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Download for full-sized image.

I found this on /vp/ and cannot find the original on deviantART so I'm posting it here. I do not take credit for making this.
If you know where the original posting of this came from (on deviantART or otherwise) please link me and I will delete this deviation.

Feel free to give credit back to this deviation so others can make their own!

Also, share your trainer sheets when you've completed them by posting them in the comments! I would love to see everyone's trainers!

Where to find Pokémon images: [link]

Where to find Pokémon trainer sprites: [link]
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I am not making these anymore, please stop sending me requests for them.
If you would like a a trainer card made please leave the following information

:bulletred:5 pokemon teams = 30 pokemon w/ pokeball, held item, and gender

:bulletblue:Trainer sprite = original, alternate and contest outfit
(if no contest outfit then another alternate or triathlon outfit)
(If you do not have these sprites made, give me a thorough description or a picture and I will make them for you)

:bulletblue:Overworld sprite
(Overworld sprites will be made to look like your original outfit)

:bulletred:Vs. mugshot
(Vs. Mugshot will be made to look like your original outfit)

:bulletblue:All earned ribbons

:bulletred:All earned badges



:bulletblue:Trainer Specialty = Single, Double, or Triple Battles, Contests or Musicals, etc.

UPDATE : All badges added, circles made to designate pokeballs (makes it easier for me)
UPDATE: Borders made on pokemon boxes
:bulletred: Most ribbons and badges one the sheet
:bulletred: Remove or add ribbons and badges as your see fit
:bulletred: Give me credit if used and link back to original base
:bulletred: Please put the link to your finished work on here~
:bulletred: Got rid of circle and blocks within box on right
:bulletred: Made all boxes black to make it easier for me

Example :
Comments disabled by owner.
Fakedex Entry Template

i decided to make a Fakedex Entry template for some Fakemons i am about to make, then i thought i'd put it up here

download to get the psd. version so all the types and gender are already in place and ready to use

if you don't have Photoshop then you're gonna have to cut and paste alot of stuff

Example: [link]

each section is pretty self explanatory;

Name: What is your Fakemon called?
No. What pokedex number does it have?
Ability: What ability does it have [if any]?
Description: About about your Fakemon
Location: Where can it be found/Where does it like to live?
Item: Does it usually carry an Item?
Pawprint: What mark does it make on the ground
Type: What type(s) is it?

Template (c) me

~If you use please give me credit by either linking to my name or this page, i know i put my watermark there but thats so people can't just take it and use it on another site~
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.__. I made a reference sheet for myself, but I figured, hey, why not share it?

;A; Uh...well, I'm not too familiar with Photoshop, so if you guys have any links to some good tutorials, feel free to post them.

If you make anything, post the link here! I wanna see!

- - - - - - - - - -

- Graphics made by *shiny-wolfy using Adobe Illustrator CS5.
- Colors based on DeviantART.
- Font: Anime Ace 2.0 BB, available for download at [link]

- You are free to change the color scheme, font, resize boxes, etc., but please do not distribute this file.
- Please link to this page if you do use it.
- Please don't delete the credits.

- .psd file: Just click DOWNLOAD FILE button
- .ai file: [link]
- .png file: [link]


- .png files are flat images so there are no layers to edit. :'( If you can't work with .psd or .ai files, let me know if I should save individual layers in separate files, and I'll try my best.

- Tutorial on editing the stats graph in the .PSD file: [link] SKIP TO STEP 4. The layer is located in main card>stats>values MODIFY ME

- - - - - - - - - -

2012-10-05 Fixed .psd file's male gender. Put boxes on separate layers.
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Please credit me by mentioning me in your description.

So I was bored one day and I had recently went back to obsessing over Pokemon so I decided to make a Trainer Profile Meme.

Here is an example by me: [link]
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I offered to make a drawing of how to make/alter/redo a character for :icondrawco:
This is because they had an anthro character, and wanted to make it into a gijinka for :iconhidden-hostel: but they didn't know how to go about it.
However, I based this mainly around making one from scratch, so here's the run-down:

Making A New Character:
- Think of the Pokemon and its features. Think about the ones you can incorporate into the gijinka design including body shape, patterns, ears/tail if you like them, eyes etc.
- Think about who you want your character to be. Are they a gentle giant? A shy little girl? A grumpy teenager? Now try and design the character based on their personality. Sketch out the body shapes you have on your list and may want to use. Pick out facial features you may like.... Pointy noses, bored eyes, thick eyebrows, a thin mouth.
- Sketch out the base designs you'd want to choose from. Change certain features depending on your style.
- Change more features if you'd like to, depending on the Pokemon you're choosing from? For example if they're a tyranitar edit the body shape slightly or make them taller, depending on if you want to or not. Remember, Pokemon can vary too, so you could have a chunky arbok if you wanted to.
- Finally the clothes! Is your character girly? Give them girly clothes. Did they live on a farm? Give them clothes suitable for farmwork. Are they a business(wo)man? Give them posh clothes. Business(wo)man that is out of work at the moment? Give them slightly tattier business clothes that are a little grubby. Be imaginative!

