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few days ago i rewatch back the Matrix movies again, kinda brings me back to 2004 when i first saw the APU in action, i was so into the APU mech to the point i painted an APU fanart which took me a year to complete. and it was a proud achievement for myself, i have also found a new painting style as a result of this master piece. so here is a close up shot of the main APU that alphaleo pilots. finished version [link]

not really a fan or matrix but a fan of APU

it's been 6 year ago i painted this using a cheap genius tablet(i don't even know wacom exist at that time)
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I was going through some of my older designs and found a few that I haven't posted to DA. This one here, is a concept sketch for a project that will eventually take the form of a comic, (with high hopes of a film version too). I was playing around with clock-work robots concepts. This sorta thing is a lot of fun to play with. Too bad my studio responsibilities keep me from developing this full-time.
All Rights Reserved Stamp by Blaue-Rose
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Wooo! Sky Pirate for the win!

This is Eileanach, the Sky-Pirate skunkette fursona of a friend of mine. She (and her creator) is totally awesome. Hoping to draw more of her soon. XD

Eileanach is (c) to her creator.
This art is (c) to me. XD
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(Original Date Drawn: 7/7/11)

And now for something completely different...
Yeah, Like I said in a previous journal, Back in the day I was a Sonic Artist.
I have a lot of older Sonic artwork, But, I found three Sonic pictures that I really liked.
It was the "Look-A-Like" project that I started!
It was rather on and off during my time in the Sonic fandom, and I never really got it off the ground...
But, I also found some old details I wrote down for the idea!
So lucky for you guys, you'll get to see some of my ideas!

The Metal Overlord: Metal Sonic.
In the beginning:
After being defeated by Sonic again, Dr. Eggman grew tried of fixing Metal Sonic over, and over again...
Until finally, he got a brilliant idea!
"Hohoho... So, If I can't defeat Sonic and his bothersome friends with metal copies... Then I'll just have to step it up to the next level a make "REAL" copies!" And so, after relocating the data on "Project Shadow" and finding some DNA of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, (along with some of Shadow's DNA), Dr. Eggman gathered up Metal Sonic, and what was left of the Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles, and got to work...
After 6 long months of hard work, Dr. Eggman was able to create 3 perfect clones of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; With the help of the "Project Shadow" data of course.
After a few "modifications" to the clones bodies, Dr. Eggman was ready to release them on to the world!
...However, Eggman may have been a little too successful... As the clones wrecked the lab and escaped...
With the escape, Metal Sonic realized that with his new found powers and body of flesh, that he maybe able to defeat his loathsome copy once and for all...
But, he couldn't do it alone... As he remembered that the other two clones had not been active for many years and had nowhere else to go...
Metal Sonic decided to make those two his right hand men in his "Metallix Militia"
The three started a team and began to build up their resistants...

Metal Sonic is very cold, unemotional, serious, monotoned, and almost robotic with his emotions.
His facial expression almost never changes...
Always making sure things get done and they all go according to plan.
Most of the time, Metal can be found in the "Mission Room" devising new plan and tactics for his army.
Metal Sonic can be considered as the "Boss" of the Metallix Militia, Always giving out orders to keep his men on their feet, ready at a moments notice.
Despite his cold personalty, Metal does treat his army with respect and honor.
He also looks at M.T. (Metal Tails) and M.K. (Metal Knuckles) in a very "brotherly" fashion, being the only real "family" he has ever known...

*Tactical Master.
*Shares most of Sonic and Shadow's abilities.
*Skilled in the use of Pistols.
*Being able to stay clam and collected in the heat of battle.
*Great leadership skills.

+Everything going to plan.
+Peace and Quite.
+Making new plans and tactics.
+Fancy Wine.
+Being in control.
+Plans being slow and well thought out.

-Everything not going to plan.
-Loud noise.
-Sonic The Hedgehog.
-Shadow The Hedgehog.
-Dr. Eggman.
-M.T. and M.K. arguing.
-Cheap Wine.
-Having to do the "Dirty Work".
-Being rushed.

Odd Habits:
*Metal Sonic always refers to Dr. Eggman as Dr. Robotnik out of some type of respect.
*Metal Sonic has a lager amount of Wine glass and bottles in his room, It almost looks like a bar.
*Metal Sonic keeps his old metallic body in a display case in the center of his room.
*Although he'd never admit it... Metal Sonic does actually like Chilldogs... But, refuses to eat them solely because Sonic likes them... Saying that "He would never stoop to Sonic's level".

Main goal in life:
To rule the world with the Metallix Militia.
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Commission for Schro@FA
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portfolio version ( )
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One of the anti-knights of the story. Codiac the Fall is a large bear, trained int eh expertise of ball and chain weaponry. His strength is unimaginable. YOu'll also notice, every character will somehow have a rocket pack. This is the main helpful method of all the knights in One Knights Tail
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this ones for :iconmangaholix: exhibit
for M3CON'09 that was held last Nov 21-22
theme was music, and since im a big fun of Bob Marley i decided to make something like this, hehehe:D
thanks to all who attended our event:worship:
any wayz, hope you guys like this one.

drawn and painted on Paint Tool SAI and added effects and edited on Adobe Photoshop.

line art:icontotmoartsstudio:
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(Original Date Drawn: 7/8/11)

This is the last character in the Sonic: Look-A-Like project, I hope the very few of you who actually like everything I draw enjoyed seeing my old obsession with the Sonic fandom...
I promise more sexy pin-up ponies will be posted tomorrow...

