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Link to youtube. Copy and paste to see it.

A short clip I've made to honor the great vixen Krystal, introduced to us from the Star Fox game series of Gamecube. It contains the certain poses of many official renders of Krystal made by Nintendo, but this time they consist a video, always respectfully to the great heroine of Lylat. Nevertheless it took me about a month to be done, I really enjoyed making this simple slideshow video, and I hope every Krystal's fan like this one too.

Let's help develop the Krystal's and the Star Fox's community online, in general.

Krystal Fox was firstly developed and rightfully belongs to Nintendo.

The Krystal's theme song was firstly composed by D.Wise for the Gamecube Videogame: Star Fox adventures and rightfully belongs to nintendo.

The Krystal Fox presented on your screen while watching this was firstly created by Charley Fox and converted for use in Poser by Littledragon. The Star Fox adventures version of it was created, modified and textured by Bigjim3D.
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     The waters of Lake Hylia were always calm and undisturbed since the evil kings defeat.  One evening though, the beautiful moon glistening water seemed to have a troubling feeling about it.  Upstream in Zoras Domain, the water dwellers were sensing the deep thinking flowing in the current as the now King Ralis sat atop his throne at the top the waterfall.

     He had his eyes gently closed, almost in a trance-like state of mind.  He had his feet submerged in the mystic waters, atempting to find out exactley what was making the flow uneasy.  The young ruler envisioned a young man clad in green.  His mind sight wasn't as clear as it could have been, but anyone who knew the boy he had seen didn't need a clear picture to identify him.  'Link?'  He thought to himself.

     "Heeeyyy!!",  The royal recognized the Deliverers shout immediatley after hearing it,  as he was sure everyone else in Hyrule did as well.  He trotted up to the aquatic boy in his usual fashion, but slipped on a small pool of water and face planted at Ralis' feet.  He looked down shamefully at the clumsy man and, upon assuring himself the bony traveler was unharmed, received his delivery.  The paper was sealed with the symbol of Hyrules royal family.  This peaked his interest, as all the mail he usually got was from the people of Castle town asking for more pure water.  Such requests insulted him.  "The Princess said this is of the utmost importance and was to be shared with no person out side the Domain."  the post informed him.  "Well, off to mail!"  The skinny man gave Ralis a goodbye salute, turned on his heel, and was off to continue his job.  Although not before slipping and face planting over the same puddle and muttering something about a mop.  This display caused one of the guards to almost burst out laughing inside his helmet.

     Ralis snickered at his ordeal as well.  "I hope they have a replacement in store for when he slips and falls over the waterfall." he inquired.  He shook his head joyfully as he began to carefully open his important piece of parchment.  As he began reading tension seemed to build in the throne room.  Sweat formed on his scaley forehead and began to bead down his jawline.  His usualy calm and contempt expression turned to worry and concern.  The Zora guards at his sides even averted their attention from anything that might endanger their young King to the King himself.  Regardless of Zeldas words of authority, Ralis knew there was one warrior who had to be informed of the situation.
This is something I started working on in French class yesterday. I've always wanted to write a LinkxMidna Fanfic and now I'm getting around to it! :D

If you have any writing tips for me feel welcome to post them, I don't write that much so I won't be insulted.

Please comment regardless :)

Chapter 2: [link]
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In the park somewhere, Sonic is speaking with Princess Sally. "So, Sally, where do you want to go for our date today?"

"Well, Sonic...I was thinking, since your living room's being fixed, is there somewhere we can go to talk privately?" Sally asked.

"Sure thing, Sal." Sonic nodded.


"Sure, you guys can stay a while." Tails said to Sonic and Sally, "I'll be in the workshop in you need anything."

"Thanks, little bro." Sonic grinned.

Sally just sighed.


Later, Sonic and Sally are resting in Tails' hot tub to relax, but Sally was still sad. Sonic just lay back and sighed.

"This hot tub's really warm, ain't it, Sally?"

Sonic waited for an answer.


Sonic saw Sally with her eyes closed and frowned, concerned.

"Yo Sally, are you okay?"

Sally's bright blue eyes glittered in worry, "Well... you know that fight with Robotnik coming up soon?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Sonic shrugged.

"Well, it's just..." Sally then cried, "I don't want you to die! Please, Sonic! Don't go! I wouldn't know how to run the kingdom alone if I lost you!" She then started crying.

Sonic's olive eyes grew in surprise, "Sally! Don't be crying. You know I am always able to be able to defeat Ro-butt-nik."

