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* Made in Photoshop CS...

:bulletpurple: Visit :bulletpurple:

July/08 EDIT: Updated preview image
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Possibly one of my more highly requested brushes to create another set of :D, finally my hair grew out enough to do so!

More curls because they seem to be used the most in very large sizes for varied uses

Compatible with PS7+

Rules of Use

By downloading these brushes you agree to the following terms of use:

1. Credit if you use either on dA or off. This includes print sources that are other than personal use (ie something for your eyes only).

2. Do not redistribute (share) to other websites, e-mail groups, torrents etc. Link my page, that way the rules are kept intact and there is no ripping happening.

3. My artwork is not stock and is not to be used without permission.

4. No commercial use of brushes. If the project is making money in any way, the brushes cannot be used. (see FAQ or note me with questions).

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Brushes: 52 (26 unique)
Photoshop 7, CS-CS6, CC
Photoshop Elements 2+
GIMP 2.2.6+

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various shapes of eyeshadow. It includes just about every one of the traditional eye shadow shapes, either broken up into individual brushes... or all together. It also includes various glittery effects, patterned eye makeup, and face painting styled eye accents (a butterfly and a swirl).

These should make your Photoshop makeup applications much easier and more fun, without having to resort to the plain old one-color-without-much-shape shadow job.

Brushes are included for both the right and left eyes.

Please read my Terms of Use

Licenses available for those who can't credit:…
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To help me better manage things, this brush set has been moved to my =Falln-Stock account.
You can find the New Download here! - [link]

The Brushes here are made by me for Photoshop.
*they may not work with older versions of Photoshop they were made with Photoshop CS*
They are free to use, just give me credit for making them in the description of your picture.
Do not claim them as your own, or redistribute them.
Note me with a link to the picture you have used them in, i would love to see what you can do!
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It is not necessary to notify me if you have used my resources. Please do not comment my front page but instead leave me a Note if you'd like me to see your artwork.

When you use my resources just remember to credit me. That is all I can ask for. It would be greatly appriciated. There is no need to ask for prints permission or use off site.

There is no restrictions on my stock. However please try to be creative with your artworks. Simple colour changes or hue and saturation editing is not photomanipulation.
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I'd firstly like to thank all of you who have and will use this brush - it is down to you that this brush has been featured as one of the most downloaded resources on DA. So Big cheers to you!

1. You *must* credit me

2. Please notify me if you use these brushes

3. The brush will only look realistic if you experiment by using layers, different colours and tools. So be creative!

(Credits go to ~lilbittydemon-stock for providing the photo, thankyou)

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