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Reuploaded update of font to correct some of the problems with rendering of lowercase "m" and "w". Thanks to ~ScaryBugThing for testing and helping me with this issue.

Previous Edit: I want to acknowledge that this modified font was created by the gang that did the Mother 3 English translation. They created the 8x8 font specifically for the translated screens. I don't have everyone's name, but I want to give a nod to them. I've also added a credit to the Readme. Thanks for a great font, guys! Visit them over at [link] (Earthbound Central) for more fonts and cool Mother stuff.

** Note, non deviantART members--you can still download this font. Simple click on the "download" link directly to the left of the picture of the font above. **

This is a font I've been working on for a while and just finished up today (yay for a day off work). I love the Mother/Earthbound games--and I love the graphics even more. In the 3rd game, there is an input screen which features a modified version of the main font. Even though the font is not used a lot in the game, I like it because it's stylish and doesn't dip below the baseline--which makes it easier to use for adjustable line spacing.

I replicated the font, including several special characters such as the music note. The square brackets were replaced because in the game, if you use them, they appear as regular paren symbols.

:bulletgreen: To see more of my pixel fonts, check out this folder ---> [link]


This is a full font set. The zip file includes the font, a readme file, plus a copy of the graphic above so you can see the full set. When using a graphics program, this font works best at 6pts.

This font is free use for personal and non-commercial projects.

Legal Stuff: Earthbound © Ape, Inc., HAL Laboratory, Inc., and Nintendo.
I am in no way associated or affiliated with any of these
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This is a font that took me a LONG time to do. Not because it was so hard, but I was limited by the font-maker programs I have (and I simply don't have $400 to buy a fancy program that would have made doing this set quick and easy). So, I have been working on it over the last few weeks.

This font came from my idea to make a message using emotes holding signs for the letters. I then mused if it could be turned into a font for easier use in creating messages. The actual letters on the "signs" were created using my Jump-None-Narrow font which you can find here ---> [link]

Of course, feel free to overlay your own bases on this to make messages, etc. Color them, embellish them, spruce them up. Have fun! If you do use them, credit and a link to this page would be nice, but is not required. I do love to see what people make with my resources, so if you do make something, send me the link and I'll add it to my special collection folder.

:bulletblue: To see more of my pixel fonts (and my other free resources), check out this folder ---> [link]


This is a full font set, including all basic symbols/characters. The exception being that due to the nature of the font, I replaced 6 characters which I didn't think would be used often (such as the pipe) with tiny pixel pics like a heart and star.

When using a graphics program, this font works best at 6pts (8px).

:aww: This font is free use for personal and non-commercial projects. Sorry, but due to prior commitments, this font is NOT available for commercial use. If someone is interested in licensing for commercial work, there is more information in the readme. If you are interested in other pixel fonts for free-use in commercial projects, check out my font folder.


Some deviations/PLZ made using this font (by *Ravenswd)





:faint: Thank you ^FantasyStock for the DD! I feel awed and honored. Note, I may not be able to thank for all of the faves, but I will certainly reply to all comments. Just may take a bit of time.
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Here we go :D
My second font: Lastwaerk. I've been working on this for over 8 months - I almost can't believe the number of hours I've spent on making this font. But I think (hope) it was worth it.

As you can see from the preview, Lastwaerk is a clean, legible sans serif font in 5 weights ranging from thin to black, each with an oblique type - they all take up the exact same amount of space. It has a total of 378 characters and symbols, all included in the preview.

Lastwaerk is completely free! Both for personal/non-commercial use, AND commercial use - and you don't have to give me credit when using it, but you are of course very welcome to do so if you want :)

Feel free to comment about anything you want! (critique too of course)
If you download it and like it, please fav it :D (but only if you like it!)

And that's it! I really hope you like it :)
Check out my other font comfortaa: [link]

EDIT: Huge thanks to :iconfantasystock: for featuring Lastwaerk as DD! And thanks for all the favorites and nice comments! :)
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ORIGRAM PRO TypeFamily is now available! BUY NOW »

Please, if you DOWNLOAD IT, I would be happy if, at least, you leave a COMMENT, a LIKE, a TWEET or any share you want. Thank you!
If you like to support my work, you always can make a donation here.

Origram was the first font I designed. It borns from the curiosity that I have by typefaces. Inspired by Origamis and Tangrams, the basic shape is an octagon. Geometric, regular, is a display font! Isn't appropriate to be used in common text but to be used in big scales, like posters, outdoors, logos, ... You can experiment, share, talk, use it, but give me always credit, don't redistribute or present as your own.

