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This is a Non-Specific Pistol with some moving parts (slide, safety, mag). Assemble it like an ordinary papercraft.

I made it for /po/ as an experiment in designing an intermediate-detail pistol model.

Length: 6.75" or 17.5 cm
Height: 5" or 12.75 cm
Width: 1.25" or 3.25 cm
Barrel Length: 4.25" or 10.9 cm

Download Link (Mediafire)

As of 2013, the V2 iteration of this model is available, replacing the handmade patterns with digital ones and moving the breech component from the frame to the slide. It's available in black and stainless colors.
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I made this as a surprise birthday gift for my Grandma. (Happy birthday Grandma!)
Made entirely out of paper, except for the strings in the inside of the piano. I painted the black parts so they were super black.
(before they looked a dark grey)
Also, the cover folds down over the keys, you can adjust the angle of the music stand or collapse it completely, and the top can close, has an extra part that can fold over the music stand when closed, and the arm can be placed at two different heights to keep the top open.

To see more pictures visit my blog: [link]

Template: [link]

Studio of M.M
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This is a papercraft AKM model I originally made for /po/. It's rather large (1:1 scale), and can take a while to build because a lot of the parts have walls on the inside, for sturdiness. The safety and bolt are moveable. If you want, there's space to put a spring to push the bolt forward, though the strength of the spring vs. the strength of the parts would be your concern.

Download Link (Mediafire)

As of November 2013, the V2 iteration of this model is now available, offering a greater level of detail.
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since Nemesis i'm just a huge fan of this series :la:
and to build this model was just pure fun
the really cool thing
meanwhile there psn released a collection for the PSP :dummy:

oh man, you can't imagine how i'm exited to get this :aww:

about the model:
the model is based on three parts
the center and the two wings
the wings are also based on three parts which have to combined
it was not easy and some pieces are very small
but meanwhile i have a feeling for this tiny pieces :D

sadly, i have to say
this model has been released only for a short time
and is not avaiable anymore
so i can't give you the link, even if i knew some other one :worry: sry

thanks a lot to :icondjp822: for inform me about the free sheets now :)
enjoy :)

Overview of the Mission:
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R2-D2 Papercraft
Building tips:
Dome on the top of the model:
1. make the dome at the top s
2. don't cut white part of a dome just glue all parts on it
3. when you made dome then take the big a1 papre, put the dome on it and mark the cirkle
4. when you finish with marking the cirkle before cutting you need to leave parts for gluing to the dome, after that then glue it to the dome and with that the first part is over.
Middle part:
1. Because the middle part is built from 2 parts upper and lower, you need to connect them, then just keep glueing using 3d model on your pc,
Arms and Legs
1.Built the midle
Build the middle leg first from upper to lower and finish with the bottom
Also if you don't use strong glue you can cut the round part on upper part of arm and through it you can glue the arm-leg to the model.
Hope this will help you but it's hard to explain without build guidelines.
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Paper Giraffe mounted to wood base
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honestly, i never played Starfox ^^;
but as :iconedsfox: asked me about to build the Arwing i came up with the idea to start this mission

i hope you like it :)

about the model:
this model is just bad ass and if you don't have any experience with papercraft, this will break your neck

the edges are just sharp and the pieces horrible tiny
(remind me a lot to the Amaterasu model)

the window is made out of foil, what was also new for me
and not really easy, because i choose a very hard one
the instruction was also one point, execpt the images i had no other references how to build this (i can't read hieroglyphics :D )

the wings are moveable from floating to rushing
(ore whatever this is called ingame :D )
and it took me a second attempt to get this system working

but it was fun, and the model looks really cool :)
if you wanna download it,

you can do this here
but be warned, you will get no mercy from this model ;)

Overview of the Mission:
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I can't say that I'm not proud of this one! A gift I did to myself... I first saw this when I haven't began papercrafting and at that time, I thought that I would never be able to do something like this. Now that I have done it, I think it went well and I'm more than satisfied!! It takes a long time to get it done, because I wanted it to looks clean and professional. Now that I have all the needed material, I try to put as much effort as I can in my works. I have a new glue that I really like working with and the good height of paper.

Chamoo232 did the diagram and he made an amazing job. Clean, pretty and well done! Maybe, just The boots... I didn't found a way to make it cleaner, but that's all!
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here we go
finally done :icontardboogieplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz:

man, this thing took just freaking long :faint:
when i imagine that the plan was, to build this in my three weeks vacation (last year :D ) and meanwhile a half year is gone since i started the boosterpack :D

ok, i had a few breaks, one with Renamon and a few others
so the pure building time was about two months
but also a long time :aww:

i have to say that i don't have any clue about Gundam Wing/00/Zero ore whatever which series is called
i know about the Gundams and love the mecha design (specially this one because of the wings) but never saw one part so don't bother about the name ;)

ah, big mechas with wings
i just love this shit :la:

even the sheets where not the best (they are very pixelized)
i'm totally pleased with the result
but during the building and right now i can say, it's definitely not a starter model
i had to modify a lot of stuff and quite every blue and grey edge is recolored to hide the folding lines
but all over is was pure fun :meow:
surely not my last Gundam model ;)
the next one is allready planned

what's left to say
ah right :)
you can download the sheets here
also i wanna refer you to my building process gallery
just if you may stuck ;)

-other shots-

and a little special one here ;)
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Heres the side view of my GLaDOS paper model.
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