"But if he kills you?" Sally sniffled.

Sonic placed his arms around the chipmunk he loved, "He won't. I promise, I won't die. Now come here and give me a little kiss..."

Sally nodded and placed a small kiss on the lips of her blue hedgehog. This lasted a while before they pulled apart.

"Is that better?"

"Yes... thank you, Sonic..." Sally then asked, "And is it okay if we leave early? I'm hungry and I wanted something to eat."

"Okay, *I was getting hungry too." Sonic took her hand, "Let's go."


"Thanks for letting us stay, Tails." Sonic thanked Tails, and he and Sally walked off.

"Bye, guys." Tails waited till they were out of sight and mumbled, "Sonic's lucky, why can't I have a girl of my own?"

"You forgot me." Cosmo came on the scene and walked by, smiling.

Tails looked lovingly and went after her, "Dang!"


"Thanks for the fun time Sonic..." Sally grew sad, "But I'm still worried."

"Sal? You know that time when I went into space and you guys thought I'd never return?" Sonic asked.

"I do..."

"Then I can come back from this battle, with egghead. Trust me, Sally." Sonic hugged her and smiled, "Now how about another little kiss?"

Sally giggled, and kissed her lover again, and they lasted for a while, uninterrupted.
Kind of dedicated to :iconjussonic: since he likes SonicxSally and so do I. Hate the couple, :threaten: then get out of here...:paranoid::gun:
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Amy: Come on Sonic. Deep down in your fart, you know you love me. ;)

Amy: Heart!!



Sonic: I'm crying!! XDDD

Amy: Why does my phone hate me!? DX

Sonic: Maybe it's trying to tell you something!

Amy: Like what?

Sonic: oh nothing. Nothing at all.
I love doing these! And it looks like Amy is getting majorly do I say this? Pussy-blocked.

Sonic and Amy belong to (c) Sega
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Bernie's news...

One day Sonic was playing with Knuckles and Shadow. Mephillis came out and saw them playing. 'Hey! Hedgehog!' he called. Sonic and Shadow stood up. 'What do you want, Mephillis?' said Shadow, angrily. 'Just wanted to say something to Sonic...' Mephillis said, while pushing Shadow onto the ground. Shadow ran away, bursting into tears. 'Now look what you've done!!' said Sonic, angry. 'Shut it, hedgehog...' said Mephillis. Sonic started crying a bit. 'You little cry baby... You're so ugly...' said Mephillis. Sonic ran away, bursting into tears, even more than Shadow did! Knuckles knocked Mephillis onto the floor then ran after Shadow. Sonic ran into the house.

Bernie was in the kitchen making Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles' milk. Just then Sonic burst in through the door, sobbing loudly. 'Sonic? Whats wrong?' said Bernie, as she bent down to her son. 'Mephillis called me ugly, a cry baby and he said shut it to me...' sobbed Sonic. Bernie wiped her son's tears with her hands. 'Aww, you poor little hedgehog...' she said, calmly. 'I know what will make you feel better...' she also said. Bernie went to the kitchen counter and picked up a bottle of milk. 'Come here...' she said, soothingly. Sonic climbed onto his mother's lap, then he layed down. Bernie put the bottle into Sonic's mouth. Sonic sucked on the bottle and burped. Bernie chuckled as her son burped. 'Mummy? Do you think I'm ugly?' said Sonic. 'Sonic, you are the most beautiful thing in the whole world...' said Bernie, hugging her son. 'Really?' said Sonic, smiling. 'Of course, and you have feelings. You can see things, smell things with your little nose ^^, hear things, taste things and kiss things...' she said. 'What was the last thing you said, mummy?' asked Sonic. 'Um... nothing, honey...' she said. 'Ok, I said that you can kiss things...' said Bernie. 'Kiss things? Like what?' said Sonic. 'When you get older, you'll understand. But when you see something you like the look of, like a female hedgehog, for instance. Sonic blushed. 'Then you have to make her feel loved. First you hold hands, then you hug, then you kiss, then marriage, then babies...' Bernie said. Sonic's muzzle turned as red as a tomato at the word 'babies'. 'Aww why are you blushing?' said Bernie. 'No reason...' said Sonic, still red. 'Sonic Maurice Hedgehog, you can tell me...' said Bernie. 'Well... I have seen this girl that I like the look of...' said Sonic, shyly. 'Awww thats sweet! ^^' said Bernie. 'But what do I tell her?' asked Sonic. 'Just say that you like her, as in REALLY REALLY like her, then she'll understand...' said Bernie. 'Thanks mummy!' said Sonic. 'Whats her name?' asked Bernie. 'Whenever I say her name, I just have to blush...' said Sonic. Bernie looked at him and smiled. 'Kira Hedgehog...' Sonic said, turning red again. 'Sonic, come here...' said Bernie. Bernie put Sonic's hand on Bernie's tummy. 'Hey! It's moving!' said Sonic, excited. 'You might have a new brother or sister...' Bernie said proudly. Sonic felt the kicking and giggled. Bernie smiled and picked up her son. Sonic closed his eyes and rested on his mother's shoulder. 'Come on, Sonic, time for a bath...' said Bernie. Sonic's eyes widened as he tried to get away. 'Sonic, it's not THAT bad...' said Bernie. Sonic grabbed onto his mother's shoulder as hard as he could. Bernie took off Sonic's shoes, socks and gloves. Then she took off his diaper. Sonic jumped onto the potty and started swinging his legs. Sonic knew that there was only one way to stop Bernie putting him into the bath... Bernie left the room to get a towel. Sonic stood still and felt a funny feeling lower down in his body. Just then Sonic saw a yellow puddle bellow him. Then Sonic said...'This better work...'

