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Hello everyone !!!
Finally, I built all Angewomon's wings *o* it was a loooooot of work but the result is really great !!
I've also built her hair, now I just have to build her purple ribbon thing and she will finally be available for download and it will be for Wednesday 'cause tomorrow I'm not at home so I'll not be able to finish her, sorry !


Bien le bonjoir tout le monde !!

Enfin, j'ai assemblé toutes les ailes d'Angewomon *o* c'était éééééééééénormément de boulot mais le résultat est vraiment super !!
J'ai aussi assemblé ses cheveux, maintenant il ne me reste plus qu'à faire son espèce de ruban violet et elle sera enfin dispo en téléchargement mais ce sera pour mercredi car demain je ne serai pas chez moi donc je ne pourrais pas la terminer, désolé !
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To download and build the models yourself go to...
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I too have hopped onto the "OMG I luff so much my SS preorder figurine that I'm so gonna draw it" bandwagon.

And I must say that I had lotsa fun drawing it! :D Still experimenting with SAI. I'm pretty sure that "I'm doin' it wrong" (colouring, I mean), but I'm having fun nonetheless, so it doesn't matter! ;P

On a different note, SSilver is awesome! I'm totally enjoying it, even if I can only play for small periods of time!

Anyhoo, comments (on both the picture and the Poke game) are welcome! :love:
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First and foremost, I am very excited to say that Smash Bros. will be returning to my gallery. I'm also pleased to announce that this will begin a mini-series for Brawl comics, questioning the laws of game physics when thrown into a totally new territory. A poster with all the characters revamped will be done eventually!

Second, I'm extremely proud of this. This is the first thing I drew in four months of inactivity; not only that, but I drew it on PAPER. Not only that, but it's a COMIC on paper, and one that I actually FINISHED on paper. This is such an incredible feat to me; not only did I finish a project I started on paper, but I drew it. I DREW it. I almost cried I was so proud of myself. Thankfully medication is on the way now so hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I know I've been saying that over and over, but bear with me. It's actually happening now.

On another note, I think this should really happen when your jerk opponent catches the pokeball you threw at him. I mean come on; what is he, Team Rocket? I wouldn't obey him either!

Kyogre and Marth (c) Nintendo and their games
Artwork (c) Kirby/Me and ONLY ME. Do not copy, alter, redistribute, etc. without permission.
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a bit closer shot of Knuckles and Shadow
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Kero-chan from CardCaptor Sakura.
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Here comes that Spider-Man
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Yeah, i like build and create papermodells
see my webpage:
I like the new TMNT, and Splinter is my favorite caracter
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Well then
with Shadow i release the third model of my Sonic Series

Shadow is one of my favorite characters in the whole series
he's that typical anti-hero
"hey shadow, we need your help!"
*fuck you i do what i want!!!
..... nah ok i do it, but not for you and you can still fuck yourself*

you know what i mean

even i'm really really happy with the result
i'm not very pleased with the idea of a seperated head
i glued some woodsticks into the top of the torso but even with them
the head is wobbling and shacking arround
also, what you see here are the only photos without a stabilization
after a half day, i noticed that the head is bend down
so i had to put again one of those pvc sticks into it
and even with that, it is still moving
at the moment, the model stand on my desk with two rulers on each side
so that i can see the measure and if it still bending

i apologize for this, but because of the fur spikes, it was not possible for me
to combine head and torso :(

this time i made no building process photos
because the model itself is realtive easy
(also those photos i made are not very useful :( )
the only tricky thing is how to combine the spikes to the head
that's why i designed some pieces, that you have to wrap them arround the allready build spikes to combine them
those pieces are mostly the biggest and have no tabs on both sides

to build the head itself
start with the eyes and build the whole face including the ears
then follow the order
top center spike
top left and right spike including the two pieces at page 30

second row center spike and add the combiners at page 36
second row left and right
after that you need to close the head with the pieces at page 40

take your time here and think before you add this or that piece

the rest is simple
you can build fists and shoes seperated
start the torso form the feet, add the tail and attach the first backside sting
then attache the second sting
build the chest stings seperated (the whole page) and add it to the torso
then close the torso on top and add the arms

then you can add fists ans shoes

adding the head to the torso
well, as i said, i found a way but not the best :(
but i think you can so it better
and don't underestimate the size of the head
it will be bigger as you think

if you still have any questions
feel free and ask me anytime :w00t:
also at my facebook Profile ;P

file description:
the file contains as always three pdo files
one with texture and folding lines
one with texture and without folding lines
and one white version with folding lines

so you need the Pepakura Viewer what you can get "here"

all three pdo's are not protected
so if you have the Designer, you can edit the sheets in the way you want :)

the package also includes the original texture
and a few screenshots what i used
specially for the fur :)

model description:
the model comes on 41 pages with 206 pieces and is 50cm tall
it stands without any weight in the legs :D
i would count the difficult level this time at 7/10

Minor information!
i don't prefere to download the sheets anymore
the model isn't really stable and collapsed after a few weeks
because of that i overhauled the 3d model and will build
a new, more stable version of Shadow
if you still want to download the sheets
you can do that on the top right download button

some word to the bloggers

you have the permission to use my photos
this model is a Deviantart only download
so do not upload this model somewhere else
and the most important thing

this model is free and should it be
so let it be!

and trust me, i search for my stuff ;)

feel also free to write a critique :)

other shots:
Shadow the Hedgehog - b by Destro2k Shadow the Hedgehog - c by Destro2k Shadow the Hedgehog - d by Destro2k Shadow the Hedgehog - e by Destro2k group overview by Destro2k
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So, here''s an early look at my latest model!

For Series1 I'm hoping I can get a Bane and Catwoman done ready for DKR, and then I'll probably do a Series2 with Joker, TwoFace and Scarecrow.... whilst finding time to do Loki somewhere in all of that too!

Hope you all like him!
The Model will be available to download and build yourself from
[link] later in the month!

Any feedback would be great! (his arms look a little darker than they are because my printer was being lame at the time)
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