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      It was a gloomy morning. The dark belly of the sky was heavy with moisture. It spewed out rain in bitter waves, soaking everything in its foul temper. Water poured off of the rooftops and crashed into deep puddles below. Thin yellow grass bent underneath the opposing storm, trembling slightly in the downpour. The sidewalk was caked in fog, unable to escape the seeping coldness of the rain. Even the trees stooped to avoid enraged cracks of lightning that streaked across the sky, and easily snapped and scorched whatever stood against it. The streetlights remained an eerie warmth in the otherwise despairing scene. A few soaked moths clung hopelessly to the lamps, and would occasionally give up and drop into the flood below.

     A group of children in brightly colored raincoats congregated around a gray bus stop sign. They chattered and laughed and howled like chimps. They were completely oblivious to the fierce downpour, save for shoving each other into the overflowing storm drains, and cackling as their companions shifted uncomfortably in their soaked sneakers.

     One girl stood apart from the rest. She shuffled in her bulky white coat, watching the dark sky above her from underneath the safety of her umbrella. The rain made a steady pattern around her pale rain boots, a spiny circle of endless water.

     The girl thought. Her thoughts matched the rhythm of the storm.


     She had come to the conclusion that her life was a distant relative of these thunder storms that rumbled through the valley. A thick cloud of darkness and light that faded into itself before it gave way to searing jolts of light the tore through her psyche and singed her heart. An ever-present dankness that seeped through her skin. Sometimes she fancied herself as some sort of water spirit, watching out through white eyes into the world before it, feeling nothing but cool acceptance. More often, though, she just felt rather glum.

     The sound of rushing water signaled the bus's arrival. It was painted the standard yellow, a color that made the girl flinch whenever she saw it during the summer months. The children in their bright raincoats pushed each other out of the way in their haste to enter the dry schoolbus. The girl hung back for just a moment, enough to ensure she would not need to bump into any of them. Then she, too, entered the belly of the humming vehicle.

     A roar of noise entered the girl's ears as she left the rainstorm behind her. She silently sat in one of the front seats, which were always empty. While most children preferred sitting out of the driver's view, the girl felt much safer away from her peers. The screeches from the back of the bus only served to support this fear, and the girl sunk slightly in her seat, as if to hide from those behind her. She slid out of her white coat and placed it on the floor.

     The rainstorm once again caught her attention, and she stared out the window. A melancholy face stared back. Gray-brown hair above sad brown eyes. The face seemed to looking elsewhere, away from the current world. The girl imagined that behind those sad eyes was a wonderland of rolling hills and  soft breezes. A place where birds chirped and trees whispered their creaking songs. A far-away place, where thunderstorms would rumble in and water the tall grass with golden rain.

     The girl smiled at the thought. For a moment, things felt alright. But her thoughts were interrupted by a snide voice in her ear.

     "Hey, Emily." said a fattish boy. He wore clothes that appeared to be straight off the back of a teenage drug addict. His breath smelled vaguely of sulfur.

     The girl shrunk back closer to the window. "What do you want?" she asked.

     "I forgot to do the homework for science."

     "I'm afraid I don't have it today, I forgot it at home..." Emily said slowly.

     "Oh, that's too bad..." the boy said loudly, more to the bus driver than to Emily, before leaning closer to her. She could see the ugly pocks that marked his forehead. "Like hell you did," he hissed. "Where is that homework?"

     Emily squirmed, wishing she could sink into the wall of the bus. "I told you, I don't have it".

     The boy made a disgusted sort of sound, as if he could not believe such a lowly creature was trying to fight him. "Fine," he said finally. But something in his eyes made Emily wary. Before he turned to walk away, he stomped a muddy foot onto the lining of Emily's white coat. It made a terrible squelching noise. She reached for her coat and pulled it to her lap, before looking up sharply. She wanted to scream at the boy, at all of her classmates, but the boy had gone. The fire in her heart died down, and solidified into a heavy weight. She bit back tears and attempted to rub the mud out of the coat, only to spread it more.

     The bus came screeching to a halt. The rain was a mad drumming on the roof of the bus, but it was still drowned out by the roar of the children. Emily hid behind her muddied coat as they stampeded by. Finally, feeling comfortable that they were a safe distance away, Emily stood up. She put on her coat inside-out, to keep the mud from ruining her dress, and picked up her backpack.

     She stepped out of the bus. Her foot landed in deep water. A couple kids laughed in front of her. She felt humiliated, and she hadn't even reached the sidewalk. The bus rumbled off behind her, leaving her in the cold rain. Emily stared at the school, a dark shadow dominating the block. Threatening to crush all of its inhabitants. The bell rang, but it sounded distant and small compared to the roaring storm.

     Emily stared and stared and stared. She felt the wind pushing her back where she had come from. The rain stung her arms. The inside of her coat was cold and wet. Her hair clung to her face, as if afraid the wind would sweep it away. She closed her eyes for a moment, and pictured the rolling hills. She took a deep breath.

     Then she opened her umbrella and walked back home.
Hmmmm experimenting with Emily as a main character for Dreamworld. I'm thinking that's what I will go with.

Emily's dealings with bullies in the actual script will be much more subtle and subtexted. I don't like films that preach the bullying ideal, I find it much more impactful and truthful if the bullies don't do outlandish bully things.

For example, if I were to change this scene into film, I would simply show her look out the window, and then look back to see her coat ruined.