Bernie came in and saw her son standing in the middle of a massive yellow puddle. Sonic blushed and started to cry. 'Oh Sonic...' sighed Bernie. Sonic put up his arms for a hug. Bernie picked him up with a towel and dried him off. Just then Bernie put a new diaper on Sonic, but that didn't mean he was safe... Bernie cleaned up the mess then picked up Sonic and hugged him. Suddenly Bernie put Sonic into the bath! Sonic cried and whimpered and was wriggling around. Bernie held onto him tightly and gently rubbed his quills. Sonic put his arms around Bernie's neck and closed his eyes. 'It has to be done, Sonic...' Bernie giggled.
Bernie got Sonic out of the bath and dried his quills. Sonic pouted as his quills went static. Bernie giggled and hugged him. Sonic felt the bump again and kissed his mother's cheek. Bernie grabbed Sonic and kissed him on the muzzle.
A cute story with Sonic and Bernie...
And possibly a new arrival... :D
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Princess Sally Acorn walked into her bedroom one evening with her arm wrapped around that of Sonic the Hedgehog.  The two of them had recently been out on a date and had decided to end the night with a little private time together, and the princess couldn’t think of a better place than her bedroom.
After shutting the door behind her, Sally turned her eyes to Sonic and said,
“What do you say we make ourselves comfortable?”
With that, Sonic kicked off his shoes while Sally slipped out of her boots and hung up her vest.  She then held her arms out, allow Sonic to wrap his around Sally and kiss her.  As they hugged and kissed, the two of them collapsed on top of Sally’s bed.  Eventually the two broke their kiss and took a moment to look into each other’s eyes.  Sally was lying down on the bed with her head against her pillow, and Sonic was positioned over her.  He took up one hand and began to stroke her head.
“Sally?” he said.  “I don’t think there could be single thing about you that’s not to like.”
“Oh Sonic,” Sally giggled.
“I mean, just look at your face,” Sonic went on.  “It’s got two big beautiful eyes to gaze into.”
Sally blushed, making sure to keep her eyes open for him.
“And on top of that incredible head of yours, in front of all this gorgeous hair, you’ve can two cute pointy ears to stroke,” said Sonic, as he scratched behind Sally’s ears.
Sally just chuckled.  She couldn’t tell if he was just being funny or romantic.  Either way she quite liked it.
“Right in the middle you’ve a got an adorable little nose to rub,” said Sonic, and began to rub his black, pointy nose against hers.  Sally smiled and did the same to him.
“And of course,” Sonic went on.  “You’ve got a mouth with two lovely lips… to kiss!”
And just like that, he lowered his face closer to Sally’s until their lips met.  The two of them made out like they did earlier.
At that moment, Sonic began to stroke his hand down Sally’s arm.  Then he broke from their kiss and lifted her arm up in his hand.
“Don’t think I forgot about you’re incredible arms,” he told her.
“Each one with an elbow to link,” he said, linking his arm with hers at the elbow.
“As well as elegant hand to hold,” Sonic went on, and put his hand in Sally’s while their arms were still linked.
“Not to mention fingers to lock in with each other,” said Sonic.
And without letting go of her hand, they both locked each other’s fingers together.  Sally was blushing more and more with every passing moment.
“Now let’s not forget about your two amazing legs,” said Sonic.
And after letting go of Sally’s hand, he began to run his hand down her thigh.
“In the centre of each one, you’ve got a strong pointy knee to feel,” said Sonic, as began to feel Sally’s knee.
“And of course, you’ve got beautiful feet to rub,” Sonic went on.
And just like he said, he began to rub Sally’s foot with both hands.  Sally was blushing more than before, not just because of his cute talk, but also because to foot rub she was getting was nice and relaxing.
“And last but not least… cute little toes to wiggle!” said Sonic.
And just like that, he began to wiggle Sally’s toes.  This made Sally blush even more, and even giggle with delight.  She even began to wiggle the toes on her other foot at her own will.
After three whole minutes of wiggling, Sonic let go of Sally’s toes, and just collapsed right beside her on the bed.
“Oh Sonic,” Sally giggled once again, putting a hand on Sonic’s cheek.  “You are one of a kind!”
“Oh Sally,” Sonic giggled back at her.  “I’m in love with every part of you.”
And with that, the two lovers hugged and kissed one another once again.
A Sonsal story that relates to many of those body part shorts you'd see on Seseme Street, only with romance.  It's short, but I hope you all enjoy it!

