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Part three of the Switzerland story! "In which stuff actually happens."

Part IV: [link]
Part II: [link]

Edit: Added functional loading bar! Will be adding them to previous versions soon.

This is terribly, terribly overdue and I apologize! Not only to whoever is actually keeping up with this, but to myself. I am sorry, self. I was supposed to be finished with this so I wouldn't end up frantically trying to finish cleaning it up after finishing schoolwork.

Enter Edward Hyde! In the great tradition of Jekyll and Hyde stories, the livelier of the two personalities only shows his face about halfway through the story, after Jekyll has pretty much exhausted his quota for flailing and complaining. Actually I hadn't planned to write him into this story at all--he sort of pushed himself in there when I decided to make Frankenstein's little tumble.... more of a big tumble.

Hyde is forced to show his presence whenever life-threatening situations arise (due to his superior strength and agility), but otherwise he has been pretty content to sit on the sidelines throughout this story. Why? Because here he is really, really out of his element. Edward Hyde operates best in densely populated cities where he has plenty of havoc to wreck. Here, his only potential victims are also the only two people who know how to get him out of these mountains, and also.... just maybe.... possibly..... his friends (?).

Also a major reason this installment is so late is that I have horrible problems drawing Hyde. XD He is the best tracking device for my improvements (?) as an artist because he is hands down the toughest character I have to draw. As it is, I'm probably at least going to redraw that panel where he's making ducklips at the end.

Also random note on Frankenstein: His solitary life has led to his tendency to not contribute any useful solution to a situation but still mope around when the end result isn't to his liking. Hmm! I seem to be subconsciously writing in my personal pet peeves into his character.
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Part one of a storyboard project I’ve been working on!
Part II --> [link]

This story takes place fairly late on in my Jekyll and Hyde story (presently titled “The Pseudoscientists”), after Dr. Jekyll is forced to flee London. Here he is given the opportunity to follow his friend and mentor Dr. Frankenstein on his journeys across Europe, a lifelong fantasy of Jekyll’s that turns out to be not so fantastic.

Hyde is in this story too but he doesn’t show up in the first bit D:

This premise of this story takes a lot of its inspiration from my attempts to follow my Austrian friend Pia around her homeland.

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Part two of the Switzerland story! I call this section "smart guys yelling at each other."

Part I: [link]
Part III: [link]

Some notes:
A lot of this section is in reference to a prologue of the Pseudoscientists story: When Dr. Jekyll was 19, he was part of a voyage to the arctic where he encountered Frankenstein for the first time. Frankenstein was at this point frostbitten and hallucinating and near death, but Jekyll painstakingly managed to nurse him back to health. A friendship (?) was started.

The Frankenstein at THAT point was very much the gloomy romantic scientist of the novel. It's meant to be a bit ironic that Frankenstein calls out Jekyll for being depressed and mopey when he himself is more than prone to melancholy moods.

They are both very different people now! But being so much in debt to Jekyll makes Frankenstein extremely uncomfortable, and he tends to respond by being brash and irreverent. (He also is pretty much ignoring the fact that Jekyll is out of his element and could really use his help.)

Also this is one of the silliest Hydes I have ever drawn. Apologies!
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!!!To flip the pages, you can use the buttons to left and right or you can move the with your mouse, just like real pages!!!
I would recommend to enjoy this with this [link] and/or this [link] music.

Great, it works!!! =D
So this is a Flash made by mostly awesome :iconraxaroth:!!! Thank you so so so very much hun!!! :heart:
Photo´s of the Last Chapter from Code Geass made by :icondes-henkers-braut:
Photo´s of the memories by :iconsplitfatal:, :iconchristophgerlach:, :iconandy-k:, :iconmidgard1612: and :iconwanasabi: :heart:

:iconkashinorei: (me) as Lelouch vi Britania (Lelouch Lamperouge)
:iconfirikururugi: as Suzaku Kururugi

:iconm00nf1sh: as Shirley Fenette
:iconlaragruf: as Euphemia li Britania
:icondreamcatcher-hina: as C.C.(dress) and Nunnally vi Britania
:iconoksepik: as Schneizel li Britania
:iconchibi-menana: as Kallen Stadtfeld
Heike as C.C.
Daniel as Tamaki
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I do not know why the screen is so small. But I will upload on Youtube later.

