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Bye Bye Hawkeye
Bye Bye…Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye always considered her life to be pointless without a hope for the future. It all began when she lost her mother and continued with her father distancing himself from her. She had long considered herself one of those people that where doomed from the start, that is until she met him.
It wasn't until she met Roy Mustang, a young man with high hopes for the future, his future that is. He showed up at her father's house one day asking to be tutored under him and learn the ways of alchemy. Riza couldn't help but admire him and his goals from afar and wished she could have the goals and hopes that he did.
But eventually he mastered the basics of alchemy and left town. It wasn't until several years later that he came back a soldier for the Amnetris army, ironically the day Riza's father died. It was then that she finally got the nerve to talk to him and to her surprise he responded and said that she should consider joining the military. At the time she wasn't
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