Waiting to hear your comments!!
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Sonic: So it was you who pointed me to the wrong erection?

Sonic: Direction!!

Sonic: crap!!

Rouge: Hahahahahahaha xDD

Rouge: and to answer your question, yes. I did. I changed the sign to point the opposite gay.

Rouge: way** wtf phone!?

Sonic: Hahahahahahahaha xD It got us both!!

Rouge: I'm in bed dying of laughter!! XDD

Sonic: I know! I'm crying!! X'DD
Damn! Autocorrect did a double take!

Sonic and Rouge belong to (c) Sega
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Starfox Parody

(High above the atmosphere of Corneria is the Great Fox. Aboard the Dreadnaught in the leisure room, it's tea time. Krystal is content sipping at her english tea while nibbling away at english tea cookies. Then Fox dashes in, an excited look on his face.)

Krystal: (puts her tea down.) Ah, Fox. Glad to see you. Care to have some tea with me?

Fox: Krystal, check it out! I can fit a rocket my PANTS!

Krystal: (Looks at him funny.) Or are you just happy to see me?

Fox: No, really! Look! (Takes out a rocket launcher straight from his pants.)

Krystal: Ohhhhh! (Claps her hands.) What else do you have hidden under there?

(Falco comes in.)

Falco: Did somebody say a rocket launcher? Cause it's mine!

(Fox and Krystal stare at Falco)

Fox: Falco, I thought you were preparing the fireburst, I mean, “special cake” for Peppy's retirement party.

Falco: (Scratches his head.) Mmm, well yeah. But Slippy started sucking on the helium balloons and I couldn't stand his girly voice anymore.

Fox: I wouldn't either. I prefer his puberty voice a lot more.

Krystal: And this isn't the first time Slippy's done crazy things. Anyone remember the incident where he went trigger happy with his new machine gun?

(Everyone looks back at the memory.)

Fox: (Shudders.) That's the last time we ever put caffeine in his orange juice again.
(Beep Beep Beep)

Krystal: (Presses a button on the wall.) Yes?

Rob: Star Wolf is calling. Shall I ignore them?

Fox: (Groan) Dang it. What do they want this time? All right, let's hear it.

Wolf: (Wolf appears on some monitor.) Fox, you and your little friends come over here and fight us now!

Fox: (Shrugs) Um, okay. Why?

(Slippy comes in.)

Slippy: (humming to himself. He talks in a helium packed voice.) Woohoo! Is it time for a versus battle already? (His voice turns from High pitched to normal.)

Fox: Rob, where's their location?

Rob: The signal is coming from Corneria City.

Fox: Waitaminute...why can't they fly up with their Wolfens and attack us?

Wolf: Because that's not supposed to happen until Mission 8!

Fox: Okay...Slippy and Krystal, you guys come with me! Everyone else, stay here and ponder why there can only be four people in this fight.

Falco: (Mumbles) Stupid programmers.

(Fox, Krystal, and Slippy all fly to Corneria City. When they get out, they look around confused at the blaring music?)

Fox: Hey, where's that music coming from?

(Krystal and Fox look at Slippy.)

Slippy: (Sighs) Okay. I'll turn off the StarFox remix CD. (Goes to his Arwing and shuts it off.)

Fox: (looks around.) It's quiet.'

Krystal: (Holds up her blaster.) Too quiet. Where is everyone?

