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This is a typical draconian in MK2 Shock armour.

Full technical details

Shock armour.
Origin: Draconian, Free Legions
Armour type: Half powered (MK2)
Era: 3rd Draconic war.
Stats: (40K standard) 2+ armour/ 4+ invulnerable, jump infantry, feel no pain, may not shoot or assault after jump, may use slow and purposeful rule

Armaments (in picture):
- "Tornado" Rotary HMG (infantry version)
- Draconic 2-handed shielded weapon (standard issue)
- Gauntleted dual SMGs (side arm)


This is currently the heaviest infantry armour used by Draconic forces that isn't fully powered.

The MK 2 armour is an improvement in protection level over the original MK 1 and comes with a power supply. Although it has a power supply, it technically isn't considered power armour, as the power source is mostly used to power weapon systems and scanners rather than for moving the suit.

Though the suit itself does come with smart fibre technology found in the real powered suits, it is not strong enough to move the whole suit and most of the effort comes from the individual wearing the suit. Hence it isn't classified as "powered armour" in any true sense.

The real use of the fibres is actually for bracing the suit, hence allowing weapons of heavier recoil to be used with higher precision. This function is actually optional, though it does improve firing efficiency.


Draconic shock armour was an unusual development in Draconic infantry armour and was first developed in the second Draconic war. Most Draconic armour tends to keep mobility in mind and hence allow for unassisted flight by Draconians wearing the armour.

However, this armour is best used in enclosed spaces such as boarding actions, where firepower and protection are King..... and speed is of little importance.

That said, the armour is still incredibly heavy by Draconic standards and boosters were later provided to allow short jumps to keep up with regular infantry. Naturally, stronger individuals tend to be selected to wear this armour.

The armour itself was impervious to small arms fire and highly resistant to even heavy weapons. Successive upgrades improved the resilience even further to include plasma-deflecting shielding technology.

Eventually Shock armour gave rise to the more current "Powered armour" used in the present 3rd war. Though the armour still retains it's use in the fact that since power isn't a requirement for it to move, it can be used together with EMP weaponry...... as well as the fact that shock armour is smaller.

The MK2 was a more radical redesign over the original MK1 it is slightly thicker and incoperates modular sacrificial ceramic armour plates.

pic comments

Well, felt like submitting something..... even though this is something that normally ends up in the scraps.

Also felt like doing something non-digital.... and pencil-shading (though me scanner kills lots of details and creates many artefacts. )

As well as redesigning a certain armour design.
[link] The old Draconic armour.

Ground shadow added later, digitally (to match pencil shading).
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I was going through some of my older designs and found a few that I haven't posted to DA. This one here, is a concept sketch for a project that will eventually take the form of a comic, (with high hopes of a film version too). I was playing around with clock-work robots concepts. This sorta thing is a lot of fun to play with. Too bad my studio responsibilities keep me from developing this full-time.
All Rights Reserved Stamp by Blaue-Rose
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few days ago i rewatch back the Matrix movies again, kinda brings me back to 2004 when i first saw the APU in action, i was so into the APU mech to the point i painted an APU fanart which took me a year to complete. and it was a proud achievement for myself, i have also found a new painting style as a result of this master piece. so here is a close up shot of the main APU that alphaleo pilots. finished version [link]

not really a fan or matrix but a fan of APU

it's been 6 year ago i painted this using a cheap genius tablet(i don't even know wacom exist at that time)
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A commission piece in the works for :iconfiel7d:~fiel7d featuring his OC, Atlas Terrian, flying over Corneria while standing on his ship's wing. I finally completed this one. Had to change a few things regarding the ship, but overall it looks pretty nice.

Atlas Terrian fiel7d
Star Fox & Lylat Wars Nintendo
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Well, this is a revisit of the MK 2 shock armour.
see [link] for previous.

experiments into armour detail etc.
With boring background.

experiment into firing poses.

Yep, back to the "Tornado" RHMG again. Although the draconians call it a "Rotary Heavy Machine Gun" The shells are actually larger than that of other races autocannon rounds.... and on the rare occasions they actually DO fire explosive rounds, the large number of explosions is actually pretty spectacular amount of firepower.

it is considered to be a heavy weapon for troopers equipped with shock armour, default shock armour weapons are the standard rifles (interestingly enough)

Stats (40K):
Infantry version.
Solid shot: Str 7, Ap 4, Heavy 5, Range: 30", Rending.
Explosive tips: Str 5, Ap 5, Heavy 4, Range 30", Blast, pinning.

Note that shell casings eject downwards. It's an adaptation to close quarter fighting with these guns so that you don't happily spray hot spent casings on your team mate next to you when firing.

Yayyyy dakka dakka dakka dakkaaaa
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Painter and microsoft mouse
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Finally finished designing Steve's body xP
this one was a tough one for sure though
and yes! he is as tall as he looks
bout 8 feet in fact O.o
but dont worry hes a really nice guy :3
and random as faawk :iconimgoingtokillyouplz:
and i will be updating this once i fully finish him
but for now

:iconiloveitplz: STEEEEEEEVE!


also, hes nothing like the geth
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Custom Assasins Armour courtesy of the 5th Army, designed, templated and built solely for :iconblonde-ask: as a gift for her awesome pic! :D Dual Katanas, stealthy armour plating and artifical sensual hair as standard.

Sorry this took so long :) I hope you like it! :meow:
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For Tamgo

Specifically wanted his Jazz character done up like a Gad Guard Mech!

So I complied!

Quick Clean commissions are still for sale for 100 a piece :)
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Wooo! Sky Pirate for the win!

This is Eileanach, the Sky-Pirate skunkette fursona of a friend of mine. She (and her creator) is totally awesome. Hoping to draw more of her soon. XD

Eileanach is (c) to her creator.
This art is (c) to me. XD
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