But as this was, I wanted to play with Em's character. Because I love her to bits and she's veryyyy interesting as a character. Emily is interesting because she believes quite strongly in following rules, but at the same time, if she reaches a breaking point, she will act rashly and go AGAINST her usual personality, although not necessarily in super outlandish ways (she wouldn't punch anyone...). I think she's also very self-reflective. I think at her age she feels at ends with her classmates, who all want to be 'grown-up' and get drunk and have girlfriends/boyfriends, and she misses pretending to be a puppy or something in Kindergarten. Then, her imagination was accepted and even rewarded. Now, imaginative acts are shunned (in her mind), as are emotional outbursts. She feels trapped, and unable to have an outlet for herself.


Basically she ends up looking for solace in her own mind. BUT her mind is corrupted by the outside worlds and influence of society.

You know what, I'm just going to make a journal for more explanation .xD


Dreamworld (c) me
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Silver: Hey, Sonic! What's up?

Sonic: nm, just eating a blow job.

Silver: what!?

Sonic: Blow poo*

Silver: Dafuq!?

Sonic: BLOW POP!!!!

Sonic: you know, those suckers with the cum in the middle?

Sonic: gum***

Silver: lmfaoooooooooo!!!!!!

Silver: can't

Silver: stop

Silver: laughing!

Silver: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Yes! Sonic autocorrects has returned!! I got inspired again after watching autocorrect fail ness videos and eating some super size blow pops from school.

Sonic and Sikver belong to Sega
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I do not own any of these characters so if I use any characters that are owned by me I will list them here.  Krystal and Fox McCloud are copyrighted by Nintendo.

(A/N This is my first work of fiction and this is something you don’t usualy see on as this is written entirely from Krystal’s point of view in her diary after the events of SFA)

Krystal’s Diary

March, 15 2870

Dear Journal

I’ve decided to keep a diary of all my travels and doings again as my last one was lost many years ago when Cerinia was destroyed.  *sigh*  I really do miss my home but I miss my parents most I wish  I could of done something to save them but there was nothing I could do except watch in horror from the ship they put me in as their attacker closed in for the kill.  Part of me hopes that they are out there somewhere still alive.     Though I really should get my mind off of that subject as that was long ago as right now I should be happy to be alive thanks to Fox McCloud and his friends as they risked their lives not only to save mine but also all of those on Dinosaur Planet and maybe the whole Lylat system.  Though to describe Fox and his friends well… Fox would of made a great bodyguard for me if I was still on Cerinia or a great soldier.  Falco I don’t know that well as from what Fox told me that he just rejoined their team after going off on his own for awhile.  Slippy is the team’s Engineer though I’m supprised how one man can not be stressed out without having something going wrong every few hours.  Peppy is the oldest member of the team and like Fox he is a nice fur and he told me that he once flew with Fox’s father who was one of the best pilots in the lylat system till he was betrayed and captured when Fox was just a kit.  I hope that one day I can learn about his mother but for now I must close this entry as it’s getting late and Fox said he would give me a tour of the Great Fox tomorrow.

Sincerely yours


March 16th 2870

Dear Journal

Today was a exciting day for me as Fox gave me a tour of the ship and it’s much more bigger than I expected it to be as this looks like more of one of the cruisers in my father’s once proud fleet than a Mercenary ship.  The first room he showed me was the Engineering section and I could tell that it also serves as Slippy’s room as among the reactor and other vital parts of the ship’s drive is his personal belongings.  It didn’t bother me though as how were they to know they were going to have a guest on board and I’m not much of a neat freak myself.  Next on the tour was the rec room and kitchen and let me tell you that they are well stocked on food and drink.  I guess fox wasn’t kidding when he told me that this was their home even though they have another place on Corneria but this serves as their main base.  After that he pretty much let me explore the ship on my own.  As I explored the ship I came across the main Hangar bay and I saw 4 of those fighters that I saw Fox fly in when he went after who he called Andross.  I didn’t know who he was but I could tell he was very evil and was using me to return himself to normal but Fox and his friend Falco stopped that from happening which I am glad.  Fox caught me looking at one of the fighters and he asked me that if I wanted to learn how to fly one of the Arwings one day.  I told him that I would think about it but he could tell that I was very curious about getting into the cockpit of something besides that ship I flew in on.  After all that he showed me to a spare room and I will admit it is very roomy and what surprised me was inside the closet as it looked like a nice form fitting pink dress.  Fox told me it was once his mother’s dress and also a former GF once wore it as well.  I asked him what happened between him and her and he told me that her life was that of a soldier and his wasn’t and he thought it was best if they parted on friendly terms.  He told me that I could use this room for as long as I wanted to stay.  I told him thank you for everything he has done for me and that included saving my life back on Dinosaur Planet.  I hope one day I can go back there and explore the planet properly after my quest to find out what happened to my world is complete along with finding out why I was the only one to survive if I was the only one to survive.  Well I better end this entry as we are going to be docking with Corneria in the next day or so and I know I will want to visit that world.

Sincerely yours


March 20th 2870

Dear Journal

We finally made it to Corneria and the Great Fox from what Fox told me is going to be in the dock for the next week or two for a much needed refit and repairs.  I hope nothing happens during then but for now I might as well talk about myself as it seems that I haven’t done that yet.  Well let me start by introducing myself.

     My name is Krystal and I am 19 years old and as of right now my home is on board the Great Fox.  I always didn’t live on this ship as I came from a Planet called Cerinia where my father and mother were King and Queen so I guess that would make me a princess but after the disaster I’m not a princess anymore as nothing remains except for me of my people and my race.  There are nights where I relive the nightmare over and over but I’m glad Fox is there to comfort me to tell me where I really am and that I am safe now.

     Today is the day though that I would be allowed onto the planet’s surface I am excited and both afraid at the same time as this is my first time on a world that has more than a few living beings on it since I left Cerinia.  I decided to wear Fox’s mother’s old outfit only because it fits better than the outfit I came onto the ship on.  When we finally landed onto Corneria the world reminded me of what Cerinia used to look like lots of tall buildings and various furs of different species going on with their lives.

