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you guessed it... another robot
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Strange mech (well, not overly, but...) inspired halfway by Godspeed! You Black Emperor (09-15-00 (Part Two)) and Tool (Lateralus)...
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A couple of robots I drew while sitting in meetings. They're just pencils but I did tweak 'em a little in post.
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Playing around with some new markers!
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Just some sketches that I liked from the last starbucks outting. Colored pencil is soo much fun.
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(The Transire class Warship/Warcruiser in Tenebrean Colors, as seen on examples serving the tenebrean fleet.*

Presenting the Transire class War cruiser, the Result of The joint Starship Project thats been in development between me and :iconemperormyric: a warship produced Through a joint operation effort by both the Tenebrean Empire, and the Union of worlds, utilizing top grade weapons and defensive tech from the both of them. As well as a few others.

TRANSIRE Class Warcruiser
Manufacturer:-Takeema weapons earth"Union"/Demitrion Arsenal Co. "Tenebrae"
Dimensions:- 8.5 Miles in length, 2.75 miles in width
Crew:-3500 "Organic" 20 "Entity/AI"
Weapons:- 20 mass driver batteries of 3, 32 Versus Coil Atomic destabilizer beam weapons, 18 ARC Beam Weapon turrets, 1 ARC blade projector, 16 Plasma launcher turrets, 1 singularity core, 6 Signularity core energy dispersal beam weapons, 20 Degarser Beam weapons.
Armor:- "2" 17 meter thick layers of reinforced quantum plate, with 5 meters of reinforced Tenedermis Alloy layered between them.
Shields:- Unknown
Speed:- sub light speed 750-2000KPH, Slipstream and Null Drive units also included.
Engine:-8 MK 9 Fusion reactors, 2 Crystal turbine MK 9 Fusion reactor Hybrids, 3 Tenebrean Crystal turbine Units/Null Drives
Main Computer:-Multiple AI MK 80/Gen 8 P.M.A.C. Hybrids.

Info:-Designed and produced as a joint Project by both the union of Worlds, and the Tenebrean collective. The Transire Class War-cruiser is a multifunctional Military vessel capable of almost any role expected of a Battle Line vessel, it is used Collectively by both military's to a high extent, with a complete arsenal of powerful tenebrean and Union Weaponry. The transire shreds through most Enemy fleets before their crews can react.
Crewed by Troops drawn from both empires, and by multiple Hybrid A.I.s the Transire is a Largely Autonomous vessel, with multiple Entity based defensive systems that make hacking of the ships primary Entities Difficult to a degree that it becomes impractical. as entities can only be attacked one at a time, if one Should be disabled, others will move to take its place and bring it back online.
The Transire is possibly one of the finest ships of war Designed by both Empires, and has become a Common sight within both of their fleets.

based on the Prototype design by :iconemperormyric:…
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Marker drawing for fellow mecha artist David White: [link]

Based on my original Venus Ray design: [link]
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Some more Fighter craft Concepts for the Tenebrean empire, based on sketches from one of my Sketch books. learned a really good process for transferring them, this is what came from it. So far, pretty good. I've got a lot more to come this summer. so keep an eye out.

The Tenebrean DC-S64 Heavy fighter Craft (Top) and the DC-GS59 Gunship Bottom. Military and Security Force utilized offensive/Defensive Craft That are often Used to support larger Warships and Vessels in battles or raids.

Also shown in the upper left are the Types of pilots suits used for the craft, as well as an example of an Entity core That Houses the ships AI, and a select few examples of the crafts Tellius based weapons Arsenal.

B-1 Crystal Entity Core
Grown from Bio-Mineral baths, and Purposed in synch to their individual Pilots Brain waves and Versus tool. These Low-level Entities maintain the lesser Mechanical aspects of their crafts operation, serving as the Ships "Brain/Soul", as well as piloting the Craft in synch with the Organic Pilot while he/she is interfacing with the Vessels systems via their V.E.A. uplink systems. Created for the individual pilot, and designed to learn based on the situation. it is not uncommon for B-1 Entity Cores to eventually develop Personalities of their own.