Thanks goes to Fernando Vale who teached me everything and Marco Gonçalves who had the patient to give me feedback!!

Featured in:
Abduzeedo | Six Revisions | Presidia Creative | Reencoded | AntsMagazine | ArtATM | Cruzine | Digital Art Empire | Designzzz | Luc Devroye - Type in Portugal | Smashing Hub | Web Design Ledger | Design Modo | Splashnology | Design Shack | Smashing Apps

Other fonts:
Makhina Free Font by NunoDiasFabuleuse Slab Font by NunoDias Origram Pro Font by NunoDias

- - 

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La Ki Comic Fue usada en los geniales comics "Harry Octane" [link] y "Chapman" del genial artista belga Christian Papazoglakis [link]

¡Ahora con caracteres europeos! Solo disponibles en la fuente regular e itálica.
Now the regular and italic fonts include european characters!

Hice esta fuente cuando trabajaba en un cómic llamado Factor Kimera. Necesitaba una fuente que tuviera acentos, eñes, signos de interrogación y de exclamación iniciales y todo lo que los hispanohablantes necesitamos y rara vez encontramos, así que aquí está. Incluye versión itálica, negrita e itálica-negrita. Está basada en mi propia escritura, sólo que más bonita.

I made this font when I was working on a project called Factor Kimera. I needed a font with accents, eñes (tilded "n"), opening question and exclamation marks and everything we spanish-speakers need and seldom find. So, here it is. It includes italic, bold and bold-italic. It is based on my own handwriting, just prettier.

Subí esta fuente a DaFont. Si les gusta, consideren hacer una donación:

I uploaded this font to DaFont. If you like it, please consider a donation: [link]
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This font may be used for public and commercial use.
Be creative have fun.

***Its always nice to see the end product so if anyone wants to show me what they have done post me the link and i will add it my favorites***

***View my tutorial on how to make the logo***

Tutorial can be found here [link]

I will re-write all my comments soon.
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****FREE FONT****
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A simple font made with fontstruct web app, where you can make fonts with modular pieces and export them as true type fonts, fully compatible for pc and mac. Also check out other fonts made with this method that are incredible and with creative commons attribution at [link]. You can also create an account and make your own fonts.

You can download it here by clicking the button at right side of the deviantion. The zip file contains the font as .ttf and also as curves in a pdf file if you do not wish to install it and open it directly in a vector editing program with the examples here showed. Also to be found at the following link at fontstruct:


Note: Uploading this freebie to any other site is forbidden. Only redirecting links to this page are allowed.
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:below::below::below: I M P O R T A N T :below::below::below:

If you decide to download it, could you please add it to your favourites. :+fav: It would make all my troubles worthwhile and I'm curious about who is using the font.

:above::above::above: I M P O R T A N T :above::above::above:

Free for all to use, except commercially in any way.
Please credit me/link back if you decide to use it and do not redistribute the font without my permission.

My first (and probably the last) font that I've made. It's called "Angie Style" because it's my handwriting.

I wrote up the characters in Photoshop CS and imported the bmp files into Font Creator.

(Please excuse the caps)
It only happened a day after `krissi001 showed me the stamp she made with this font. I can't thank you and ^UnicornReality enough!

The current version is Angie Style 2.0 which contains foreign accented characters. I do apologise if I have missed out your language, but I did my best in looking up most of the commonly used characters. Also, the default size for the entire font has been increased by 50%. No more squinting!

To use the font, simply click DOWNLOAD in the menu to the left of the picture and then drag the .ttf file into the Fonts folder in your control panel.</sub>
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Úsenla, espero les guste, fue casi un año de trabajo, al fin la complete y aquí la tienen, si le encuentran cualquier fallo o error háganmelo saber por ese medio o el email, muchas gracias.

La Tipografía se llama Full Circle en honor a una canción de The Adicts con ese titulo, aparte la tipografía su elemento principal es el circulo.

* Versión:

Versión 1.10 - Agregado Apostrofe. Corregido error en ''m'' y ''s''. Corregido el carácter quote. - Creada: 2 Abril 2011
Versión 1.00 - Original. - Creada: 2 Diciembre 2010

Gratis para uso personal, para uso comercial envíame un e-mail para hablar de la licencia.

Tipografía diseñada por Miguel Rios.


DOWNLOAD: [link]

Versión 1.10 - add '' ' ''. ''m'' y ''s'' fixed.. - sumbitted: April 2, 2011
Versión 1.00 - Submitted: December 2, 2010

License Comercial use, send e-mail:
Stock Thunder by: [link]


2011. Todos los derechos reservados.
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