When me and Fox reached the shopping district I felt a chill go along my fur as if I was being stared at as if I was some stranger.  Fox told me that it’s due to because noone has seen a vixen of my species before on Corneria.  I thought to myself that if I was going to cause this much trouble I would of asked slippy to do something about my fur color before coming down.  When we entered this clothing store the sales vixen was really nice and my fur color didn’t seem to bother her.  I looked around the shop for a bit and I found a nice looking red colored shirt and shorts that matched so I tried them on along with a few other outfits.  I could tell something was on Fox’s mind when I was showing him the different outfits that I chose.

After we left we went out to get something to eat at a local restaurant and the food was great better than living on dumblegang pods and those Pukpuk eggs but at least those were some kind of food when I was on Dinosaur Planet.  As we were eating I saw Fox wave over to someone and at first I thought it was a wolf but it wasn’t as he looked more dog like than a wolf.  He introduced himself as Bill Grey and he and Fox had known each other since they were children and they even went to the flight academy together but Fox got out when he decided he wanted to be like his father and strike it out on his own but still have loyalties to Corneria.

I overheard that things over Venom haven’t been so quiet lately and that probes sent to monitor the planet have been disappearing or have been destroyed.  To me that didn’t sound quite right as that usually meant they were trying to hide something.  I asked Fox what were they going to do about it and he told me not to worry because if something were to happen the general would let them know.  I nodded and smiled at him.  When the sun started to set he took me to a local park where we both sat down and watched as the sunset.  I giggled a little when he tried to sneak in a kiss on my cheek but when he saw I was watching him I caught him off guard by doing it to him.  I really haven’t had this much fun for awhile but I do hope soon we can do this again.  Well I better close this entry now as it’s getting late and I have to get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise.

Sincerely yours


March 21st 2870

Dear Journal

     It was 6AM when I awoke and lucky for me the sun had not risen yet.  I noticed Fox was still sleeping on the couch.  I still fell guilty about taking the bed but he insisted on me taking it which was nice of him.  I slipped on a robe I bought yesterday at this clothing shop Fox took me to and opened one of the glass sliding doors of the apartment.  The morning breeze felt good against my fur as I sat down in one of the chairs near the balcony.  “This almost reminds me of all the times I would wake up on Cerinia just to watch the sun rise with my mom when I was just a kit.”  A tear came to my eye as I thought about my mother and I wiped it away hoping where ever she is that she is still watching over me.  I sighed to myself as I looked down over the balcony seeing various furs being active going on with their lives.

     Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I wanted to remain with Fox as he does seem to like me but sometimes I wonder if having me around would keep him from doing his job even though for now the Corneria system is now safe except for what I overheard from Fox and his friend about a planet called Venom.  I closed my eyes to relax them a bit then I felt a set of paws touch my shoulders which startled me.  “I thought I would find you out here.”  Fox said to me as he sat down next to me.  I smiled at him.  “I thought you were still asleep as I didn’t want to wake you.”  “Nah I may look asleep but I was actually still awake.  I guess some of my old habits I picked up at the Academy won’t go away that easily.”  He responded softly.  

     I looked off into the distance as the darkness began to fade away and slowly began to show light as the sun started to rise.  “Fox.  Do you think more of my kind exists out there somewhere?” I asked him.  I felt his warm paw touch mine and he smiled at me.  “I’m sure there are others out there Krystal and we will find them together if that is okay with you.”  I blushed as he said that not knowing what to really say.  “Thank you Fox and I’m sure we will find them as well.”  I closed my eyes again as another gentle gust of wind blew through my fur and hair to enjoy it then I saw Fox pull something out of one of his pants pockets that looked like a box.  “I know this may be a bit to fast but I was wondering if…” he opens the box and inside it was a metal flight insignia of the Starfox team “You wanted to become part of the team.”

     When he showed me the contents of the box I was shocked and I smiled and hugged him close.  “Yes Fox I will join you and maybe later on we can be more than Team mates?” I saw him blush at that comment thinking it was kind of cute to see the savior and hero of Lylat do that.  I turned my head to look out in the distance and I next felt his arms wrap around he holding me close.  The next thing I knew we were both kissing each other on the lips and the feeling of his lips to mine felt wonderful and after a few seconds of that we looked into each others eyes and that was when I knew we were fated to be together.



March 21st  2870

     I woke up to hear a knock at the door and I looked at the time and noticed it was already noon.  I looked around the room and noticed that Fox was already awake and was already dressed. In usual clothing of  light green pants and shirt with a white colored vest.  The door knocked again.  I got up and grabbed some clothing and went to the bathroom to change.  I heard a female voice in the room asking “Is Krystal around?”  Fox then answered “Yeah, she is in the restroom changing right now and will be out shortly.”  I changed into a  purple colored short sleeve shirt and Kaki colored pants.  I noticed the shirt didn’t go all the way down  as my tummy was still exposed but at least it was better than what I wore on my adventure on Dinosaur Planet.  I still think about that planet sometimes and hope one day to go back in visit for a vacation this time instead of responding to a SOS.  