Remember, personality is always best done first. But check out the body shapes, too - this is probably the only thing that can be done before personality, especially if you don't know what kind of character to pick.

Editing An Existing Character:
- What was this character like before? Were they tall and skinny and worked in an abattoir? Wow. You like that personality? Then give them the same butchers clothes/overalls, whatever they wore. Don't like it? Change it. You can change it slightly or dramatically.
- After you've picked the characteristics you want to keep and the ones you want to discard, then concept! CONCEPT ART IS IMPORTANT. Drawing them over and over from different angles and with slightly different features helps you pick the ones you like best. This means draw them with big ears, small ears, six buttons on their jacket set on both sides or just three on one side. A chain between the cape or wrapped around fully? Scarf and belt or just one or the other? This goes for Making a new character, too. Pick the things you prefer to draw.
- I'd recommend playing with colours here, too. Don't like him in all green? Want to add yellow straps to his overalls? Okay. Like her outfit as it is perfect? Try a different shade of orange. You can always change it back if you don't like it. Just experiment!
- Now think about the clothing a bit more. You've concepted a little already I'm guessing, but now draw a stickman or a very slight sketch of your beautiful character. After you've repeated this step 4 or so times, draw a different outfit on each one that matches the the quota; Drawing a Dratini character? Well, have you got the white as well as the blue? It's okay if you want to have multiple shades of the same colour if the Pokemon consists of one or two colours, it mixes it up a bit. But don't forget, the patterns don't have to correspond perfectly, but it always helps to at least have them somewhere.
- Concept one last time. Do you like the hair and the outfit together? Good. Now try a different hairstyle and a different outfit. Wow, don't like that one? Well at least now you know.

All right, there you go. But ALWAYS REMEMBER:


Run out of ideas? Everyone starting to look the same? Research on google and look up other people's gijinkas. Never, I repeat, NEVER copy a design. But you may take one or two features and pop them in your design..... So long as you DO NOT COPY IT EXACTLY. Add your own twist.
Okay, I'm all done here.
Whoops, Gamagoori seems to have worked his way into my sheet?????
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For the :iconmlpfim-crystalview: Group.

You must fill out this character sheet to be able to be able to join the group. There is a character sheet where you can just draw your pony if you don't want to just have a text only Character sheet. This sheet is pretty much just for those who cannot draw well. The other character sheet is located here: [link]

After you finish your character sheet, Be sure to link to it with your join request to the group.

Try not to make Mary Sues or Gary Stues. Try not to create all powerful characters. Your characters shouldn't be related to any official characters either.
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Anyone can fill this out but always link back to this when you use it. Minor edits are allowed but you may not claim this or any edited version as yours.

The underlines have replace the boxes (because my keyboard doesn't have a box and I haven't found that symbol in GIMP). Just tick it or something to indicate it's there.


Labelled diagram would be lovely thus why there is so much space. You don't have to have all the pockets, there might not be only one pocket. Try different views as well to give others a better reference such as front, back, side, above, below, etc.


You may no have a device (in which case leave it blank) but most trainers at least have a mobile phone to contact home. Devices tend to be a small electronic computer or phone that is useful to your trainer. Your trainer may have more than one device so fit as much in the box as you can and put the rest in "Other".


There are many different types of items and you may end up filling the whole box. You can make a list or draw groupings, whatever. Just show us what your trainer normally carries and be realistic about it. They can't possible hold 99x pokeballs nor would it be feasible that they have more than one masterball.


Anything else that hasn't be covered goes here.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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Originally, we were not going to release this template until a pre-planned time, but circumstances made me do it to prevent anymore confusion. My dear fellow staff member informed me that it would be smart to just let the cat out of the bag because you'll all end up doing this eventually ~

So, this template is for a contest we will be posting on PGO in the near future that will be open to all registered contestants and spectators ~

Feel free to fill it out now, but just remember we wont be judging them until we actually post the contest.

How should you go about filling this out?
Just go and design a custom pokeball for each of the pokemon on your team. If your team has eggs, just design a custom pokeball! Get creative and make them pretty!
Note: These are not considered seal capsules. What we will be looking for is a completely crafted pokeball ~
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