendo, Gamefreak, and The Pokemon Company
Template, Breeder Union Stamp, Battle Frontier Stamp, and Pokemon University Stamp by ME
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EDIT: Made her thinner.

Credit, you may frankendoll with permission, put effort into it and I'd love to see the finished product.

Base [c] ~Kusamidori
Original Image: [link]
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