Slippy: Oh, no! (Falls to his knees and bangs the floor.) We're the last people on Corneria! How will we go on? How will we handle the loneliness?

Fox: There's only one thing we can do. Party like crazy!

(They suddenly go off and do all the things they couldn't do with authorities around...from eating
tons of ice cream to water skiing with their arwings. Fox comes in with a landmaster tank and aims
at his least favorite store.)

Krystal: You're going to destroy the Speeding Comet Toys?

Fox: Yeah! What have they ever done for me?! (Blows it to smithereens and laughs maniacally.)

Slippy: Hey, let's steal some towels at the Lunastone Hotels!

(Wolf comes in with Leon and Panther.)

Wolf: I can see you're all enjoying yourselves.

(Fox and the others turn around.)

Fox: What took you all so long? And what are those two doing here? They're not in versus mode!

Wolf: They're the rejected characters for versus mode.

Fox: Because everyone's unpopular but me, Krystal and Falco! (Raises his arms in the air) w00t!

Wolf: You'll pay for that! Eat this!(Throws a grenade at the them.)

Slippy: (Picks up the grenade) Mmmm! Grapefruit! (Swallows it whole and then blows up, Unfortunately, there's no blood and gore since it's a T-rated game.)

Fox: lol...uh, I mean...OMG, they killed Slippy! (Shakes fist at them) You bastards!

Slippy: I'm not dead!

Krystal: (Looks at him confused.) Oh? Then, they mortally wounded Slippy!

Slippy: I'm getting better!

Wolf: Will someone shut him up?

Slippy: I feel...happy! I feel...(Fox takes out his blaster and shoots him. Slippy dies and disappears.)

Fox: Haha! The point goes to me!

Panther: (Gets out his pimped out Wolfen and grins at Krystal.) Hey, Krystal. Wanna ride on my wing?

Krystal: (Swaying back and forth.) I'm strangely entranced by the rose on your wolfen.

Fox: (Gets angry.) That's it! Panther, you and I are gonna rumble!

Panther: Fine, but you're going to lose!

(Fox and panther fly in their ships and dish it out. Fox's ship gets destroyed and crashes into the city. Panther gets out of his ship and looks slyly at Fox.)

Panther: Looks like I win. (Points a blaster at him.) Any last words?

Fox: Yes. There's still one thing that can stop you. Behold! (Flashes out a mango.)

Panther: What? No, not the mango! Not the sweet and delicious fruit you just have to be crazy to
hate! Oh, I give up. (Panther dies and disappears.)

Fox: Yahoo! I've got two points so I win. And to celebrate, mangoes for everybody!

(Later, aboard the Great Fox...everyone is celebrating Peppy's party while eating the irresistable mangoes at the same time.)

Falco: (Presses a button on the special cake. Goes up to Fox and whispers) Okay, Fox. The surprise is ready.

Fox: Great! Now let's bring Peppy in.

(Slippy comes in with bandages all over himself.)

Slippy: (Speaks all muffled.)

Fox: What's he saying?

Krystal: (Reads his mind and says) He says Peppy just died from choking on a mango seed.

Fox: What? But...then what was the point of all this?!

(Suddenly, the fireburst pod explodes with a huge stream of light in the air.)

Falco: Run away! Run away! (Everyone but Slippy gets a safe distance from the fireburst pod.
Slippy draws closer to the fireburst pod.)

Krystal: Slippy, don't go into the light!

Slippy: I can't help it. It's so beautiful! (Suddenly the Grenades crash down and blow up Slippy T-
rated style.) I'll see you all in  the sequel!

Fox: OMG, we killed Slippy!

Falco: We're bastards!

Krystal: Hey, but there's good news!

Fox: What's that?

Krystal: I just saved hundreds of dollars on car insurance by switching to Geico!

(Fox and Falco stare at her.)

Geico announcer: Geico, a phone call now can save you 15% or more on car insurance.

The End
This is for Starfox fans everywhere! As a token of my admiration to the Starfox series, I decided to make a little parody making fun of a few quirks here and there in the starfox series, especially Starfox Assault. For those of you who look at this and love it, tell some of your friends about it. It's not just a deviation for Deviants. It's for all who are big fans of Starfox!

C&C well appreciated! ^_^
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The hardcore sound of a deep bass shook your ears as you sat down at the bar in your favorite club. You and your best friend decided to have some fun tonight after the two of you had been studying all week for your college exams.