A-1 Pilots Suit
Designed to allow the pilot To unlink to their vessels systems Via Heavily Modified V.E.A. up link and interface systems mounted along the Suits Spine and Built into the Pilots chair, the A-1 Pilots suit allows the pilot to keep in constant contact to their assigned Entities, Or, in the case of a Crash landing or bail out, to either carry the entity core with them using TK Gauntlet units, or Store them safely in Q-Data Units integrated into the suits V.E.A. unit. Grav-Dampener systems built into the suit also serve to protect the pilot from excessive G-Force.

A-2 Advanced Pilots suit
Designed for Fighter ships and other Fast and high level Maneuverability craft, the A-2 Advanced pilots suit Provides all the Protection and functions of the A-1 model, But to a much greater effect in order to Deal with the greater wear and tear Fighter craft and their pilots receive. it's V.E.A. unit is of a much more advanced model then the A-1, allowing for Faster interface response time and Performance by both pilot and Entity.

Tellius Arsenal List.

1. D-18 Automation "Smart" Bomb

2. Degarser Missile

3. A.R.C. Pulse Bomb

Art / "Tenebrae military/Security ships DC-S64 Heavy fighter Craft and DC-GS59 Gunship Bottom" / Tenebrae / Tenebrean Empire (C) is of me :icontenebraesrising: 2012/2013
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More Battletech mechs for TRO 3063. This time it's the Nimravus and a Stealth Griffin.
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The TX-3 K-1 is a very large, somewhat experimental super heavy tank that is currently undergoing field testing. Being experimental, they are still quite rare, only seen on worlds with some importance or during very large scale invasions.
These tanks are more similar to mobile fortresses than armored vehicles.

The primary weapons are used mostly to engage vehicles of similar or greater size or for bringing down enemy fortresses and strongholds. In addition they are able to track and fire on ships in orbit. Using them on anything smaller would be a waste. That doesn’t mean that the gunners wont use them on infantry if they’re feeling particularly malicious.
-2 T-25 Magna-Plasma Cannons: (shown) The plasma blast coming from these weapons travels faster than most other plasma weaponry. The plasma burns so bright and travels so fast that most mistake this weapon for a laser. The explosion caused by this weapon in and of itself is powerful enough to lay waste to armies.
-2 T-12 Magna-Disruptor Cannons: Magna-Disruptors fire a very concentrated and very powerful beam of disruptor energy. This allows it to punch straight through even a capitol ship’s shielding and armor. However, the beam’s area of effect is small. Meaning that unless the beam hits a vital component it is going to do relatively little damage to something the size of a ship.
-2 T-2 Magna-Particle Cannons: These weapons fire an unending stream of high energy particles. This weapon wreaks havoc on shielding and on numerous weak enemies. This weapon is especially effective against aircraft and slow targets that cannot easily avoid the beams.
-2 T-120 Magna-Laser Cannons: Fires a high intensity laser that can melt through even the toughest of armors.
-1 T-3 Void Distortion Cannon: Void distortion cannons operate by opening hundreds of thousands of electron sized holes from our universe into the void over a fairly large area. The amount of power released is so great that it cause any and all matter in the affected area to immediately lose all cohesion and vaporize. These weapons are particularly rare.

Secondary weapons are the standard weapons the TX-3 uses to deal with threats that don’t call for the overwhelming firepower of its primary weapons. These weapons can be broken up into three roles: Assault, Defense, and Support.

Assault: These weapons are used to engage enemy armor or assist in bringing down a stronghold.
-4 740mm Solid Proton Cannons: (shown) These cannons are more than capable of destroying most main battle tanks in just one or two shots. They can also double as artillery.
-4 T-13 Plasma Cannon: Excellent for anti-armor and great at cover denial.
-4 T-22 Disruptor Cannon: These weapons will punch straight through enemy armor, leaving nifty little holes behind.