     I stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed and I noticed a pink colored female feline was in the room.  Her fur was neatly trimmed and she had some white colored headfur on her head and her build was slightly like mine.  She was dressed in a yellow colored short sleeve shirt and blue pants.   Fox smiled at me.  “I wish me and Falco could join you two ladies but I received a call from Pepper asking me and him to stop by his office for a bit to discuss a few things.”  Katt nodded  “It’s okay Fox maybe we can do the group date thing another time?”  I looked at Fox with a bit of concern.  “Fox,  is everything okay as lately you seem to have something on your mind.”  He looked at me knowing I was concerned.  “Everything is okay Krystal.  If something comes up I will tell you about it as well as your part of the team now remember?”  I nodded and hugged him softly.  “Well I better let you go to your meeting.” I said to him.  He then kissed me on the cheek before he left.

     Katt giggled a bit.  “What’s wrong?” I asked her.  “Oh nothing it’s just that I wish Falco would act that way with me sometimes more often.”  I nodded.  “I take it you two don’t get along?”  Katt laughed a bit.  “No it’s not that it’s just that he’s more of a man of action than a man of romance.  Your lucky that Fox is a mixture of both.”  We both  left the apartment.  “So where are we going?” I asked her “Well.” she said thinking a bit.  “I was thinking maybe we could go to the simulators at Corneria air base as I have access to it and with you being a member to what is considered to be the best mercenary team in all of Lylat shouldn’t have any problems getting in either.”  I looked at her as if trying to understand what she said.  “A simulator is used for training.  This one though is mainly for Flight Training and I’m just curious to see what kind of skills you have in flying.” she tried her best to explain it to me.  “Well I have some experience flying but mainly that one craft I boarded the Great Fox with.”

     To me this was already sounding to be a good day but I wish Fox were here with me as that would make this day perfect for me.  We boarded a hover taxi that took us to the front gates of the base where Katt showed some kind of picture and  told them who I was.  The guard waved us through and I looked around at our surroundings noticing the various kinds of buildings on the base.  Most of them were hangars though that stored the various squadrons and above 2 of the hangars I noticed the names “Bulldog unit” and “Husky unit”.  I asked her if those squadrons were in what fox told me was the great Andross war.  “Oh them?  Yeah they were 2 of the squadrons that were in charge of defending Katina against Andross 7 years ago.  They would have been completely destroyed if Fox didn’t show up and help them out.” she answered me.

     We then walked into one of the white colored buildings and I saw male raccoon sitting at a desk where Katt signed us in and I walked to one of the screens above one of the pods that was being used and saw what appeared to be a transport under attack and one fighter fending off the fighters attacking the transport. which was showing some signs of damage.  After awhile I saw the transport enter into what looked like hyperspace which told the pilot in the pod that the mission was complete.  The pod opened up and I saw it the pilot was a female fox but her fur was completely white except for the 2 bangs in the front of her head which were dyed red in color.  She was taller than I was and her build while slim was slightly bigger in the bust area.  She was dressed in a gray colored flight suit and above her right breast was the name of “Frost” written on the uniform.  She noticed me looking at her.  “You must be new here“  She looked at me more  “Hey aren’t you that one girl that came in with Fox a few days ago” She asked me.  “Yes I am that girl and my name is Krystal and you are?” I asked back.  “First lieutenant Tina Frost at your service Krystal.” she held out her paw and I took it and she shook it.  The room almost shook as I heard someone yell over the intercom “FIRST LIEUTENANT FROST PLEASE REPORT TO THE MAJOR’S OFFICE……AGAIN!”  I blinked as I looked at her.  “What was that all about?” I asked her.  “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that.  It’s just my squadron commander getting his boxers all in a bind again because I didn’t achieve good results on that babysitting mission test.  As far as I am concerned if it still flies when it reaches it’s intended destination the mission was a success.  I will see you around kid.”

     I watched as Tina walked off and Katt walked over.  “Ah I see you met Tina.  She’s a good pilot but a little bit on the careless side.”  I nodded my head in agreement.  “Yeah I saw what you mean but do you think we can try that mission out?”  Katt shook her head.  “Not right now.  Maybe after we make you do some simple simulated flight drills to see how well you can handle a Arwing.”  I walked over to one of the simulator pods and I heard a familiar voice behind me.  “Hi Krystal.  Mind if I join you?” I turned around and saw it was Fox.  I smiled at him.  “Of course you can join me.”  I watched as Falco tried to sneak up on katt to try and hug her but she quickly turned around and gave him a kiss on the beak which caught him by surprise which made the three of us laugh a bit.  We all then climbed into our pods and preformed what Falco referred to as “boring air show” maneuvers.  After a few hours we all climbed out of the pods.

     Katt stretched a bit after she got out.  “I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting a little hungry.”  “Well I’m getting a little hungry as well.” I said.  “Well where would you girls like to eat at?” Fox asked  “Anywhere as long as they serve food.” I replied as my tummy started to growl.  “I think I know of a place.” Fox said as he walked off to call a hover cab.  “Krystal can I speak to you for a second?” Katt asked as she walked to a corner of a room away from Fox and Falco.  I walked over to her.  “What is it Katt?” I asked.  She just looked at me and then said “How do you feel about Fox?  I mean REALLY feel about him?”  That question there caused me to blink.  “I like him but why are you asking me this?”  She sighed a bit.  “I mean do you love him?  I hate to be asking questions like this but Fox has gone through a few bad relationships in the past and I don’t like to see him hurt.”  I blushed at the first part of her question not knowing what to say but then I looked over her shoulder at him when she mentioned his other relationships.  “If you are trying to say that I just wanted to use him I’m not.”  I closed my eyes as I thought about my parents.  “If my mom and dad were still alive today I am sure they would approve of him being with me.”  Fox walked over and asked if we were ready to go as the cab was here to take us to a place that Fox likes to go to that had a nice setting to it but was not too expensive.

