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A videoproject for school
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After 6 or 7 weeks... I finally have the permission to post ideo tutorials!

A quick video tutorial explaining how to clean quickly and easily scanned lines :)

It works for every Photoshop I guess. This example has been done in CS2. I hope this will be understandable enough.

For a better result, don't forget to scan your drawing with a high definition: 300 dpi


Several people asked me how to do this or that, to do tutorials, but I don't really have the time. I realized that it was really easier and FASTER to do video tutorials :) I'll try to do a series of quick videos like this one. I've prepared a new one about inking ;)

I would have loved to put music on it, but... © policies... :)

EDIT> please, use the theater mode for fullscreen. Quality is not as good as my first version of the video, deviant art has re-encoded the file...
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