The Packin' Powerhouse, Metal Knuckles.
In the beginning:
Unlike the Tails Doll, Dr. Eggman had a lot more uses for Metal Knuckles.
At one point in time Metal Knuckles was very often paired with Metal Sonic to fight Sonic and his friends; As well as recover the Chaos Emeralds.
But, one day Metal Knuckles was sent on a bigger mission; steal the Master Emerald.
This didn't sit well with Knuckles at all...
The two began fighting to the death, punch after punch, kick after kick...
At this time both where completely worn out.
"I need to end this quickly for Robotnik shows up..."
Knuckles said to himself.
With one last stand, Knuckles absorbed some energy from the Master Emerald and with one last punch, he was able to knock the metal copy in to the Lava Reef.
Metal Knuckles melted away in to the lava...
Dr. Eggman felt some remorse for that robot... "Drat... And he was one of my best robots too..."
It was only many years later when Eggman was mining in a near by volcano did he stumble across some remains of Metal Knuckles!
"Hohoho! I found you at last! The final piece in my grand master plan has fallen into place!" Eggman yelled in joy.
Luckily for Eggman, Metal Knuckles' memory chip was not damaged, and he was able to use this info to build up his flesh clone's memory.
When released from his tank, M.K. awoke a little dazed and confused.
All he could hear was the sound of gunfire, the ripping of metal, and screams of fear.
Suddenly M.K. was attacked by a dozen robots, one scratched his right eye.
M.K. felt the warm blood run down his face; angered by this, M.K. start to tear open the robots one by one with the greatest of ease.
With one lager explosion, a big hole was opened in the wall.
"Quickly! Follow me!" a voice said to M.K.
He didn't know why, but he decided to follow the sound of the voice outside.
"Wow, I didn't think I'd ever see you again Metal Knuckles."
Metal Sonic stated.
"Metal?! Wha... Whats going on!? Why do I have a flesh body? The last thing I remember was taking a lava bath and going offline..."
M.K said in a panic.
"Relax, you've just been "updated" by Dr. Robotnik with a flesh body... You may not know this, but, you now have an amazing chance to use your new powers for a greater good."
Metal Sonic said walking towards M.K.
"Join me in my Militia and be my right hand man... I can show you just what you can do; I'll make you see that your power is something to be respected and feared."
"Respected and feared eh? Well, I was one of the strongest robots Robotnik had." M.K. gloated.
"Alright Metal, I'll join you "worthy cause" and help you out!"

M.K. is very layed back and easy going, often liking to take quick naps and joking about with others. But don't be fooled by this, M.K. has a deep rooted passion for fighting.
M.K. is a very skilled Mixed Martial Arts fighter, being very difficult to fight against in hand-to-hand combat.
M.K often comes off as a little bit arrogant and cocky, thinking that he is the best at what he does; which can cause a little bit of tension between Metal Sonic and M.T.
M.K. thinks of Metal Sonic more as a "friendly rival" often sparring with him in the gym.
He thinks of M.T. as a "annoy kid brother" and has even given him the nickname of "short-stuff" just to upset him.
M.K. can be found in the Militia's indoor gym, train and sparring with others.
M.K. keeps what little of his old metallic body that was left hung on a wall in his room, next to his workout gear.

*Super-Human Strength.
*A skilled MMA Fighter.
*An amazing scout on the field.
*Able to spot out the enemy's weaknesses in a fight.
*Absorbing chaos energy to use it in psychical attacks.
*Treasure Hunting.

+Fighting/Sparring with others.
+Taking quick daytime naps.
+Pushing his body to it's limits.
+His Headphones and his music.
+Spicy foods.
+Playing video games with M.T.
+Teasing M.T. about his height.
+Treasure Hunting.
+Sexy Ladies.
+Casual Clothing.

-Dr. Eggman.
-Knuckles The Echidna.
-Sonic and his friends.
-Being called lazy.
-Not being able to spar with anyone.
-Staying up late.
-M.T.'s "Sick Inventions".
-Having to think too hard about anything.
-Broken Headphones.
-Classy Clothes.

Odd Habits:
*M.K. tends to be a little gullible sometimes.
*M.K. often has his headphones on all day listening to music.
*M.K. actually likes to make his only music, he likes to play his guitar and DJ turntable.
*M.K. to keep many rare and valuable gemstones he finds on is hunting trips in his own treasure chest.
*M.K. can retract his spikes on his fist into his body when he isn't fighting.
*M.K. can be rather vain with his hair, often spending a lot of time in the mirror.
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Commission for :iconbadbone:
He asked me to create an original anthro-android character.

Art and character design by luigiix
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