After the meal Falco and Katt went off together to have some fun alone and me and Fox went to a local park.  I watched as the sunset over the clouds as I sat on  a swing next to Fox.  “Fox can I ask you something important?”  He stopped swinging like I did and he looked at me.  “Sure Krystal.  What is it?”  I looked down at the ground with my eyes closed as if to gather strength to what I was about to ask.  “Do…..Do you love me Fox?  I know this seems fast as we just met a few weeks ago.”  I looked back down on the ground after I asked the question.  The next thing I felt was his paws taking one of mine and he gently tilted my head up to look into my eyes.  “Krystal.  Nothing between us is too fast to me as when I first laid my eyes on you back in Dinosaur Planet I knew that something could develop between us.”  he hugged me close.  “If it makes any difference I was scared a bit also to tell you that I loved you as I didn’t want to chase you away.” he kept holding my paw.

     I smiled at him and kissed him softly on the muzzle.  “I just want you to know Fox McCloud that I will always love you.”  we then moved to a bench and watched the sunset as I sat in his lap with my arms around him.  “Today will be a day I will never forget.” I thought to myself.


Something I did a LONG time ago as my first piece of Starfox fan fiction. Though for some reason I'm not too fond of the first 2 chapters I did as I thought they were too short.
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Link to youtube. Copy and paste to see it.

A short clip I've made to honor the great vixen Krystal, introduced to us from the Star Fox game series of Gamecube. It contains the certain poses of many official renders of Krystal made by Nintendo, but this time they consist a video, always respectfully to the great heroine of Lylat. Nevertheless it took me about a month to be done, I really enjoyed making this simple slideshow video, and I hope every Krystal's fan like this one too.

Let's help develop the Krystal's and the Star Fox's community online, in general.

Krystal Fox was firstly developed and rightfully belongs to Nintendo.

The Krystal's theme song was firstly composed by D.Wise for the Gamecube Videogame: Star Fox adventures and rightfully belongs to nintendo.

The Krystal Fox presented on your screen while watching this was firstly created by Charley Fox and converted for use in Poser by Littledragon. The Star Fox adventures version of it was created, modified and textured by Bigjim3D.
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In the park somewhere, Sonic is speaking with Princess Sally. "So, Sally, where do you want to go for our date today?"

"Well, Sonic...I was thinking, since your living room's being fixed, is there somewhere we can go to talk privately?" Sally asked.

"Sure thing, Sal." Sonic nodded.


"Sure, you guys can stay a while." Tails said to Sonic and Sally, "I'll be in the workshop in you need anything."

"Thanks, little bro." Sonic grinned.

Sally just sighed.


Later, Sonic and Sally are resting in Tails' hot tub to relax, but Sally was still sad. Sonic just lay back and sighed.

"This hot tub's really warm, ain't it, Sally?"

Sonic waited for an answer.


Sonic saw Sally with her eyes closed and frowned, concerned.

"Yo Sally, are you okay?"

Sally's bright blue eyes glittered in worry, "Well... you know that fight with Robotnik coming up soon?"

"Yeah, what about it?" Sonic shrugged.

"Well, it's just..." Sally then cried, "I don't want you to die! Please, Sonic! Don't go! I wouldn't know how to run the kingdom alone if I lost you!" She then started crying.

Sonic's olive eyes grew in surprise, "Sally! Don't be crying. You know I am always able to be able to defeat Ro-butt-nik."

"But if he kills you?" Sally sniffled.

Sonic placed his arms around the chipmunk he loved, "He won't. I promise, I won't die. Now come here and give me a little kiss..."

Sally nodded and placed a small kiss on the lips of her blue hedgehog. This lasted a while before they pulled apart.

"Is that better?"

"Yes... thank you, Sonic..." Sally then asked, "And is it okay if we leave early? I'm hungry and I wanted something to eat."

"Okay, *I was getting hungry too." Sonic took her hand, "Let's go."


"Thanks for letting us stay, Tails." Sonic thanked Tails, and he and Sally walked off.

"Bye, guys." Tails waited till they were out of sight and mumbled, "Sonic's lucky, why can't I have a girl of my own?"

"You forgot me." Cosmo came on the scene and walked by, smiling.

Tails looked lovingly and went after her, "Dang!"


"Thanks for the fun time Sonic..." Sally grew sad, "But I'm still worried."

"Sal? You know that time when I went into space and you guys thought I'd never return?" Sonic asked.

"I do..."

"Then I can come back from this battle, with egghead. Trust me, Sally." Sonic hugged her and smiled, "Now how about another little kiss?"

Sally giggled, and kissed her lover again, and they lasted for a while, uninterrupted.
Kind of dedicated to :iconjussonic: since he likes SonicxSally and so do I. Hate the couple, :threaten: then get out of here...:paranoid::gun:
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Sonic: Heyyy buddy!

Tails: hey sonic. What's up?

Sonic: I'm hungry. Can you get me some chili dicks?

Tails: O.o

Sonic: OMG! NOOO!

Sonic: Chili dogs!! Chili dogs! I swear I meant chili dogs!!


Sonic: -_-

Tails: That's going on DYAC! XD

Sonic: I figured as much.
This is a series I had an idea for. :iconelfofcourage: Inspired it with his Sonic Prank Calls. I figured, why not do it autocorrect style? Lol

Sonic and tails belong to (c) Sega
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Blaze: Hi Silver. How are you?

Silver: hi Blaze! I'm great. Hbu?

Blaze: I'm well. Thank you. So what have you been up to?

Silver: oh nothing much. Just learning to masturbate my skills!

Silver: OH GOD NOOOO!!

Silver: MASTER! I meant MASTER my skills!

Blaze: O.o

Silver: I sweat it wasn't what I meant!

Silver: swear**

Silver: duck this phone!!

