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made this for the "deviantArt Spooky Craft Contest"

what is halloween ?
if you search at the wikipedia page you will find no direct hint what it is and where it comes from.

one definition that has prevailed is, to scare the bad demons away to get a good start into the new year. at least it's the one for, what we have in germany called "fasching"

the idea to create a mask for halloween is not very new but my objective was to build one that even scare the shit out of the badest bed- and wardrobemonsters

if i reached this goal, well decide on your own :)

it's paper and yes the jaw can be moved

i'm not a cosplayer, so I feel a bit sheepish about it, to upload this ^^;
so sry about the improvised background and pose ^^;

(building time: 2 weeks with three attempts)

you can download the model here
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drip drip[link] by *PeanutToTheButter
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Carved pumpkins today with my girlfriend. I had no idea there was a contest for this when I came to submit it...just got lucky I guess.

Sorry for the cell phone picture. It's probably not winning material anyways :p
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Grim reaper on his way to collect plushie souls. :D

Halloween has to be my most favourite time of the year because it's a great excuse to go crazy. :XD: Even though Halloween originated in the UK, sadly it's not really
celebrated here.

As my celebration for Halloween. I wanted to make something for the fun occasion.

When you think of plushie, you think of cute, fluffy, and cuddly, right? :D Heehee! so.... I wanted challenge myself! :evillaugh: I want to make something the complete opposite! Who is better for the role than the Grim Reaper himself. :XD:

I drew the background by using charcoal and chalks to create a sinister gloomy background, the crosses on the ground are black card cutouts, and I used toy stuffing for the cloudy effects. :D

At the time I wanted to take a photo in a gloomy setting but the camera I had is rubbish at taking pictures in the dark.

Pattern and Plushie made by Prismtwine
Characters respective owner

~*Commissions ~ For sale ~ Tumblr*~
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Fantasy Earth Zero sorcerer fanart contest entry~

My third and last entry. XD... Haha I used a different style for each entry, lol. She's casting some kind of wind element attack. woot!
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The original :la: emoticon made by ~sereneworx

Animated lApple
la Plushie
:iconcarvelappleplz: <- PLZ account : iconcarvelappleplz : (remove the space)
Suggested by *genericwin

The hands are from grapes, fresh from my backyard.
The idea suddenly came to my mind when I was thinking about :la: and passed some fruits vendor...

:bulletgreen:Daily Deviation:bulletgreen:
Thank you! Thank you for the DD! I almost faint this morning. Lol I never expect that this deviation would get a DD.
Thanks for all the lovely comment. Sorry for the late reply. The internet connection was very slow the last one week.

Anyway, if you like this artwork, I'm really sure you will like this deviation even more: [link] So amazing, and there's a carved :la: on the top of the llama too. It seems that many people carved :la:. Haha

So far there's no one asking me the permission to crop and posting this as their deviation (even tho they're asked for it, I might not allow it). What's the point of stealing someone's deviation? :|
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