I think she looks cute, so I couldn't wait to upload it ^_^ I had to simplify her markings cause i'm lazy :P And I get lost in time.. cause now suddenly the clock is 4:20 o_o

I started with using this pony template. Had to edit a lot tho ;) but the template was of good help.
Pony Fukkireta Frames by Jdan-S



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Here it is! The nearly finished (nearly because I still see lots of bits I can work on but they're not exactly urgent. . . .) inked and colored version of the Ashita and Yesterday conceptual opening sequence!

Roughs are here: [link]

For those who don't know, I have a webcomic called Ashita and Yesterday (Tomorrow and Yesterday), a story about a little suburban town in Oklahoma where some pretty strange things start to happen: Giant dinosaurs and floating islands appear in the sky and certain people are suddenly able to fly for some reason?? It seems like there are only a couple people who know what's going on. . . .

Eleven-year-old HARUKI NARISHIMA is intent upon capturing the strange dinosaurs--Why? Even he seems a little confused about the reasoning behind it, but maybe it has to do with world domination, or self realization, or something like that (but isn't he a little young to be worrying about self realization??). He spends his free time trying hard to get a perfect on his SAT essay (he's taking it early, of course) and caring for his beloved obaa-chama (grandmother).

Local 高校生 (high school student) MEGALOW (last name unknown) has a second life as a taciturn superhero bent on stopping Haruki from doing . . . well, whatever he's doing. Unfortunately, neither of them are particularly interested in explaining their motivations, so it's hard to tell who to root for. Her superpowers have very little to do with dinosaurs and everything to do with controlling birds, and anything that looks like a bird, for that matter. She may become a harbinger of the apocalypse. Or maybe she'll become a prospective community-college photography student. It's hard to tell.

KETCHIE, the ordinary girl in the red tracksuit, is our Observer character, who has a bad habit of running into Haruki and Megalow in their various afterschool epic rumbles. She would like so, so much to be able to graduate from middle school without getting attacked by mind-controlled birds or getting flattened by an island.

----->> EDIT: Please also see my new animation at here-- [link] <<---



I started this a little before December, finished the roughs in February and basically spent June and July doing inking and coloring. This is ONE OUT OF TWO animations I am planning to submit to colleges in my art portfolio, along with about five figure drawings, five AP Studio Art pieces, five traditional personal drawings, and a couple bits of random things that will probably change by school.

Oh, and BIG PLEASE thanks to ~Shipuh for helping me times ten with technical work and to :devgottstalk: for being very supportive. THANK YUU~~
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9/24/12: another update w/ glow, lol
9/24/12: a lil animated now
Palkia is my favorite legendary pokemon, so i made one, its sooo cool, even though its pink/purple.

Hope you guys likes it!
comment and tell me what you think, any feedback is appreciated <3

My other pokemon arts:
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A really really quick animation of Chikorita. It's part of the game demos I'm making~ :D
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Another really quick practise at animating character for 'Wolf'

I could've made this look a lot better with in-betweens, but it's not important.
Oh and ignore Jack, The adult - I wasn't concentrating on animating him - so he looks awful.
This took a few hours, the animation itself took about an hour (if that) and the 'cleaner' sketch took up most of the time :)

Wolf + characters (C) to Silver sky studio - [link]
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:party: It's my birthday today! :party:
So to celebrate, I made a flash game! You basically first decorate the cake by clicking on the toppings, flavors, etc. Click once to select, and click once again to deselect (you can click on another thing to deselect too, so if you want to select another thing, click twice.) You can see the cake on the right side of the decorating screen.
Once you finish, select "Eat it!" and you can press and hold to eat things! You "win" by eating all the things and you get a time. :)
Oh yeah, you move the fork using the mouse . :)
Like always, tell me if there are any bugs/glitches, and I will fix them! :D
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