Silver: I quit!!
I can totally see Silver as being one of the types who has an autocorrect struggle. Poor Silver.

Silver and Blaze belong to (c) Sega
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This is an analysis of why Sally had every write to slap Sonic.

I'm not going to get into the the various reasons why Sally's freak out was actually an in-character response as :icontoaarcan: has already explained this very well with his commentary on how her nerves were beyond frayed.

No I'm going into why Sonic was not only wrong but was an idiot not to except the offer and that his decision to refuse was utterly pointless.

As you know, at the time of the dreaded Issue #134 Sonic and just returned from space, got injured in a fight with an 80s reject robo-woman, and now has his arm in a sling, I'm not going to say which arm because even Archie didn't know!

Anyways, the Issue opens up with Sonic getting his injured arm wrapped up in a sling by Dr. Quack who is missing an eye after stepping on a landmine...I'll just give you a second to process that.......OKAY! He exits the ER and a party to finally welcome our blue hero back begins, everything his going hunky-dory until Sally's dad, King Maximilian, announces that he and his wife Queen Alicia are going to go on a month long tour across Mobius to gather support for the war against Robotnik, and while they are gone they name Sally Regent to rule in their stead until they return.

It is after this that Sally asked Sonic to stay with her at the castle until they're done fucking off and Sonic say no, saying that he needed more on the field then at HQ. Sally slaps him, calling him selfish, and run off in tears declaring that they are through.

And Sonic was an idiot to let that all happen...

Because he was being selfish, not in that he wanted to keep fighting but because he in no way thought about what Sally and his friends must have felt thinking he was DEAD for a year and then the day he returns he nearly dies again. He needed to stop for a while and let people adjust to his return! Especially Sally who was hit the hardest by his two brushes with death.

But that's not the only reason Sonic was being an idiot, no there is a medical reason for why he should have stayed with Sally until her folks returned.

Like I said, in the previous issue, #133, that took place maybe a few hours ago Sonic took a laser beam to the shoulder suffering server enough injury to take him out of the fight.

Lasers are highly concentrated beams of light. That means Sonic suffered severe burns that could range from the 2nd to 4th degrees.

I'm only going to discuss the 2nd and 3rd degrees because if they were any higher then that then Sonic wouldn't need a sling...he'd need a new arm.

2nd degree burn are burns that not only afflict the outer layer of skin or the superficial layer of skin but the burn also reaches the underlying layers. This is also called a partial thickness burn. The burn will typically have red layers with blisters that are clear; your skin will blanch or turn white when put a little bit of pressure to the area, and the burned or damaged part of your skin will feel moist. These burns can be very painful and the burned area will be highly sensitive to the touch. It may also be a little hot or cold. 2nd degree burns can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to heal.

3rd degree burns are burns that damage all the layers of your skin and also nerve endings and tissue beneath your skin layers. The feel of your burn will feel like leather. It will be very stiff with a brown or white color. This burn will not blanch or turn white under pressure given to it. You will typically not feel any pain because your nerve endings were damaged in the burn. 3rd degree burn can take many months to heal properly and are that was burned may never go back to the way it originally was. 3rd degree burns take specialized treatment to the burn to try and heal it as best as possible.

You know what that means right? The entire time Sally needed Sonic, and possibly longer, he was recovering and by the time he was fit for duty again Sally's folks had already returned and resumed their rule.

It means that Sonic blew it for no reason whatsoever and he deserved every second of Sally glaring at him while he sheepishly stood in the corner rubbing his still useless arm.

"But Ygvan! Sonic yelped in pain when he bumped in elbow on the table! He only had 2nd degree burns because 3rd degrees are numb, he was back on the field at least a week before the King and Queen returned!"

Yes my fellow deviants, he bumped his ELBOW, but it was his shoulder that got blasted. He may have had only 2nd degree burns but I highly doubt that. Robotnik wouldn't let his lasers do any less then 3rd degree damage and I doubt Sonic would need a sling to help heal 2nd degrees.

So I think he had 3rd degree burns and while he MIGHT not have needed a skin graft he WOULD have needed to keep his arm as still as possible to heal properly. So he was out of commission for a month, MINIMUM! And do you know how long it could potentially take for it to heal? 1 YEAR!!!

"Oh, Sorry Sal! I can't help you rule the kingdom while your folks are gone for the month because I need to sit on my ass and do nothing for possibly a year!"

Obviously it didn't take that long but he was stuck in Knothole for at least as long as Sally needed him.

