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Porfin la temrine...

Gallantmon (conocido también como Dukemon) es un digimon de nivel Mega y es unos de los miembros de los Royal Knights, su principal deber es Proteger el Digimundo, aunque es un digimon que lucha por el bien y la justicia su armadura esta adornada con el sello del Peligro Digital (Digital Hazard, el cual lleva en su digi-core) lo que demuestra su poder catastrófico.

Su nombre en japonés (Dukemon) proviene de la palabra de "Duque", mientra que en inglés Gallantmon deriva de la Palabra Galante/Elegante.

Sus habilidades de combate son increíbles peleando contra varios digimons a la vez y su armadura esta hecha del metal Digizoid Blanco, Rojo y Dorado en grandes cantidades, lleva como armas la sagrada lanza "Gram " y el poderoso escudo "Aegis ".

En la capa, lleva también cantidades de Digizoid rojo, ya que con ella protegió a Kenta Kitagawa de los disparos de Beelzemon sin que la capa tuviera un rasguño,la leyenda dice que el héroe Leomon le dio esta capa hecha de este raro metal.

Gallantmon aunque es un Digimon tipo virus, no duda en luchar por lo que el cree justo sin importar el enemigo con que se enfrente.

Se habla mucho de que Gallantmon nace de la muerte de Megidramon (uno de los 4 grandes dragones del digimundo).


Lanza Real (Royal Lanze): Carga un gran rayo de energía de luz desde su poderosa Lanza Gram a la velocidad de la luz que atraviesa a cualquier enemigo, si esta cae sobre la Tierra cual es capaz de quebrar la tierra, provocar terremotos y dejarla ardiendo como un mar de fuego.

Ejecucion Final (Final Elysion): Lanza un poderoso rayo de energía de calor incalculable superior a cualquier armamento nuclear desde su escudo Aegis.

Aparece en:

Digimon Tamers

Digimon Frontier

Digimon Data Squad

Digimon Hunters


Gallantmon es de tipo virus porque proviene de los datos de Megidramon, quien también es de tipo virus.

En Digimon Tamers es nombrado como "Caballero sagrado de los Digimons" pero no se menciona que sea miembro de los Royal Knights.

Gallantmon al evolucionar a Gallantmon Crimson Mode, también obtiene el tipo Vacuna.

En su escudo, alrededor del emblema del peligro tiene un sol parecido el emblema del valor, el cual se ilumina al realizar el ataque de la ejecución final.

En su casco posee una especie de máscara con la forma de la cabeza de Megidramon.

Todas sus evoluciones desde el nivel novato hasta al nivel ultra habían sido tipo dragón, sin embargo, Gallantmon es un Digimon santo; pero cabe

recordar que también tiene su forma mega Tipo Dragón: Megidramon.

En Digimon Hunters vence con facilidad a 5 MaloMyotismon. Esto se debe a que las copias creadas por Quartzmon son mas débiles.
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From "My Neighbor Totoro"
will be available at Anime Boston 2007
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Mixed Media.

I drew this on :icongabriel-goat: sketchbook (Thank you so much, my dear!!!), cause I had left mine at home. I was dying to draw something and he was very kind to lend me his.
I gave him the original piece (made with ink), and I have coloured the red part on Photoshop.
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Another Gundam request, this time it's Gundam X Divider. Not a big fan of Gundam X, but it helped my with some of my techniques.
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One more FREE SEXY REQUEST) that I made for :iconleviaheart: one of my new watchers from January, The character is Cammy from Street Fighter, I hope you enjoy it :)

Un FREE SEXY REQUEST más que hago para :iconleviaheart: uno de mis nuevos watchers de enero, el personaje es Cammy de Street Fighter, espero le guste :)

by the way i'm releasing an independent clothing Brand His name is "CANVAS" here its his deviant page [link] , i hope you like it enough and you will add it to your DEVIANT-WATCH
:iconranranruuplz:COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN:iconranranruuplz:
l_____ Commissions Prices [link] _____l
l______ Check my Gallery [link] ______l
l_____ Profesional work here [link] ____l
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my Favorite Digimon is Patamon hopefully i get a figure soon :D
I also like Terriermon.
Digimon Who Appear In Here Are From Digimon Adventure and 02. All Champions are from this serieses are in here including a couple not but significant
Any Baby Digimon are from any series.
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Hi everyone ! :)

Long time that I didn't posted something new on dA ! ^^;

I really appreciated the Cowboy Bebop serie so I want to say that this diorama is more a tribute to Cowboy Bebop than a special scene of the show.
You may find some details that are related to the serie.

It took me about 6 months of free time work to complete this ! However, it took me years to bring all the 5 kits together !
The Spike is a Thai recast, one that I had for about 3 or 4 years, the Faye and the Ein are HK recasts and the Ed/Jet are some original kits that I bought directly from a Mandarake shop in Japan thanks to the help of a French friend.
The main difficulty was to find Ed & jet because they are so rare !

The figures and background are mainly painted with acrylics or laquers.
Most of the furnitures and accessories are scratchbuilded by myself.
I totally build the background with wood, metalic veneers/papers, and a lot of different materials.
I designed on Illustrator the labels on the bottles to match better with the anime and added some details.
I used 13 Leds to light the scene.

I have already published a full WIP on some modeling forums that I will try to post here, however, there are so many pictures that I have to think about the way I will present it on dA !

I hope that you will like it as much as the fun I had to work on this project ! :)
Thanks in advance for watching, every comment will be fully appreciated so feel free to write a word if you like it ! \\(^_^)//

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I love Zuko <333 He's a cool character and I could tell the producers bothered to make his character have depth, unlike some animations *cough cough*


I noticed I forgot to shade his clothes OTL I'll fix it later.

HUGE number of flaws in the sketch! mainly because I didn't align it properly when I started drawing and now everything is kinda skewed. Or just blame my nonexistent art skills. wadeva.

the red color was achieved through tinkering in Photoshop. ha-ha.


art (c) tomatosiao
zuko (c) nickelodeon/ the creaters of avatar whose name I have forgotten :/

*constructive comments are welcome ^^
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eh, it could've come out better, but that's what I get for going ahead and colouring something when as seriously under the influence as I am right now. the lineart was pretty decent, so I really should have scanned it before i coloured...<

anyway, its char aznable...ER i mean quattro...ER...Edouard...ER...casval...ER...

....sporting the outfit he wore after he was kicked out of the army, which in my opinion was when he was at his sexiest

CHAR IS SEX *melt*
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