-2 Quad-Plasma Cannon: Quad-Plasma Cannons are anti-tank weapons with a fire rate that is more similar to machineguns than anything else of this size. Thanks to the splash damage from the weapons, they are excellent for cover denial.

Defense: These weapons work defensively to ensure that nothing can cause serious harm to the TX-3.
-8 T-310 Tri-AA Lasers: (shown) These defensive lasers can bring down aircraft before they even know they’ve been targeted. While they can be used to target things other than aircraft, the weapons are unable to track below five degrees.
-4 T-34 Particle Projector Node: While not possessing quite as much firepower as the tri-lasers, particle projectors nodes have a much larger field of fire, allowing them to target enemy infantry surrounding the tank.
-4 T-18 Heavy Plasma Projector: Due to the slow speed of heavy plasma, these weapons are not well suited to anti-air. They can still be used for AA, but their primary role is engaging enemy infantry or vehicles that would normally be impossible for the tank to target directly.

-4 T-147 Particle Cannon: The continuous stream of high energy particles from these turrets can cut through infantry and light vehicles, as well as engage aircraft.
-4 T-3 Flamethrower: It’s a flamethrower.
-4 T-517 Multi-Laser: While each individual laser isn’t all that powerful, with a fire rate of 5,000 pulses per second, these weapons can flash fry light armor almost instantly and quickly eat through heavier armor.
-4 T-23 Dual Disruptor Cannon: Due to the low fire rate, these are more often used in an anti-tank role.

-14 T-1 Concussion Grenade Launcher: These are the TX-3’s main defense against infantry. Concussion Grenades are used exclusively against infantry as they are almost useless against even lightly armored vehicles. However, against infantry, especially large groups of infantry
-2 T-13 Plasma Cannon: These guns are place coaxial to the main weapons and can be used either in conjunction with or instead of the main guns.
-44 T-101 Point Defense: Place around the tank, each point has its own power source and can operate even if the entire tank is rendered inoperable. This makes approaching even the wreck a TX-3 very dangerous. These weapons work to shoot down missiles, solid projectiles, aircraft, infantry, light vehicles, and pretty much anything that gets too close. The underside of the tank has 12 points.
-2 Tri-Mortar Turret: Sometimes there are enemies that you can’t just shoot at simply because there is something in the way. Whether it’s a mountain or a convoy of nuns transporting dynamite and orphans over a rickety bridge made of jelly, the best option is to shoot over the obstacle. Enter the mortar cannons with their huge arching shells what explode near impact.
-12 T-210 Dual Laser: These are mostly used against infantry and light vehicles, though they can be used against heavier armor if all available lasers focus on a single spot.
-13 TX-1 S-1 Support Drone: These are experimental drones made by Sireen holds. They sport small cutting lasers, nanolathing, and an internal atomic furnace. This allows them to enact emergency repairs on the TX-3 during combat. They can also be used for scouting and building clearing. They’re still in the early experimental phase so there are bound to be some hiccups. Most notably was the rogue drone that set about repairing its parent vehicle when there was no damage. By the time the researchers and weaponsmiths found a way to shut down the drone without destroying it, the TX-3 that had been ‘repaired’ had increased in mass by almost half.

Powersource: 8 Kabur Plasma coil engines and two void generators dedicated to the main guns.
Top Speed: 40 MPH
Top Speed Off Road: 35 MPH
Armor: Durasteel-R in a metal matrix composite with its amorphous counterpart. This gives the TX-3 K-1 an armor rating of 2100+*. An upper layer of circuitry smart armor raises the armor rating against energy based weapons to 4200+*.
Shield: 2600
AR Shield: 1050

Height: 115’
Width: 285’
Length: 292’

The TX-3 K-1 is the next generation of this:…

*If Durasteel-R2 is used these ratings would be almost double. There are no plans to use Durasteel-R3 or higher due to prohibitive cost.
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