Well that's my 2 cents on the subject. And don't worry, I'll get chapter 3 Freedom Fighters X finished once I'm done editing and fixing the first 3 chapters.
Yup. The break up in Issue #134 of the Archie comics can be almost entirely blamed on Sonic's stupidity and selfishness.
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Princess Sally Acorn walked into her bedroom one evening with her arm wrapped around that of Sonic the Hedgehog.  The two of them had recently been out on a date and had decided to end the night with a little private time together, and the princess couldn’t think of a better place than her bedroom.
After shutting the door behind her, Sally turned her eyes to Sonic and said,
“What do you say we make ourselves comfortable?”
With that, Sonic kicked off his shoes while Sally slipped out of her boots and hung up her vest.  She then held her arms out, allow Sonic to wrap his around Sally and kiss her.  As they hugged and kissed, the two of them collapsed on top of Sally’s bed.  Eventually the two broke their kiss and took a moment to look into each other’s eyes.  Sally was lying down on the bed with her head against her pillow, and Sonic was positioned over her.  He took up one hand and began to stroke her head.
“Sally?” he said.  “I don’t think there could be single thing about you that’s not to like.”
“Oh Sonic,” Sally giggled.
“I mean, just look at your face,” Sonic went on.  “It’s got two big beautiful eyes to gaze into.”
Sally blushed, making sure to keep her eyes open for him.
“And on top of that incredible head of yours, in front of all this gorgeous hair, you’ve can two cute pointy ears to stroke,” said Sonic, as he scratched behind Sally’s ears.
Sally just chuckled.  She couldn’t tell if he was just being funny or romantic.  Either way she quite liked it.
“Right in the middle you’ve a got an adorable little nose to rub,” said Sonic, and began to rub his black, pointy nose against hers.  Sally smiled and did the same to him.
“And of course,” Sonic went on.  “You’ve got a mouth with two lovely lips… to kiss!”
And just like that, he lowered his face closer to Sally’s until their lips met.  The two of them made out like they did earlier.
At that moment, Sonic began to stroke his hand down Sally’s arm.  Then he broke from their kiss and lifted her arm up in his hand.
“Don’t think I forgot about you’re incredible arms,” he told her.
“Each one with an elbow to link,” he said, linking his arm with hers at the elbow.
“As well as elegant hand to hold,” Sonic went on, and put his hand in Sally’s while their arms were still linked.
“Not to mention fingers to lock in with each other,” said Sonic.
And without letting go of her hand, they both locked each other’s fingers together.  Sally was blushing more and more with every passing moment.
“Now let’s not forget about your two amazing legs,” said Sonic.
And after letting go of Sally’s hand, he began to run his hand down her thigh.
“In the centre of each one, you’ve got a strong pointy knee to feel,” said Sonic, as began to feel Sally’s knee.
“And of course, you’ve got beautiful feet to rub,” Sonic went on.
And just like he said, he began to rub Sally’s foot with both hands.  Sally was blushing more than before, not just because of his cute talk, but also because to foot rub she was getting was nice and relaxing.
“And last but not least… cute little toes to wiggle!” said Sonic.
And just like that, he began to wiggle Sally’s toes.  This made Sally blush even more, and even giggle with delight.  She even began to wiggle the toes on her other foot at her own will.
After three whole minutes of wiggling, Sonic let go of Sally’s toes, and just collapsed right beside her on the bed.
“Oh Sonic,” Sally giggled once again, putting a hand on Sonic’s cheek.  “You are one of a kind!”
“Oh Sally,” Sonic giggled back at her.  “I’m in love with every part of you.”
And with that, the two lovers hugged and kissed one another once again.
A Sonsal story that relates to many of those body part shorts you'd see on Seseme Street, only with romance.  It's short, but I hope you all enjoy it!

Waiting to hear your comments!!
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*This part is for newbies. Skip down to the dashes if you already know this stuff.*

Okay, so first of all, a zombie is a reanimated corpse that lurches around looking for human flesh. Different breeds may be reasoned with, or even "cured" back to the original personality. However, the most typical zombies:

-Are incoherent. They will not be reasoned with or threatened.
-They don't sleep.
-They seem to like brains, but most will settle for a nice hunk of your flesh.
-The come in different speeds, from crawling to shambling to running. Most are shambling along at a slow slow walk.
-They do not drown or asphyxiate.
-Some will burn easily while others will not burn at all.
-Most zombies will "die" from severe damage to the head.
-It is said they are attracted by sound, but this varies.
-VERY IMPORTANT: The most dangerous thing about zombies is that if they bite you and you die before your brain is destroyed, you will come back to life as ANOTHER ZOMBIE. That's how they spread their numbers generally.

A person that becomes a zombie loses all of their personality.

During zombie apocalypses:

-There is no electricity.
-There is no running water.
-There is little to none widespread communication.
-The government is thought to have collapsed.
-Few people are surviving, most have become zombies.
-It begins somewhere, but quickly spreads worldwide (there will be no foreign help).
So you're preparing for going out into a zombie invasion. Remember to pack the following:

-Heavy duty gloves, shoes, and PANTS (no idea how many people got infected from a bad bite to the shins).
-Canned food or other non-perishables. Best if high energy and low weight.
-Water. Drink sparingly, refill at every good opportunity.
-Waterproof jacket or poncho.
-Helmet, if you have one that doesn't obscure sounds and sight.
-Weapons (we'll get to that).
-Change of clothing (just one, clothes should be thick, comfortable, and long lasting).

Long Lasting Survival (1)
Okay, so assuming that you're a person living in a developed area in a zombie apocalypse situation, you will need to find the following:

-STURDY shelter.
-Other uninfected human beings.

In a developed area, all resources come from rural areas. Most foods were never meant to replace themselves, so it is extra important to get to a food source. The best place to find resources is in a mall. Personally, the ideal situation is to have a nice flat area around a Lowe's + Walmart. If you know of such a place nearby, aim for that immediately. Drive fast but carefully, just know that it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

Once (if) you get to the place, block all entrances with the strongest material possible. In Walmart you use carts and shelving to create a temporary barrier. Lowe's usually sells wood or brick or stone or cement powder, the construction is fairly simple.

Remember to keep a few doors open, like steel doors with safe locks and loading bay doors with a clear lookout.

If the electricity is gone, dry out all the meat products to make them last longer or marinate them to use up the various sauces lying around. Save the bottles, they will be useful later.

Set up a water collection system on the roof with large tarps/cones connected to large trash cans. They should come with a cover so that the water stays fresh longer. Bottle waters and canned foods and other non-perishables are to be collected and rationed out for maximum usage.

Most likely this place will not be self sufficient, so you need to be very careful about food.
Long Lasting Survival (2)

If you are in a non-urban area, the approach is going to be different.
Non-urban means really small towns (mainly farmland) which means very little population. The best case scenario is to have, again, large open space with lots and lots of guns.