You giggled and chatted, feeling really happy and surprisingly relaxed. You were wearing your favorite outfit - a jean miniskirt and a dark purple one-shouldered top. It seemed like the night couldn't get any better.

Your best friend stopped talking and laughed a bit just as you noticed three shadows fall over you. You swung your chair around and looked up at the three men looking down at you in a row.

One hot albino, one cute brunette, one handsome blonde.

The night just got better.

"Kesesesese~ Look guys! We found a hot one!" The albino laughed loudly.

You giggled a little. They looked like total dorks in their matching sparkly suits, but it fit somehow.

"Quite adorable, no?" The brunette smiled.

"Very pretty indeed. Ohonhonhon~" The blonde scared you a bit, to be honest.

"Ummm... Nice to meet you guys?" You said, leaning against the counter.

Your best friend winked at you then left, leaving you alone with the three strangers.

"Oh! How rude of us. Tsk tsk." The blonde shook his head, then pulled a rose out of thin air. "We didn't introduce ourselves. I am Francis."

"Tony~" The brunette chirped happily, which made you smile.

"THE AWESOME PRUSSIA! Wait, you can call me Gilbert." The albino smirked.

"Cool. I'm _____." You stood up from your chair and stretched. They watched you closely, making you slightly nervous.

"Um... Care to dance?" You asked, blushing.

"TOTALLY!" Prussia did a fistpump, while the other two just shrugged.

"What do you like to dance?"

"Kesesesesese...~ Lap."


"Pole, honhonhon~"

You facepalmed. This wasn't going to work out. "I've got a better idea."

You pointed at Prussia. "Hip-hop?"

Then Spain. "Salsa?"

Lastly, France. "Slow dancing?"

"Alright, whatever." The three mumbled at once.

You grinned. They almost act like triplets~


The night went on, and you enjoyed dancing with all three of them. But, one of them stood out to you. The albino.

You danced the longest with Prussia. You moved your hips to the music and smiled when he put his hands on your waist. You thought his small blush was simply adorable.

"I-I like the way you m-move ______." He stuttered.

You just laughed and kept dancing with him.


After the music died down and it was early in the morning you just sat down and talked with them. They had all sorts of interesting situations.

"So, where are you guys from?" You squeaked as France pulled you onto his lap. "France." He whispered before passing you to Spain.

"Spain, of course~ The most beautiful country in Europe." Spain passed you to Prussia.

"Eh, you can say Prussia or Germany. But, just so you know, Prussia's much more AWESOME."

"Do you like that word? Awesome?" You smiled, staying on the albino's lap.

"Yes. It's AWESOME."

You laughed and stood up, grabbing your bag. "Hey, I gotta go. It's really late."

Spain and France frowned while Prussia stood up.

"I'm totally driving you home."

"I'm for that. Go ahead." You walked out, not noticing the winks the trio exchanged before Prussia followed you out.


"Thanks for driving me. You're really sweet." You smiled at Prussia then walked up to your apartment door, opening it.

"Ah, not problem." Prussia casually whistled and slipped into your house. "Nice place you got here, ______."

You rolled your eyes but couldn't help but smile. "Thanks. It's not much, honestly."

"Pfft- I don't care." He glanced down the hall, hands in pockets, then walked to your bedroom.

You followed a little uneasily.

He stopped right in front of the door and looked down at you with a grin. "Hey, ______?"


"I reallllllllyyyyy like you. A lot. We've only known each other for like, six hours but..." He gave you a kiss on the lips.

You were a little shocked, but you didn't even think about not kissing him back. Even though the two of you just met it really felt like you had known him forever.

He broke first and laughed. "Kesesesese, awesome!!"

You smiled mischievously. "Just get in the room, you big dork!"

"Whoooa, seriously?"

"Yeah, man."

"AWESOME! Am I getting that lap dance?" He snickered, his eyes flashing.

"Shut up." You giggled and closed the door behind you, locking it.

It was going to be a very fun night indeed.
For *Kayla96

Fast-paced relationship? You know it! c;


Hetalia and Hetalia characters aren't mine.

You belong to you. I hope. O.o


Picture not mine. Found here: [link]
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Him and her, her and him...
Why doesn't it last forever?
I wished for this love but...
never recieved it.

Now I feel alone in darkness.
No shoulder to cry on.
No friend to help me through.

I feel my heart break in two,
wishing I can put it back together again.

When I see others sharing love...
I feel like I don't deserve it.   
Something I thought of when I came home from school,
It's saying the good and bad things about love,
this didn't really happen to me XDD
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