The upside to having a rural area means the bulk of the zombie army is going to have to come from a city. You might be able to clear out all the zombies in an area and gather up all the survivors in a week, months before a major invasion.

Take advantage of this right away. Secure any gun shops, markets, farms, and hardware store in a given radius or collect them all to be stored at the main base. Set up a large parameter around farm land, enough land to ensure food for several years. Use wires, large tree falls, or fences with a layer of spears in front; you want a large, reliable barricade that's easily defensible.

Before doing all this work, find a water source. Rivers and creeks should not be trusted unless they come from a stream because there will be a gap to let the water through and zombies will attack that gap. Rivers can also be polluted from upstream, making them unreliable. The best source would be a well or a large pond. Boil the water that comes from natural sources. Arrange water collection devices on barn roofs and such.

Meat should come from farm animals. You might have to resort to eating horses or dogs. Fish is good because it can be dried with out too much fuss, but do not over fish in a small pond!

Constantly build. Forage everyday but be prepared for an attack at any moment. Stockpile resources from surrounding lands. Time is your friend, use him/her well.

It is important to be self sufficient!
Worst Case Scenario

Anytime you cannot get to one of the above scenarios, you are most likely going to die.

Some things to watch out for:

These guys. They will blotch any job that you pull, stupidly charge into a mob of zombies, and open the door to the outside while looking the other direction.

Identify them IMMEDIATELY. Do not allow them any guns or responsibility, but make them feel important. Find some use for them later.

Ambitious/Selfish People
They will hurt others, take advantage of the situation (rape most of the time), and generally work for themselves rather than the group effort. Let them make a small mistake to show their character, then blow their head off (or permanently incapacitate them). I'm not kidding, DO NOT let them get any sort of power whatsoever, they will endanger or kill off the entire team for their own sake.

Lack of Weaponry
Be very careful of this. Especially ammo. Take careful shots with your legs and shoulders braced against the recoil for max effectiveness while shooting. Make EVERY SHOT COUNT. If you have a shotgun, try not to use it if you have another gun. Shotguns' wide range is very useful against zombies so save it for emergencies.

If you have no guns, you may be good with another weapon with range. Spears, staffs, baseball bats, crowbars, farm tools like pitchforks are all very good. If it's not sturdy enough to hit things with, sharpen an end and use it to stab zombies in the face.

The longer and stronger it is (no innuendo intended) the better. Attach a bayonet to rifles or shotguns if it doesn't get in the way of the sight or muzzle.

Cold Feet

Psychologically, this is all very disturbing. The zombie coming at you might have been someone you knew. SHOOT/STAB/BASH their head anyways, the person is gone, the zombie you see in front of you is mocking their living image. Get rid of it to ease your friend's soul. Convince yourself they are not curable and they have no memories of you. Just kill it.

*In a situation where a living person's been bitten and they are going to die before becoming a zombie: tell the afflicted that there is no more hope. Amputations on limbs can be tried, but most likely will not work. They have to choose between going peacefully or going violently.

If they want to go peacefully, lock/tie them up securely, wait for them to turn into a zombie, then shoot the zombie. If they wish so, you can kill them right away. DO NOT HESITATE. One second is all it takes for a zombie to bite you in the neck.

If they want to go violently (with a fight, they're not willing to give up), immediately disarm them or do a preemptive strike. Do not drag it out or have other people get injured.

Most of all, avoid feeling guilty. For anything. This is survival, not a bloody soap opera. Try to keep as many health young people alive as possible, in hopes of starting a new civilization. Which leads us to our last section.
After the Survival
If you're sure you can stay in one place safely for at least a few months, it's time to get to work.

For scenario (1):
The one thing that we have more than zombies is intelligence. We have the brains, they have endurance and numbers. What we need to do tactically is to make them lose the most numbers for the lowest cost.

You can do this with traps. Chemical fertilizer and vegetable oil mixed together makes a pretty good explosive with another detonator. Put these in small bottles attached to a fuse and some gunpowder. Test it out, then load it on the outside with ball bearings. They will become hand grenades, for the price of maybe have a bullet's worth of gunpowder and some ingredients we'd never use otherwise.

The best trap would be to have a big deep pit laced with these and long stakes. The zombies fall in and can't get back out. Wait for them to pile up, then detonate. You can repeat this with sharpened iron stakes and fire.

Make ammo from readily available materials like bamboo, decorative stones, or even concrete balls. Launching these with industrial rubber bands can cause some major damage for little cost. You could even make a game out of it (who can peg the most?).

If you can keep the zombies at bay for long enough to get some cars. Armor them, load up with food, and move on to the next location. The supermarket's food won't last forever, and it's important to realize when a good thing's come to an end.

For scenario (2):
Just endure. It's as simple as that. With a farming community, your main goal is to raise another generation while being self sufficient. If scenario one's goal is to hit hard and move fast, your goal will be to sit still and defend.

Always keep a lookout on the horizon. Continually stockpile resources. Recruit more people or get some kids born.

Eventually, if you can grow large enough, you can set out a party to establish an off shoot farm right outside the old one. Set up exactly as before and continue to expand until you have a regular community going on.

This scenario has the highest probability for lasting out the zombie apocalypse.
This is everything I could think of. If you have anything else to add please share >.>

There are not enough words for me to express my surprise and gratitude at getting a DD.

Thank you ^thorns for suggesting/featuring!

Also, I usually thank whoever happened to fav my deviations, but I can't do that here >.> so a preliminary thanks to anyone that fav'ed this!

I'll also try to keep up with the comments, but since there's 53 and climbing don't get upset if I miss your insights :P
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